Is America a Kingdom now, or…?

iran deal cartoonObama is threatening to veto any dissent on this deal.  ANY.   We are now living in the Kingdom of America.  

I just simply cannot believe this is legal.

By the way, you know I don’t believe in only watching/listening to Conservative news, so I watch some CNN and a little msnbc……..I want you to know that EVERY SINGLE PERSON on those channels isn’t 100% for this deal.  I can hear it between lines, I hear it in questions “Do you think the sanctions should have been lifted before they showed…blahblah” ….honestly, it’s a little astonishing.  They even literally look a little worried.  Very surprising.  Let’s face it, they probably make enough money to avoid big financial hits in any economic downturns Obama’s causing, and they’re pretty assured of keeping their jobs…now this deal might affect, literally, their lives.  NOW they’re worrying.

I’m not sure, even for all Obama’s done to America, that I’ve felt THIS upset or worried about anything before as I am with this ‘deal’ and the fact that he will veto any dissent….that bugs me even more than the deal.  HE has decided this has to happen, that Iran wins, and THAT IS THAT.  This cartoon below was meant to look like Iranians holding up their flag like our Marines in Iwo Jima.   So ticked me off………the whole cartoon wouldn’t publish, only got the top half, but it’s said to mimic that statue so hallowed by Americans.

iran flag


iran photos

Us?  I’m not sure.

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34 Responses to Is America a Kingdom now, or…?

  1. jerrydablade says:

    Hi Z, I share your pain. That first cartoon shows obama’s common ground found with Iran. Namely, “Death to America”. You mention some of the libs on CNN and MSNBC not looking like they are 100% on board with this. I now read on Drudge’s front this morning that our president has inadvertently brought the Israelis and the Saudis together, so I guess anything’s possible. A coalition of Americans who still love the country join together to put o down? If only there were any Reagan dems left *sigh*


  2. King? I would say dictator, but more a member of a triumvirate.
    POTUS, SCOTUS and Congress, all making law as it suits them.


  3. We are living in AmeriK. Yes, we are.

    I don’t expect Congress to do one damn thing to rein in Obama on this. NOT ONE DAMN THING! We’ll soon find out if my prediction is correct. I’d like to be wrong — but I don’t have any evidence that I am wrong. How has this Congress reined in Obama? The 2014 Election did not matter!


  4. Ed,
    Yes, a triumvirate.


  5. silverfiddle says:

    A veto is in the constitution, so I don’t see this as him being dictatorial. I do share your grave concern. I fear the Dhimmicrats will fall in line and the GOOPers will collapse like wet cardboard.

    What the hell were they thinking? This is a murderous, terrorist regime that keeps women down and executes gays. The turds in turbans fund terrorism through groups like Hezbollah, and this props up Bashar Assad in Syria.

    All facilities will not be open to inspection, and the inspection regime itself is laughable. Who really thinks that this stops the centrifuges?

    I also see the false dilemma of “deal or war” has hooked itself firmly into the discourse, with lib dimwits actually celebrating that this avoids Republicans going to war again in the Middle East. The stupidity is stunning.

    The naivete on the left is stunning. The hopium-addled idiots are celebrating this because it is a victory for Obama.

    My answer? Yeah, if only Obama has been president back in 1940, he could have prevented WWII by making friends with Hitler.


  6. silverfiddle says:

    Questions we need to be asking in the comment threads of news articles where Obama’s hopium smokers are celebrating:

    1. When does Iran turn over the centrifuges?
    2. Explain how the inspection regime works?
    3. What happens if Iran violates this agreement? War?
    4. Why would you believe propaganda coming out of a regime that jails and kills dissidents (who are almost exclusively all liberal)?
    5. Do you think those ‘ordinary Iranians’ cheering in the streets are sincere? Are they the same ones chanting Death to America only a few days ago, or are those different Iranians?
    6. In a regime where dissenters are jailed, tortured and killed, do you expect to see any Iranians criticizing the deal?

    Young Iranian professional women are turning to drugs thanks to the murderous, misogynist regime completely shutting them out of everyday life and jobs available to men.

    Where are the American ‘Feminists?’

    The willful ignorance and outright stupidity of many of my fellow citizens is depressing.


  7. JOHN M BERGER says:

    This seems to me to be the classic “kick the can down the road” political solution(s) so prevalent in our government. When the realities of such catch up, the ‘perps’ who are responsible (irresponsible) for the undesirable results are long gone. Such will be the case with this issue.


  8. Kid says:

    Well, the sanctions only affect the population. If the government people want a new Mercedes they’ll get it. One of their buddy states will supply it. Russia sells them anti-aircraft missile systems and caviar.
    Plus Iran was always going to do what it wanted to anyway. Personally I see the whole things as a dog and pony show so much so I didn’t bother reading about the deal. “The republicans are fuming” Like the other 5000 things the republicans fumed but did nothing about. It’s all meaningless and insulting. That’s what bothers me about it all.
    I do see the democrats and some of the republicans like mccain as traitorous and treasonous. There are areas where our government in now way works like it was designed to and constitutionally required to.
    Checks and balances… Please…


  9. Kid says:

    SF “The willful ignorance and outright stupidity of many of my fellow citizens is depressing.”

    Oh Yea.


  10. bunkerville says:

    Obama just overuled Hobby Lobby supreme court ruling. Little sisters of the poor just lost. It is finis.


  11. JOHN M BERGER says:

    It’s unclear to me: Let’s say that if the Senate disapproved of this, with a veto proof majority, how would that effect the overall impact of this “deal”?


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Jerry….I do think people are going to start asking more questions; even in the media.

    Ed, yes, I like “KING” for a variety of reasons, over Dictator.

    SF: A veto is in the constitution…..and, Lord knows, he’s used them….but this is a little different. This is met with mostly mistrust and questions even from his side. As a good president, he would have been listening and adjusting; he is a King. His will be done.

    The Iranians in the streets last night are not the Death to America Persians….Not the huge part of them, no. These are sophisticated, attractive, well educated people who are tired of the sanctions, which HAVE affected them. Plus, they like to WIN. They like being the GREAT PERSIA again and this deal did that, virtually. PRIDE IS EVERYTHING.

    Yes, Feminists only care and get active if women are being subjugated by Republicans, don’t they.

    Bunkerville…it’s over, yes it is over. I hadn’t heard he overturned Hobby Lobby but I knew the Sisters were getting screwed, pardon the expression in this case. The courts don’t matter anymore….THE KING HAS SPOKEN.

    Kid, Our people aren’t ‘fuming’ they’re posing for cameras looking irate and saying why. That doesn’t fix or help our world, does it.

    JMB, it’s unclear to me, too. There IS supposed to be a VETO PROOF MAJORITY but I don’t see it happening.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Off TOPIC but you will want to read Mustang’s piece on the Confederate Flag…a lot of information we should all be interested to know.


  14. Mustang says:
    Obama dangerously undermines the national security interests of the United States and its allies, and by allies I am speaking about those five European countries that have signed on to this idiotic scheme. It is an idiotic scheme because the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (plus Germany) have done nothing beyond kick the can down the road. If anyone thinks that Iran will suspend its ballistic missile development program, or abide by the agreement to suspend development of nuclear weapon capability, I have a bridge for sale. We should all wish that we had diplomats as smart as those in Iran, for thanks to Kerry Iran has suddenly become a major world power. They didn’t build that … we did. We began the construction of this monstrosity early on when we made it clear for Iran and the entire world to see that we wanted this deal far more than Iran did. And it was helpful for Iran to know that they were dealing with freshmen. At the end of the day, Iran’s nuclear infrastructure remains intact and they get to keep their centrifuges. Our allies must be aghast, since Iran achieved a better deal on uranium enrichment than we offered to Taiwan, South Korea, and the UAE. Iran must be gloating.

    As I keep reminding people, elections have consequences. I hope the American people feel proud of themselves because the long-term implication of this is a reemergence into a cold war for future generations.

    @ Z … Thank you for the linkage.


  15. bocopro says:

    Hmmm . . . well, Ed mentioned PotUS (above), which to me signifies “Totally Useless Piece Of Shi’ite.”

    But one thing Dinglebarry said in his opening defense of his umpteenth attempt at shoring up his teetering legacy is true: had NOTHING been done by US or the UN or somebody, Iran would have developed a nuke with a delivery system. That’s inarguable IMO.

    As for the “deal,” tho, seems to me what it’s done is replenish the almost depleted Iranian treasuries and give a giant shot of B-12 to its anemic economy. Further, it GUARANTEES regional hegemony for Khamanei and enables it by dismantling all barriers to conventional weapons purchases, which Iran will now be able to afford without depriving its already burdened populace.

    I don’t trust the Persians any more than I trust Kerry’s recollections of his remarkably brief tour in ‘Nam. And, as I said somewhere else today in a trailmarker on a related thread, many Muslim states are now getting ready to place the order for their entree, which will be “We’ll have what Iran is having.”

    Churchill nailed it, you know.


  16. Mal says:

    All the comments showing the disgust of our Congress only lends credence to why we need a strong assertive individual to get us back on track. Anyone come to mind? Can you say TRUMP?


  17. Kid says:

    MAL, fwiw, Trump is fine by me. I love the way he calls out the media for being sex slaves to the democrat party. I like the immigration stance. This is the time to fight back (2016) as we (conservatives) will soon be overrun by the hordes of takers flowing into the country.


  18. Mustang says:
    Trump is likely to destroy the candidacy of financially less-well-off presidential hopefuls, such as Rubio, Carson, Christie, Fiorina, Graham, Huckleberry, Jindal, Paul, Perry, and Santorum. Whether this is good or bad is entirely subjective. I think too that Trump will be good for the news people; they will have something they can use to divert our attentions away from whatever it is that Obama is up to for the next 16 months. Meanwhile, one poll indicated that 74% of polled registered Republicans said they would not vote for Trump. Now if this is true, what is Trump really trying to do? Is he, for example, trying to assure Hillary Clinton will win the White House?


  19. Baysider says:

    SF – such excellent points. I have nothing to add. “3. What happens if Iran violates this agreement?” Yes, really? Everyone knows. And Mustang, I know everything you say is true, but thank you for formulating it into words – we DID build that. Incredible!

    We won nothing. Not even time, really. The Iranians took the measure of Obama much as Khrushchev did Kennedy. We got the Berlin Wall, Cuban Missiles and, in part, Viet Nam because of Kennedy. God and his prophets only know the details, but we can guess as to the triumphalism over the dhimmis.


  20. Silverlady says:

    I didn’t hear it, as I in the kitchen, but my husband said Major Garret pressed Bampot on the hostages in Iran. The Most High & Mighty Emperor, the one with no clothes, wasn’t very happy with Garret & let him know it.


  21. Imp says:

    “Obama just paved the way for Iran, the world’s most prolific state sponsor of terrorism, who has promised to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, who chants ‘Death to America,’ who has lied and deceived the world forever, and is the greatest offender of human-rights–TO GO NUCLEAR. That’s right. It is now just a matter of time and all but inevitable if not stopped in its tracks by our not-so-fearless representatives. I’m going to say this right now, that if Congress doesn’t shut this deal down (and I mean it better not even be close in a veto override) then I am near to losing all faith.”

    A patriotic Vet from Desert Storm.


  22. Imp says:

    “one poll indicated that 74% of polled registered Republicans said they would not vote for Trump.”

    Then we get the same useless , milquetoast, cowards and career politicians who’s only concern are their pensions, power, prestige and personal gain. Once we were bitching for a 3rd party and we thought that would be the Tea Party…that has now been eviscerated by the two disgusting RINO’s no different then reid or pelosi this time named Boehner and McConnell.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    SilverLady; I just got home and happened to catch the second Garrett asked Obama about the hostages…like “are you okay content with that?”
    And Obama looked around, DISGUST on his face, was quiet for a while, and then said something like “You REALLY think I’m pleased and can rest when four Americans are in prison?”
    Well, apparently not, because he’s just pardoned a whole bunch of OURS!!! (Smile)

    As I’ve said before: I’m hearing liberals who are none too happy with many aspects of this ‘deal’ and so I’m hoping this backfires on Obama. I heard one Black Hip Hop producer who called into Medved today who was a Pres Bush supporter and can’t stand Obama….and this guy used to be a Farrakan supporter! Good stuff.

    bocopro; LOVE your POTUS….exactly. Iran can pretty much afford ANYTHING now….we’ve handed it to them.

    Imp; I think any thinking person is on that poor vet’s side, don’t you? It’s so sad.

    Baysider, this is probably the worst thing O’s ever done; and that’s saying quite a lot, isn’t it.

    I TRULY believe Donald “I”m SO RICH!” Trump needs to go a few more months, let the media play with him for a while, let him continue to say EVERYTHING MOST PEOPLE ONLY THINK, and then allow the Republicans in the big boy pants to take over; having been FINALLY released to say their truth. Let’s face it, anything they say won’t be QUITE as out-there and UNPC as what he says.
    I remember when the very last thing ANYBODY COULD call a black man was ‘arrogant’…remember? That, next to the N Word, was THE WORST>
    Suddenly, we have a lot of folks calling Obama arrogant and nobody blanches (pardon the unintended pun)….I believe this is a good example of Trump’s work; he’s releasing a lot of folks to TALK THE TRUTH.
    Then he needs to SHUT THE HELL UP. BIG TIME.


  24. cube says:

    Didn’t mean to copy your photo. It was inadvertent, posted before I came to your blog, and it was illustrative to the link I provided in my post.

    Regarding the issue, the Munich agreement of 1938 is sweetness and light compared to this deal.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Cube, I’m sure we’re not the only two bloggers who got that cartoon…NO worries, but thanks for mentioning it.
    I agree about the Munich agreement……….


  26. Kid says:

    Cube and Z – As long as no homosexuals were harmed as a result, then you’re all good.


  27. As for the Munich agreement, Steyn says a comparison to Chamberlain is an insult to Chamberlain.
    This is probably as useless as the Kellogg-Briand Pact and more damaging.


  28. Doug Giles makes some excellent points as to why Donal Trump is so appealing. See Trump Appeal. People are FED UP with GOP milquetoasts.


  29. From what I understand, negotiating for the release of the four Americans languishing in Iranian prisons was not even part of the deal which was struck.

    Whatever happened to the standard of “no man left behind” — a standard applied to trading five Taliban commanders for Bowe Bergdahl?


  30. Mal says:

    I’m with you, Imp.
    A patriotic vet from the Korean “police action”.


  31. cube says:

    Kid: “Cube and Z – As long as no homosexuals were harmed as a result, then you’re all good.”

    I know you didn’t mean to leave out our transgendered friends in your comment. None of them were harmed as a result either. Some future sensitivity training might help 😉


  32. Kid says:

    Cube, Thank you for the correction. Yes, LGBT. I will look into getting counselling at Mustang’s place.


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