Happy Prayers…and a blog question

baby boyI (and others who comment here, through me) often ask for prayers for difficult situations, BUT…….

I’m rejoicing today because two very dear friends just gave birth to little boys…..

I can’t give one of their names or information for privacy sake but suffice it to say she is absolutely beautiful, inside and out;  a devout Christian and an amazing speaker…just the best!

Another Mom is Katherine, whose story I have blogged, plus she’s become a rather public figure in her evangelizing around the country through her HOPE HEALS organization,  so I can give you the link…. You might remember she’s the lovely friend who suffered a very, very serious stroke at the age of 26.   She has a little boy who was only six months old when she suffered this stroke that nearly killed her and has left her with difficult challenges, and she had another boy yesterday!  A true miracle.

So, please pray the children are healthy (so far, so good) and for the Moms…particularly Katherine, who had a very high-risk C-Section.  I know no more than this and I’m praying all went very well.  At least the babies are here!
Thanks so much for your prayers for my friends!

Now, I hate to have a SERIOUS BLOG QUESTION that will bring us back down to earth, BUT:  What kind of future do you see for these precious boys in this country today?  

Love, Z

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10 Responses to Happy Prayers…and a blog question

  1. I see either a spiritual renewal or dictatorship.
    We’ve already got the one.


  2. Your thought is exactly what I thought when I read of the newborns, Z. What kind of future, indeed!
    Suffice to say it will be challenging, for sure. Our hearts go out to these innocent, wee people.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Mal and Ed…The good thing is their parents couldn’t be better people….amazing people.

    Ed’s right; bu t I think it’s even worse than dictatorship; I think people would rise against a dictator …they won’t rise against a continuing moral slide….heck, they’re not even noticing it, most of them.

    We do need to pray for the next generation….I can’t even watch the FOX presentations where they ask college students who’s the VP and they don’t know….or don’t know that the Civil War wasn’t in 1960, or George Washington discovered America!


  4. Baysider says:

    A very dim future. The constitution is trashed – not even a pretense any more. So no protection under the beautiful framework of law our wise forefathers bequeathed to us. But of course, these are the circumstances into which most babies have been born in history.

    How can we not rejoice over our two friends, though! Katherine is ahead of schedule, so I hope and pray she is OK. God has brought these two precious boys into ideal homes for Him.


  5. silverfiddle says:

    Argentina, Greece…

    It’s not so bad once you learn how to work within the system…


  6. Sparky says:

    Definite prayers from this corner. And congrats on the new, precious life.
    Not to be a Debbie Downer, but at the moment, I see a very dim future for these children. It will depend on where they live. Here in the South, we still hold onto “our God and guns” (and our Flag, d— it!). There’s only slight instances of the liberal nonsense here. They get their tailbones kicked when that starts happening. *wink* I have thought about moving to Australia but guns aren’t allowed there, I think. And I would not like being upside down all the time. *giggle* Well, maybe next election will improve things or perhaps we are truly inches away from The Rapture. Only time will tell.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Sparky, both Moms are from the South….and really solid, marvelous faithful women….those boys have a great start. But, we all know great families whose kids are heroin addicts and leftwingers, so…(smile)

    Baysider, I’ve asked the same thing, too…Katherine was due on the 2nd…but I have not heard a thing about anything negative for either of them and Cece was at Dee ANn’s husband’s service today, too, so….she said she hasn’t spoken to Brook or Katherine. I think she’d have heard had things gone awry. We can only hope and pray.


  8. John M. Berger says:

    Perhaps having never known the best of America, such as most of us have, they will somehow adapt to what we see as oncoming HELL!


  9. Lisa says:

    I remember Katherine What awesome news Z. God Bless them all


  10. Baysider says:

    Dee Ann’s husband??


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