Church Tax Exemption

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So, it’s starting up again;  the push to take tax exemption from religious institutions and other non-profits;  i.e. CHRISTIAN CHURCHES.   This is all about retribution, don’t let’s kid ourselves.  Also, the Salvation Army is a group that would have exemption removed if this actually ever went anywhere.  They’ve been talking about this for years but, apparently, now that same-sex marriage is ‘in’, they’ll be pushing for it HARD.  Take a look at the logic in this NY Times article:

“Defenders of tax exemptions and deductions argues that if we got rid of them charitable giving would drop. It surely would, although how much, we can’t say. But of course government revenue would go up, and that money could be used to, say, house the homeless and feed the hungry.We’d have fewer church soup kitchens — but countries that truly care about poverty don’t rely on churches to run soup kitchens.”


The article I linked says “We are at a tipping point.”   Amen to that.

As for the image above?  Be careful what you wish for.


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45 Responses to Church Tax Exemption

  1. Because America has shifted so far to the Left, churches, non-profit Christian schools, etc., are going to lose their tax breaks (which also includes real-estate tax, BTW). Giving tithes will no longer have as wide a latitude of tax deduction, either.

    You can count on the above happening if a Democrat is elected in 2016 — at the federal level, anyway.

    Let us remember that the government has never found a tax that the government didn’t like.

    To add to what I just said, I see a lot of apathy and a willingness to compromise principles among Christians of all stripes.


  2. alec says:

    Why have so many Christian churches ignored this issue for years? Didn’t Aaron Russo (and some of the Christians who appreciated him) talk about the progression of taxation, leading to the removal of tax-exemptions? That was 20 years ago. And isn’t there some truth to the matter that a church which incorporates is no longer a true-church, but rather a legal entity granted benefits by the federal government?

    What AOW said is right – but it goes much deeper. How many churches would be willing to take the hard medicine of willingly relinquishing their corporate charters now if it allows them to remain true to their faith? If you allow the government to grant you favors, then you can’t complain when they tell you how to preach.


  3. Mustang says:
    I am quite sure that others are as weary of hearing this, as I am growing weary saying it, but if the government wanted to solve such problems as homelessness, they could have done so a very long time ago.

    Carter released the mentally infirm from state and county institutions so that they might starve or freeze to death beneath bridges. Did this act make Jimmy Carter a bad man? I am unable to make that argument, but I can say that Carter is a painfully shortsighted, stupid man whose good intention increased human suffering. It has been organizations such as the Salvation Army that feed, clothe, warm, and nurture people the government abandoned.

    Insofar as the government is concerned, there is never enough money to spend on projects that never quite reach a satisfactory conclusion. One popular argument today is that government needs more money to support aging infrastructure. Does anyone join me in wondering what the government has done with the tens of billions of dollars already earmarked for interstate projects? We know the answer; President Obama and his family needed another multi-plane vacation trip to some exotic location.

    The government is masterful at double-speak. When a government shill, such as the New York Times begins speaking of removing tax-exempt status from religious institutions, it really means exerting greater control over such organizations. Note too that when the shill makes the suggestion, the government can later claim that they never suggested any such thing and pretend that it cares what we the people think.


  4. Kid says:

    Give a house to a homeless person and what do you get ? More homeless. Like the government cares anyway. Well, this is but one more battle on the road to serious internal conflict. The country really needs to split in two. There’s no coming back from where we are now, the left has gotten too populous.


  5. John M. Berger says:

    “The country really needs to split in two.”

    There’s no argument here but how do we do it?


  6. Kid says:

    @JMB. My first thought is we need someone in the white house who will honor secession requests. Lots of details beyond that.


  7. bunkerville says:

    Interesting that the homeless have the right to suffer, regardless of their illness. The Progressive feel no obligation to them.


  8. alec says:

    @bunkerville, is it only the progressives who turn their eyes?


  9. Mustang says:

    I’ve seen local governments contrive all sorts of innovative ways of dealing with homeless people, from rounding them up and putting them on buses to another city, to shooting them “in self defense.” According to the Washington Post this morning, police have so far this year shot and killed 123 people “in the throes” of mental distress.


  10. We have not been paying attention to Greece, have we? Intelligent people learn not only from their own experiences but of others, also. The Greeks are in deep financial poo-poo and aren’t willing to bite the bullet of austerity to correct things. Sound familiar? I know the Bible tells us to trust in Him and He will take care of us. It really tests our faith, doesn’t it?


  11. The rationale for Church Exemption has not been charitable giving.
    That’s been seen as a benefit, but not a reason.
    The reason is that “Wall of Separation” they tout so much.
    The ability to tax is the ability to oppress.
    What might be the tax rate on a church?
    This from the LA Times:
    “In its 1970 opinion in Walz vs. Tax Commission of the City of New York, the high court stated that a tax exemption for churches “creates only a minimal and remote involvement between church and state and far less than taxation of churches. [An exemption] restricts the fiscal relationship between church and state, and tends to complement and reinforce the desired separation insulating each from the other.” The Supreme Court also said that “the power to tax involves the power to destroy.” Taxing churches breaks down the healthy separation of church and state and leads to the destruction of the free exercise of religion.”


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Ed (and others, of course) said “The Supreme Court also said that “the power to tax involves the power to destroy.”
    THAT is the crux of this…..

    Alec, that’s a good question No, it’s not only Progressives who turn their eyes; as a matter of fact, they get top billing for reeeeally “Caring”, etc etc…..while Conservatives plod along feeding, sheltering and trying to devise ways that we can get them back on their FEET, NOT rely on hand outs.
    And, of course, there are Progressives who try to help, too. It’s the ATTITUDE that’s different.
    And, I’m not sure what you mean by “incorporates”…in some ways, that’s the only way to keep some tithes. But I’ve not EVER seen any federal government ‘tit for tat’ with that. EVER.
    The church preschool I was involved with was offered goodies in California by Schwarzenegger but we said “NO” because we didn’t want to have any “…oh, but you can’t mention JESUS” included. So we didn’t partake. But I’ve not seen that with the churches I’ve been involved with.

    “Give a fish and he will eat, give a fishing pole and he can fish himself”….c
    Kid, above, said it: “Give a house to a homeless person and what do you get ? More homeless”
    and WHY NOT? If you can get goodies for free, why NOT?
    Odd that our own immigrant grandparents didn’t look at America for that…they came to BUILD to be a success on their own; today’s immigrants are mostly not that way. Although the Hispanics I know do work very hard.
    Heck, today’s AMERICANS aren’t that way.

    Kid and JB….there is NO WAY IN HELL’S HALF ACRE, this country would split; are you guys serious that it could happen?

    AOW: It will DEFINITELY include real estate tax; and not being able to write off tithing; Voila, the end of the church/synagogue, etc. Done. Mission Accomplished.

    I read article headlines on home pages and see HuffPost EVERY SINGLE DAY, has a defamatory article on Christianity; sometimes quite subtle, but packing a wallop to the uninformed….mischaracterizing, etc….. I can’t even read them anymore….three lines and I feel ill.

    Mustang..well said, but it’s Reagan who gets the big blame for exactly what you describe Carter did, around here in LoS Angeles. You can’t pass a homeless person without hearing “Reagan did that”…


  13. silverfiddle says:

    The greatest danger to Christianity is summed up by the picture Z chose for this blog post: Wolves in sheep’s clothing on the inside distorting the Gospel and intentionally leading people astray with false teachings.

    Z has already spoken beautifully on how we should be charitable to all human beings, but teaching someone that a sin is not sin is insidious.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    OFF TOPIC but important;

    On CNN yesterday, they said “Next, we interview SEGREGATIONIST STROM THURMOND’S SON” (who’s apparently a congressman or something now).
    I thought “SEgregationist?” he’d totally denounced that years before he died!

    Odd we never hear on CNN “KKK RECRUITER ROBERT BYRD,” do we. And he WAS.
    But, ‘That was THEN,’ for leftwingers…rightwingers are stuck with the negative monikers FOREVER.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    SF: Thanks, and AMEN to that.


    WHY? “So, now we have same-sex marriage….now we’re going to try to shut down the churches”..??

    The WHY? is either so obvious and I’ve gone into my sometime “OBTUSE MODE” or nobody’s ever really asked…..

    WHY NOW?


  16. Mustang says:

    Obama is working over time to complete his legacy. I really detest Obama, but I cannot say he is a liar. He told everyone exactly what he was going to do, and he’s doing it. But, he’s running out of time so ….


  17. Kid says:

    Z, Secession? I’d be shocked, but I think it’s the only thing that’s going to save some of us from 1000 years of darkness.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang; but you think Obama’s behind the church tax situation?

    Kid….I hope not, but I think you’re right.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    I can barely listen to the voice, but Obama’s speaking now and talking about how ROADS AND BRIDGES NEED FIXING. WHat happened to “SHOVEL READY” back in the day? Why didn’t the jobs get created THEN, when even I thought that was one place (infrastructure and employing) might be a good idea?
    uhoh “We’re going to keep hammering away at things that are going to impact the American people”
    He feels “excited about it!” And what’s he mean ..GOOD impact or BAD impact?


  20. As I mentioned awhile back its past time for all our churches and temples to come together and converge on Congress. Its the only hope I can see for our future. I don’t care which denomination organizes it, be it Catholic, Baptist, Mormon, Jewish………they need to organize a revolt against what has been going on against religion in our country. We need only point to all the references
    to God engraved in stone all over D.C. to make a strong case. We need someone strong to spear head it. Congress sure isn’t doing it, despite going GOP majority. We can’t wait another 1 1/2 yrs.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Obama’s talking…God help me while I listen….how WONDERFUL it was to see the White House bathed in rainbow colors “to see people so happy on a hot summer night…” “Only bad thing was I couldn’t come out to see myself because the Secret Service would have had to clear folks out’…
    “That was one of the best weeks for me” ptui

    Mal; Sadly, all I can say is GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. Imagine the kickback from the secular media? And, truly, you’re right; we shouldn’t care what they say.


  22. John M. Berger says:

    “Kid and JB….there is NO WAY IN HELL’S HALF ACRE, this country would split;”
    Probably not but as a society [we] are split and I see no evidence of that changing. I just heard the Fraud-in-Chief make some fruity comment about rainbow colors at the Whitehouse and how beautiful it was. No, without a doubt [HE] symbolizes not just a split but a compound fracture!


  23. geeez2014 says:

    JMB..ya, see my comment above this. I was listening, too. SO MUCH of what he said is so rank. Take a look at my comments 2 above this one…OH BROTHER.

    Good way of saying it “compound fracture”…
    Imagine him having promised SHOVEL READY JOBS and not done a damn THING about it and now that BRAZIL is doing it (He actually cited BRAZIL’s building roads as a kind of reason for US to do it)…we’ll do it. Apparently, this is another great example of :



  24. Kid says:

    z, noteworthy that obama was on TV a year or so ago laughing about how there never were any shovel ready jobs. libtards don’t care about lying. They probably applaud it.


  25. Mustang says:

    @ Kid

    Liberals look at lying differently from normal people. To them, the end justifies the means … even if, or particularly when someone is hurt by it. By the way, Kid … do you still have that video of the time when Hillary Clinton and her daughter came under sniper fire in Bosnia? No?


  26. Kid says:


    I’ve got a couple of them – here’s one


  27. Kid says:

    Here’s another –

    No snipers though.


  28. Imp says:

    We now live in a country in which the Department of Education, dedicated to teaching children, displays a gay pride flag on its Facebook page. To believe they will not exert their authority over those who disagree is to demonstrate profound ignorance of the nature of executive government.

    With Justice Kennedy’s opinion in one hand and a rainbow flag in the other, the secular left will now press its advantage. Conservatives who pooh-pooh such notions should remember when the secular left insisted that same-sex marriage was a conservative scare tactic. The left requires constant revolution. And that revolution will not end with the declaration of “dignity” provided by Kennedy or a few vulgar parades featuring chaps in assless chaps or a rainbow light display at the White House. It will not end until the unbelievers are destroyed.

    When parents decide that they don’t want to send their children to a school forced to propagandize on the morality of homosexuality, they will begin homeschooling in larger numbers. The left will suggest that all homeschooling programs must be accredited, too, and accreditation will be rejected for programs that fail to comply with Justice Kennedy’s New New Testament. That’s the National Education Association’s position on homeschooling already, according to their 2014-2015 Resolutions:

    The National Education Association believes that home schooling programs based on parental choice cannot provide the student with a comprehensive education experience. When home schooling occurs, students enrolled must meet all state curricular requirements, including the taking and passing of assessments to ensure adequate academic progress. Home schooling should be limited to the children of the immediate family, with all expenses being borne by the parents/guardians. Instruction should be by persons who are licensed by the appropriate state education licensure agency, and a curriculum approved by the state department of education should be used.


  29. Imp says:

    I see the potential of the 14 states that sued in Federal Court and were struck down by the Supremes…just might logically want to join together to either secede…or at least team up to defy the order by civil disobedience. We’re already a split country and have been for some years now…since 2008 I’d wager. Additionally, the remaining 36 states that were forced to comply by a judicial fiat or had a vote or proposition overturned like Florida or California….might want to join them.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    I’m just now ironing (help me!) and watching PBS….they’re doing a ‘hit’ documentary and religious people who don’t embrace the homosexuality of their friends or family. The message is that “they just need to unlearn, to stop hating, to accept”
    When, of course, so many of us don’t hate WHATSOEVER, hope they ‘learn’ what we know, and we accept a life lived as normal people; not boasting of another kind of sexuality, but just LIVING ….
    SO, I comment here because I got to wondering: WILL PBS LOSE TAX EXEMPT STATUS? WILL DONATIONS TO PBS BE TAXED NOW?
    (of course not!….they’re very liberal!)


  31. Kid says:

    I’m a good with an iron Z, I’ll help ya.

    So, what’s the message. All of us must like and celebrate everyone else? Let me find some gay people so I can hug them ? lol. And where does That stop? pedophiles ? nambla people? gangbangers? Hell, we can assume moslems will be in the MHG – must hug group.

    I’m not going to do anything to harm someone but I sure as hell don’t have to like them.

    I’ve been talking about our kindergarten world for years now, but this is off the richter scale.


  32. Kid says:

    @Imp, I just read an article that mentioned some facebook thing (I don’t know how facebook works, no account) where people’s pictures are overlayed with the rainbow flag, and in retaliation the rainbow is being removed by some people and overlayed with the American flag – and of course the kids are all walking around with puckered up faces condemning the ‘gay haters’.

    PS – So, if 14 + 36 =50 states secede, who do we secede from ? DC? I guess that’d work. Let the politicians stay and govern the area defined by Washington DC. Plus we’d have them surrounded and we could send all the illegals there. Lots of fun possibilities.


  33. Imp says:

    @Kid..I was just thinking about the number of those of the 36 that were threatened to go along…would gladly team up with the 14? Of course the fruitcakes that cheer this like in the NE can never be persuaded otherwise.


  34. Z: When will you stop listening to PBS and reading Yahoo?


  35. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, when I want to live in a Conservative echo chamber; which I do not. It’s very important I know what other Americans are soaking in. They vote.

    Kid, no we don’t have to like ANYBODY, but it’s a lot easier not to like folks and get away with it if you’re on the LEFT; that was the clear message. See, it ends up just making anybody who isn’t gay a MORON, in my opinion…that’s where we’re getting.


  36. Pretty soon you’ll move on to the hard stuff, NYT and The Nation 🙂


  37. Kid says:

    Ed, I would say the hard stuff is like Salon, The Atlantic. Rabid ! 🙂


  38. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I see headlines which happen to come from the NYT…..The Nation is as loony as WND or Free Republic.. NO WAY.
    Ya, Kid…SALON is like comedy relief…and SO HATEFUL…

    Are you watching FOX tonight: Did you see how the NYT didn’t mind pictures of the Pope encased in condoms, but they won’t publish mohammed cartoons because that offends “that muslim brooklyn family around their kitchen table”
    I guess “that catholic brooklyn family:” doesn’t matter a BIT.

    DAMN them


  39. I had to turn it off when Kelly and Fuhrmann were talking to that little black jerk about the police holding back in Baltimore. Smiling, lying smug. It’s as bad as reading Yahoo.


  40. Imp says:

    @ED…another smug fast talking racist clown I’d like to kick the snot out of. Whining cause “American” citizens who were rioting “unarmed” ( guess bricks don’t count ) were actually tear gassed. In my world..anarchists and rioting punks…get a serious and effective case of lead poisoning. I think Fuhrmann wanted to rip his smarmy head off too.


  41. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I get it. You’re entitled to your opinion…!

    Imp; who didn’t?


  42. Baysider says:

    “Liberals look at lying differently from normal people.” That’s because, as Dennis Prager carefully explains, it doesn’t mean lefties are necessarily liars. It’s just that TRUTH IS NOT A VALUE to these people.


  43. Baysider says:

    And Ed, great point about tax exempt status. Eloquent. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of opportunity to replay that again and again.


  44. Baysider says:

    And remember, the income tax as we know it was not enacted until 1913. Even then, most people were not affected until after WW2. My mother only saw a pittance of social security withholding from her paycheck during the war, e.g. In 1954 churches were added to the 501c3 code along with the suppression of their political speech. This was Lyndon Johnson’s doing. NOT because he liked churches (would anyone ever think that?). But because we wanted to be sure they couldn’t use their pulpits against his party.

    You can see the nexus. Income taxes not an issue to your average Joe.
    When it starts looking like it might be one, and with virtually everyone contributing to the support of their churches, churches’ tax exempt status gets written into law with a poison pill that silences them.

    That poison pill has been used to silence them on the murder of unborn babies, on the folly of bankruptive social spending, and with the homosexual agenda it will be used to silence and/or indict them for preaching true to the Word.



  45. Bay, The ADF has been sending videos of pastors breaking the rule to the IRS and they refuse to rise to the bait.


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