poor hillary

Ya…take a look;  quick and ‘fun’ video.  Check out the reactions.

Of course, the interviewer does pump the air when Bernie Sanders’ name is mentioned, but at least some eyes are opened to the lavish lifestyle ol’ “Woman of the People, Hillary” lives.   They’re STUNNED.   ‘You mean she DOES have that much money as we’ve heard?” “Ya, it is a factor on whether I vote for her…”  “You’re changing my opinion on the election quite a bit..”
Amazing things happen when you pay attention, huh?

Can you believe those gorgeous homes!?

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23 Responses to HILLARY has WHAT?

  1. Mustang.Koji says:

    What blew me away was one gal said, yes, this MIGHT change my vote. Those are the people voting for Billary…and there’s lots of them! Something definitive better pop on Benghazi or White Water pronto!


  2. An American Fable.
    A rags to riches story.
    They were so broke when they left the White House (she said).
    All they had was the furniture they stole on their backs, and now look at them!


  3. Mustang says:

    I certainly do not begrudge anyone from making a ton of money. But I question how anyone who has never worked a day in their lives can make so much money from being a politician. Hearken back to when LBJ was first elected to the House of Representatives; he had to borrow money for train fare to Washington DC. How many millions did he have when he died? Where did all that money come from again? This lends a great deal of support to the notion that politicians are thieves and liars. Why do we keep electing these people?


  4. Posted just now to my Facebook page. I can’t WAIT to see my Leftist sister-in-law’s reaction. 🙂


  5. silverfiddle says:

    Hellery on Wheels and Pedo Bill have profited quite nicely from government, haven’t they?

    If the Wicked Witch of Chappaqua gets enthroned, the Clinton International Crime Syndicate coffers will overflow.


  6. John M. Berger says:

    GOOD ONE! However, I’m afraid that any change in their thinking (this bunch) would go no further than to the Socialist, Bernie Sanders. I just shared this video with many.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    What great comments!
    Koji, The Benghazi and Whitewater HAVE happened, but they just will NOT believe the truth. Show them expensive homes and it hits them WHERE THEY LIVE, doesn’t it. Suddenly, there’s outrage.

    Ed….so funny! “Furniture they stole on their backs” I’ll never forget Hillary gave herself a party , a kind of ‘shower’ , as they moved, so people would get them VERY expensive furniture….remember? For their lavish Georgetown home?
    People don’t DO THAT. SHE does, tho.

    AOW…let us know!

    SF…LOVE “HEllery”…I hadn’t heard that one! And yes, they’ll be the richest folks in America if she wins. America, of course, will be the poorest country, literally and figuratively.

    Mustang: Right. Have a hundred lavish homes, but TELL THE TRUTH …stop LYING about how POOR you were. I’ve heard there are ways to avoid taxes, totally legally, and that our own politicians in office take advantage of that…I believe that’s one thing they do. SO MANY become SO RICH while they’re politicians and you’d think people would ask “HOW?” a little more earnestly, don’t you?

    JMB, as I said in my post, I hate that, too. BUT, at least it’s waking them up to HELLERY, as SF so rightly calls her.

    EVERYBODY: I think my point to Koji REALLY illustrates why they’re upset;
    “Wait, we ignored Benghazi and Whitewater because Republicans are bringing the charges and they’re all liars, but wait! Clinton has those gorgeous homes? NOW THAT hits me in MY POCKET, that makes ME feel badly, that makes me feel she’s NOT FOR US..” Yup…..when it hits them directly, they’re outraged. NOt when a politician is caught lying like Hillary has been. Sad, isn’t it.
    It’s all about THEMSELVES.


  8. silverfiddle says:

    Z: Wish I could take credit for Hellary, but it’s been around a long time.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    SF…I figured it was too good to get thought of NOW…even by YOU!
    But I am pretty sure I’d never heard it…..:-)


  10. Hey! You gotta give ’em credit! They were able to hoodwink the public and still are. They make their money the old fashion way: THEY STEAL IT!


  11. bunkerville says:

    Just a few of us recall the old Cattle Futures ripoff. Then there was her first trifle with the law when she was on the Watergate Commission. I love going down memory road!! Great catch G,


  12. John M. Berger says:

    Hey Mal, it isn’t really theft when “THEY” steal it! I often see the Orwellian publication “Animal Farm” used to analogize characteristics of certain politicians. Sometimes I think of it as “Animal House” (think another Clinton Whitehouse)!


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Ed…re: Yahoo. I remembered why I still use it as a homepage…NOBODY’s search bar is better than theirs. Google stinks, etc. SO much more on Yahoo’s. UGH.
    But I STILL want to know what the masses are reading; and that is IT, sadly. Enough on that subject! 🙂


    Bunkerville…Great ‘memory road’…I know you could add more to the list, too. What a thief she is. Did you hear she got $45 million in her first quarter of fundraising? Astonishing. As if she needed to bilk the poor and not use her own money? 🙂

    JMB….Yes, indeedy.


  14. John M. Berger says:

    I just saw that they are installing spikes on the fence of the Whitehouse to keep “intruders” out. Well please tell me how that will keep one of the most potentially dangerous intruders out if the next election goes south or how it will interdict the ingress/egress of the present [occupant] intruders?


  15. cube says:

    The Clintons are akin to the Wendells, the grifter family from Michener’s “Centennial” … they make you think they’re public servants, but they’re only in it for personal profit. I wish the country’s lo-fo voters and the millennials would see the long scandalous history of the Clintons before they voted, but the liberal progressive media aren’t like to publicize it.


  16. Imp says:

    Let’s just cut right to the chase here – the verminous Democrat Party, right since the days of FDR, has always been firmly opposed the principles of our Framers, which boiled down to the essentials, was one man (at that time) one vote) and equal opportunity for all.

    It said nothing about income redistribution to achieve equality of results, as the Framers realized that positive change normally is a slow and evolutionary process. Compare any of the men who wrote our original Constitution with the collection of knaves, ne’er-do-wells, vote-buying and influence selling, verminous and permanent life-time pols we have now.

    For their sake I would hope that there’s no Afterlife which would allow the Framers to witness this current spectacle of corruption, criminality, buffoonery, and blowhards that characterizes our current political class, most of whom deserve the same fate as the French nobility at the time of their revolution in the late Eighteenth Century.

    But I rant……


  17. Baysider says:

    Hats off to the theatrics! This reminds me of the shocking comparison of ol’ Green Al Gore in his mega energy hog mansion vs. George Bush on his modest country home that ran on geothermal.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, my favorite that I blogged on and off for weeks was how Gore bought a house overlooking the Monterey Bay, after announcing the waters were going to rise and drown us all 🙂 his house at the time hung over the water….

    Imp; they certainly can’t compare with the men our framers were, that’s very true.
    You really liked Jeb’s personality when you knew him, didn’t you; and said he returns emails, etc.?

    Cube; typical. WE know what the Left’s doing but those who think they like the Left will NEVER find out if it’s up to the Leftwing media.
    Just had lunch with a friend who absolutely believes we’re done….and a lot of it’s based on this same-sex marriage thing; the way the media twists anybody who doesn’t go along with it as HATING GAYS …you can’t tell a 5th grader you’re against gays marrying! “How can you BE so mean?” Their arguments are sublime and effective…..Ours stink. They involve integrity, character, real love and God’s law. Doesn’t go over anymore. They ARE winning.

    JMB: I was waiting for that to happen; I remember when those two nuts tried to get into the WH and I blogged that when the WH hunkers down, it’ll be to protect themselves from the onslaught of angry conservatives who aren’t going to take it much longer.
    This is about THAT.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    The car in front of me today had a license plate whose surrounds said “USC” at the top and “TROJAN PARENTS” at the bottom.
    I had to giggle at the irony. 🙂


  20. Lisa says:

    OMG and she goes around bashing CEO’s?


  21. Z, I’m a Trojan and a Trojan parent, too! (my oldest son also went there). We both majored in Business, or as we use to call it, “Jewish Engineering”.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Well, I thought it was funny 🙂


  23. cube says:

    Z, Trojan now makes other products…I’m just saying 😉


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