Kasich or Perry?

rick perry john kasich

Who will make the FOX Debates, Kasich or Perry, both tied for 10th as I type this post Sunday afternoon?  

HERE is some information on the situation……I strongly favor one over the other and will weigh in after a few of you have.  I will try to be polite in my response.   If you favor one but don’t think he’ll make it, tell us about that, too, please.

What do you think?.…John Kasich or Rick Perry?   And WHY?


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52 Responses to Kasich or Perry?

  1. FB says:

    It’s pathetic a party can’t even have all of its candidates. They should either limit the field or have them all represented. I now officially despise the GOP.


  2. jerrydablade says:

    Z, my guess for who you favor would be Perry, just based on how much he has blasted Trump. (“Oops!”) As for Kasich, aside from the fact that he is a RINO, I’m not sure I can watch those facial tics and the “perpetually tight collar” neck stretches as he talks, with all due respect. Its very distracting.


  3. fredd says:

    I much prefer Perry. But the questions is really irrelevant, Kid.

    You may have asked the same question in 2011; who do you prefer to make the cut at the end of the GOP presidential hopeful bench: Gary Johnson or Jon Huntsman? And what kind of impact would the results of this poll had on anything of political relevance?


  4. fredd says:

    PS: and I much preferred Gary Johnson.


  5. I don’t like either one!


  6. John M. Berger says:

    As of right now it’s too close to call. That said, I prefer Kasich.


  7. silverfiddle says:

    I guess I’m an outlier here. I like Kasich, despite some of his statist tendencies. Yeah, he’s prickly, but he’s also an ideas guy.

    I don’t have cable, so I won’t be watching the debates, but Byron York believes that the second tier debate may be the better one to be in since The Donald won’t be blocking the sun.


  8. John M. Berger says:

    For what it’s worth,Governor Kasich has been effective in turning around the Rust Belt Capital, Ohio (where I grew up). In so doing he carried 86 of the 88 counties there in his second bid; many of which are very hard-core BLUE counties. I also believe that he has a favorable record in Congress, as well. To say that the US needs a turn-around grossly understates the case. While Perry may have presided over the “12th largest economy in the World”, how much did [he] have to do with that?


  9. Lisa says:

    I like Kasich too because he is easy to listen to and makes a lot of sense. Plus if he were the candidate would have a better chance than Perry. Not saying he would necessarily win,but would still give us a better chance


  10. geeez2014 says:

    And Z prefers……………………….JOHN KASICH by a MILE. (and then another 10miles)

    I can’t watch Perry….it’s painful. Once in a while he says something I agree with but, in general? no.

    JMB…John Kasich has been effective, though we have another reader here who’s from Ohio and he doesn’t feel Kasich has done that much. If he’d like to ID where he’s from, I’ll let him do that and fill us in.

    FB….there will be 2 debates that night…….we’ll be able to hear everybody. I can’t imagine a stage with 10 let alone 18, or whatever the number is today.

    SF is right…at least the second tier candidates (who are a pretty good bunch of people) won’t have to fight Trump, who’s suddenly said he’s not a debater. Which probably means he’s been practicing debate for days so everybody can say “GEE!! Donald ‘I’m so rich’ Trump can excel even when he’s no expert” 🙂

    fredd…I don’t know why, but Huntsman turned me SO OFF. I’d have voted for his dad, seriously

    jerry, I’m ALL ABOUT ‘tics and tight shirts’…those things put me off, too, but I haven’t found that SO much in Kasich. Ugh, I hope I don’t notice that now! Fiorina has a way of talking (physically, not what she’s saying, which is good) that I can’t watch..

    AOW…what’s your negative feeling on Kasich based on?


  11. John M. Berger says:

    “we have another reader here who’s from Ohio and he doesn’t feel Kasich has done that much”
    I think that I know who you mean and he usually has some good points. So I’ll be glad to hear what he has to say. However, the subject of this post compares Kasich and Perry, as such I’ll stand by my previous comments.


  12. Mustang says:
    Selection of a candidate for a position is based on the candidate’s performance in their current role, rather than on abilities relevant to the intended role. If ever there was an application of this Peter Principle, it must be the American body politick, for surely anything that has worked in the past will be used in progressively more challenging applications until it fails. Can the United States of America afford another “failure” in the gay house?

    Just because Kasich and Perry performed well enough as governor to achieve reelection gives us no basis for assuming either could perform well as a national leader. I think both deserve accolades for their past, but neither deserve our support until they can demonstrate that they deserve our support. Talking about what they did, or talking about what they might do, does not satisfy my curiosity about either of these guys. Perry suggested not long ago that because he piloted C-130 aircraft in the Air Force, attaining the rank of captain, that he is qualified to serve as commander in chief of all the armed services. This may in fact be true if he knows well enough to give the orders, and then stand back and let the professionals carry them out unimpeded. Kasich tells us that the people of Ohio love him, whether Democrat or Republican, which I am sure is how one defines conservative light or moderate left.

    For me the bottom line is that all of these people are politicians. Some are good at it, some are not so good at it, and some are just loud-mouthed wannabes. We lament Barack Obama because of his communist philosophy and wonder how such a man ever got as far as he has. The answer to this must be clear.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    JMB….yes, I think it’ll be interested to get his input. I never remember who’s revealed where they are so I don’t ‘out’ people here. Ever. But we all probably know who it is and I know he’ll be by.
    and I am with you on Kasich.

    Mustang, so if all we’ve got is what people have done and nobody can ‘play president’ for a week to see how he does, I’m missing what you base your choice on?

    You say “This may in fact be true if he knows well enough to give the orders, and then stand back and let the professionals carry them out unimpeded.” That’s enough for me. Someone who recognizes excellence and true experience in the people around him and respects their expertise, nothing of which Obama has done, to our peril, right?n Sadly, we can’t really know that if a candidate has this ability, either!

    What’s your litmus test, Mustang?!!


  14. Mustang says:
    @ Z

    You’re right, of course; we do not have the luxury to play president for a day. So it becomes vital that we voters begin to listen carefully to what presidential hopefuls are saying.

    I’m happy to consider individuals who not only claim conservative values, but are able to demonstrate those principles. If anyone should claim to be an economically conservative social moderate, I would like to know how that works. At the risk of offending anyone who still thinks that George Bush was good for America, he bragged about being a compassionate conservative. What exactly did that mean? We voters have a right to know what he thinks a compassionate conservative is. It is a false narrative to suggest that some conservatives lack human compassion —but it did get him elected and wasn’t that his entire focus at the time? One more point: I don’t want another president that will send young military people off to die in some poorly conceived war, while in the same sentence sending non-military people off to the mall. If we want a United States of America, then all of us must go to war if even one of us goes to war.

    Let me also note that Obama has yet to achieve pure socialism because he hasn’t been willing to go full bore in order to achieve it. The same would be true on the other side. If one wants to achieve less government, then one has to demonstrate that he or she is capable of achieving less government from their previous tenure. Has either Kasich or Perry reduced the size of their respective state governments?

    Perry may have been a good governor, but he has done nothing but embarrass himself (and conservatives) by speaking before thinking carefully what to say, and how to say it. On stage, he is entirely defensive. If Perry makes it to the stage, Trump will slap him silly. Kasich, not so much because he’s more experienced at patting himself on the back and lying through his teeth. Again, I would urge people to listen carefully to the words being used and place them into a context that will lead you to this dichotomy: for or against.

    Not long ago, Jeb Bush was most Perry-esque when, in speaking to a black audience, agreed with Barack Obama that America is a racist nation. Seriously, who was not offended by such a comment? I mean, besides a Democrat?


  15. Kasich will make the cut. He’s already slated to be Jeb’s VP running mate.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, thanks…that’s all important input. I’m not sure I see Kasich as a back slapping liar; I have never seen that, but if you have, that’s obviously bad. You nail Perry exactly right. I also didn’t see Jeb say America is a racist nation…I know Jeb said the Conf. Flag was racist but didn’t realize he’d said America was.

    Who would you vote for today? I’m so worried we conservatives are getting turned off all the conservatives and are going to hand the presidency to Hillary by not voting. We need to get behind someone good, and fast. Who that is, I don’t know.

    Part of me dreads Thursday night SO BIG TIME………actually, come to think of it, ALL of me dreads Thursday night. I think the pre-debate with the less popular ones will be FAR FAR better expressions of their stances than the “Fight Trump Hour” with the higher rated candidates..


  17. geeez2014 says:

    A commenter “VRAG”, who I haven’t decided to ‘release’ comments from, but whose comments sometimes should be here, says “Kasich will make the cut. He’s already slated to be Jeb’s VP running mate.”

    I think that’s probably quite true….that pairing makes sense to me from the GOP side.


  18. Mal Telloian says:

    I agree with FB in that all should be able to have a chance to debate. That being said, however, what if there were a hundred…….or a thousand………who ran? Limiting the number wouldn’t be fair, either, in a free society. This has never been a problem in the past, so why is it happening now? Ans: BECAUSE OBAMA HAS DONE SUCH A BAD, REALLY BAD JOB, EVERYONE IS JUMPING ON THE BANDWAGON, WANTING TO HELP! However, I disagree with FB in despising the GOP. I mean, why? Its not their fault so many are throwing their hats in the ring.
    I will vote for whoever makes it because its the best for the country to not have the Left remain in office. Trump, like it or not, is the only possible way business as usual won’t continue in DC (i.e. run by the Lobbyists}.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, there will be some good men in that debate vs Trump (and, let’s face it, Thursday night WILL be “the rest of them versus Trump”……
    Does it bother you some of them will be unfairly hurt if he goes into his Trump -hates-everybody else mode?
    I’m not sure the format will allow him to be his true bombastic self; I’m hoping NOT, but I’m wondering how you feel it’ll go and if you worry that serious candidates are being overwhelmed…


  20. Bob says:

    When it comes to smarts, and the ability to campaign, I will go for Kasich. Perry shoots from the hip a good bit, and he needs to think about what he says. Simple Texas swagger is not enough as much as I like his positions.


  21. Bob says:

    As far as Trump goes, he is the only reason I might watch the “debate”. I think most people will be waiting for him to say something stupid, as he often does. It will be “The Donald” show.


  22. bocopro says:

    Several of the “conservative” candidates are fully qualified/experienced for PotUSy. I see Perry as much like W: already peaked. That said, he’d be VASTLY superior as CEO to the fraud we now have. I just have this gut feeling that he’s a plugger, a plodder, not a winner.

    Kasich . . . well, again, far better than the empty suit with Soros’ hand up its rear end, but doesn’t ring my bell particularly loudly, more like a muffled “clank.”

    I look at it all this way: Anyone who actively seeks that particular job automatically disqualifies himself FOR it by doing so. Only a supreme egotist or megalomaniac or Quixotic crusader would subject himself to the scrutiny, the pressure, and the ingratitude that come with it.

    Now, as to whom I’d vote for — hell, except for Trump, Carson, Cruz, and Fiorina, most of them are unreliable RINOs in one way or another, so the likelihood that we’ll get a true conservative to run against whatever the DNC comes up with is tiny, at best.

    Trump will, most likely, flame out long before any balloting, leaving Bush as the front runner. He did a decent job as FL gubernator (in most ways), so he knows how to manage — he’s beginning to smell awfully big-gubmint, tho, and has a whiff of leftista about him these days.

    What I’ll very likely wind up doing is pinching my nostrils together with a chip clip as I enter the booth and then vote AGAINST Shrillary, who belongs behind bars as much as does Bernie Madoff. (AND Jacques Friggin Querrie, BTW.)

    I remember an old Baptist preacher sayin one evening at dinner (back when small-town preachers came to the homes of their congregation for some gospel bird and home-made biscuits with home-made butter and home-made jelly) — if you look for perfection in your friends, you will be forever friendless.

    Same goes for big-time politicians: expect them to be the perfect candidate and you’ll be disappointed. So . . . I look at it from a sports perspective: you don’t give up on your ace pitcher because he allows a dinger now and then, and you don’t replace your first-string QB for the occasional interception. Ergo, to give up on a qualified candidate just for disagreeing with you on one issue will prob’ly keep you home on election day and help ensure that the opposition wins the seat.


  23. Mal Telloian says:

    Trump isn’t going to do that, Z. He said in the paper today (“Trump says he won’t be throwing punches”). He admits he isn’t a debater. He went on to say he isn’t looking to attack them and that he had been viciously attacked by the some of his rivals (which is true) and that every attack he made was a counter-punch. Again…….he isn’t a politician, which is what I like about the guy.


  24. Mal Telloian says:

    You’re not deterring me one bit, Z. You are right in saying there are a lot of good people running for the GOP spot. Some I like better than others, but I will take ANY of them over the left. He continues to gain in the polls which shows he is connecting, despite all the opposition garbage.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Mal…we’ll see how Trump behaves, and let’s face it, he hasn’t just REacted to others, he’s been pretty horrid on his own toward other candidates……NOT every attack has been a counter-punch by far.
    But I am not trying to deter anyone from anything…I’m only asking questions to get a grip on what people are liking so much about any of the candidates…or hating.

    Bocopro…would you rule Walker totally out in your book? I don’t think he’s a GOP stooge, either.
    I, too, have no idea how you could run or Do this job without THE biggest ego on the planet….however, I do think some of the candidates are running to help us out of the peril Obama’s put us in; they have children, too, and don’t like what they’re seeing legislated for their futures.

    Bob, a LOT of people are only going to watch the debate to see what Trump does; I don’t envy the interviewers because it will be tough to reign him in….
    I think the others are going to try to ignore him so he doesn’t trounce…it’ll be interesting, that’s FOR SURE!


  26. Mal Telloian says:

    These “other good people” who are running, Z. How do we know how they will react when approached by Lobbyist offering big donations? They all start out looking good, and some of them might actually be good, but folks are simply tired of having their candidates bought and sold. Like you say, lets see how they all do this Thursday, and the weeks and months to come.


  27. John M. Berger says:

    I’m sure that you are right in that Trump would be impervious to Lobbyist and I’m willing to bet that he is the only one.


  28. bocopro says:

    Well, I didn’t even consider commenting on all 17 official contenders (and there ARE several more undeclared), but since you asked,

    Walker seems the least experienced of all those with gubernatorial OJT. I also consider him the least corrupt and most likely to do what he says he will.

    Of them all, I most like the way Huckabee answers questions. He’s a bit of a flibbertigibbet on some things, but certainly qualified and definitely American.

    Cruz is an extremely articulate and well-educated bull in a China shop.

    Rubio is impetuous and given to making decisions based on emotions or personal loyalties rather than fact and reason.

    Christie is like a box o’ choklits: never know frum day t’ day whatcher gonna git.

    Graham hitched his wagon to too many falling stars.

    Gilmore is kinda out of touch, but more conservative than many (except on abortion).

    Jindal is simply not electable.

    Pataki makes a lot of sense and would be one of the most likely to cut gubmint overspending.

    Paul (Rand) is a 3rd millenniium hippy.

    Rick Santorum is a ghost from the past about whom most will say, “Who?”

    Carson is too cerebral and reasonable to be a politician in the first place.

    Fiorina will lose all credibility if Shrillary fails of select at the convention.

    The rest aren’t worth wasting words on at this point.


  29. Mal Telloian says:

    Right, John. And could be we might all change our minds after the debate, too. We’ll see.


  30. John M. Berger says:

    I haven’t heard this yet but when the selection deadline comes due and there is a tie; what will be the tie breaker? Or is there some obvious thing that I don’t see?


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, do you know the background of Trump on Hillary, the Left, abortion, etc? Brother, has he changed HIS MIND! And those are pretty hard subjects, not usually wishy-washy; one doesn’t see too much change on personalities like Hillary, or subjects like abortion.
    So I wouldn’t count on his staying true to what we’re hearing today.

    JMB, I don’t know if he’s the only one, but at least he won’t allow the GOP to control him. Sadly, I’m thinking that HE WILL go Independent because he’s whining that the GOP isn’t being nice to him and, let’s face it, that ain’t EVER GUNNA HAPPEN! So…………
    bye bye, Miss American Pie….it’ll be Hillary as President if Trump screws us all like that.

    Mal and JMB; don’t get me wrong; I have supported Trump in the past when he’s sad things about this country and like much of his blustering comments, but I’ll be eager to hear HOW he intends to do all he hopes to do. is HE going to pay for them?!
    If he’d just STOP the conceit, that would go a LOOOONG way with me.

    bocopro; personally, I think Walker is the LEAST corruptible……I like him a lot and hope he gets the funds, and his mojo, soon. I don’t think it’s happening for him, moneywise.

    Huckabee just lost the whole deal when he said that we probably need to get the Federal gov’t and the FBI involved to stop abortions.

    Graham lost it last week when he said he’d go to war…….

    Fiorina IS the “anti Hillary” so if Hillary goes, Carly’ll go, too. you’re right.

    Rand and Santorum; you couldn’t BE more correct.
    I actually think Rand is AS egocentric as Trump but he was raised with better manners.

    Jindal…unelectable why? A LOT of folks like him.

    Rubio; I disagree with you the most of your list….I think he’s steady and solid and just needs a few years of maturity.

    Christie “Humpty Dumpty” will NEVER EVER make it……ever.

    Every time I hear Pataki talk I like him very much. But he doesn’t stand a chance of the funding.

    I LOVE GERMANY’S method of financing candidates….they have a certain percentage of voters to maintain, then they all get the same amount of money from the government…..and it’s nowhere NEAR the billions our candidates will be spending.
    It’s very effective and doesn’t allow for big lobbying kiss-ups


  32. geeez2014 says:

    JMB; I don’t know who’ll break the tie, but I doubt it would come to that because not all polls are the same on any given day. I think they’ll suddenly pick another criterion…. not sure WHAT!


  33. John M. Berger says:

    I guess that I should have said: if there is a tie.


  34. bocopro says:

    As I said, Walker is IMO the least corrupt and most likely to damn the torpedoes and speed full ahead when he runs into Flieger Abwehr Kanonen. Just looks like a bit of a rookie to me.

    Rubio is one of those guys with vast ideas and half-vast funding. I agree with mucho of what he says on many issues, and I applaud his courage in dripping them with old-fashioned patriotism in cut-and-dried finalities. But I have a lot of trouble taking a guy seriously who quotes Tupac and Jay-Z in the Senate.

    Rubio reminds me of one of those fiery idealists who picks up the flag in the heat of battle, yelling, “Follow me, men!” then takes a 105 round center mass.

    Jindal . . . gut feeling: inelectable. ‘Course I said the same thing about Soetoro 7 1/2 years ago.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    JMB……I totally got that you asked what would happen if there’s a tie…. What do you think they ought to do? You know, John, I ‘d hate to be the candidate who isn’t sure, wouldn’t you? I suppose at least they know they’d be in the earlier debate, just before the big one, so I suppose the training’s the same, anyway?!! That has to be grueling training, don’t you think? I hear you have your handlers ask questions and put you on the spot over and over again so you get the right answers! WOW!

    bocopro…ya, a bit of a rookie, though he sure did what you describe in Wisconsin, didn’t he!
    And maybe Jindal’s not electable, you’re right….he’s not the best candidate, that’s for SURE. I thought that odd campaign announcement video with his family was REALLY a bad move.

    maybe Rubio will be better in 4 or 8 years…….if we’re still around, that is.!!!


  36. FB says:

    I’m with you Z. If there’s only one thing I truly like about France is the way elections are run with voting IDs, old fashioned enveloppes, identical amounts of money and equal time on the air. That doesn’t prevent corrupted parties however.

    As far as Rubio, he’s officially become an establishment Republican. He’s become a car salesman now.


  37. bocopro says:

    My chat group long ago agreed that the Rubio run is practice. He would be more of a fluke than a guy named Barack Hussein Anything.

    If he doesn’t get his bowels in an uproar over normalization of relationships with Cuba and if Cuba learns how to work and play well with others, he might be quite viable in a few years.

    He comes across as thoughtful and sincere, but so did John Edwards for a while ’til the hinges fell off the closet. Lemme put it this way: if he were the GOP candidate against a Clinton or a Sanders, I’d definitely vote for him.


  38. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro, I’m with you on Rubio….but I think I like him a bit more ….maybe not tons more, but a bit more.
    I did like him (and Menendez) standing up to Obama on Cuba….Oh, I don’t know…but they MIGHT just get it more right than Barack? Being CUBANS?!

    FB…I disagree on Rubio….I think he might be immature enough to want to please the GOP because he needs their backing at this point, but I believe he’ll grow out of it in a few years 🙂
    And yes…Germany, too, has ID for voting, and once you vote and put your card through something, you CANNOT VOTE AGAIN (something I’ve personally seen done here in L.A>, by the way…I’ve written about it)…


  39. Mal Telloian says:

    It looks like you may be right about Trump, Z. He just said if he isn’t supported and picked by the
    GOP he will run as an independent. Bluffing? Maybe not. Too bad because I believe had he not said that, pressure from the voters would’ve forced them to select him due to his popularity in all the polls. Too bad he has to resort to blackmail.


  40. geeez2014 says:

    Mal! Did he “just” say it again today? Yes, it IS blackmail…..I’ve never felt quite so strongly against a candidate (other than leftists) than this man.
    How horrible.As much as you and I disagreed on some things about Trump, I kind of silently hoped against hope that he WOULD be for America first and not resort to this……..


  41. Bocopro’s summary save me a lot of typing.
    So far, I’m a Walker supporter.
    I’ve seen Cruz speak and he strikes me as a bit of a narcissist in front of a crowd.
    Rubio was too eager to hang with McCain et al on gang of eight.
    Too easily swayed by establishment types.
    Rand is weird.


  42. I forgot to add, I could vote for any one of them over a dem, but primary wise, I want to know who best appeals to the electorate enough to get elected against the dem.


  43. Mustang says:

    Trump on a third ticket guarantees Hillary the win … which is what I think Trump is all about anyway.


  44. geeez2014 says:


    You guys, I just read the article above and I believe she’s correct…….
    take a look; FASCINATING reading by Monica Crowley.


  45. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I like Walker, too…very much.

    Mustang, you’ll want to read Crowley’s article….


  46. John M. Berger says:

    Ed, So far I’m with you. Let’s see how things go.


  47. Baysider says:

    Off topic – been extremely busy and off blogs. But love your new header! 🙂


  48. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, thanks! The white tulips were a favorite and many readers loved them, but I figured this was a good one for now….I LOVE the idea of my ‘Z” on a remote Fijian beach!
    Stepdaughter is coming for 3 days on her way from there to Munich next week…will give her a big thank you hug then!


  49. Z,
    what’s your negative feeling on Kasich based on?

    For one thing, his expansion of Medicaid::

    he circumvented the state legislature altogether and approved Medicaid expansion on his own. .

    But if I had to choose between Perry and Kasich, I would indeed choose Kasich. He’s a Midwestern — not a Texan.


  50. Mustang,
    Trump on a third ticket guarantees Hillary the win … which is what I think Trump is all about anyway.

    Agreed on part one, not sure about part two.


  51. geeez2014 says:

    AOW, Kasich (and Jeb) have gone against the GOP grain, and ours, let’s face it, but I kind of understand their motivations…..expanding Medicaid sounds awful but it was the only way his state could afford to help the truly needy and so he went for it.
    it’s like the bad press Bush gets on Common Cause….he explains it very differently than what we’re hearing…and he makes some sense. He does not believe in CC on a national basis.

    SOmetimes I think we Conservatives need to step back and hear THEIR reasons for doing things we knee jerkedly react to…I’m not saying you do this any more than I DO (BELIEVE me), but I’m trying to slow down and figure out where what I’d consider BAD NEWS from some candidates and it’s usually not as LEFTWING as I’d thought…..

    I agree with you on Mustang’s assertion……Trump on a 3rd ticket guarantees HIllary the win but Trump’s ego is FAR too big to sacrifice himself for her. I think?!!


  52. Mal Telloian says:

    I keep hearing that Trump hasn’t been specific or given any details about what he plans to do or how he plans on doing it. No candidate can give details at this point because they haven’t been privy to all the details or input from the presidential advisors, which all presidents have. The problem with Obama is he doesn’t listen to them if it doesn’t meet his agenda, so he takes executive privilege action. That’s exactly what has gotten him in trouble. Many advisors have been there for 30 or 40 years during both administrations, like economists, military commanders, and health (National Center for Disease Control), etc. THEY run the country and their advice has usually been followed so don’t expect detailed answers from Trump or any of the others at this time.


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