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Cardinal Francis George said “I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square.”  

Cardinal Francis George said some very provocative things about LGBT and the same-sex marriage agenda and you’ll want to read his comparison to them and the Klan and the reaction he got (at the above link)….He was quite a brave man, though he finally did have to ‘sort of’ apologize.  Sadly, the good Cardinal died on April 15 of this year, of cancer, which means he did ‘die in his bed’….we can only conjecture of the rest of his statement will come true.

All of this was brought to my attention by Alec at HIS BLOG, where he has compiled a truly important and “short, hand-picked list of valuable items from around the web.”  I found the above quote, on Alec’s urging, at this blogIf you have any concerns at all for the church and state situation, I highly recommend you read Alec and all the blogs he featured.  REALLY good reading.

Do you think those of religious conscience will be, more and more, condemned for their beliefs?    What can be done to counteract this?

“Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.  Let all that you do be done in love.”  1 Corinthians 16: 13-14

greatest of these

I believe that if all we, and the church, do is “done in obvious love,” we have a chance.  It is not from hate that good Christians balk at same-sex marriage, certainly, but the media and leftwing secularists are adamant about making that the main issue; HATE.   Obviously, this could not be further from the truth.  We must show that.  Find ways to counteract the onslaught with kindness, love, understanding…but firmness and well-articulated reasoning.


Have a wonderful Sunday…….and thank you, Alec, for the excellent information/blogs, etc. Alec’s main blog is on my blogroll, of course….please check it out.

Love, Z

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  1. Mustang says:
    “Error first seeks tolerance, then it seeks equality, then it seeks dominance.” We have seen this in a single life time. Actually, in a much shorter period of time than that. So the so-called gay community asks simply to be left alone to find ways of living in their own filth. Most people actually do not care what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes. But then these people began to demand that we acknowledge their deviant behavior as equal to that of a marriage between normal people, and states and courts all across the nation said fine, it must be in the constitution somewhere, surely. And on the day of that announcement, the rainbow crowd (which is an affront to ancient scripture) began spitting upon Christians outside of their churches. Let us imagine these two things: first, how Mohammedans might react to being spat upon outside of their mosques. Second, let us imagine all of the great spoken lines by Clint Eastwood as the character Blondie in the Good, Bad, and Ugly westerns.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    I only know gays who are against same-sex marriage as the law of the land, do NOT march in fishnet stockings and shiny G-strings in gay parades, don’t like the types who ‘represent’ them, and even live celibate lives (yes, they do, they have no reason to lie to me).

    Mustang’s right; think what would happen were any ‘type’ of gay to come out in any muslim country; our only question might be how HIGH is the building they’ll be thrown off of? hideous.


  3. silverfiddle says:

    It logically follows that expressing and practicing Christian beliefs that go against ‘progressive’ values enshrined by the Nine Mullahs in Black Robes.

    If you listen to the Clintonian speech employed by leftists, you can follow the bouncing ball. They use ‘freedom of worship’ instead of freedom of religion. The left wants to confine religion to within the walls of church, mosque and synagogue and call that freedom of worship. Anything you do outside those walls can get you punished.


  4. silverfiddle says:


    It logically follows that expressing and practicing Christian beliefs that go against ‘progressive’ values enshrined by the Nine Mullahs in Black Robes can be regulated and outlawed.


  5. Ray Cole says:

    In church this morning the pastor said we cannot expect a lost world to do anything else but to remain lost. It’s not about pointing at Hollywood, the gubmint or even academia. When the Lord asks “what happened” He’ll be pointing at us.


  6. Ahhh, but to point out the error in the ways of those proclaiming love is to be judgmental, and Christians are not to judge, I’m told.
    Misrepresenting scripture about judgement (if not homosexuality itself, “Judge not….”
    How come they can tell us we’re wrong, but we can’t tell them?


  7. geeez2014 says:

    SF, this is a fascinating point “They use ‘freedom of worship’ instead of freedom of religion. The left wants to confine religion to within the walls of church, mosque and synagogue and call that freedom of worship. Anything you do outside those walls can get you punished”
    Stands to reason that very well might be why it’s suddenly being called FREEDOM OF WORSHIP …when, really, we are called to worship all day, every day, inside or outside the church or synagogue, aren’t we, in one way or the other….meaning our decisions are often based on our character which is often based on our worship. They’re going to do all they can to try to get Americans to shake off that worshipful character so THEY can tell us what to do/inform our choices, not the One we worship.
    Thanks for that…very provocative.

    Ray, I think the fact that mostly secularists are in charge of Hollywood and academia, and the government is being pushed farther and farther into secularism; we have dropped the ball by NOT participating more in those things so faith can at least be evenly and fairly represented …..That’s a way we can have participated…but we don’t.
    But I think, on a micro level, most of us ARE trying to awaken a lost world…you ought to see the 75 Campus Crusade kids at my church this summer…every day talking to young people around secularist Santa Monica ….telling them about their faith; they’re REALLY working at it….and opening some hearts… It’s up to those kids, and us, to stop the world from remaining lost; I disagree that we can’t expect that to change. You know?


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Hi, Ed,
    Was I unclear on the LOVE thing? What I mean is we don’t even have to tell anyone they’re wrong, but show love and show another way.
    Honestly, I’m confused about your comment and don’t want to be…please explain! 🙂
    yes, they tell us we’re wrong, and they tell us in the most hateful ways, I think you’d agree about that. Good point in showing the irony that they can tell US IN those most hateful ways and they become’cool’ for trying to straighten out a bunch of hateful Christians….
    It’s up to us to show that we do NOT hate, that we LOVE and don’t judge, but discern and suggest another way of life. But still love.
    Hard to love any man wearing false eyelashes and (ooh, I almost went too graphic here…)…let me think of another way of saying this…….okay, kissing another man in public… just plain IS difficult to love that man. Or two women in wedding dresses looking pie-eyed at each other…I UNDERSTAND they feel in love, and it’s not up to me to take that away from them.
    But I do believe it’s up to us to stand up for our faith and our morals. Just not in the way the secularist, or even the “religious, even Christian”, gays are telling us WE ARE WRONG…
    make sense?


  9. Baysider says:

    Thanks for the flag to Alec’s post. There’s a lot there. I’ve been on rabbit trails ALL afternoon. (Including this beautiful rendition of one of my favorite hymns, The Church’s One Foundation, sung by a lovely Indian congregation – – man, there’s a whole amazing series there).

    Addressing Z’s comment, that our only chance is that we make our love obvious: Yes, of course, I agree. I also recognize this will only inflame the haters who are spoiling for a fight. So be ready. You know Booker T. Washington truly believed that if the Negro would rise through education and accomplishment he would be accepted by the south. Sadly, history shows us those who want to hate will always find an excuse to do so. The good cardinal was right. Greg Koukl has been alerting us strongly now for about 5 years that ‘this’ is coming. We need to be prepared, too.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Bay, you feel that setting examples and loving people whose acts we don’t love inflames? How so? SOmetimes love deflates a good fight. That’s my point.

    Yes, the link’s hymn is good; but I have to admit to not finding a really FULL rendition of that…When I listened to Alec’s version I liked it, but felt the need to hear it BIGGER so I YouTube’d for a fuller rendition….at my past church, when I was choir director and (what I call) organ player (because I was no organIST, never could play it as well as I play piano, never tried to!) , we sang different parts, I got very loud and big on the organ and it somehow spurred my choir and the congregation to REALLY “sing it, sistah!” 🙂


  11. ” truth without love is brutality, but love without truth is hypocrisy.”
    Warren W. Wiersbe

    The quote sums up what must be our approach.
    If we are to love homosexuals, we must warn them of their error.
    Else we are hypocrites.
    When we do that, we are accused of “judging”.
    As if no one but them is allowed a sense of right and wrong.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, thanks.,…Wiersbe is correct; Love has to come with truth, as I’ve written above……we must warn them of their error….as I said above…
    “firmness and well-articulated reasoning.”
    “but discern and suggest another way of life. But still love.”
    “But I do believe it’s up to us to stand up for our faith and our morals”

    We absolutely must love through it all….
    We must counteract the media onslaught of how HATEFUL Christians are because it’s not true. True Christians love the person but not the sin.

    I believe this is what must be our approach.


  13. Baysider says:

    Re: Love. People who are spoiling for a fight are just as likely to spew out more hate if they don’t get the reaction from you that they ‘want.’ I know of some newsworthy cases where the opposite happened.

    It’s the parable of the sower. I know the Lord has His spirit working the hearts of some folks. Our ‘seed’ of love falls on fertile soil and takes root. But when it falls on the stony soil that never happens. Yes, we are definitely responsible to be His ambassadors, reflecting Christ’s character, as fully as we can. We are never to give cause to be hated justly, but hated we will be by the stony soils.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider…they will spew more hate, but it can also work otherwise…..I’ve seen that happen many times, too. Gorgeous times. I marvel at that every time.

    I’d say that, for example, the news coverage of the Carolina Church shootings, that the congregants forgave in such amazing ways, even while telling the killer what he’d done to them in their losses, got some great coverage. People were stunned. People were gratified.

    I suppose all of us are right on this……..I’ll just suggest that God prefers us to love. Always. To be openly forthcoming in our disappointment in the sin…no matter how far that disappointment needs to go…….but loving of the sinner, all the same. It’s what we’d want for ourselves. And what we’re told we can expect.

    Great conversation, everybody! Thanks.


  15. Sparky says:

    One thing (I know, just one?) that confuses me is I thought the whole reason one chose homosexuality was to avoid marriage, children, normalcy, etc. So why now do they chose to “be legal”? I know, it’s all an “in your face” attitude but really they are only hurting themselves. And you’re right, we fight them with love. Turn the other cheek, just be sure to protect the one you’re sitting on. (OK, and humour doesn’t hurt either.) Good post Z. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you, Ed, Mal, and all the wonderful people on this site. You are my strength too. Have a blessed evening folks. xx


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Hi, Sparky, and thanks for the lovely words…You have a blessed evening, too. I do have marvelous commenters, including you!

    Sparky, I’ve not heard those as reasons for being gay; I know those things you’ve mentioned have been the offshoot of being gay. Many DO feel they’re doing the right thing in wanting a family, etc., and expect the same rights of the Constitution for them; in my opinion, there wasn’t any way the courts could disallow two men marrying…it’s just something not specific in the Constitution; Imagine any of our Founding Fathers saying “oh, ya;…what if two guys want to tie the knot?” It wouldn’t have occurred to them, right?

    I know gays who, every time they had one drink too many, would get weepy about not liking being gay; that’s been a frequent experience for me to watch, sadly. Others would say they live for promiscuity and no WAY were THEY going to marry.
    Today, there are gays who want marriage and children. But the lie is that children haven’t minded being raised in a one-sex household, and that gays don’t have rights. They do, all they need was a visit with a lawyer.
    Anyway, thanks for coming by….sweet ‘cheeks’! 🙂


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