My mind gets to wondering…and wandering


  1. The Michael Brown family says that even now, a year later, they’re ‘still in grief and mourning’.   Does anybody expect to lose a son and not grieve for more than a year?  Or 50 years?   Stuns me that a media would find this interesting instead of any other headline for Ferguson’s anniversary but this has been rather the lead story all weekend, and it seems to me it’s more provocative than just saying “Anniversary of Ferguson,” isn’t it…anything to get the fires lit again.

2.  Do you think that if someone has a certain amount of money, a LOT of money, for their       retirement, they should forego Social Security?

3.   I understand when people seemed shocked at politicians who say they’d still be against       abortion even if it means saving the mother’s life, but does anybody realize how                    incredibly rare that is?   Is this specified just to make them look like part of the                      mythical “Republican war on women?  I think so.

I’d love for us to talk about any or all of these things today;  starting with your opinions….Let’s talk!




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  1. It appears there may after all be mother’s life threatening pregnancies.
    However, most “health of the mother” clauses get interpreted as “causes minor discomfort”.


  2. The link I left above reflects a common thread, and most links like it seem to reflect a position on abortion, perhaps a predisposition towards it.

    I believe makes more sense though, as it reflects MY thinking 🙂 :
    “The abortion procedure is not – ever – necessary to save the life of a mother. There are, however, maternal health risks that require a treatment that can cause the unfortunate, indirect, and unintentional death of an unborn child.”

    I guess one problem is that we want to put the mother’s life in the balance with the child’s and see who deserves to live more. We often use “seniority” (mom was here first) or emotional attachment (I know my wife, I’ve never held my baby).
    That’s human. but not necessarily right.
    Sounds like a god-like decision.

    Once again, “Health of the Mother” can often be relieved with an aspirin, not an abortion.


  3. bocopro says:

    Do my best thinkin while I’m out engaged in rote work . . . diggin, choppin, mowin, bike ridin. Come up with all kindsa things which I sometimes work up into an article or a rant, often phrased in the lexicon of post Korean-War-era WestPac sailors who had worked for post WWII sailors on those old 2100 tin cans and sardine can diesel boats.

    My views on abortion are basically unwelcome everywhere, and I’ve always seen Social Security System as a giant ponzi scheme which the Democrats raided long ago, so it’s just a big joke as far as my children’s and grandchildren’s generations are concerned.

    Racial grief and professional victimhood are growth industries in this nation and representative of the cresting tidal wave of political correctness that eventually will drown us all. For millennia the naked ape species developed and refined its immunity to disease and deprivation. Survival of the fittest ensured that at least some would survive drought, famine, pestilence, war . . . and eventually we learned to stand erect, which expanded our horizons visually and freed our forelegs for other activities, such as crafting ever more superior weapons, which finally has brought us to Twitter, IMs, stilletto heels, and Hollywood.

    LBJ’s Great Frikkin Society, much like the War On Drugs and other vast noble ideas with half-vast funding plans, has been a magnificent failure. It has created a subculture of dependency in which a quarter of the population will eventually overpopulate the earning segment, promoting survival of the UNfittest in terms of knowledge, skill, self-image, and general usefulness.

    PC also is taken as a sign of weakness or indecision by our greatest enemy, malignant Islam. And what really ticks me off most about it all is that we consistently fail to learn from the examples of England, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy and all the rest.

    Islam is patient; it can wait for generations until Western Europeans and their cousins in North America depopulate to the point that the takeover need no blood, only ballots. They will take over eventually, and I’m not convinced that the victors will represent nature’s concept of survival of the fittest.

    We are allowing a fad of self-recrimination, typified by the St. Michael of Swisher Sweets and St. Trayvon of Skittles and St. Eric of Marlboro lights, take over microphones and political rallies from candidates, billions of taxpayer dollars from the treasuries, and individual rights in the form of the demands for reparation and dead cops . . . and we pillory as “racist” anyone who decries their behavior.

    How weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable
    Seem to me all the uses of this world!
    Fie on ’t, ah fie! ‘Tis an unweeded garden
    That grows to seed. Things rank and gross in nature
    Possess it merely. (I, ii, 133-37)


  4. Do you think that if someone has a certain amount of money, a LOT of money, for their retirement, they should forego Social Security?

    Is there another viable way to save Social Security, which included those truly disabled (like Mr. AOW)?

    I wouldn’t say that the cut in Social Security should depend on a person’s wealth, but rather on the golden parachute (retirement income from private industry and/or a government entity).

    I know a fellow “richer than God,” and this fellow deliberately paid the minimum into Social Security and openly bragged about his scheme. This man is a billionaire. He deliberately paid in the minimum, then went on to manipulate his income so as to evade Social Security tax on that income.

    It seems to me that there should be some way to limit those receiving federal retirement so that they’re not double dipping on the taxpayers’ backs to the point that they own vacation homes and go on cruises with their disposable Social Security income.


  5. About Number Three, which asks: Is this specified just to make them look like part of the mythical “Republican war on women?

    Absolutely, YES!

    Now, tell me this: Why did FNC ask that question the way it was framed in the first place?


  6. This information about the GOP’s scheming to make Jeb Bush the 2016 candidate is worth reading, IMO.


  7. Mustang says:

    I’ve been wanting to order a new T-shirt but frankly, I’m torn between one with an image of Michael Brown when he was 9 years old, or one that reads “hands up don’t shoot.” Keeps me up at night.


  8. Mustang: Imagine my surprise to find that they sell t-shirts that are plain!
    No printing on either side!
    What a concept.
    I wonder if they’re sold at cafe press?


  9. silverfiddle says:

    Regardless of right or wrong, my heart goes out to Brown’s family. You are right. How do you ever get over losing someone so young?

    Social Security was deliberately pitched as a program for everyone, supposedly to get everyone’s buy-in and to not stigmatize it as a relief program for poor oldsters. So now here we are. Should changes be made? Sure, but good luck. Every time there is any talk at all of changing the military retirement system, veterans groups kick up a big fuss, and you can’t blame them. The reservoir of trust is bone dry.

    AOW makes a good point about wealth versus income. A true means test would take wealth and assets into account.

    Abortion is a touchy subject. Politically, Christians should be going for the sweet spot, which is drawing the line at the viability of the fetus. I know that is not the strict pro-life stance, but we are dealing with the law here, and that seems to be where even secular people are at.


  10. bunkerville says:

    Social security was for retirement period. Now those who get on disability can get Medicare after two years. Millions more raiding Medicare including Obamacare by the billions.


  11. SF: This is not an attack, but keeping in line with the discussion, perhaps SS should be tied to viability of the senior?


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, thanks for the information. Comparably, the ‘life of the mother’ theme is so small compared to the huge amount of abortions.
    And yes, it comes down to who deserves to live more, and that is absolutely not an easy choice; not one anybody would want to make.

    bocopro; you must be just thrilled about this morning’s news that Ferguson’s erupted again!~
    What gets me, again, are headlines like “Black youth hurt by police” which clearly makes it sound like it’s all the cops’ fault… and the black youth has no part in it.
    I guess cops are just supposed to take it, now; the message to them is, clearly, “stand back, get hit, take the rocks and bottles, get your paycheck and go home safely to your families…..doing your job’s going to get you in jail and get headlines that damn you, anyway.”

    AOW….I think any boss in the world would congratulate the leaders of this very highly rated debate; not sure that tweet says what many seem to want it to say.
    Yes, the link is interesting….
    That rich man you know is awful! I know several who’d forego Social Security…..

    SF and AOW: The problem is, to me, that Social Security shouldn’t be considered an entitlement, and it is looked at this way today; People, WE, pay into it…it’s NOT an entitlement.
    And I DO think decent people who’ve done extremely well should forego their SS checks…..

    Mustang…that’s funny! Trayvon news stories and T Shirts, too, were largely him as an innocent looking child! WHAT a coincidence, huh? (Sarc)

    Bunkerville; WHY aren’t politicians talking MORE about how Obamacare has pushed so many into Medicare and how that’s saved us NOTHING????

    Anybody else want to weigh in on the pros and cons of the rich giving up their SS checks?

    I just wrote PARAGRAPHS of my pros and cons and deleted it….!
    Should it be legislated? (Sounds too Obama-esque)
    Should it be just a personal choice, but then it goes into the coffers and politicians don’t help the deficit with that amount, they just SPEND it!
    etc etc


  13. geeez2014 says:

    SF: “Politically, Christians should be going for the sweet spot, which is drawing the line at the viability of the fetus.” That’s what’s been argued for years………tell me more about what you mean….

    ED: you mean Financial Viability…as was my original question?? That’s my point in my post and above in comments….Should it be legislated that if a senior is wealthy (an amt to be picked) he gets no SS?


  14. silverfiddle says:

    Ed and Z:

    I get Ed’s point. He’s being sarcastic, and I don’t see it as an attack. It’s quite witty.

    I believe that life begins at conception and any abortion is taking a life. Our government is based upon the constitution and laws, and Biblical argument get not traction with the majority, so you have to base your argument on something else.

    Viability of the fetus is a powerful argument that has been documented to change people’s minds. There is no way we can get all abortions outlawed, but we can push back the boundaries as we continue to make pro-life arguments.


  15. Mal says:

    My feelings about abortion is I believe the Government should keep out of a woman’s body. Period.
    I know I’ll get a lot of flack for saying that, but that’s simply another invasion by big brother into our private lives. Late term abortions or harvesting of organs….definitely not. It can be argued there is a heartbeat during the first trimester, but, for example, can anyone prove when the Spirit (from the Trinity) enters the being? It might be at conception, during delivery, at the cutting of the cord, etc. It should be her decision.
    As for Social Security being a Ponzi scheme, the way it has been robbed, it could be. But aren’t a lot of things that way? Take auto insurance, for example. I’ve been driving for over 70 years and my insurance companies have never had to pay for anything but an occasional cracked windshield yet due to my age want to keep raising my rate, despite my good record. I don’t take any prescription meds, and don’t even need glasses, for driving or reading, and I’m very active, so how is that fair, either? Its all part of life, folks! I have to keep subsidizing others.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Silvefiddle…the ‘viability’ line was supposedly for our SS conversation and I’ve been wishing we could get back to that topic……sorry I missed the wittiness, which I see now, obviously.

    My point to you about your ‘Christians’ and the ‘sweet spot’ comment was that we must leave, sadly, the Christian aspect OUT (at least vocally) if we’re going to save babies. Biblical argument not only gets no traction, it turns people off, BIG time. At least many people, sadly. Of course, this is purely personal and usually anecdotal, because I know of girls who have changed their hearts toward faith after going through experiences like this, but I feel that’s rare.
    But, yes, pointing out, often through ultrasounds, etc., that the baby looks like a baby very, very early on, is a powerful tool, and I have friends who volunteer at pregnancy centers which come from the Christian viewpoint (and funding) and use ultrasounds to educate girls in that situation. It’s why some abortion clinics don’t provide ultrasounds.

    Mal, excellent point about subsidizing others. I still think the very rich might think twice about getting their checks. I’m not sure how much we could save that way, but if left with the gov’t, the money would not be saved, anyhow.
    I think a lot of folks will be surprised when I say I feel exactly like you about abortion…stay out of a woman’s body, period. It’s up to a woman and her god and if she can live with herself with any choice she makes. I know what GOD thinks about it, and I live by that.
    I do worry, however, if we believe God founded our country (and I do), and we know his feelings about so many things from Scripture, how he feels about a country’s legislating that it’s fine to allow and even pay for abortions.

    I feel pressed by some comments to write even tighter and more explicitly on all subjects and I’m a broad stroker; please bear with me at geeeZ as it seems I’m not writing clearly enough. Thanks.


  17. Bob says:

    Michael Brown was killed in a fight with law enforcement. All the same, I understand what it feels like to lose a son. The hurt never goes away, and there is no such thing as closure. It is time for the thugs and slugs to stop politicizing Michael’s death. There was nothing laudable about it.

    Without hesitation I can say that if you pay into Social Security, you should be given the opportunity to collect the benefits. Just because a bunch of brainless politicians structured an entitlement with a ponzi scheme, that does not mean that everybody that paid into the scheme should not benefit. There are fixes, and extending the retirement age is a dodge. The best solution is to kill the system, while still paying the people that contributed.

    Any way you look at it, abortion is wrong. I believe that people are responsible for their own decisions, and a woman be held responsible for her decision regarding abortion. That said, people should have the freedom to end a fetus life if the mother’s life is in the balance. With current medical technology, many times the child can be birthed without harm to the mother.

    Remember, the people who favor abortions are mostly Democrats, and the more removed from the gene pool, the better.


  18. Mal says:

    I am surprised that you agree with what I said, Z. I also believe you made yourself very clear and no apology necessary.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, thanks for that; just a feeling I’m getting.
    And yes, I DO agree with you…we’d all love to keep every little soul alive, but God knows from the tiniest hairs on their heads, and I rely on Him to know what’s best.

    Bob, as I DID say in my post, how does one stop grieving? But those HEADLINE WORDS are being USED to fire things up again! Who wouldn’t stop grieving? is it necessary to say that? I can’t imagine losing a child; the pain would be, quite literally, breath taking. My Mr Z will be gone six years in October and I don’t know how I’ve made it ….literally.
    To lose one’s CHILD? WOW.
    I will say I wish they had been parents able to help their growing son stay off drugs and out of violent behavior. But do I take from their GRIEF? NO.
    I am so sorry for your incredible loss….knowing you, I think I’d have liked to know your son.

    Thanks for your input on SS….I don’t disagree with anything you said. Along the lines I’m talking about….saying ‘no’ to SS if you don’t need the money….perhaps that’s a little naive; perhaps it’s better if the rich takes it and spends it into our economy or supports a charity, or anything they want to do with it. I just know without hesitation that were I rich, I’d feel odd accepting money from my fellow Americans, though I KNOW I PAID INTO IT. SO, maybe it’d be I who should decide what to do with the money I put there… no legislating on the subject.

    Excellent point on Dems and gene pools! HA!


  20. 1. Similarly to a flat tax, if you pay in, you draw out.
    2. A lot of our problems are with survivor’s and disability benefits which should be means tested.
    3. At what age then, CAN we restrain a mom from killing her kid? My mom threatened me a lot in my teens.

    Seriously, Z, you feel society should allow the killing and harvesting because mom says it’s ok?
    It’s between a mom and her god?


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, do you think America will ever overturn Roe v Wade? Under any circumstance?
    And gad, I know I seem to be misread a lot, but did I SAY I think harvesting is good under any situation?


  22. If it’s ok to kill it up to an age it can be harvested, why not?
    You said it’s between a woman and her god as to whether she kills a child in her womb.
    If society has no say, full tilt!
    Roe v Wade could go the way of Dredd Scott, but not by giving up the fight.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    ROE V WADE will NEVER be overturned but we must fight for the unborn.

    At this point, it’s up to a woman what to do with her unborn baby, we have no power under Roe v Wade to stop her, hence, I said that it’s up to a woman and her god….no matter how you, or I or anyone else, argues or doesn’t approve. We have no power to keep that poor child alive…..only God does. How any woman can live with herself after killing an unborn child is beyond me…
    At this point, we need to do all we can to educate young women to the fact that they are killing babies…….right now, it’s up to her. All we can do is pray for them….the mothers and their children.

    And I never said anything about approving of harvesting except in previous posts I’ve dedicated to stopping it….I think that’s repugnant, too, at ANY age. And I don’t think it’s OK TO KILL “IT”


  24. Baysider says:

    If you pay into SS, you should get your fair share back. I thought gov’t employees were exempt from SS (and hence ineligible to receive it) because they had their own pension system. Just like many churches. AOW’s comment drove me to the SS website where I found THIS: “Some Federal employees and employees of State or local government agencies may be eligible for pensions that are based on earnings notcovered by Social Security. If you didn’t pay Social Security taxes on your government earnings and you are eligible for Social Security benefits, ….” Then is goes on with instructions. Wow!! On the surface of it, that stinks. Details were sketchy, so hard to know what the heck it actually means.

    Your check is based on your pay-in. If you ‘evade’ the tax you won’t get much of a check. I just saw the SS statement (the one generated by the feds) of just such an individual. His projected ‘income’ from future SS is nil. I suspect AOW’s acquaintance is more a braggart than con artist. If he’s right, he won’t receive anything.

    Ed’s right. Survivor’s and disability benefits contribute. But they are picky about disability at least. A friend who had paid in for more than the minimum 40 quarters (or whatever time) was denied SS disability when she became permanently disabled along the lines of Mr. AOW. As for survivors, if you had saved that money yourself you’d have a perfect right (after the gov’t taxes the whack out of it – which is another problem) to leave it to any survivor you chose.

    Mr. B and I have thought for years the way they’d get around this mess is to extend retirement age and set a means test to cut out a lot of us folks who paid in tons so they can fork our money over to some guy who jumped the fence from Mexico or some other politically expedient recipient.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, my question is nothing to do with ‘fair share’…and you, and all of us, are quite right about that, it is ‘our share’…….I totally respect that WE pay into it, it’s OUR money and we deserve it. Otherwise, it’s an entitlement, and that’s how it’s regarded today but it certainly is not. I’m suggesting only a discussion on whether anybody feels that it could help if the very rich didn’t take theirs….

    I guess I was unclear again as it’s probably an ethical question and I should have posed it that way…It’s really a freedom of our own will to exercise best with what we deserve … I think if we’re very wealthy, some of us might choose not to accept it. Sadly, as I wrote above, I’d probably prefer to take it and do with it something I found good for Americans,…putting it back into the coffer only gets it badly spent by politicians, right!?

    The extended retirement age is now being proposed mostly by Chris Christie, by the way.


  26. Mal says:

    As to the rich not getting their S/S reminds me how Romney wouldn’t take his pay when he was governor of Mass. and I waited for him to say he would do the same as President, but he didn’t. That could’ve resonated well with the voters if he had. Trump, also, could’ve said he would but hasn’t either. That would’ve impressed the heck out of me!


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Well, Mal, I think that it’s such a small amount compared to Romney and Trump’s fortunes that it probably isn’t such a huge gesture….but, it’s a nice gesture, that’s for sure!
    Actually, I think Trump would get even worse press if he said that… like he was pandering when the Pres’s salary is chump change to him, you know?
    I’ve been kind of waiting to see what he MIGHT spring for$$$, waiting to hear that.
    “ya gonna build the wall, Donald?” 🙂
    THAT would impress most people, right!??


  28. Silverlady says:

    On today there is posted the cult of ‘piece’s’ latest atrocity. ISIS planted land mines, marched 10 prisoners to the location, made them kneel over the mines, & pulled the trigger. I’m sick & tired of politicians of ANY party calling Islam a religion of peace. It’s not! Study the history. Americans had better wake up & smell the coffee.


  29. Mustang.Koji says:

    Michael Brown? I’m sick of these calls to fuel the fire. Money is also involved, I’m sure. But if they were to say something more factual, I may just listen… Like I grieve for my son who was a thug, began to beat up on a cop then passed away when the cop defended himself…


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Koji-san….I get what you mean but he was their son….thug or not, right? I’m glad you agree with me on the calls to fuel the fire, one of which was using this headline….
    What bothers me is that “family still grieves” is like someone’s surprised they’d grieve… ugh.

    We can ALL bet “money is also involved,” that’s for sure.

    Silverlady, I’m racking my brain trying to remember if any significant question on Islamic terror was mentioned…I know a few mentioned how our president can’t say the words, but I’d have thought a bit more time would be spent on a subject that threatening to Americans, right?


  31. Baysider says:

    Re: SS
    No. I don’t think it helps if the rich don’t take theirs. This is a thought parallel with “let’s tax the rich to pay for our programs.” Honestly, there really aren’t that many rich. You can take all their money to pay today’s debts … but what about the next day? To ask people to exercise an eleemosynary impulse without a corresponding ‘cut’ somewhere in all that spending is unthinkable. And I’d start with cuts in non-military pensions. Remember when Reagan trusted Tip O’Neill to come through with spending cuts? Un-uh. Never going to happen. Not until Lucy holds the football….. and other unicorn tales.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    Yes, as I said, it’s more an ethical question and I have come to my conclusion that the rich ought to take it and spend it as they wish…hoping they’ll help their communities with it.
    Thanks for the input.


  33. Z: First, I’m sorry for the late reply.
    First you said: “I think a lot of folks will be surprised when I say I feel exactly like you about abortion…stay out of a woman’s body, period. It’s up to a woman and her god and if she can live with herself with any choice she makes.”
    This led me to believe that you were all of a sudden OK with women aborting their babies.
    Then you said:” At this point, it’s up to a woman what to do with her unborn baby, we have no power under Roe v Wade to stop her, hence, I said that it’s up to a woman and her god….no matter how you, or I or anyone else, argues or doesn’t approve. We have no power to keep that poor child alive…..only God does. ”

    And I say that is untrue.
    We have legislated many restraints on abortions, saving many lives.
    And I do believe that Roe will be overturned.
    Too many legal scholars (liberal included) feel it is poor judicial exercise.
    And as Dredd Scott shows, as public perception changes (which it is), judicial review may change.
    But if we throw up our hands and quit, that public perception will not change.
    These Planned Parenthood videos are a case in point.
    The more people I expose to them, the more horror they feel towards abortionists.

    But if we say that it’s between a woman and her god (or doctor) then we allow partial birth and concomitant harvesting. The only way to stop the harvesting is to push back the latest date an abortion may be performed.


  34. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, and I don’t think it will ever be overturned, so there we are.
    At this point(and that’s the only way I can address anything, really)…at this point, with Roe v Wade, it is absolutely up to the woman and her god. Her god might be abortion fanatics, or a nasty boyfriend who threatens leaving her if she keeps ‘it’, or it might be the one true God and we pray her heart changes. As I said above, that does not mean I approve of abortion or harvesting. It means I, and our country, have to deal within the confines of what we’re dealt at this point.
    We can fight partial birth and harvesting FAR easier than fighting overturning Roe v Wade and I believe in starting realistically…and we are starting….that’s got a lot of notice since those videos.



  35. geeez2014 says:

    By the way, I do mean “stay out of a woman’s body” at this point, in this atmosphere of Roe v Wade. Huckabee advocates using the FBI or fed troops to prevent abortions….do you?
    Do you think that would turn people away from killing babies or turn them away from a very righteous cause of saving every little soul that is conceived?


  36. geeez2014 says:

    I’m sorry I asked that as a question; I’ve got a house guest arriving any minute and won’t be on line for a while.
    Good evening, everybody.


  37. By stay out of a woman’s body, I read “abortion until birth”.
    If law is passed that forbids abortion past 20 weeks for example, send in whatever police force appropriate to shut down that clinic.
    Where is the problem with that?
    An example from NPR:
    “A federal appeals court has upheld sweeping abortion restrictions in Texas, in the latest swing in a back-and-forth battle in the state. The court has backed key parts of a controversial 2013 law that critics say would put some clinics at risk of closing.
    The ruling by the 5th Circuit Appeals Court could prompt the plaintiffs — several women’s health clinics, a doctor, and their patients — to file an appeal with the Supreme Court.”


  38. geeez2014 says:

    By “stay out of a woman’s body”, I mean let her decide what to do with herself since the law is the law at this point. “abortion until birth?” I don’t see how you can get that from my phrase, but if you did, you did.
    I don’t agree with the FBI and Federal troops (Huckabee didn’t say ‘police’) …of course, police need to shut down clinics doing illegal abortion.

    As I said above, the Planned Parenthood videos and other things exposing this awful practice are GOOD in the way that they shocked even pro choice libs………
    But, in general?.. I don’t think it’ll ever pass on the federal level. Never. But I’ll continue to pray.
    Until then, we have to pray for the women who are killing their children; those babies have a safe place with Jesus, in my opinion.

    Have a nice evening.


  39. Baysider says:

    Instead of abortion before birth, why not wait until – say – 7 years after birth? By then the little twerp will be showing trends of becoming an incorrigible twerp, if that’s the path he’s on. THEN evaluate him for a post-birth abortion.


  40. Lisa says:

    Good Evening Z-
    Haven’t been sitting still lately so here I am to comment on your very good topics
    I understand MB’s parents arestill grieving. I also wonder why MB lived with his grandmother and neither his mother or father. What type of family structure is there in many minority communities?
    The protests I think are people who just want to agitate
    Social Security was put in place for a legit purpose for poor oldsters like SF commented but like the ACA making everyone buy in but it only benefits the poor . Also when it was implemented,the average life span was 65,now many live pass 80 .
    As far as abortion goes,I am against it but I don’t like it heing a political topic every election season .It will never be banned but I would advocate banning it after a certain time say 20 weeks, but even that is too much.
    I wish more people would understand and the republicans have a communication problem that they don’t want to make them illegal altogether but that they just don’t want taxpayers to fund it


  41. Baysider says:

    SS. I understand a higher infant mortality rate at that time also skews lifespan figures. A more accurate number would be the life expectancy of people who reach adulthood. SS’s numbers show it’s about 5 years longer now. ‘Benefits’ start later now, too. But not 5 years. A even more worrisome figure is the steep decline in the ratio of check writers to check recipients. That’s a real problem with any Ponzi scheme.

    Thoughtful question about MB’s parents, Lisa. I didn’t recall that, and it shines a light on the tragic existence of a large swath of under-America.


  42. Lisa says:

    Well that is a good point Baysider,not enough checkwriters,didn’t think of that


  43. Lisa says:

    Even Trayvon Martin His mom didn’t want to deal with him and neither did his dad. Supposedly he wss missing for 3 days before his father even reported him missing


  44. Baysider says:

    Yes, about TM. It’s such a tragedy our president said his son would look like him. Since this situation was known when he said that, I could not believe my ears. Wonder how much policy gets made that way. I don’t want to think about it.


  45. geeez2014 says:

    Lisa, you bring up excellent points; neither family had their sons living with them….and that would be anywhere from two to four households, everybody being divorced, not just the one household…NOBODY wanted them.

    Of COURSE these kids were problem kids….and remember Trayvon’s pictures when he first died? Everybody used 8 yr old ‘darling little boy’ pictures for a kid who was no darling little boy anymore. it’s not for no reason they use those pictures.

    This is all about AGENDA………this is all about it being OUR FAULT these kids screw up and die in the pursuit of screwing up. Honestly? I’d love to have known those kids and tried to work some magic with them; I’m better w/high school kids than i EVER thought I’d be and they trust me and I wish kids like these poor dead ones had someone who cared enough to have them living with them and, MOST IMPORTANTLY?…set GOOD EXAMPLES FOR THEIR SONS.


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