women's soccer

   They DID it…The USA Women’s Soccer team is bringing the trophy home!

They beat Japan 5-2…scoring the first 4 in about the first half hour…if memory serves me, USA scored the first 2 in the first 5 minutes or something like that….AMAZING!

I did want to say that it’s very different than Men’s European Soccer, something I’ve seen a LOT of, for having lived in Munich and Paris, and being there when they won World Cups or European Championships,  really got me liking the sport…BUT………..BUT…..!!!

What a huge difference in games!  The men in Europe are DRAMA QUEENS!  Honestly, they have a fake injury about every six minutes, no exaggeration.  The game has to stop (necessitating time-out make-up minutes tacked onto the end of each game, which can really go long), and men are constantly leaving and others coming in.   That’s what I thought soccer was, but these women didn’t have one injury that I saw (I watched, on and off, the whole time….so I didn’t see it all), and certainly no dramatic, constant fake injuries to stop the game’s momentum!    Actually, come to think of it, I also saw no yellow or red cards, which are a constant in Europe…and probably Asia and S America, whose teams I don’t know, whose habits I don’t know.   A soccer game with no cards pulled for penalties? Did I miss some today?  Did any of you watch it?

Imagine the inanity of sports broadcasters;  one woman actually said “I haven’t seen USA score 4 goals in a game…”   Most soccer games don’t total 4 goals by BOTH teams added together… I suppose it’s just ‘talk for talk’s sake, you’re getting paid by the word,!”, but….??


By the way, if you like loving team work, you couldn’t get better than this team.


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4 Responses to USA! USA! USA!! The WOMEN WON!

  1. Bob says:

    The game was great. I am not a soccer fan, but I did enjoy that one game. However, soccer games go too long that I have seen, and after watching the most boring women’s game, England vs Japan, I turned off the TV just in time to miss the winning goal.


  2. Soccer is a “kick in the grass” so I’m told, but not being a fan of the sport because its boring compared to other popular sports, all I can say is good for us. We did it. {big yippee}.


  3. Lisa says:

    The joy on their faces was enough for me


  4. cube says:

    I’ve been to a few soccer games, and frankly, I’d rather play soccer than watch it, but I’m elated for the USA win.


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