Papal Invitation

What in the WORLD is Pope Francis up to NOW?  Inviting celebs to brainstorm about making the Catholic church look better in the Western world?   WHAT?  Honestly, I often feel like that child in the image about this Pope….I know he’s a holy man and that he means well, but…….

pope francis and child………..this Pope is puzzling, to say the least………What do you think of the link?   Don’t get me wrong, I think Christianity in general could do with some PR people who actually understand the faith and how it’s being belittled in the West (and elsewhere), and what to change hearts and minds, but…….??

(As unbelievably big and famous as my blog is (gad, I sound like Trump!!), I didn’t get an invitation to meet the Pope and Oprah, did YOU?  🙂)



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24 Responses to Papal Invitation

  1. STLloyd says:

    Well if he’s gonna make nice with all the gods, he can’t very well leave out Hollywood, now can he?


  2. I haven’t been Catholic for 40 some years, but when I was, we had family friends who were priests (one in the Vatican), I was an altar boy, and almost went in the seminary (but I’m not gay).
    I know some Catholics who are evangelical, some “charismatic”.
    Good Christians relying on Christ for their salvation, not a church or their own efforts.
    I don’t hate Catholics. Just want to be clear on that.
    But it has long been thought that the “Antichrist” will be endorsed by the Catholic Church.
    And this pope advances that notion tremendously.
    Way too political, and trying to brand and position yourself for popularity is the definition of political.
    “I know he’s a holy man and that he means well, but…….”
    I’m not attacking you, but:
    How do you know that? The definition of “holy” is to be set aside for God.
    As for means well? “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.
    The man appears to be the Obama of religion.


  3. alec says:

    Isn’t Pope Francis a Jesuit? From the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary:
    Jesuitical: Having the character once ascribed to the Jesuits; deceitful, dissembling; practising equivocation or mental reservation. Also, hair-splitting, oversubtle.


  4. Alec; Like I said, The man appears to be the Obama of religion. 🙂


  5. alec says:

    I stand corrected – like Ed said! 🙂


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I respect many Catholics and the Catholic readers and commenters here at geeeZ….For Catholics, there is no one more holy than the Pope and that’s where I was coming from. Within the Catholic church there is no one on earth who is a holier man; that’s how that works. Most of us feel free to use the term “holy man” for Buddhist priests, Shintoists, …Gurus…anyone who practices their faith and teaches, and I’d like to feel that free here, too. You will notice I did not capitalize holy. He’s their holy, not mine.
    And I do believe he means well. i do believe he loves God and thinks he’s doing some good.

    You have seen other things I’ve said about the Pope and, not that I need to stick up for my not disliking him just because he’s pope, as so many Protestants do, but I am always as careful as possible so I don’t offend my Catholic readers because this pope is so not someone I admire almost on any level.. I had great respect for Benedict and John Paul. GREAT respect. Regardless of the fact that they are not Protestants, by the way.

    Alec, that’s very clever, but , clearly, another Jesuit definition is ” a member of the Roman Catholic Society of Jesus founded by St. Ignatius Loyola in 1534 and devoted to missionary and educational work” And, brother, have they done that over the years.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    True, St Lloyd…sure feels like he is. 😦


  8. FB says:

    This guy is confirming my being increasingly turned off by the Catholic church.


  9. Mal says:

    Well, I’ve always referred to the Vatican as being the largest tax-free corporation in the world so now they are also showing their left wing tendencies. If they dropped the celibacy requirement, the problem would go away and they could keep all the money from tithes they are paying out to the victims of child abuse.
    Did you hear about the Monk who was reading the old scriptures, then began banging his head on the wall and yelling “They left out the R. They left out the R.” Its CELEBRATE!


  10. geeez2014 says:

    FB, sadly, that’s what this Pope is doing…although for leftists, he’s the dream Pope…….redistribution, destroy the economy for climate hysteria, etc etc.

    Mal, yes, that’s an old cute one…thanks!
    No denomination is free of scandal; I could go into many here myself, some of which I’ve lived through with alcoholic, lying, gossiping, conniving, philandering protestant pastors…and yes, probably pedophiles, too, and we all know of those who’ve killed wives, etc.

    It just seems SO ODD that he cares about what they think or thinks they could help.
    Perhaps this kind of desperate action is an offshoot of his desperate actions of seemingly trying to be considered ‘cool’ in the global climate change and redistribution debates?

    Maybe he’s been doing these things to present Catholicism in a light that attracts more youth?


  11. This pope appears to be more current-themed politician than holy man. Perhaps he should stick to religion and let the other political aspects of the planet be dealt with by the applicable nations. Perhaps he’s making the overarching argument that everything in Catholicism that’s political affects religion. He may as well be a Leftist. Perhaps he is. The other things that may be involved is the fact that western religions are diminishing. Maybe he’s attempting to appeal to more folks by embracing the Occupy crowds, et al. Islam is terrible competition. Francis might be trying to compete for more hearts and minds. Admission: I am not Catholic. I don’t particularly like the Catholic religion. The local diocese shipped a priest out of my jurisdiction when I had a case in Child Abuse where one was the suspect. Hence, my non-love. But ask yourself one question considering today’s political climate:

    Are you really surprised by the leanings of Francis?


    Hey, where’s my blog in your blogroll??


  12. I thought I made it very clear that I was not “anti-catholic”.
    It is not my intent to insult anyone.
    I can quote many catholics who consider themselves more catholic than the pope and many cardinals and bisops, which is odd since catholicism rests on “apostolic succession”, similar to the divine right of kings.
    History has shown us the corruption of many who sat in that chair.
    Wrong is wrong.
    What he is doing is wrong.
    Meaning well or not.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I know you didn’t intend to insult anyone. Thanks for your clarifications.
    And yes, what he is doing is wrong.

    BZ: He is definitely a leftist; no doubt about that!


  14. Mustang says:
    Ed pretty well nailed it, as usual, and so my comment is simply pro forma.

    The problem with populists is that they think that everyone has to like them. Liking a pastor is not why we should attend church. I had a conversation not long ago about the reasons why people are leaving the church and it is my opinion that there may be several reasons for this unhappy trend—the first among them being, that the church is not providing what Christians need: a sense of the presence of God, moral guidance, access to a counseling forum not associated with secular attitudes. Let me also point out that the word church means “community”; this makes perfect sense to me, as we are reaffirmed in our beliefs when we hang out with folks who share our attitudes. As for the Pope, maybe he should emphasize mass that actually touches people lives, rather than attempting to appeal to rock metal enthusiasts —badda bing, badda boom, and uh, like that.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, having a pastor who drinks and gossips IS a reason not to attend that church. And a pastor is the person who provides that sense of the presence of God, moral guidance, etc….. he sets the tone of the church. And community follows, yes, that’s true……we are definitely reaffirmed in our beliefs in that manner. Oddly enough, I had an elder call me last night and we spoke for an hour as he wanted to plumb my mind about a big change that could be coming …. this guy is so good, so honest and Scripture-led that it was an amazing conversation. That’s that community you’re talking about…….

    Ed is definitely right about this Pope….no doubt about it….
    Perhaps I’m overly sensitive for my Catholic readers and Catholic friends because there are so many misconceptions about Catholics in general these days……And perhaps I won’t do a Pope article again.

    thanks, everybody.


  16. alec says:

    Hi Z,
    I wasn’t being cute. The Jesuit Order was founded to counter the Reformation. It is a military order. There has never been any indication that the counter-reformation stopped. This is all a matter of history.

    The Roman Catholic Church is anything but homogeneous. The Jesuits are only one small part. There are all kinds of different groups and more than a billion people falling under the Roman Catholic label.

    The Jesuits have always been known for singleness of purpose, obedience to the order, scholarship and rhetoric. The definition from the Oxford English Dictionary describes a factual reality. Jesuits are never to be trusted in the realm of politics. There has always been a well thought-out, long-term strategy to their actions.

    Anyone who would interpret these words as anti-Catholic is reading something into these words which is not there.



  17. Kid says:

    I think we should hear from a priest and see what he thinks.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Alec, I guess “never to be trusted” might put a Catholic off….but I definitely see your point.
    I only know the hospitals and good works the Jesuits do for others, so thanks for this information re the Reformation, etc. I Googled it, too, and it is very interesting and probably exactly what propels THIS particular pope! Definitely a good thing to know when talking about his politics.

    I guess I’m so sensitive for Catholics because most of what we have heard over the years, that they don’t know the Bible, only care about works, etc., is so wrong these days that I get my hackles up for my dear Catholic friends. Also, I was raised in the Orthodox tradition and we sometimes get lumped in with Catholics because our service has the gorgeous liturgy and ritual reminiscent of Catholic services…’s a silly comparison because there really is none when doctrine enters into it, but…

    Mostly, I’m highly and,(sadly) rightfully sensitive because I’ve heard SUCH awful anti-Catholic phrases in the Bible studies I’ve led over the years that we Leaders have to have specific training on what to do when one member of our group does say “Well, I used to be a Catholic and they’re so wrong about…” etc etc. It happens almost every year. Our group is not political and isn’t there to compare or even discuss different denominations; in fact, after the very first day, no denominations are allowed to be said at all……..

    Thanks, everybody!


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Kid..’He’s no Smokey Robinson..” Very funny!


  20. Kid says:

    Well, there are many more people happy with their life who are conservative and capitalist rather than socialist. Conservatives also bring more happines to others in the form of their contributions and comfort programs like relief efforts.

    If a religion is going to align itself with a political view, it is clear that conservatism is the way to go and so\cialism just promotes evil and unhappiness. So, I think this pope is nuts. The obama of religion just like Ed said.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    It’s certainly clear that conservatism is the way to go and socialism promotes evil and unhappiness…but you KNOW, of course, that WE can do socialism better than Europe and THEN it’ll work well, as so many libs like to say! (smile).


  22. Baysider says:

    Big picture, I’m with Ed and Alec – the Obama of religion. Except (I hope!) without that horrible sinister side and immense hubris. Had great respect for the prior 2 popes and was sure that if the ‘rapture’ had happened under Benedict that the church would be scrambling for a new pope! Not so sure here – sorry. I’m not an apologist for this pope!

    Yet there is a balance to the downside. Last winter I read a post about Francis as a friend (in a good & proper sense) to women. It was a PR counterpunch to damaging bombs thrown by feminazis. It presented an image of a man connected to and understanding of human sensibilities. A man who empathized with people where they were – e.g. going to the funeral of an ex-bishop who married and comforting his widow (which was said to make traditionalists angry), and speaking of ‘a new spirit of mercy’ vis-a-vis conception policy.

    I hate his global warming views – giving credibility to the un-credible; economic ignorance; and the appearance of liberation theology showing its ugly head more and more. But this isn’t a man stuffed into the mold of the old world boy’s club. He doesn’t have to read the tea leaves either to see how ugly, radical on-fire Islam is sweeping across the world. Maybe he feels he has to do something more radical to sweep the marginal back into the fold, to be relevant, or just more popular.

    I’m sorry to see him land on Oprah. Having read her ‘Secret’ it would be hard to characterize her as a believer. But if you think of it in terms of hiring a PR firm it makes sense. And Francis has certainly made moves to improved the church’s PR (think sex scandals). In some ways I am reminded of Jesus who stuck to the fundamentals and challenged the traditions of men who had substituted their traditions for the fundamentals they rejected. But HE was making Christians. I don’t think this will.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Hi, Baysider…actually, the good thing about this pope is he has brought many kids at least back for a second look. He’s hugely popular with the young and that goes a long way.


  24. Mal says:

    But couldn’t he also be a pedophile, Z? He is celibate, too! 🙂


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