Trump Disinvited…Should he have been?

WHAT DO YOU THINK?   I’m quite sure I’ve never heard of anyone as egomaniacal and thin skinned at the same time…’s an egomaniac of ‘huuuge’ proportions (as he likes to say), loved by “thousands and THOUSANDS of people” (as he likes to say), and he’s so thin skinned he can’t let any criticism pass without very badly insulting back.   And it doesn’t have to be criticism, it can be a question.

Do you think he should not have been asked about the things he’s said about women in the past in relation to how he might be perceived as a candidate?

Do you think he should have been disinvited from the function mentioned in my link?



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23 Responses to Trump Disinvited…Should he have been?

  1. Juleslandia says:

    Trump may be saying sensationalized things to ignite a following, but I hope thoughtful voters will recognize that he’s masterful at figuring out what people want to hear and using it to promote his own interests and the Trump Show. Classic narcissist. It’s chilling so many people are falling for this circus. The GOP is likely to get Perot’d again (and another Clinton will be elected because of it). One of my favorite quotes sums it up: “the future is blind without sight of the past.” And history could be doomed to repeat itself because of another entitled billionaire businessman.

    Yes he should be asked the tough questions and ridiculous questions. His response and demeanor determine if he is able to rise to the occasion on the world stage. He should not be getting softball, producer-approved TV-show scripted questions. This is a warm-up for the real thing. And Democrats and main stream media debates will be 100000x more difficult and nasty.

    Kasich and Fiorina have impressed me the most so far.


  2. Mustang says:
    Trump’s behavior over a long period of time has been disgraceful. He get’s away with it because first, he’s rich and doesn’t really care. Most people shrug him off, concluding that he’s an ass. They’re right. I personally do not like Rosie O’Donnell; I find her socially unacceptable, but a gentleman would not call her a dog or a pig in a public forum. Kelly’s question is relevant because it was only a matter of time before the Democrats construct a video of Trump being obnoxious and running it ad nauseam. Women voters are turned off by such behavior, as they should be.

    I have to say that Red State disinviting Trump over the comments he made about Megyn Kelly was the right thing to do. Now let’s see if the American people are able to see Trump for who and what he is. I’m not a fan of Rand Paul, but I have to say he called the ball in describing Trump as a shill for the Democrats.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Hi, Jules! I agree with all you write…. NO man should say what he did about women and not be asked about it.
    Apparently, he feels he IS Obama; that nobody can dare criticize or demand a response to anything without quickly saying “they were MEAN to me!” What kind of real man says people are “mean” to him, you know?!!

    Mustang; he is liked by some for “not being able to be bought”, which I totally get in regards to lobbyists, etc., but the man BUYS EVERYONE AROUND HIM, right? Remember his saying to Rand Paul “I gave money to YOU, too..” to which Rand Paul could only hang his head?
    HE BUYS…..he’s okay being on that end of the equation.

    Honestly, I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE seen a man as egomaniacal and nasty and demanding as he is.
    “I’m so rich” ‘Thousands and THOUSANDS like me”, ….

    By the way, did you all know that Megyn Kelly and Rand Paul were REALLY sick that night? She had to get medication for her stomach just to be able to go at all, and Rand Paul had terrible stomach cramping, sweating, etc….according to what he said to Huckabee. Man, that must have been NO FUN!


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Jules, I wish Fiorina had been THIS GOOD while running for our state senate.


  5. Baysider says:

    Should Trump have been asked about his comments on women? Was he asked serious questions too about policy, executive leadership and such? Then yes. Only lightweight stuff like that? Then no. If the question was phrased in a way to address character – yes. If just an opportunistic headline gotcha – no.

    RedState is a private forum under the umbrella of Salem Communications. They can do what they want, and what they want is to keep Trump off the page and make serious GOP contenders look, well, serious. The GOP has to be worried about Trump for the reason Juleslandia cited. Yet people are DESPERATE to hear a candidate speak plainly, and when he gets backlash Trump takes on the media – something folks desperately want to see. How do we give people plain speaking that isn’t modulated by a lot of foot shuffling and backpedalling? By finding candidates who run on an inner gyroscope of core values [we agree with!]. Candidates who use polls to understand if they are conveying those values persuasively, not to shift to ‘popular’ positions. Calvin Coolidge. Not Andrew Jackson.


  6. Mal says:

    Well, I have read everything above and can understand and even agree with them. That being said, he HAS awakened everyone, and that is a good thing, because now the other candidates know what its going to take to resonate with the voters. Trump has raised the bar. He has tossed down the gauntlet. Lets see if anyone is going to be sharp enough to pick it up and run. Carly?


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Bay and Mal; Totally in agreement; if Trump has done anything, he’s opened the door to speaking the truth. As I’ve said many times here, he’s voiced what most Americans (and I mean even lib dem Americans) want to say but can’t because of political correctness; Trump is so right about that.

    Having said that, we can only hope that, as Mal suggests, someone with dignity and class and a real gentleman or gentlewoman (and that’s all our other candidates) grabs that ‘bar’ and runs with it………

    I do believe all Americans are giving conservatism another look since Obama and all the division in our country and now is the time.

    Bay, I think Americans need to know if a man would back off the terrible comments he’d made toward many women and, had another candidate said them, they’d have been asked ,too……it was a valid question but he’s turned it back on Megyn Kelly; a rather typical leftwing move, actually. “kill the asker, avoid the questions”


  8. geeez2014 says:

    And Mal…Carly is terrific…better than I’d thought.
    She has IRON in her spine and reminds me a tad of Margaret Thatcher; we should be so lucky.


  9. Baysider says:

    Sigh. “Dignity and class” – yes. After Obama anything but Hildebeast would look like dignity and class. Even Slow Joe. We NEED a candidate with a pugilist’s instincts and moderate restraint (Thatcher) and without the impulse to lash out. Populists are always pugilists – hence their appeal as they tap into bottled up frustrations. That’s why Trump presents such a danger. We need a candidate who would walk out of Reykjavik on principle not pique.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    “Roger Stone, a veteran Republican strategist who had been advising real estate mogul Donald Trump’s run for president, no longer works for the campaign, which is facing yet another firestorm over Trump’s remarks about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.
    Hope Hicks, a campaign spokeswoman for Trump, confirmed the separation Saturday in an e-mail, describing it as a firing. “Mr. Trump fired Roger Stone last night,” Hicks wrote. “We have a tremendously successful campaign and Roger wanted to use the campaign for his own personal publicity. He has had a number of articles about him recently and Mr. Trump wants to keep the focus of the campaign on how to make America great again.”
    Stone claimed on Twitter that he had quit. “Sorry @realDonaldTrump didn’t fire me–I fired Trump. Disagree with diversion to food fight with @megynkelly away core issue messages.””

    Who do YOU believe? 🙂
    I believe Roger STone will be on CNN at 3….I think I heard that….

    Check out Hicks’ “we have a tremendously successful campaign” rhetoric…they’re all LITTLE DONALDS!


  11. That Trump would make a comment about blood coming out of “whereever” and then claiming he meant her nose (after mentioning it coming from her eyes) shows an inability to be articulate or it shows a gutter mentality.
    Erickson of Red State said:
    “I think it was inappropriate, I really think it was inappropriate,” Erickson continued. “I’ve got my wife here, I’ve got my daughter here, I’ve got 800 friends of mine here. It’s a family-friendly program, and if he’s not going to clarify that this isn’t what he meant, I don’t think I want him at my event.”
    Trump IS the war on women.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I noticed that, too……..gutter mentality is really what that’s about, isn’t it.
    Funny, I’m even seeing at CNN that they’re a little tweaked; they want to slam Red State for eliminating Trump, as they’d take any advantage to make the Republicans look exclusionary, but on this one, THEY’d look bad if they tried! Kind of nice to watch, tell you the truth!


  13. Mal says:

    Well, like I’ve said before (as most of you feel, too) I will vote for any of the group that the GOP selects. After all, with this many from which to chose, he/she will have to be a real standout and definitely will be an improvement over ANYTHING the Left is considering. Under this kind of scenario the wisest thing Trump could then do is support them, which I believe he will do. Anything else would greatly deteriorate his standing with either party and adversely affect his business, too.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I don’t believe he will support any Republican candidate, but here’s hoping.
    I’m hoping his huge ego and enormous bank account won’t be buffer enough for him to take the blows some think could happen should he run independent….he’s already lost his long time friend/campaign manager, as I mentioned in a comment above. But he pays a lot; he has great loyalty.


  15. Kid says:

    Jules, I lost track of teh fact that Ross Perot put a clinton in the white house, or in this case at least helped to since Bush 1 didn’t have much of a chance anyway. But now we know Trump has donated heavily to the clintons and has recently talked with the clintons. Have they bought themselves another Perot? They have enough money to have done so.

    In balance, we do need someone other than a ‘politician’. And somone who is not PC, and all of these things that that loosely describe Trump. None of the politicians have done us a lick of good before and since Reagan was elected. It would be great if Trump really was interested in righting America’s ship and a damn shame if he’s just a shill. If that’s the case, here is someone I will hate even more than the hildebeast. Which I didn’t think was possible. He doesn’t have enough money he as to screw America to get even more? Well, I have an open mind on it thus far but Trump is on a tight leash.


  16. Kid says:

    Otherwise, I believe any question that can be classified as a lot of American voters are wondering about the answer is a fair wquestion to ask. Its going to come out during the process. Get it out there and the sooner the better as most of the idiot voters spend the last 2 to 4 weeks watching a couple ‘debates’ and ads to ‘inform themselves’.


  17. Bob says:

    I think it is a mistake to un-invite Trump to anything when he is scoring high in the polls. Let him self-destruct, and don’t give him a reason to be a victim or hero.

    Sorry I got in late in the comments, but having just gotten home from a trip, I am watching my recordings of the debates, too.


  18. Thought you were ignoring us, Bob.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Glad to have you around, Bob. I hope the trip was a really nice one.
    The thing about this invitation is it’s a private invitationevent and considering the awfulness of what Trump said, who’d give him the honor of being there?
    What’s his scoring high in the polls have to do with it?


  20. FB says:

    I think it was a mistake because it’ll make him stronger at the end. At the end those politicians take money from the rich guys and they can’t accuse him of having given money. He may be rude and crass but politicians are far from being perfect. They may present themselves nicely but in the past 10 years most of them have been useless and more destructive than someone using bad language like Trump. It just reinforces my resentment of the GOP establishment. They have no cojones. Against Clinton the winner will once again run a cutesy campaign because they’ll be afraid of sounding sexist. Oh boy I’d love to make an advertising against her juxtaposing the condition of slaves in Qatar and the amount of money she got from that country. Trump can run as an independent all he wants because the GOP is run by either idiots or people who are more interested in their pocket books as well. That’s maybe why Trump is pissing them off. He’s loaded.


  21. FB: Maybe if not the candidate, Fiorina could pinch hit.


  22. If he got an invite, it’s a bit hypocritical to “disinvite” him.


  23. Mal says:

    Right, Vrag. It might be wiser for everyone to “play nice” to Donald by keeping him in the loop so he won’t go off as a 3rd party. Maybe play along by thanking him for riling everyone up to reality and getting the party going. Think he’d buy it? 🙂


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