Commandments……opening a door?

ten commandments 3

Oklahoma just got told it must remove the TEN COMMANDMENTS “Statue” on State Capitol grounds.  The link says it all.

Yesterday morning, Conservatives were discussing on television the legitimacy of the ruling, some saying that we need to protect freedom of religion, the First Amendment, etc., and that it should stay.  One suggested that private citizens could buy the maybe 10′ square area it sits on and say “it’s on private grounds now.”

HERE’S THE RUB:  What’s to stop Muslims from constructing a model of the Koran and purchasing a bigger spot to set it on “privately owned” land?   Clearly, this buying land isn’t the point, either.  The point is:
If Christians insist on the 10 Commandments being there, how CAN they stop Hindus and Buddhists and Muslims from putting their koran (or whatever) up?   CAN THEY BE STOPPED?

I saw this coming years and years ago;  If WE insist, we open the door to THEM.

UPDATE:  Well, after I’d written this yesterday morning, Megyn Kelly covered this last night, made exactly my point about “If we keep OURS there, surely THEY have to be there, too” and, lo and behold, she had a satanist on saying that a representation of the devil ought to be next to the Ten Commandments, too.   And, it was a satanist who drove a car into the original Ten Commandments display and destroyed it, prompting someone else to pay for reinstalling the thing.

Got any thoughts on this?  Is there any way to protect the Christian representation and not allow others?


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20 Responses to Commandments……opening a door?

  1. Kid says:

    We no longer live in an American society where most people respect each other’s individual or group freedom to do what they want.


  2. cube says:

    It’s a sickening display of political correctness that will definitely be exploited by other groups.


  3. Mustang says:
    This case confuses me. As Cube suggests, it seems as if the Oklahoma court was stretching to find some justification for ruling against the monument. Moreover, if a monument to the lawgivers is valid at the US Supreme Court building in Washington DC, then why not at the state capital in Oklahoma? In this case, it is incredible for the court to decide in a 7—2 ruling that Christian and Jewish groups somehow benefit from the monument’s existence. No one has indicated in what tangible way how the presence of the monument benefits either group, but I have to say that the reporting of this case borders on the comical. Pundits are now claiming this is now a matter of Republicans vs. Satan, which seems to me a good position for Republicans to be in, but it also underlines the central leftist rhetoric that Republicans are religious whacko’s and Satanists are good for secular America. The argument is ludicrous on its face, but I will try to explain the leftist position in an up-coming 6 July post. Looking around at American society today, I am amazed that anyone on the left thinks that everything is just peachy.


  4. bunkerville says:

    I no longer recognize our Nation.


  5. The answer to your question of how we stop other religions from constructing their symbols is to point out that our country was founded on a belief in God and the Holy Bible, and (as I keep saying), written all over our nation’s capital. Even Congress convenes with a prayer to God. End of argument. Those that came here have to acknowledge that fact. If they don’t like it, they can go to another country and quit trying to change us. We have to stop lolly-coddling these people and protect that which our founding fathers fought for.


  6. P.S. Er…………..think thats gonna happen? (Nah. Neither do I, but I only hope it will eventually.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Cube, Kid and Bunkerville: You’re too correct, sadly.

    Mustang, your point about the Ten Commandments and other Judeo-Christian representations being in DC but not allowed in Okla. is a fascinating one and one I have not heard discussed, have you?
    To think that many Americans have moved so far away from faith that going along with satanists isn’t even questioned is more than I, frankly, can even take in.
    I think of old movies like IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, or old TV shows like FATHER KNOWS BEST ….both of which were sugar coated but mostly the ethos of the times, and wonder WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?

    Mal; I know, that sounds so sensible , doesn’t it? But , no, you’re right…it’s not going to happen.
    Christians are cowering in the glare of the media because they’ve been told they are:
    None of which a true Christian is, of course.

    BY THE WAY, everybody: Since when did the term RACIST only apply to Whites on Blacks? I have a Black friend who says “Z, you haven’t SEEN racism until you’re in a Black barbershop”
    another well kept secret.

    I’m hearing Bernie Sanders on TV saying that Republicans have to start to realize that “America belongs to all the people and not just the very RICH people” (I paraphrase)

    Are any of YOU Republicans VERY RICH? No? well, gee, that’s odd…. (Smile)
    And, of course, the big Wall St Fat Cats are mostly DEMOCRAT (The most well kept secret on the planet)
    But, then, I’ve been called a woman-hater for not loving killing babies and I AM A WOMAN, so that shows something of a leftwinger’s thinking, huh?


  8. John M. Berger says:

    The last time that I looked the [laws] of this Nation are predicated on the Judeo-Christian Ethic and in no small part the TEN COMMANDMENTS. So: “The Oklahoma State Capitol is the house of government of the U.S. state of Oklahoma. It is the building that houses the Oklahoma Legislature”.

    Since we don’t live under Islamic Diarrhea Law, the Koran or excerpts thereof have no place on or in institutions where [our] laws are made or adjudicated. If ‘Rag Heads’ don’t like it they are free to leave.


  9. Well , it was on the “Historical Significance” of the 10 Commandments that the Supreme Court earlier ruled in favor of letting “them” stay in Texas.
    i don’t even begin to understand how the Federal Judiciary can allow them to stand in Texas, but not in Georgia.
    The Oklahoma issue says it violates the state constitution, so that take s federal appeal out of the equation, it seems.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Yes, the OK constitution says ‘no’, apparently..
    TX, not Georgia….??? odd, isn’t it.
    And, of course, the historical significance seems MORE significant in D.C.’s government buildings, courts, etc., where Judeo/Christian representations are (so far) staying.

    JB: “free to leave” From your lips to God’s ears


  11. geeez2014 says:

    And then, Pataki turns into yet another whore, trying to get into the news without spending any money, on Trump’s coattails…as if ANY Republicans needed Pataki’s castigation.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    JIM WEBB is running.
    He COULD beat Hillary. And he probably would beat any Republican.


  13. SF will smile.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Ya, Ed, I thought there was someone who liked Webb…it was SF, wasn’t it!

    EVERYBODY: Met an acquaintance today for cake/coffee and we got to talking…I don’t know her well at all yet so it was nice to sit and get to know each other. Suddenly, she mentioned Watters World and I said “Wait, you a Republican?” And, in the middle of Montana Avenue in The People’s Republic of Santa Monica, she said “YES!” We started laughing and whispering as if we’d be arrested.
    She has a little Republican pin on her purse…is that great? WHO KNEW?


  15. Co-conspirators.


  16. Mustang says:

    So Republicans have to sneak around in LA … like naughty children? Wow.


  17. Mustang says:

    Webb was a good combat commander and did a good job as Secretary of the Navy. Once a Republican, he went back to the Democratic Party under pressure from his “redneck” family. Now … I do have a problem with a grown man who is not allowed to decide for himself what his values are … and I do believe there is a gulf between the values of conservatives, and those of the new communist party. Webb was very critical of Bush and the Iraq/Afghan war; his instincts were right on that one. Could he defeat Hillary in the primaries? My guess is that no one is as dirty as Hillary, so no.


  18. Wayne says:

    I left the church when I got out of high school. I went to an all boys’ Catholic school and it seemed that what the church was teaching young adults conflicted with grammar school catechism classes. Didn’t make sense to me or many of my peers. I do believe in God and I guess the church followed me after I left it. No felonies or assaults other than a few bar fights (beer mussels) but I still have faith in a higher power. As far as the first amendment goes, many atheists and free thinkers still can’t comprehend the simplicity of the amendment itself. They try to interject their own interpretation of a simple string of words that says, basically, government should keep it’s nose out of the beliefs of WE THE PEOPLE. That’s how the founders set it up in the first place. They wanted to be free of the state established religions of the European continent. As far as the Pope goes, I believe he is way out of bounds on his enciclical on climate change and our capitalist system. I was taught that he was infallible in matters of faith and Cannon Law but he seems to have gone over to the dark side. What I have in my heart,
    With all the nasty rhetoric from liberals since Obama has been in office, it’s no wonder that it’s been open season on white people. While the liberal media chooses only to cover a few cases of white on black crime, they ignore the black on white crimes. If a person just listened to the left, they’d think that the only violence committed in the U.S. was from racist white cops.

    With all the propaganda put out there, how many immature minorities believe it’s okay to go ahead and attack any white person because they all have it coming? We keep hearing about racist cops, white privilege and microaggressive racism that exists everywhere. The left has successfully turned blacks against whites by convincing the young minds full of mush and the eternally ignorant that a race war is on and it has many actually fighting it by randomly attacking the “enemy”, which is any white person. We had the knock out game, which targeted whites. Now we have a new problem, which is mobs of people entering businesses with the intent to do as much damage as possible and attack people. Recently, a white woman sitting in a school playground with her baby was attacked by two teen girls

    I don’t wear on my sleeve. I plan to behave as a citizen, abiding by the laws of this country until I have to defend my country from tyranny


  19. Aren’t there also words at the top of the Washington Monument? “Praise be to God,” I think.

    See Spiritual Heritage and Government Monuments for comprehensive information. Are we going to remove all of this?


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, oh YES! It’s VERY difficult to say you’re a Republican around here…..The MINUTE we both realized we were conservatives, we lowered our voices and looked around….Now, we were joking about the old lib stereotype here in Santa Monica, but the truth is, we both had that gut instinct.
    I disagree with you on Webb not being able to defeat Hillary in the primaries; I’m starting to think Dems want someone other than Hillary (except the femi-nazies and totally uninformed who’d vote for her over anyone because she’s a woman and bill’s wife)..
    SO, unless thhe Clinton Machine can find something HIDEOUS on Webb, I’m thinking he has a chance. Even without nearly as much money.
    BUT, that ‘chance’ is predicated on BIG personality and charisma…. not sure he’s got that.


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