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Friday: the day the White House reveals information so’s not to get too much push-back, right?…so the news hit yesterday (SURPRISE!) that Obama has found a way to offer free birth control to all American women in spite of the SCOTUS ruling about religious exemptions.

“A new rule issued by the Obama administration’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Friday affirmed that, even given the religious exemptions provided by the Supreme Court’s ruling in Burrell v Hobby Lobby last year, all women will still be able to get coverage for all forms of birth control through the Affordable Care Act.

The rule creates an accommodation, which permits companies to opt out of providing coverage but the insurance carrier still must provide it — thus ensuring that women will have access to all forms of birth control at no cost, no matter where they work.”

And now check out the following text in the article….if you can disentagle that, I’d be eager to hear.

“For a company to receive a religious exemption from providing coverage for the methods of birth control outlined in last year’s Hobby Lobby case — that is, any form of birth control that prevents implantation such as intrauterine devices (IUDs) and the emergency morning-after pill — the new standard will be that it must be a for-profit company that’s not publicly traded with 50 percent ownership by five or fewer individuals, with members of a nuclear family all counting as one individual. Additionally, the company must produce a formal corporate statement that expresses their religious beliefs.”

HUH?   WHAT does that say?

Also;  we all know birth control is about $9.00 a month and, if women can afford their ubiquitous porcelain fingernails, they can easily afford that.  This isn’t about who’s paying, it’s about agenda;  going around religious beliefs and demanding their rights, not the rights of the religious.  We all know that none of us cares who’s taking birth control;  in fact, I think a lot of us believe a whole LOT of American women should be taking birth control (if the leftwingers who are drawn to my blog don’t like that inference, let’s talk to them about wishing people dead, okay?), but let’s be honest:   This isn’t about who pays.  Agree?


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50 Responses to Birth Control…OBAMA WINS AGAIN!

  1. Mustang.Koji says:

    I agree, geeez. Just more bull shit from the King… but expect no less from a narcissist. And indeed, this is about who has to pay – us taxpayers.


  2. oldmotorsguy says:

    It’s just Barry being Barry again… Another 17 months, that’s all we have to endure of this horrible guy.


  3. Mustang says:

    The birth control issue will self correct after all of our citizens gravitate toward the “homosexual” lifestyle. I can’t wait until same-sex spouses, try to adopt a moslem child. Suddenly, it won’t be Christians posing the greatest threat to homo communities.


  4. woodsterman says:

    Was this a great country, or what?


  5. geeez2014 says:

    I like that “A formal corporate statement that expresses their religious belief”.
    Sounds so Hitlerian to me it’s chilling.
    “We here at Hobby Lobby believe that Christ is the King?” WHAT? Oh, wait….”We here at Hobby Lobby believe CORPORATELY that Christ is the King and he’s not nuts about killing fetuses?” Or ‘We here at Hobby Lobby believe Christ IS a corporation and …”



  6. JOHN M BERGER says:

    Exactly why is “Birth Control” considered to be a medical necessity? Does that mean that ObamaCare should pay for my next motorcycle helmet?


  7. I won’t be reading that.
    I can’t contort my brain enough.
    My blood pressure is up enough reading a “constitutionalist” defend Obergefell v. Hodges.
    Like Odie said.


  8. Mal says:

    I’ll probably get a lot of flak about this but birth control might not be as bad as we make it to be. Why? Because when I was in high school in the mid 1940’s girls that got pregnant were so desperate they went to Tijuana to get rid of it due to it being illegal here. Many came back with infections or worse. Also, it is cheaper to pay up front than to probably have to support the kid later for the rest of its life, or stop a another criminal from existing. Welcome to the real world.
    Okay. I said it. I’m bracing for your responses.


  9. Baysider says:

    Yes – all about agenda. (Just like your last post – different topic, same agenda.)

    Mal, whether birth control is so bad is not the issue. It’s being forced to pay for it when it goes contrary to your sincerely held religious beliefs. And remember, ‘control’ means just that. It’s not ‘=conception control but BIRTH control. And there are lots of paths there – from preventing conception, to killing the product of conception at any stage, up to and including when 80% of the baby’s body has already exited the birth canal through a normal delivery.

    BO’s initials are sadly appropriate here. The rule stinks. His unstoppable desire to circumvent the law stinks. Think will see a ‘rule’ about the Obergefell decision parsing out language that says, in essence, F- the SCOTUS decision, I’m going to do what I want. For every law congress passes there’s something like 87 ‘rules’ that have the effect of law enacted by unelected bureaucrats with agendas.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, how many girls did you hear of in the Forties in high school got pregnant? I’m curious….

    And I totally get your point if you consider children are mostly about COST … I hope we never get to where that’s the main concern regarding birth control OR abortion. .It’s not birth control most of us are against; it’s not even birth control Hobby Lobby was against, it was the type of birth control which kills a fetus, as with an IUD. And I get your point about criminality, but who’s to really say? Miracles happen. Sometimes! Good kids come from bad places.

    A LOT of this boils down to Christianity again, doesn’t it. And Christianity’s been drowned out by secularists who sound SO compelling and so witheringly insulting to people of faith who believe that a child at least deserves to be born….

    But my post today is mostly about how Obama went about this; through legalese and red tape and almost non understandable rhetoric….which, essentially, says (again) ; I don’t care…it’s MY WAY, I”M PRESIDENT, or NO WAY.

    And, obviously, birth control costs less than those porcelain nails cost every month for most women ON birth control, so this isn’t even really about cost, is it.


  11. Mal says:

    Bay, I realize how it conflicts religiously. That’s also why I said “welcome to the real world”. Its a conundrum, isn’t it? Z, as to how many girls, I only heard of a few, but was certain there were a lot more I DIDN’T hear about. It was a different time and this kind of thing was very hush-hush in those days. We all use to say “if only a local doctor could have performed it she wouldn’t be in this condition (if she even lived).


  12. Baysider says:

    BO is a lawbreaker at heart, and shockingly bold in his authoritarianism.

    Whenever I see one of these flabbergasting rulings from Obama’s myrmidons, I always say it’s like Jews getting exit visas out of the Soviet Union. “Oh yes, of course Comrade Lipkin, but we have a procedure for that. You must complete the formalities, and wait for the processing period to be complete before we can issue your visa” [20 years later after you’ve given us a lifetime of useful labor and we can dump your retirement costs onto Israel].


  13. Bay +1.
    I expect nothing less from Obama.
    I am fed up with the fiat rule we live under, whether POTUS or SCOTUS.
    I am fed up with fellow citizens not understanding their loss of liberty as long as they get their stuff.


  14. Z: “And, obviously, birth control costs less than those porcelain nails cost every month”
    Exactly. The Sandra Fluke argument shot to hell.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, how about “if only she hadn’t had sex at sixteen, or if only they were smart enough to use condoms?” But, you’re right; we’re all human and make mistakes. i’m sorry to hear so many suffered from botched abortions, and even died! I know some were left unable to conceive. What a terrible tragedy.
    I know a story, too, of a woman who’s now probably 75 and who had two kids out of wedlock in Minnesota….by the same guy. Nice Catholic family, etc. At least she gave life to the children, but she gave both kids up for adoption, has contacted both and neither has ever wanted anything to do with her. She’s had a great job all her life and wanted to list them as inheritors of her estate…’no go’. She’s suffered all her life, terrible pain….really awful. But she harmed the son’s life by telling him he was adopted (she found him against parental consent, and against their pleas not to tell him because they never had!) and hurt his brother, too, by telling him HE was adopted. Must be many stories like this out there..MANY.

    I am reminded of a writing group I had for years…one woman wrote a story about a girl who got pregnant out of wedlock many years previous……The parents were portrayed in this story as hateful villains who could only think of their own embarrassment…The whole group thought how horrible the parents were but I could only think of how hurt parents might have been for their children in this condition and how they’d also want to protect them from societal condemnation, etc… and how she’d let them down, too. And probably ruined her life. The group gave no thought to that at all, and they were all mature-aged adults in the group. It was all about how “she should have been able to do whatever she wanted to do at 15 and those awful parents must have hated her, etc.” That stuff bugs me BIG TIME.

    Baysider..’shockingly bold’ is an understatement, isn’t it. Who’d EVER have thought this country could be ruled by a man, a ‘constitutional lawyer’!, who doesn’t give a darn about the laws and feels he knows better than supreme court justices, and, more importantly: THE VOTERS.
    Of course, now they’re trying to get voters through illegal imimigration…

    Funny, I heard the other day, I think on CNN, that Republicans had gerrymandered some voting precinct in Florida to go their way, the inference being how SHOCKING! TERRIBLE REPUBLICANS!
    Meanwhile, the Left is welcoming MILLIONS of voters they KNOW will vote their way when they’re settled in.
    And NO WONDER they want to make SURE all illegals can get on the “road to citizenship.”
    And NO WONDER they’re trying now to get that hurried by suggesting illegals should vote.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, it makes us all feel FED UP, doesn’t it. And we can’t do anything about it? We’re ALL SO FRUSTRATED and Obama’s counting on the fact Americans are too busy texting and playing video games and looking for entitlements…

    And yes, on Sandra Fluke…the first young single woman to have the guts and lack of shame enough to go in front of CONGRESS and demand she get birth control paid for…..NOW.

    Here’s the worst part; her parents were probably thrilled with her…aging Hippies or something 😉


  17. geeez2014 says:


    Good, unions….let’s close corporations down, as seems to be your goal, and see how many JOBS the unions lose…How about that? #()$*&U#$(*&@#(*$&


  18. I highly recommend “Saving Grace” by L.B. Johnson.
    Her story of giving up her own daughter for adoption as a young unmarried.
    She is a wonderful writer.


  19. Mal says:

    Bay, being forced to pay for an abortion is still a lot cheaper than supporting the person for a lifetime. That’s what I meant. I don’t like it either, but just sayin’ given the alternative……..


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, no doubt about that….it is certainly cheaper than supporting a person.
    but, that’s kind of Hitlerian or too Machiavellian for me!
    Still, we are there….it is as you describe. Children have become an inconvenience.
    And our celebs call them ‘baby bumps’ and single girls are celebrated for their kids….this isn’t a society that honors a child as a blessing, in general.

    On the other hand, Mal, my sister’s son just had a little girl yesterday….so wonderful to see a family thrilled about the birth of a new baby! Her other son’s wife had a child 2 months ago and her daughter’s expecting in September. All married, all working, all joyful in their lives and new children. God is good. They’ve walked the walk and are being blessed.


  21. Baysider says:

    Understood. Thanks, Mal. The reason many gave for abortion (at least years ago) was to not consign the unwanted child to a life of poverty and crime. My response was “why kill them before they’ve done anything wrong? Why not wait until they are 7 or 8 years old and showing clear signs of incorrigibility? Or (for those against the death penalty) until they are 17 or 18 and kill someone? Just consider it a delayed abortion.


  22. JOHN M BERGER says:

    “birth control might not be as bad as we make it to be.”
    I don’t think birth control, per se, is “bad”. Sex is, 99% of the time, an elective activity therefore I just see no reason why I have to subsidize the cost of it.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Ya, nobody here is saying BIRTH CONTROL IS BAD! Nobody! Nowhere…at least I don’t see it.

    Heck, thank goodness for birth control! 🙂 I know some Catholics disagree and I totally respect their opinions; some believe that stopping conception is stopping God’s plan.
    But we don’t want to get into THAT too much here!

    I just don’t see a reason for anybody but the person needing birth control to pay for it. And, you know, it shouldn’t be the fact that it’s only $9 a month, either. If it’s $1000 a month, it’s not the MONEY, it’s the CONCEPT.
    WHy should anybody ANYWHERE pay for anybody else’s sex life??


  24. geeez2014 says:

    I’ve had a lot of new ‘followers’ of GeeeZ in the last week and, in case any of you are still reading after having signed on, I want to thank you very VERY much for your support.
    I hope to see you here often and please don’t hesitate to comment.


  25. geeez2014 says:


    Am watching TRUMP on MSNBC and CNN…FOX wasn’t showing his LIVE speech in Vegas….

    Honestly, I can’t STAND this guy’s ego (if he mentions the Wharton School one more time…!!) but he’s so right on most ALL of what he’s talking about. I actually quite enjoyed him today.
    They’re saying now, the critics on the 2 channels, that he didn’t answer any of the questions; One critic is actually NOW SAYING AS I TYPE “I ask you people who like him LOOK AT HOW HE DOESN”T ANSWER THE QUESTIONS, HE JUST SAYS HOW RICH HE IS” Well, the critic’s half right….and he didn’t answer the questions WELL but he did answer them in kind of ‘remote’ and interesting ways…provocative.

    I was supposed to see him last night at the Hollywood Conservative group’s dinner, but decided not to. Sadly, his going there was probably leaked by HIS people and the group’s been ‘outed’ a little more than they like. Thankfully, at least on CNN, they only said “Hollywood Conservative group” instead of the name. Anyway, they had protesters on both sides at the hotel nearby me last night, I’m hearing…pro Trump, and also angry Mexicans.
    If ONLY they’d listen to what he actually said….


  26. Imp says:

    There’s just something about a man being a straight-shooter that ALL people appreciate. My prayer is that African Americans will begin to realize the damage of the current shamble administration & how a real LEADER & problem solver like Trump could actually improve their lives instead of keeping them on the plantation, which is, & always has been the goal of the progressive movement.

    Remember…telling the truth now is a revolutionary act.


  27. Imp says:

    Trump Live:


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; Honestly, i had the same thought. I think people of ALL indoctrinations will kind of take in what Trump’s saying.
    Tell me ONE THING he’s said that’s NOT been said in most households, right?
    “Illegals have to STOP coming in” “We’re broke in this country and that has to be fixed” “We need more JOBS” “China needs to be dealt with where WE benefit more than they do”
    “No way would a negotiation not have included, from the get-go, getting our 4 prisoners back from Iran before negotiations continued”
    Oh, and my personal fave “we got a jerk like Bergdahl in return for five terrorists that can hurt us again?”:

    Who hasn’t said most of those things in SOME manner of anger or conviction at SOME time?
    And he IS saying it.

    And, you know….I think he’s as sly as a FOX…the more he says things, the more sane he sounds and THAT might be what’s got msnbc and CNN so scared they showed this speech today with critics blasting it afterwards.

    he’s off to Phoenix for a speech with Sheriff Arpaio….that should be a hoot!



  29. geeez2014 says:

    How did he get from Vegas to Phoenix in 30 minutes????????????? Just saw your linked video


  30. Imp says:

    Z…he was on the way apparently. Phoenix to LAS is a short hop.


  31. “They’re saying now, the critics on the 2 channels, that he didn’t answer any of the questions; One critic is actually NOW SAYING AS I TYPE “I ask you people who like him LOOK AT HOW HE DOESN”T ANSWER THE QUESTIONS”
    Shame they weren’t talking about Hillary.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    yes, I know it’s a short hop, but not that short…You’d written TRUMP LIVE, so I knew there was no airplane that’d get him there in 30 minutes.
    The speech is just about to start, apparently.

    Ed…You are so right. I thought the very same thing. Good catch!


  33. geeez2014 says:

    By the way, I highly recommend watching Trump; supposed to start now….or very soon.
    Not sure who’s carrying it but I think all the cables are.


  34. bunkerville says:

    Give me a break. $9.00 bucks a month- free at clinics– and we have to pay for it? It is a deliberate attempt to yank our chain. That man is evil.


  35. Kid says:

    Mustang, yea, let’s bring the moslems completely into this kindergarten nightmare and watch the smoke pouring out of the libtards ears as their moslem pals don’t seem to be on board with their simple mineded equality BS..

    Z, I’m not sure this is an issue really. From my vantage point, young women having sex are doing it for the specific purpose of getting pregnant so they can Net that man and get him to marry her and take care of her forever. Nevermind the last thing a young man wants is instant family and a wife. m Generally speaking. See massive quantities of single ‘mothers’ in the welfare/poor communities.

    I read recently where at some schools, some girls are prego in 5th grade, more in 6th grade, and All of them in 7th grade.

    This is where we’re at.


  36. Kid says:

    MAL, I absolutely agree with your point. Birth control over a lifetime cost of democrat voting, court costs, jail costs, and pain and suffering on the community cost. Absolutely. Kill that sperm.


  37. Kid says:

    Trump and Arpiao Arpaio will restrain the Trump because Arpaio is very savvy. But that should be a serious hoot.


  38. Bob says:

    Once upon a time, the Federal Government wanted to furnish free birth control to people in poor neighborhoods. Of course, black leaders at that time claimed that the birth control was targeted to black women, and the policy was genocide.

    I believe that all liberal women should take birth control pills, and get many, many abortions. I am glad to pay for that.


  39. Baysider says:

    Bob, a friend of my mom’s was in one of those places and overhead one woman say to the other “they not gettin’ ME on birth control. I’m gonna have as many babies as I can because that’s power!”

    @Z: “her parents were probably thrilled with her” [Fluke]. Maybe they were, if this is to be believed. Her dad is (or was) a methodist minister.
    “her parents are very proud of their little girl taking a stand– as well they should be.”


  40. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, oh, the IRONY….Margaret Sanger explicitly said Planned Parenthood would be good because it would get rid of Black babies, but the Black leaders claimed birth control was genocide? amazing.
    You have a point about liberal women 🙂 Actually, I sashayed very close to that point myself in my post !! (last paragraph!) Great minds.

    Kid! MANY young women aren’t having sex for babies, tho! I did have that horrifying statistic told to me recently. There are schools were EVERY little girl is pregnant by the time they’re in 8th grade…EVERY. They have baby sitting in schools …as if that doesn’t encourage them? But, what else can they do?

    We’re not a proud country anymore….our kids are being raised like wolves, parents are doing crack, people are getting desensitized to really unhealthy stuff….
    I saw another PBS special this afternoon….it was on in the background but I got interested and watched…sure enough, it was about Irish immigrants who were killed by the rail road companies they were working for….shot and thrown into mass graves. At the end of the show, a history professor said “These are things our country must face up to….the building of our country is full of sad stories like these and we’re just getting to them now”
    I thought “No, we don’t really have to bring up EVERY DARN THING ANYBODY DID WRONG in this country from the birth of time..” Liberals are going to bring us DOWN DOWN DOWN if it’s the last thing they do…..


  41. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, thanks for Googling that…”….her parents have already expressed their pride. And given how gracious and civil this bright young lady has behaved in spite of being publicly degraded as a “prostitute,” what parents wouldn’t want to lay claim to Sandra Fluke’s poise?”

    We’re living in an altered universe. I can tell you one thing with more certainty than ANYTHING I can ever say: If that was ME, the very LAST THING my father’d have been was PROUD…BELIEVE ME. Man, I get shivers thinking about that dignified, honorable man full of traditional, good values and what that might have done to him.


  42. Kid says:

    Z, I believe they are having babies on purpose.


  43. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, ya, I got your point….and you’re not alone in that thinking. It’s SO unbelievably stupid to me that I can’t wrap my brain around it.
    Obviously, that’s not EVERY girl; I know high school girls who’d rather die than get pregnant and, as a matter of fact, aren’t having sex at 14…go figure! That’s what those rotten, bigoted Christian schools will encourage; thinking enough of yourself to make better choices!

    But, I suppose you’re right…there are just too many having this happen..and with schools which now teach how to put a condom on (using bananas), you’d think THEY GET HOW TO PREVENT PREGNANCY, but they’re NOT…so…………’re probably right; maybe more do it on purpose….sickening.
    So we have a generation of babies who don’t have a chance in hell of a happy, thriving life with financial security and two parents raising them. Oops! BETTER GO TO THE GOVERNMENT!
    Congratulations, America.


  44. Imp says:

    Worth the read…very much so…Mark Steyn nails it again.


  45. Kid says:

    IMP, The way I read that is that in our current America, we are no longer allowed to talk about reality or truth. We must always only talk about what fits into the progressive/libtard fantasies where there is nothing with things where everything is wrong.

    And I agree. On the upside, this isn’t going to fly forever for sure. It must fall apart becuase it isn’t real. When is the question.


  46. Baysider says:

    re: Steyn. Whew! Yes, indeed it is. Thanks for linking.


  47. geeez2014 says:

    I adore Steyn. And he’s not even American 🙂

    Kid, I was talking tonight about that with a friend….you just cannot HAVE another viewpoint or the left goes NUTS.
    And I told her exactly what you said to Imp “I believe people are waking up to this….even Democrats who aren’t extremely leftwing can see that something’s going VERY WRONG when all the hate is directed to one party, where every candidate is slammed SO badly and stupidly….etc etc” I do believe that. People are going to wake up.


  48. Kid says:

    From our lips Z..


  49. JOHN M BERGER says:

    “our kids are being raised like wolves”
    I think that “wolves” have a stronger family structure than many of their American human counterparts!


  50. geeez2014 says:

    Kid. Yup

    JMB….you know, they probably do take better care of their cubs than a lot of American families..


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