Republican Debates

What did you think of what happened last night?   In either or both debates…….


I think Fiorina ROCKED.

By the way;   Anderson Cooper had on his show a group of Republican women interviewed about the debates.  They felt nobody came out the real winner in the Big Debate, but that Fiorina definitely won the earlier one.  What I admired about the Republican women was that, had Cooper asked any group of Democrat women why they liked a female candidate, they’d have said “She’s a WOMAN” as the first reason they liked her….these Republican women never mentioned that, they just talked about her being articulate, experienced, smart, and ‘presidential.’

And, particularly, what did you think of Trump saying that he’d not agree not to run Independent if he doesn’t feel the love of Republicans?


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  1. Carly made an appearance in the big debate via a video clip of her in the earlier debate, emphasizing her absence among the others. No other earlier debater was treated so.

    I am anazed at how various people see the candidates.
    One of our friends here derided all but three of the candidates, ignoring what I thought was Walkers decent showing, given all the attention given to Trump.
    Paul was too smugly impressed with himself, but I imagine ither saw it differently.
    Trump is going to cost us 2016.


  2. I hate typing on my phone.


  3. bocopro says:

    Didn’t watch, but heard some mumblings about post-podium polls this mornin while checkin weather on my local channel. Based on what I heard, the “moderators” went out of their way to play “gotcha” with the candidates on the prime-time hullaballoo.

    I fully expected both Carson and Fiorina to distinguish themselves as the mature adults in the room. Apparently that’s what happened according to the numbers the talking head gave me today.

    She also said there were boos at some of the answers, especially Trump’s. Didn’t catch which ones ’cause I turned her off to go walk with my dawg. I’m sure I’ll pick it all up by osmosis today . . . whether I want to or not. Analysts and pundits and comedians will trip over each other trying to put various ones of the 17 into comfortable little cubbyholes where they can throw baseballs at ’em and dunk ’em in some foetid swamp water.

    I’ll leave the intruder off ’til my lady gets up to begin her day. She’ll turn it on, but with any luck she’ll go with the Filipino Channel out of Manila and I’ll be spared the wit and sarcasm and I-told-ya-sos that are inevitable after a political circus, regardless of how premature it opened.


  4. What I said in a comment at my own blog — this morning, after sleeping on what I saw yesterday:

    If I had to say which one of the candidates in the second event did himself the most good, I’d choose Huckabee. I never much liked him before, so this is not “my bias in favor of Huckabee” making this statement.

    Walker did himself some damage with his statement about abortion — the statement that seemed to convey that he would never favor an abortion in order to save the mother’s life.

    Dr. Carson’s last two statements were excellent — his statement about race and his closing remarks.

    I liked Mark Rubio before the debate started, and I think that he held his own. Maybe a no-harm-no-foul outcome for him.

    Jeb Bush did too much pandering for votes.


  5. I think Fiorina ROCKED.


    what did you think of Trump saying that he’d not agree not to run Independent if he doesn’t feel the love of Republicans?

    Not a surprise, really. I do think that the moderators starting with that question was a low blow — and a pathetic attempt to marginalize Trump right out of the gate. That said, I don’t think that Trump handled that obvious bias very well.


  6. Ed,
    Trump is going to cost us 2016.

    I’m not so sure about that. We’re way out from the primaries and the election itself.


  7. I think Walker should have made the false premise of the abortion question clear.
    Abortion never saves a mothers life.


  8. One image stays in my mind.
    Paul made a gotcha statement, turned, and got a look on his face as if he were congratulating himself for being so clever.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    The pundits this morning on CNN are laughing at how ‘it’s too bad Jon Stewart isn’t staying one day…he could sure do a whole routine on last night’…
    Well, we know it’s real funny to leftwingers to see a party which doesn’t always agree with its other members; also, leftwingers NEVER EVER EVER get as tough questions as were asked last night; EVER.

    Rand Paul’s face lost him the election last night; smug, as conceited as I always suspected he was, and petulent.

    Ed, you’re right about Walker; the % of women who have abortions to save their lives is miniscuie or never. It just doesn’t happen enough to have even been asked about it. It’s a leftwing fairy tale that makes anybody against abortion look like they hate women; it worked last night for Walker, though if one listens to exactly what he said, he didn’t quite say what they’re saying he did.
    Ed, I thought that the fact that her video was the only one they showed said a LOT.
    She handled herself beautifully.
    Today or tomorrow, the “She was fired from HP” people will be out in BIG numbers (again).

    AOW: I think Trump might have lost us the election but ONLY if enough Republicans go toward him.
    Funny, I can’t stand the guy anymore but I really hoped he’d stop the thin skinned thing; MAN that guy can’t take the slightest criticism.

    This morning, he’s saying how MEAN and TOUGH the questions were…….as if ANYBODY had easy questions????? ALL were treated like that, and not ONE host on NBC (where I heard this) mentioned that; another way to make HIM feel better and Republicans look BAD.

    Huckabee doesn’t have a chance…….he did worse last night than he did last primary; he looked self-satisfied and a little preachy.

    bocopro; sorry you feel that way; I want to see nuances, moods, attitudes; I liked Rand Paul proving to the world what I could see in him, etc. Was disappointed in Carson because he showed me he has even less a chance than I’d feared, Walker disappointed me a bit, etc.

    I am going to get REAL KICKBACK here when I say I don’t dislike JEB….If you listen carefully he’s not just ‘PRO COMMON CAUSE’…not at all. He seems to be in earnest, extremely nice, knows his stuff, and cares about our country. I know I’m going to get it now, TYPE AWAY!!!


  10. FB says:

    Trump stayed true to himself. So did a few other candidates. That’s what I want now. I’m tired of the rehearsed speech, the talking points. Rubio was terrible in my opinion. Not only he’s rehearsed but also he made no sense at all a couple of times. Seeing Amazon as a problem when the world is changing with technology made him sound moronic. Kasic kicked butt and I think could be very successful in an election vs Hillary. I love Ben Carson for his authenticity and because he’s truly achieved what only a few have achieved.

    I despise the GOP establishment so I applauded Trump when he was honest about the possibility of running as an independent.

    And Fox News has officially become the network of Karl Rove and the likes.

    For the next debate I have to hear about how one of those guys is going to fix Obamacare. And so far it doesn’t look promising.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    FB, I thought his point that Amazon has no stores was a good one; people aren’t working at the store, jobs are gone….and he mentioned Amazon was only one example…but he did look a little overly prepared last night.
    Kasich was pretty good; I like him.
    Carson showed that he’s less electable than I hoped he’d be. I like him, but he also seemed a little too prepared. Except when he said he was beginning to think he wasn’t going to get more questions; that was good.

    I thought FOX was as tough on everyone as they were on the Rove choices…..he despises Cruz and they weren’t tougher on him than others.

    Trump showed me that he was so MEAN himself that we can’t have someone like that….he’s NEVER shown a minute of compassion or kindness or real humor or just plain CALM…he’s a wreck, ready to be insulted, ready to REALLY hurt back.
    I think he’s less a nice guy than I’d thought in the past; I never thought he was REAL nice, but normal nice….he’s not. He hasn’t shown that.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, you were VERY hard on Kelly last night, calling her ‘undignified’….I didn’t see that …. what brought on your reaction?


  13. Z: She treated it like it was a game show, calling out the contestants, “Come on guys! Come out where we can se ya! Etc.”
    First 15 mins.
    A lot better after that.
    Struck Scherie and I the same way.
    I owe you an email.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Scroll down and see Trump’s tweets about Megyn Kelly and the whole situation last night….
    He is SO UGLY in his tone and SO thin skinned…calling terrible names, showing he has absolutely ZERO CLASS.

    I can’t say here what I think of him…. this is epic bad taste and bad manners…and I shudder at his audacity. ALL HE HAS IS AUDACITY and a LOT OF MONEY and a VERY LOOSE AND UGLY TONGUE.

    I found myself last night wishing another candidate said things with the conviction and UN Political Correctness Trump does……….. this man has no class at all.


  15. bunkerville says:

    I was dissapointed in Megyn and Fox in general. They sounded more like MSNBC and not even handed including time. They were clearly out to get Trump. As far as Walker, I am totally pro life, but will not let the mother die for the baby. That Catholic position is not acceptable IMO. Carly is the clear winner IMO.


  16. And I agree with you on Jeb.
    His common core explanation, like Bill Bennett’s is one everyone should approve of, if they’d just listen.
    A lot of crap is branding itself common core, but isn’t.
    And a majority of Americans agree with his immigration position as he stated it.


  17. FB says:

    Sorry, Z but because Amazon has no stores doesn’t mean something is wrong. This is what technology does: it creates more efficiency. Robots will eventually replace human beings for a lot of tasks. I don’t care about stores if I can get Amazon to offer me a great selection and a great service. Rubio has to get with the program. He sounded like an old politician when he said this. What does he want to do? Legislate against ecommerce?

    As far as Trump. He can be mean with those crook politicians and I really don’t care. I have no compassion for those people either. If he can get mean against ISIS and the likes, I’ll take it.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    FB, the point is people aren’t WORKING IN STORES….I’m not saying it was a terrific point but it was a point well made. He’s not arguing against technology! You extrapolate this to how many HUGE concerns don’t have brick/mortar stores where people work, stock, sell, etc., and that’s jobs gone. Sure, they are AT Amazon…someone’s programming, etc., but it’s mostly MACHINES doing the work.

    Trump’s meanness only matters to me because it shows the kind of man he is; last night’s and this morning’s tweets from him make him sound like a bad boy in high school who the pretty blonde dumped for someone else. He’s utterly despicable.
    And, BELIEVE ME, I WISH he wasn’t because he says the right things on MANY subjects.

    Ed,you’re totally right on JEB.

    Bunkerville…I wasn’t disappointed in the interviewers except Bret Baier, who I usually think rises among the fray in class and dignity and knowledge; for him to have asked that “will you run independent” right out of the gate was so CLEARLY theater and took them down the controversial road that they’d said they hoped wouldn’t happen. They had said they want s professional, dignified debate and then they handed Trump the ability to make it all about him and all about disarray in the party. Thankfully, they were able to pull it back some.
    Kelly did an excellent job in my opinion, as did Wallace.
    BUT, I do agree, and said it last night on the post below this, that the questions could have come from MSNBC…Rachel Madcow would have been hard pressed to ask more attacking-type, very personally intended, questions.



  19. Mal Telloian says:

    I didn’t get to watch the earlier debate due to being at rehearsal but saw clips of Carly and was impressed by her, also. I never believed Trump would run independently if not selected and he bared that out in an interview after the debate, if anyone watched it. Problem is, how many DID?
    He was trying to leverage his popularity in the polls into being selected as the candidate, but it may have backfired on him because no one likes to be blackmailed into submission. In my opinion,
    Meagan Kelly did everyone a disservice by cornering him with that question because he was riding high in the polls so why upset the cart? I mean, whose side is she on, anyway? There are several more debates coming up and if Trump isn’t qualified, it will show eventually. None of the other candidates swore to get rid of Lobbyists like Trump did, so many may become part of the “good old boy” network. Donald was our best and perhaps last chance at doing that. But again, that’s just my opinion.


  20. FB says:

    Machines will do more and more work for us. Google is working on robots and artificial intelligence where the entire content of Google can be in a chip almost the size of a grain of sand. What’s to do? Prevent that entirely? Legislate against the use of machines? Humans will find other things to do. There used to be no wheel until someone figured out it was easier to carry heavy stuff with wheels instead of having slaves pushing it.


  21. cube says:

    I didn’t watch the debate and will, therefore, not comment until I hear more from all these candidates. One thing I did hear that I liked was when Rubio said the GOP was blessed with so many fine candidates while the Dems can’t even come up with one. Lol.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    FB…let me know when humans finally find other things; the jobless rate is pretty horrid right now, isn’t it.
    I don’t think this is an ‘all or nothing’ argument; nobody’s arguing against machines or technology. You’re right, robots, drones….pretty soon, we won’t have UPS or those wonderful delivery guys coming to our doors, either……….oh, well.

    Mal, I’d like to hear where he said he was apparently only kidding about the threat to run Independent if he didn’t get the love he feels he deserves. And yes, he DID threaten us with blackmail. Have you seen the awful, classless tweets about Megyn Kelly now from him?

    You’re angry at Megyn Kelly for asking why a man would say some women are ugly and fat or he’d like to see them on their knees? If Carson or Bush had said that, don’t you think she’d have asked them? But they’d never say anything like that because they’re dignified and have respect for women. That was Kelly’s point, I believe.
    not sure Trump will agree to further debates…….I just had the feeling he might not.

    Sure, he says things we ALL like to hear…who can argue that? I like much of what he says….but I have yet to see HOW he’s going to implement….

    He says he can’t be bought, but he sure loves buying people, doesn’t he.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Cube…. I watched most of it, twice, but didn’t hear that ; did hear he said that, and loved it.
    Debbie W Schultz had the temerity to say that THE DEMS ARE A BIG TENT. Meanwhile, we have 17 running and they have maybe 2 supposedly viable candidates.
    We can’t make these liars up, can we. Poor woman.


  24. FB says:

    Society will change with those robots. The transition period will be tough for a lot especially the uneducated. But like humans became sedentary when they discovered farming, we’ll evolve when robots are helping us.


  25. Ed,
    I think Walker should have made the false premise of the abortion question clear.
    Abortion never saves a mothers life.

    Unfortunately, he did not do so in clear terms.

    What he said is going to come back to hurt him very badly, IMO.


  26. Z,
    Huckabee doesn’t have a chance…….he did worse last night than he did last primary; he looked self-satisfied and a little preachy.

    I don’t agree.

    At least he had some passion about what he said. Jeb was as flat as a pancake most of the time. Furthermore, he is clearly shifting positions — in part because of Trump’s position on illegal immigration and in part because of the blowback from his Jeb’s support of Common Core.

    And one more thing about Jeb: he looked artificial. Has he had plastic surgery?


  27. Z,
    Scroll down and see Trump’s tweets about Megyn Kelly and the whole situation last night….
    He is SO UGLY in his tone and SO thin skinned…calling terrible names, showing he has absolutely ZERO CLASS.

    Won’t matter to the Millennials, who just love that kind of stuff and some other fed–up-with-the-political-correctness-crap folks.


  28. Ed,
    And a majority of Americans agree with his immigration position as he [Jeb] stated it.

    But hasn’t he recently changed his stance?


  29. FB,
    As far as Trump. He can be mean with those crook politicians and I really don’t care. I have no compassion for those people either. If he can get mean against ISIS and the likes, I’ll take it.

    I must agree with that.

    I am FED UP TO MY EYETEETH with politicians — with only a few exceptions.


  30. Z,

    And we will not see that with the present media oligarchy in charge.

    But I’d just love to see Hillary and Carly go at it.


  31. FB says:

    Fox totally messed up. They wanted fair and balanced but this debate could have been on CNN and it wouldn’t have been any different. Chris Wallace is one of those DC beltway elitist who’s part of the big gov status quo and Megyn Kelly is becoming self righteous and reminds me a lot of Nancy Grace at times. That’s why I barely watch Fox News. If it were up to them Bush would be the candidate. Everything was done to not get in his way.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    AOW, I like Jeb more and more…and I didn’t like him at all in the past…ask Imp, who knows him.
    I thought he looked nice….sweet and kind and well intentioned and his explanation of education, including common cause , was something I agree with. His is a very nuanced opinion and people have jumped to conclusions that ‘HE LIKES COMMON CORE’…when he treats it gingerly along with other types of help for the Education system of Fla., which was a big success.

    Walker just didn’t explain that one point….it almost NEVER HAPPENS that a woman’s life is saved by an abortion; however he DID SAY that there are ‘other methods’ or something like that. He is being misunderstood and misquoted and I hope his campaign gets that fixed.

    FB, you’re certainly entitled to your opinions about FOX and I am not 100% against them.

    AOW….can’t wait to read that but am off to a luncheon.
    See you all later… and thanks, AOW for linking that…..eager to read it


  33. cube says:

    We need to come to terms with the liberal press bias. If FOX is the only network that can bring tough questions to a debate then maybe the whole debate structure should be re-examined. Maybe they should be in charge of all the democrat debates. You know, tough questions beyond what is your favorite color, Hillary.


  34. Imp says:

    @FB…Megyn Kelly is now known as Mayhem Kelly. Her bias and agenda were clear…as was Wallace. I was disappointed at the hateful, vengeful spectacle and I could see it in the flare of her nostrils.


  35. Imp says:

    Last nights “moderators”.


  36. Check this out!

    24 Million Watch GOP Debate on Fox News; Most-Watched Cable News Program Ever:

    In the estimation of many reporters who cover the political and media beats, Fox News was the winner of the first GOP debate. And with the just-released ratings we can confirm that.

    A whopping 24 million watched the debate from 9 p.m. ET to just past 11 p.m. ET. FNC drew 7.9 million in the A25-54 demo.

    This is now the highest non-sports cable program of all time, the highest-rated cable news program of all time, and Fox News’s most-watched program ever.

    The 5 p.m. ET debate, withe the 7 lower-tier candidates did very well for Fox News too, drawing 6.1 million total viewers and 1.2 million in the demo, making it the third-highest primary debate ever on cable….


  37. cube says:

    If the liberal media press will only question GOP candidates fairly, but let the liberal dems skate on issues, then it should follow that until the liberal press becomes fair and impartial, we should only elect GOP candidates.


  38. I must agree with this (by Roger Simon):

    …[T]he candidate who really had the hard time was the man who is second in the polls, Jeb Bush.

    He wasn’t terrible, but he wasn’t very good. He looked like a person who had wandered into a race he wasn’t really interested in.

    Carly Fiorina, who has very little chance to be nominated, had shown more fire than Jeb in a separate debate earlier in the evening.

    Jeb was supposed to be “the smart one” in his family. And maybe he is.

    Maybe he has seen up close what the job does to you and he doesn’t want any part of it.


  39. Baysider says:

    @AOW “fed–up-with-the-political-correctness-crap”
    Your point is well taken. I am using it to comment about the phrasing ‘political correctness.’ I have reconsidered using that phrase and now substitute the ‘true’ phrase it masks when I can: “political leftism.”

    Did not watch debates, but just answered an RNC call on who I ‘like best.’ I have been impressed with Fiorina since her last run and she’s gotten good!! Heard lengthy and substantive interviews with her. Acknowledged she doesn’t have a chance, but can articulate majority positions well, and people understand her. Much more ‘Presidential’ than Sarah Palin. My hope is she can bring the voter’s voice to party leadership. It does no good to elect Republican (big R) candidates when republican (little r) principles are AWOL. Especially in leadership. The sweet caller admitted they’d gotten a LOT of negative feedback on leadership. I cited immigration and Obamacare.

    I told them I would NOT be contributing to the RNC – even though we committed to 3 weeks ago – because I was shocked and appalled to hear how the Senate Majority Leader lied to his own party about cutting a deal to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank and put us taxpayers again on the hook for millions in loan guarantees to giant corporations. And all this to make a deal for the Trade Promotion act. We’d be sending our $200 to Ted Cruz instead.


  40. Baysider says:

    I’m not sure I have embedded this. Summary of candidate positions:


  41. Baysider says:

    My favorite line of hers – I hope she used it in her video – “my first phone call as president will be to Bibi Netanyahu to assure him we will stand with Israel, and my second will be to the supreme leader of Iran. He may not take my call, but he will get the message.


  42. Baysider says:

    Sorry – ‘her’ is Fiorina.


  43. Mal says:

    Yes, Z, my wife and I watched Donald being interviewed after the debate I believe on the same channel and that’s when he said he raised his hand because he was using the leverage to be selected by the GOP to run. He followed up with comments about all the other men being fine individuals and of course he would support them. He knew the cards were stacked against him by the GOP and apparently also by Kelly, why, I don’t know. Maybe for the same reason you don’t care for him, huh?


  44. Sparky says:

    Donald Trump is a lose cannon looking for a place to explode. Anyone who votes for him is greatly uninformed. Carly was great. I am pleasantly pleased at her responses. She’s definitely a contender.

    By the way, I thought the first half of the ‘debate’ (more like a Q&A really) was well run. The second one, not so much. It seem geared to somehow showcase Trump and/or Bush, neither of which are trustworthy. I’ve pretty much made up my mind who I will support. If he’s nominated, it will be Ted Cruz. Thankfully, there are so many good Republican candidates this time that I’m flexible. I know for sure who I DON’T like or trust: Jeb Bush (socialist), Donald Trump (nutcase & friend of Clinton’s) and Chris Christie (friend of O’Blamer – ’nuff said).

    It’s gonna be an interesting year and a half my friend. 😉


  45. Baysider says:

    Zonation ‘answers’ Trump’s threat to go 3rd party – see 6:15

    “Democrats used to use hoods and sheets to keep people from being Republican. Now you’re doing their job for ’em.” and more


  46. Baysider says:

    Oops – WRONG link. It’s what comes off the video. See it here:


  47. Baysider says:

    Message to Trump: “Conservatives think they have the answer to defending the nation, but can’t even defend the borders of our tent from the invasion of RINOs and their strategy is to cut and run.”


  48. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; I couldn’t disagree with you more about Kelly.
    If you think she’s a girl who’s going to follow as a sheep, you’re wrong about her….She didn’t get where she is by being a hack for anybody. And she’s always said she’s fair.
    Okay, I think they were all tougher than they were fair, but that’s Republicans; they’re not afraid like Dems are of the truth.

    Sparky, I do believe that some of the second debate was for ratings/ and Trump and Bush were the people most Americans would watch for, let’s face it….they do have the highest name recognition. But that’s good because a lot of folks saw faces to names they’d not seen before and were impressed by the others.
    At the luncheon I went to today, I about choked when a friend said “I really liked Lindsey Graham!” 🙂

    Cube, THAT’ll be the day that the Left is fair, right? I’d LOVE to see Kelly ask Hillary questions; I’ll bet everybody here would like her then.

    Baysider…I hope you saw a video of telling McConnell off….every time I answer the phone and realize it’s the RNC (I ignore most calls whose numbers I don’t recognize but sometimes they slip in on me), I say “When the RNC turns conservative, please call me back” though I DID give money to College Republicans a couple of days ago. Great group and important.
    ZONATION ROCKS as usual.
    An adjunct to that quote is “today, it’s men in black robes scaring white folks” (SCOTUS)!!

    Mal, he’s such a bull in a china closet; imagine him taking it back after the debate? He DID raise his hand and it got him a LOT OF ATTENTION, then he backs off? Maybe that’s why I don’t care for him.
    And, please…I KNOW that he says a LOT of what we ALL WANT A CANDIDATE TO SAY, he just doesn’t act with dignity and class and he never says HOW.


  49. FB says:

    I love listening to Mark Levine dismantling Fox News right now.


  50. geeez2014 says:

    FB. I know, I’m sure it’s thrilling……

    Look, I’m totally standing up for Kelly and the boys, and FOX….I know that; but don’t think something doesn’t hit me as odd … I’ve said several times in a very disparaging way that their questions were BEYOND difficult to answer, even MEAN spirited, picking on everybody’s Achilles Heel……………Yes, they could have said “How would you handle this?” and they were mostly “How can we trust you when, 20 years ago , you said……….”

    It ticks me off the most that they BS’d about wanting a calm, educational debate…they didn’t want fireworks, etc., and, as I said above, Baier’s opening salvo was “SO, who’s going to turn Independent” (i paraphrase)…..and so they didn’t REALLY want calm, did they.

    It’ll be interesting to hear Kelly tonight on TV.

    I know; most of you won’t be watching.
    Maybe I’ll put Levine on. I do like him. But I hate to listen because I’m always afraid he’s getting SO freaked out he’s going to have another heart attack!! Drives me crazy!


  51. geeez2014 says:

    Oddly enough, I just stumbled upon this article and thought I’d share it….only makes sense if you read through the whole thing, after the Tweets, etc….
    I think this writer makes excellent sense.


  52. FB says:

    Fox knew they had a ratings bonanza with Trump and their goal was to make it controversial and entertaining. Maybe debates should be on C-Span.


  53. bocopro says:

    Always liked Kelly. Always liked Malkin, too. Both do their homework and are totally unafraid to speak bluntly, clearly, and accurately.

    However . . . I’ve watched Michelle change over the years and get a little full of herself. Megyn is the same way. Becoming more infotainers than reporters and commentators.

    Doesn’t really bother me, tho, ’cause I still like their candor, their analyses, and their insights. Still prefer to watch Malkin rather than Coulter, although I’ll read anything Coulter writes. Just don’t like watching her.

    Same with Kelly. MUCH rather watch her than Carlson. Bottom line is, tho, that I rarely watch any of ’em any more because they’ve become addicted to the lights, the attention, the power, the fame.

    If I want entertainment, I’ll go to Comedy Central. When I want news these days, I go to OAN. None of the straight-news talking heads there have outgrown their britches yet. Ledger has, and Lahren will eventually, but not the kids who are still finding their broadcast “voices.”


  54. geeez2014 says:

    FB: I think that’s an excellent hypothesis and suggestion.

    BROTHER! Just hung up the phone with my mother…….. she was FURIOUS at Trump! And she doesn’t get too furious over stuff like this…..yikes!


  55. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro, the thing about Kelly is she’s exposed some very big stories and does it fairly and well…..Honestly, I think she probably has voted Democrat or has, and that makes me think of her as fairer than most on either side. I have ZERO idea of whether she’s a woman of faith, etc….I think that’s a good thing; we shouldn’t know.

    I’ve seen Coulter speak at a dinner and she’s SO DIFFERENT in person…..she’s engaging, very self effacing and funny….not as acerbic and nasty as she sounds on TV. Friends of mine’s son is one of her best friends and she comes here to L.A. often and they see her…and love her. It kind of surprises me when I see her on television and how nasty she can come off.

    Malkin is in it for Malkin…. she comes on TV only when she’s selling a new book… but she’s good and I know people like her blog.

    I’d rather watch Kelly than Carlson, too………Am looking forward to watching Kelly tonight, that’s for sure…I want to see her reactions to last night….
    I think if she doesn’t spend too much time on it, I’ll have more respect for her than if she does….

    I think there’s no comparison between FOX and Comedy Central, bocopro.

    Were you a Jon Stewart watcher?


  56. geeez2014 says:

    It’ll be fun to watch O’Reilly kind of downplay last night…let’s see if I’m right; he seemed a bit tweaked that he’d not be there a day or two before the debates..
    Let’s see how he handles it! He might not cover it much at all..



  57. bocopro says:

    When Stewart took over the Daily Show, I was impressed with his preparedness, his comic timing, and his great facial expressions. Often his deadpan pauses were more eloquent than the punchline he’d just read.

    Watched the show for a couple years, primarily because it was so well done. But eventually I grew weary of the constant Bush bashing and ruthless attacks on conservatives with free passes for their liberal darlings.

    Wrote an e-mail saying all that and expressing my admiration for the talent and skill and entertainment value but that the excessive bias was just too much. Wished them well and said thanks, but I’ll go elsewhere now.

    Got a very nice note back from some staffer saying that they appreciated the compliments and hoped I’d stop by from time to time.

    Of course it’s practically impossible to NOT see some of Stewart’s finer moments on the show because clips and excerpts abound on the net and on various other legitimate news shows, usually as closers or time-fillers. I can respect talent even if I don’t agree with its politics.

    Love Coulter’s glibness and snark in writing. She’s a natural at le mot jus and perfect metaphors and startling imagery. Again, I respect the talent. Every time I’ve seen her on a talk show, tho, she comes across not as an analyst or a commentator but a smartalec entertainer. Shame, too, ’cause she IS an accurate and insightful analyst when she wants to be. Gotta admire people who can slog through the drudgery of research and homework then come up with sparkling sentences filled with exactly the right symbols and images without profanity or obscenity of any kind.


  58. I’m watching the Factor, no O’Reilly.
    Interviewing the candidates about their performances.


  59. Number of talk minutes per candidate.


  60. geeez2014 says:

    Yes, Ed…I watched…Chris Wallace was on. O’Reilly often takes off Fridays, but is that the reason? Hmmmm

    Trump had a lot of time because so many addressed him and he responded, didn’t he.
    Paul sank himself in less than 5 minutes….what a petulant creep he is.

    I don’t know WHY some think Christie did well…I found him pandering and desperate “You HUG the families of soldiers..” Oh, God.

    I’m astonished that Carson and Cruz did the same time and a bit dubious of that stat.

    bocopro……..I don’t think I watched Stewart for more than 30 minutes in all the years he was on, all together……….I got tired every time I watched, too, tho he DID get honest from time to time and blast a lib; he was VERY tough on Hillary (someone posted that vid here the other day).

    Nice that you, at least, got a note from the staffer………that’s polite.


  61. Imp says:

    The ladies say to Mayhem…..Leave Donald Trump alone!


  62. Imp says:

    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) blasted Fox News for its queries of Trump during Thursday’s GOP presidential debate.

    Interviewed on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Graham snapped, “This was more of an inquisition than it was a debate. It was a missed opportunity to talk about things that really mattered.” He lambasted debate moderators Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly, and Chris Wallace for their treatment of Trump, saying, “At the end of the day, ask the man a question that explains his position and his solutions rather than a ten-minute question that describes him as the biggest bastard on the planet.”


  63. geeez2014 says:

    Sounds to me like a couple of great gals want to catch Trump’s eye and get a little fame for themselves. But I LOVE a couple of Black gals who are apparently conservative and like what Trump’s saying? They kept stressing how he doesn’t do anything to anybody till they do something to him…like criticize him? Man, he’s starting to be like Obama, isn’t he.
    It’s politics to critize.

    I don’t agree with Graham; he’s trying to get attention, too.

    I’m sick of the WHOLE THING…it’s all about being BOISTEROUS and BIG and ANGRY to get attention. Graham got attention, these ladies got attention………..silly.

    Trump needs to keep saying what he says about our country, actually come up with REALISTIC ways to fix things, and STOP calling people STUPID and LIARS and all the other things he says…it’s AWFUL. Start acting like a gentleman


  64. geeez2014 says:

    Like my mother said today on the phone “Honey, can you imagine his ego and that angry look and the blustering when he goes to international meetings?”
    No, I can’t. I like a man who can say what Trump’s saying and be a real gentleman.

    Like Reagan.


  65. geeez2014 says:

    I don’t want to offend anybody on ANY CANDIDATE they like…’s just my opinion and we’re all entitled to our own….

    Thanks, everybody, for maintaining great civility; sure wish Leftwingers could do that on blogs……wouldn’t that be nice? …to actually have reasoned, good conversations? of course, the leftwingers are SO left these days that this is probably a futile goal, but……….I suppose they think we are SO “RIGHT” (translated to read EVIL in their book) that they have no hope, either!


  66. Mustang says:

    I did not have voluntary sex with Donald Trump. I’m contemplating a lawsuit.


  67. As for Trump being lambasted. He loves the attention. Then he gets to talk about it the next day.
    “No such thing as bad publicity…”


  68. geeez2014 says:

    mustang. I believe you.

    Ed, of course…that’s the whole point. He said that hideous thing about blood and Kelly, and now his campaign’s whining that people are too PC. Everything is OUR FAULT with Trump; I’m not sure the man’s had a minute of accepting responsibility for his awfulness in his life.


  69. I don’t want to know whether the Colonel had ANY…. oh never mind. 🙂


  70. bunkerville says:

    Amazon has huge mega stores in the form of distribution centers. There is one the size of a football field outside Allentown. I know of two more in the region. They hire and the pay not bad.


  71. Mal says:

    The BIG question now is, how many that supported Donald (like me) will now abandon him (like me)? Will he retain enough support that will give the election to Hillary, or will he simply embarrass himself further by seeing the GOP candidate win?


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