Planned Parenthood, Dolphins, and some questions for you…

Greg Gutfeld’s style is not my favorite but he got it right on the Planned Parenthood penchant for selling baby fetus parts;   “What if they were DOLPHINS?”

Imagine the outrage from liberals if anybody was harvesting and killing dolphin fetuses? WOW.

The left is using the video to divert from the point of the message;  “Actors shouldn’t be used to trap a doctor!”   “It was edited”  …as if the POINT of killing late term babies for body parts isn’t horrid?   And WE are paying for it?

dolphin babies

Have we come to the point that cute little animals are more sacrosanct than cute little human babies?  What are your thoughts on this?

Do you think we can ever get Planned Parenthood unfunded?  Or at least taken off tax exempt status?

Do you think it should be closed down, or allowed to stay open but not with any tax dollars?  Or do you believe they really truly don’t do abortions with tax dollars?

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35 Responses to Planned Parenthood, Dolphins, and some questions for you…

  1. Kid says:

    My thoughts are unprintable of course.


  2. Please see this post at Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

    I made this comment:

    The mainstream media have been doing their best to ignore these videos taken of PP.

    Now the mainstream media have their slant: the group who filmed the videos is corrupt.

    The mainstream media will be harping on that. Watch for it.


  3. Z,
    Do you think we can ever get Planned Parenthood unfunded? Or at least taken off tax exempt status?

    Not as long as there’s a Democrat sitting in the Oval Office.

    As for the video, I declare that Juan Williams is an a$$.


  4. Randy Stonehill said it years ago (1984):
    Well it’s okay to murder babies
    But we really ought to save the whales
    We’re putting crimials in office
    Cause it’s way too crowded in the jails
    T.V. is our teacher now
    The schools are overrun by thugs
    And children skip their innocence
    and graduate to sex and drugs
    Right is wrong and wrong is right
    White is black and black is white
    I think I just lost my appetite
    Stop the world I want to get off


  5. alec says:

    Z, you nailed it. And AOW, yes, that’s the way it’s being spun.

    Ed I love everything about this song – especially the innocence. How far we’ve fallen in 30 years.


  6. silverfiddle says:

    At their core, leftwing progressives hate humanity. They revel in the ghoulish practice of killing babies, dismembering them and selling off their body parts.

    Godwin’s Law be damned; that is right out of Hitler’s Third Reich. That hog-faced woman in the first video would have been an oven-stuffer on Mengele’s staff back in the 1940’s.

    Look at how coarse our society has become, how cauterized our souls are now. Even just a few decades ago, this abhorrent, gruesome story would have sparked outrage.

    People look around and wonder what is wrong. Economy, jobs, crime, etc. This reveals the root of our problem. Our society suffers a sickness of the soul.


  7. bocopro says:

    My attitude on the whole pro-life/pro-choice thing is complex and always manages to piss off just about everybody, from ultra-conservative to far-leftistas. Hence, I rarely share it.

    OTOH, Planned Parenthood is a freakin joke. Killing babies for spare parts is freakin murder. And government funding for abortion on demand is freakin wrong.

    And from some other hand, what bothers me most about the entire panoply of related subjects is the raging ignorance, on BOTH sides. For example, for those who believe that human life begins at the moment of fertilization of the ovum, if they support use of most birth-control pills they are supporting abortion, since the pill doesn’t prevent fertilization but floods the uterus with artificial hormones, confusing it into believing that fertilization failed and the egg should be flushed; they are unaware of how the pill works.

    On still another hand, I strongly believe that certain people should not be allowed to reproduce under certain conditions, and if pregnancy results from their lack of self-discipline, it should be terminated as soon as possible — but, NEVER into the third trimester.

    How’s that for confusing? Kinda like my tellin a guy recently that I consider people blasphemers who get it into their heads to play god, even though I’m not a religious type. And as for people who rip late-term foetuses apart because some bimbo is concerned about stretchmarks or “harvest” their organs for profit, they should be sterilized by soldering iron and compelled to empty bedpans and clean restrooms in MediCaid clinics, without gloves.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, Ahh..go ahead (not!)

    AOW…I’ve been talking about that a lot in my posts the last few days; with the Left, it’s all KILL THE MESSENGER so it diverts from the TRUTH of the messenger…you’re right.
    Yes, I mentioned how people supporting the PP video have the nerve to say that the company who did the video’s evil and they used actors and trapped the PP people…as if that takes from WHAT THEY CLEARLY SAY ON THE VIDEO!??
    I heard Juan Williams the other day on this subject and can’t imagine a ‘good Christian man’ who feels as he does. Really made me angry.

    bocopro, actually, birth control hormones stop ovulation….
    Yes, you do differ than a lot of LIFE supporters….I understand your take on it.
    The thing is if you’re pro LIFE for the sake of LIFE, you wouldn’t even be okay with abortions for rape victims because it’s the life people are protecting, however it was conceived.
    thanks for your input; it’s good to hear all points of view.

    Ed…boy, Randy Stonehill nailed it…if he’s still alive today, he should see he was a prophet..maybe even he didn’t think it would get THIS bad!!

    alec…we have certainly fallen;

    SF’s comment describes that better than I just tried here in Comments until I read SF’s….

    SF, how you handle this with children is a concern for me………..I mean parents of young children in general, of course. I worry so much for America’s kids.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    ED…by the way….was that song ever Top 40 or anything? The melody seems familiar, though it’s kind of a familiar formula in music…..
    Where did you hear this? Was it used as a Praise Song in the Eighties??


  10. Silverlady says:

    PP should not be supported with our tax dollars, any more than NPR broadcasting, museums, colleges, illegal immigrants, or welfare queens & their progeny. Let them go to work and/or raise their own funds. Our tax dollars need to be used for the VA, roads & bridges, as our infrastructure is falling apart, the levee systems which protect the states, law enforcement officials, including ICE and the DEA, and most importantly, the Armed Forces which protect the nation. Just my own opinion.


  11. Z: Randy Stonehill has been a popular California based Christian Musician since the 70’s.
    You probably saw him live, locally.
    He’s still alive and touring.
    The album is “Celebrate This Heartbeat”.
    One of my faves.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Silverlady, I remember a friend’s hippie daughter going on and on about how wonderful all the PBS shows were and I asked her, since I support with my tax dollars the leftwing shows, how would she like to support Conservative viewpoint programming?



  13. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I have never heard of him….thanks for bringing him to my attention! he sure nails it with that song!


  14. Lisa says:

    I don’t like abortion and I do believe 2nd and 3rd trimester abortion s/b illegal. And on “my” other hand,do we fund it or fund the offspring for life including their offspring and so on and so on.
    It’s a catch 22


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Hi, Lisa….
    Your point is well made; If it’s only economics which govern whether we fund abortion or we face having to fund raising the offspring of those girls who can’t afford to raise them anyway, you’re 100% correct.
    When the sanctity of LIFE comes into it, it’s a different story, don’t you think? To put a price tag on that is a tough one.


  16. Kid says:

    I awarded Ted Cruz 10 points when I saw that.


  17. Kid,


  18. bunkerville says:

    Obama insists that the export-import bill be included in the Highway bill. McConnell is more than happy to oblidge even though it is one corrupt enterprise that benefits as a slush fund – Clintons as an example.


  19. bocopro says:

    Minor point, but important to purists:

    Not all birth-control pills prevent ovulation; some do, some don’t. Especially in low-dose pills, the possibility of “breakthrough” or “escape” ovulation can be as high as 20 to 25%, depending upon which study is believed. Once ovulation and subsequent fertilization occurs, the pill is no longer properly a “birth-control” but an abortifacient.

    Some women can ovulate as a result of missing a single day’s dosage. But pregnancy occurs with fertilization, not implantation. That’s not my definition; it’s pretty much industry standard.

    Most modern-day pills are combo pills with several synthetic hormones. One prevents ovulation, another alters the condition of the cervical mucus, and still another (almost all varieties of pills have this one, I believe) prevents the lining of the womb (endometrium) from achieving the proper thickness, thus inhibiting implantation. I used to know the names, but have forgotten them.

    A woman can ovulate while believing she’s safe on the pill for a several reasons: missing a day’s dose, vomiting, alcohol consumption, and even diet. The actual percentage of women experiencing conception while on the pill is quite small. The number who then flush out the zygote is, therefore, small as well. I don’t remember the numbers, but for some reason the figure less than one percent comes to mind.

    When I was younger, common practice in many areas for “working girls” was large doses of quinine or other harsh substances as abortifacients. (In 1966 I was on arduous sea duty and played pinochle regularly with the ship’s independent E-6 corpsman. He and I did quite a lot of research on birth control and related issues, having little else to do on those long stretches between port calls.) What I remember from that was the toxic effect of quinine and other related “fixes” on the kidneys, liver, and even the eyes.

    He and I concluded that the safest method of preventing unwanted pregnancies was for the woman to accurately determine her ovulation cycle and abstain from sex for the 5 days prior and the 2 days after, since in the absence of unusual or unnatural agents, such as hormone pills or harsh chemicals, the sperm can survive only around 100 hours in the cervix and the ovum is viable for a max of around 30 hours.

    Not lookin for an argument . . . just sayin . . . . . . and it’s not NICE to fool with Mother Nature.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro….of course pregnancy only results from fertilization, that’s why blocking ovulation, no eggs, is a way of preventing births without killing anything at all. …
    I totally get there are pills that do what you say, too…I was “just sayin'”, too.
    The reason so many Catholics have such big families (or used to) is that they practiced the rhythm method….not very safe/secure!
    Thanks for the input!


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Did that TED CRUZ speech happen today? Is it tonight we’ll be hearing all over the leftwing media how “even Republicans hate Republicans?”
    Boeing does a TON of philanthropy … I have been amazed at how much as I’ve had some dealings with them………so I was sorry he picked them out.
    and I’m a BIG corporation lover…they employ a lot of people, and every time I hear a Rep or Dem talk about Corporate Welfare, I TOTALLY GET THAT, they’re mostly correct, and I HATE THAT, but fear that we’re denigrating big businesses so badly they won’t be able to exist once we’re through punishing them.

    Having said that, I LOVE what Cruz said…………..and was a little amazed that his amendment didn’t get considered because it was improperly presented??? I’m surprised Cruz didn’t present it the way it should have been.

    Okay…take your licks at me…let me have it 🙂

    I’m just hoping Cruz is going to reach a LOT of people, because the GOP (if this did happen today) is going to drop him even harder now…he can’t count on a cent from them now…. Karl Rove has disparaged Cruz since Cruz first even mentioned a possible run; for obvious reasons.


  22. bocopro says:

    Milady & I figgered it all out back around 1965: every time I came home from a long deployment, she got pregnant. Haddabe all that salt air.

    What initially stimulated my continuing interest in it was that she carried a dead foetus for several months. Nearly died from septicemia (sepsis). Naval Hospital sent me a flash message on my ship to get my permission to remove it surgically while detoxing her. ‘Course we had daughters at the time, and those things tend to turn into women at some point in their lives with ovaries and all that stuff. Our boys didn’t appear to be similarly at risk, so I we didn’t worry about them at the time.

    Ligation was almost a given as an adjunct procedure while the docs were in her belly. That’s a pretty reliable preventative. They removed quite a lot of other tissue, too, to be safe, just shy of a hysterectomy, which is of course the ultimate control tool. She’s now 78 and more than fulfilled with enough grandkritters to field a baseball team and some to spare.

    Still got a great pair of pins, too, and good-lookin to boot. Think I’ll keep ‘er.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Yup,….I see that it DID happen today and they’re wasting NO TIME AT ALL telling the world how a Republican’s been called a liar by another Republican.

    How I WISH the Dems were as honest as Cruz is……..but, alas…..
    Of course, I think, since I read all sides of the media, the Dems never DO lie, right??? (Smile)


  24. Imp says:

    Like I said yesterday….

    I dunno…I keep thinking with all the forward progress, advances in science, medicine, industry, technology and simple entrepreneurial success has given us over the last 60 years…. we seem to be moving backwards exponentially in the morality area of our people at the speed of sound?


  25. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro…as a fairly young widow, I can’t tell you how PLEASED I am (I have THE biggest grin on my face right now) when I hear couples as happy as you two are for this many years. I wish to HECK I had many more than 19 married years but we had a good 19 years, and 3 years before that that were wonderful, too… and he didn’t die a painful or prolonged death and that’s all anybody can ask for once one’s come down with a rare disease so suddenly after never having been ill.
    ANYWAY, all that to say, I am thrilled for you……AND, since you’d said the other day that she still works “Goes and chats and then goes out to lunch” I think is how you described her ‘job’….I wondered if they’d hire ME?!!!
    How many kids DO you have?


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Imp… I’m not sure what you’re getting at because we’ve all talked about this for so long….things are better in medical sciences (supposedly), technology..etc…but it doesn’t seem like progress when morality is so low…when kids are drugged out, when even middle schools are (literally) reporting half their 7th grade girls are having babies (I’m hearing this so much lately…even ‘every girl’ in some schools), and when a nation is becoming more and more divided…….

    Science or technology are progress only in scientific, techno ways….Culture, Society, PEOPLE are better only for the Aspirin or other ‘inventions’..sure science helps…but, in general, we’re losing because we’re rudderless; we’re insulting the faith that brought kids through hard times so they didn’t have to do drugs, they don’t respect their parents who’re giving in because spoiling them is better than spending time with them, we’re not keeping borders shut so all the money we’d have is now spent on illegals (to kind of paint that with a broad brush), we don’t honor the GOOD people, the HEROES, but movie stars and perversion… etc etc.

    How’s discovering a new planet help us get our kids back, create a love of country again, improve society??


  27. Imp says:

    @Z…I agree totally.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Here’s only one insulting paragraph from the TED CRUZ link I posted above in Comments….”It’s been almost impossible for most of the Republican presidential hopefuls to get any airtime since Donald Trump transformed the cable news networks into his latest unavoidable “Trump” billboard, so on Friday, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, took an unusual step to bolster his conservative credentials and wrestle the spotlight back in his direction: He called his own party leader a “liar.””

    So, you see, Ted Cruz is, to the Left, apparently a slob who can’t get enough ‘conservative credentials’ so he has the ‘wrestle the spotlight’ from Trump and THAT is why he did this today.

    Well……..we’ll never know. The timing is certainly suspect; they haven’t lied before?


  29. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, here’s a subject we both would like to be wrong on, right? So sad.


  30. bocopro says:

    Milady & I have 4: 2 boys, 2 girls. She has another from a teenaged “I’ll show YOU, Daddy!” marriage long before I met her. He has 3 grown children, but no grandchildren yet. Our 4 kids have 9 children, so she has a dozen grandkids.

    Once ours were all gone and I was retired from the Navy and teaching at the university, she succumbed to the empty-nest syndrome and got a cushy job as the franchise manager for a high-end jewelry company outta Noo Yawk Sitty. Chump change, but it fit her ancient dream of running a small store well enough.

    She’s been doin it for almost 30 years and now puts in maybe 20 hours/week, bringing home an average of $20K, so it ain’t much . . . more of a hobby. She IS lookin for a replacement she can train to take over for her. The last two she picked didn’t work out so well.

    Here’s the part that fascinates me: she works with fine jewelry, involving all manner of small-print documentia and tiny little tags and bookkeeping and all that — BUT, she has macular degeneration and can’t see worth a damn. Has to have magnifying lenses and bright light and all. Every 4 months I take her to a retina specialist (Dr. Sunil Gupta, helluva nice guy) who gives her injections into her eyeballs to augment his holistic medicine approach to the condition.

    One eye is more or less in stasis, and the other is still degenerating, but at a very slow rate. She is, inarguably, the best thing that ever happened to me. Good cook, too. Guh-RATE grandmother. Speaks about 6 languages, so when I screw up, I get a patois of critical, demeaning, vituperative abuse, only about half of which I fully understand. Tone is generally unmistakable, tho.

    Hasn’t been boring, all these years, I can safely tell you that.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro…sounds great! All of it.
    i’m sorry about her eye situation…….is that Gupta a relative of the Dr Sanjay Gupta so often on CNN??


  32. bocopro says:

    Doubt if he’s a relative. I think about a gazillion Indians (turban, not tomahawk) are named Gupta. This guy is thoroughly Murkanized . . . no accent, and completely into what’s happening along the Gulf Coast.

    Kinda sorta known as the regional top-gun retina specialist . . . gets lotsa testimonials from satisfied customers and recommendations from other specialists, such as surgeons, ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians, and so on.

    Treats all his patients as if they’re special to him, and always involves me in the conversation when he examines her and does the injections.

    Extreme work ethic. Don’t think he ever stops. Prob’ly got more money than a medium-sized horse could shit.

    American dream personified.


  33. Baysider says:

    No reason on God’s green earth for taxpayer money to go to Planned Death-hood.

    Years ago I saw a cartoon. Pregnant woman heading into abortion clinic. The baby is saying “I wish I were a baby whale.” This video is disgusting. What, they want the FULL version running on an endless loop, too?


  34. Z,
    Karl Rove has disparaged Cruz since Cruz first even mentioned a possible run

    Don’t get me started on Karl Rove! He’s subverting the GOP. Period.


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