Dr Carson went to Harlem yesterday.

If you didn’t see him on Megyn Kelly last night, you’ll want to watch that fabulous interview.   The thing that really got me was when he said that it’s so terrible that young Black men are killing young Black men and they have to be shown that “Black lives  really DO matter…”   (and not just when they think Whites are killing too many of them);
How utterly profound……there are Black men chanting”Black lives matter,” and the number of Blacks killing Blacks is sad and astonishing………I thought this obvious irony was a magnificent way to put it, don’t you?   Hats off to Dr. Carson.

Here are some tidbits from THIS GOOD ARTICLE:

He said that African Americans needed to return to “family and faith”, which he said were “the values and principles that got black people through slavery and segregation and Jim Crowism.”

“As we throw those things away we’re seeing terrible crimes occurring in our communities,” he said.

He also blamed Democrats for racial inequality, saying “the Democratic party has subscribed to the Lyndon Johnson philosophy”, which he defined by paraphrasing an apocryphal quote from the former president: “if we give those N-words such and such, they’ll vote for us for the next 200 years.”  (Z;  it’s questionable if LBJ said that, but the point sure stands, doesn’t it).

But, let us not get too excited…...”Yvonne Boyd, selling CDs on the sidewalk of Malcolm X Boulevard, had far less patience for Carson and Republicans at large. “Well, he ain’t gonna do nothing for us,” she said. “I think that the motherfucker ain’t gonna do shit.””

Thanks, Yvonne, we’re impressed by your open mind, glad you’re desirous of standing on your own and willing to listen to someone who actually might help you.   Not.



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41 Responses to BEN CARSON

  1. First, Carson is a wonderful man.
    I admire him for all he’s overcome and all he’s accomplished.
    As to whether he has a chance, I doubt it,
    As to how well he would do as president?
    The man has no experience in how the politics works.
    He doesn’t have any relationship with others in power.
    He has no staff in place, the way a governor would, trusted proven political advisers with experienced relationship to the team.
    So if Carson were elected, who would he select as staff?
    What would be the pool he would draw on for talent?
    I suspect “establishment” types, similar to having a new administrator with an entrenched bureaucracy
    And he’d spend a first year trying to get going.


  2. bocopro says:

    Yeah, Ed . . . pretty much.

    We tried one rookie, and it didn’t work out so well. To sum up what you listed, I’d compare him to a shavetail ensign or 2nd louie who’s read all the books and philosophies but couldn’t lead water downhill.

    Most of the best officers I ran into while on AcDu had prior enlisted experience of some kind. I mean, you can watch every Jack Nicklaus vid and read every Arnold Palmer book and watch the Golf Channel 24/7, but when you step up to that 17th tee at The Players with the pin down front on Sunday afternoon and a 10 knot wind blowin left to right, it’s gut-check time.

    Somehow I don’t think rerouting neurons, as ticklish and delicate as that certainly is, can compare with the constant media snark and special interest groups and Chinese hackers and Russian territorial aggression and government corruption and terrorist infiltration and a Congress so hopelessly deadlocked that it can’t get out of its own way.

    I just wish Perry weren’t so damned slow on the uptake, or that Huckabee had long ago changed his name to Wagner or Johnson or Smith or somethin.


  3. silverfiddle says:

    Dr. Carson is way too smart, too moral and too good of a man to ever succeed in politics.

    That stupid woman who spewed the vulgar quote is too stupid to realize she described the Democrat party and the grievance hustlers swarming around it.

    You’re livestock, sweetie. The vote leftwing vote harvesters have right where they want you. All that’s left is for you to moo every now and then.


  4. John M. Berger says:

    Carson: “the Democratic party has subscribed to the Lyndon Johnson philosophy”
    Yvonne Boyd: “Well, he ain’t gonna do nothing for us,”

    It’s not surprising that Carson is doing well in the polls; his idealism is most exemplary and his grasp of the problems facing the “Black Community” is solid. That said, however, I can’t see him prevailing in the final analysis. I believe that conservatives will go for someone with more executive/political/business experience, of which Carson has none, and his “minority” support will be tepid, at best. I think that SF nails it: “Dr. Carson is way too smart, too moral and too good of a man to ever succeed in politics.”


  5. Kid says:

    His “everybody pays 10% tax” plan assures that he has no chance.


  6. woodsterman says:

    The Black community will label him the Great Uncle Tom and move on. The Democrats have their dumb downed voting block thanks to The Great Society, poor education, Democrat rule in the inner cities.


  7. Mal says:

    I agree with everyone regarding Dr. Carson. His statements got me to thinking how much better off everyone was before ending segregation. I grew up in L.A., born in 1928, and until the late 1950’s the Blacks remained pretty much on the East side while the Whites were on the West. There was very little crime including Blacks on Blacks. It was only since integration things got worse for both. There is also something I remember reading in the Bible but can’t remember the Book or Chapter, but it said that people were not to marry out of their own tribe. Now, I take that as meaning “race” because the word wasn’t coined at that time. Does that mean one “tribe” (race) is better than the other? Of course not. Only that we aren’t suppose to inter-marry. Any thoughts?


  8. Kid says:

    I believe the creation of the welfare state rather than integration is what screwed us up. There is nothing wrong with responsible black people who have integrated into American society. Their hard work, music, food and much of their culture has enriched us.
    Without welfare, able-bodied people would be forced to earn their living which would remove a lot of their idle hands time available.

    Instead we have people born into environments that force them to get tough or not survive. Often it means becoming a gang-banger, and/or engaging in criminal activity, or at best living like an animal in a cage with no way out. Drugs provide the necessary escape.

    I don’t blame black people for this as much as I blame the democrats.
    LBJ created the welfare state and Carter destroyed public education to make sure they stay there. It’s become so much of their culture in the welfare state, they don’t want out or are afraid to try -similar to an ex-con unable to integrate back into society.
    Our company hires these folks from time to time. The last one we had couldn’t get a single sentence out of his mouth without including MFer.
    People avoided him, which he assumed was because they were racist.
    One day he got into a fight, picked up a pipe, which the HR lady took off of him and he was gone. No choice due to the liability that now that the company knows how dangerous he could be they’d get sued if he really hurt someone.

    I feel as sorry for them as much as I hate democrats.

    I guess I’m neutral on the inter-racial marriage.

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  9. Mal says:

    Me, too, Kid. I was simply citing from the Bible.


  10. Kid says:

    Understood Mal. It’s an interesting concept, worthy of varied and valid opinions.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I’m not sure I’ve been so in agreement on anything more than your comment here today….on all of it except intermarrying.
    Mal, my niece is married to one of the greatest, most decent young man I’ve met in YEARS and is black, Christian, and caring, smart as hell, wonderful…and they’re expecting my newest grand niece in 3 weeks.
    I believe intermarriage might be the only thing that could bring the races best together, particularly since we were on that trail until Obama and Holder entered the scene and soured the soup so badly.

    It certainly is a subject worthy of varying and valid opinions, however, as Kid stated.

    Re CARSON:

    I have always said he might just be too decent for America anymore, but I see a groundswell that encourages me.

    His experience or lack of it means absolutely NOTHING to me. We know he won’t be going through Obama’s folks to see who he might consider keeping; we know he’s smart enough to NOW be looking at who he might use in his Cabinet IF he got elected.

    It’s one thing to have little experience, like Obama, and hate this country and represent country-damaging legislation like Obama.
    It’s quite another thing to have little experience in governing and love this country, believe in faith and family, be highly intelligent, articulate, and inspiring….He can get good people in.
    I don’t think the GOP can own him, either.

    SilverFiddle said it well, too.


  12. Baysider says:

    Ditto Ed (and SF!). Not a chance. But his high profile message needs to be heard. He messages soooo well. Love him.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider…I don’t agree 100% on the ‘not a chance’ anymore. I did, but his polling is amazing and he has more than a year to keep talking and keep getting noticed/appreciated.
    I think there’s a chance, be it remote or not, and messages like “Wait, if Black kids are killing Black kids, what happened to ‘Black lives matter?'” has to resonate in good Black homes…BIG TIME.

    But, we have to hope and pray…….nobody thought Obama had a ghost of a chance….


  14. cube says:

    I love Dr. Carson. I love his smile. I love how he can beat me at Operation, (and I have increaibly steady hands), but his message will not resonate with enough voters.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    cube, I hope that’s not true but you’re probably right.

    “beat me at Operation?”

    ALSO: I forgot to mention something…..did you all hear Carson say “I’m hoping I start to get questions other than about race and medicine?”
    I felt SO badly! He’s so right; how patronizing can we get?
    He’s a MAN and has good ideas and a great heart………I hope the media, left AND right, starts to treat him that way, not as a Black man who happened to be a great doctor…….those are important things but he deserves to represent what he’s got in his heart and head on all subjects.


  16. Mal says:

    Z, like most people, I know quite a few Black people and they are all very nice, especially here in Sun City, a retirement community for age 55+, and because the older folks have lived through segregation and everything that went along with it they are more appreciative of the change. I only mention it because we are suppose to live by the words of the Holy Bible so how do we reconcile ourselves with things like this? I also think about during the building of the Tower of Babel how, when the Lord didn’t want it built, changed everyone’s language so they couldn’t communicate. He also had everyone separated by continents with Africans on their turf, Eskimos on theirs, Arabs on theirs, Hispanics on theirs, Scandinavians on theirs. and so on. As we all know, all that changed with modern day advancement and technology, so don’t you sometimes wonder what He is thinking about all this? Just making a point, not discriminating by any means.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I didn’t look at your comment at ALL as discriminating…in fact it was interesting.. Since ‘tribe’ was a word used for the groups (tribes ) of Israel, I wouldn’t personally read ‘race’ into that but I suppose it could be.
    And yes, I’m not sure God separated us on purpose, but geographically it worked, didn’t it…Eskimos can’t just walk over to Africa if they want to, etc.

    Anyway, I think God wants PEACE and harmony among all people.
    Let’s hope so, anyway!!
    Thanks, Mal….I seriously didn’t read your comment as discrimination AT ALL…I know you’re not that way.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    I hope some of you loved that “Black lives matter..” …..’so why shouldn’t they matter when Blacks kill Blacks?’ part of Carson’s thinking…I found that utterly brilliant.


  19. John M. Berger says:

    As I’ve mentioned before, we have a ways to go before anything becomes clear. I would think that polling data is in flux, at this point-in-time, and still highly inconclusive. In theory, I guess that all 17 have a “chance”. If we begin to see sustainability in these numbers, as we go forward, the determination of [probability] will become more significant.


  20. Mustang says:
    I admire Dr. Carson but he is not presidential material. Not too long ago, in responding to a question about the shooting of Michael Brown, he said something to the effect that maybe the police could save lives by just shooting bad guys in the legs. It was a statement centered on his lack of understanding about the real world —which is the one we have to deal with on a day for day basis. Black lives do matter, but only among those who regard themselves as part of civilized society. No one kills more blacks than other blacks; no one kills more Moslems than other Moslems —huge numbers of which appear to exist outside of civilized society. This is true in the Middle East; it is true in Chicago, Baltimore, Ferguson, Detroit, and in Watts.


  21. Baysider says:

    I still think ‘not a chance.’ The GOP won’t want him because he’s outside politics. Honestly, political handlers are going to be extremely chary of another black candidate. They know voters know Obama stayed in an executive position for which he isn’t qualified because critics were slapped as racist. They’d be concerned that voters in general will run from the next black offering to avoid another disaster. Rightly or wrongly – Obama has tainted ‘blackness’ as a viable candidate for some time.

    How many of these same people will traipse after the she-unicorn, just to say ‘a woman has arrived’? That’s nonsense, but for the moment I’m putting my money with Fiorina. When I told the RNC that, they put me on their do not call list.

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  22. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, I disagree about Carson and your points about race, tho I understand where you’re coming from…. but would certainly be behind Fiorina should she progress on an even uphill battle.

    JMB; it’s good fodder for our conversations; no way is anything happening now in the polls very indicative of the future BUT when certain candidates say certain things and rise so high all at once, that usually shows people like that that person’s thinking….

    Mustang, I’ve always wondered why cops don’t shoot low first, too….harm them enough to stop but not kill.
    And,yes…as I quoted Carson above “How can BLACK LIVES MATTER resonate among Blacks when they’re killing other Blacks?” He totally got that right……….oh, the irony!

    I just got back from a meeting with a guy whose mother knew Fiorina for a week when Fiorina was with HP. It was a business relationship but they had dinner, drinks, lots of conversations, and lots of work. They really got to know each other. This friend of mine’s mother is what he calls a “loony bin liberal..” and so he asked her about Fiorina the other day “Mom, you knew her, and you liked and respected her, right?” The liberal mom said “She’s the smartest I’ve met!” He said “She’s a Republican…would you vote for her?”
    “I might!”

    nice to know.


  23. Rita says:

    Carson is my pick. And Kid is wrong about lack of international experience. He has traveled all over the world and has worked with world leaders. Not to the extent that a President will, but he has more international experience that our current President. This guy understands working your way out of poverty, he has to be incredibly brilliant to have started out almost becoming another poor black statistic and instead become head of Pediatric Neurology at John Hopkins.

    I think he’s smart enough to pick the right people to surround him. That truly is a sign of a great leader. To make smart decision to pick people who understand the process better than you do and let them do their jobs while explaining what they want to to do what they do.

    I am strongly supporting Carson and hoping for a Carson/Rubio ticket. I love he’s finally getting some attention. I was afraid Trump would turn the debate into a circus and Carson wouldn’t get any time. He still didn’t get enough speaking time, but he apparently got enough to attract some attention. I think the next debate will allow him more airtime. He’s making headway. Going into Harlem today.


  24. Kid says:

    Hi Rita, I didn’t say anything about international experience.
    May all our dreams come true 😉


  25. Baysider says:

    Z “I’ve always wondered why cops don’t shoot low first, too.” I think Mustang implied this, but they are a terrible target. Head too. Always go for center mass. You’re more likely to hit something. And that’s the whole point – to make that individual cease and desist something dangerously threatening immediately when they don’t do it voluntarily.


  26. I have come up with a theory today.
    I may blog or radio about it,
    Don’t steal my idea. 🙂
    With 17 candidates, every one is picking an “avatar”, someone who represents their notion of themselves.
    That scares me with the rise of Trump. That so many people see themselves in him.
    Pop psych time. Rita and Z see themselves Carsonesque. That says a bunch about them, good and decent.
    I still don’t know why someone would choose Carson, an inexperienced neophyte over Walker who has all the Christian creds and a proven executive track record which is amazing.


  27. Rita says:

    Sorry Kid. I thought you were the one mentioning international inexperience. Ed. Because I don’t think Walker can win and I think Carson might have a chance for the same reason Trump is leading. People are sick of career politicians and Carson is brilliant and black. I think he could pull in those who hate politicians and some of the black vote.

    And he’s so good to look at. But that’s another story. ;).


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, Not sure I’d choose Carson over everyone else; this post was about Carson and I hoped we’d talk about that AMAZING point he made about why Black kids scream BLACK LIVES MATTER while they’re killing Black lives….

    There are others I like, though Walker needs to get some heat going, some obvious fire in his belly…Sadly, these days in America, we need personality, and he isn’t it. Neither is Carson, for that matter but he’s had more private air time and is rising in the polls….
    That’s one reason Trump’s so far ahead.

    I’m with Rita….I think Carson can win because he’s different….Rita, since they took the glasses off the minute the campaign started, he is very handsome, isn’t he!

    Look, all of this is talk for now….it’s more than a year away and I don’t want to stop talking now because it’s far away, I hope we can parse and evaluate and educate each other, not judging, not mocking….we’re mostly all on the same page anyway:


  29. Rita says:

    Imagine Carson and Hillary in a debate. Let her talk about being dead broke to a man who really understands what dead broke really is. Let them talk about babies being slaughtered with her supporting PPH and him talking about his experiences of saving baby after baby. I would pay some big bucks to see that debate. Her screeching like she does when she’s off script and him standing there calm and cool being logical and looking so unpolitical.

    I honestly believe he would stomp her down. It’s just a matter of he has enough testosterone to help her hoist on her own petard.


  30. Kid says:

    Rita, No prob. Btw, people tell me I look like Ben.

    Well, let me lay out my analysis:
    I think a great president can be someone without a lot of personal experience if they follow the constitution with an obsessive passion and make sure everyone working under them does the same. That they make sure everyone working under them is an expert in their field and is backed up by people who are just as expert. That they purge all democrat comunist operatives from all federal positions day one.
    That they treat America’s Real allies with respect and support and the reverse for America’s enemies. Hint: The entire Missle East for starters.
    I also think that person is willing to use the nuclear option and to make any and all of America’s enemies believe that to be true.
    I don’t believe Ben is that person even though he is a wonderful person and does understand the problems in America that he has spoken on so far.

    I do think Cruz could be the person that can deal with the real evil in the world and here at home and happens to be polling #1. Given that it’s so early in the game, I doubt many people even know much about Cruz and all that I know about him is some good stuff.
    It’s early. This process takes time. We all know it’s going to be fact discovery and evolutionary.


  31. Rita says:

    And I want Trump to just GO AWAY. All the media wants to talk about is Trump. He keeps making headlines and it’s absolutely ridiculous to think of him even attempting to negotiating with world leaders. I think we need to assert America’s superiority but Trumo will make us look like a joke. Kind of like Obama has but on the opposite side.


  32. Rita says:

    Not a big fan of Cruz. I think he’s good at what he does, but he’s not presidential. I DO think Rubio has that fire in his belly. I don’t agree with him on our relationship with Cuba (one thing I do believe Obama got right), but then again I am not a first generation American born of Cuban parents. I made Bob watch Rubio’s speech when he decided to enter the race. He loved him.

    I gauge Bob’s reaction of those who despise politics but have the same beliefs. When he sits and listens I know the guy is hitting the heart of America. I live and breathe politics but too many people in this country despise it but still vote.

    Rubio can win. And I thin Carson could too.


  33. “I honestly believe he would stomp her down.”
    There’s a contradictory mental image.


  34. Kid says:

    Rita, I’m a big fan of freedom of opinion. It will be interesting to see how it shakes out.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    Kid: “I think a great president can be someone without a lot of personal experience if they follow the constitution with an obsessive passion and make sure everyone working under them does the same. That they make sure everyone working under them is an expert in their field and is backed up by people who are just as expert. That they purge all democrat comunist operatives from all federal positions day one.
    That they treat America’s Real allies with respect and support and the reverse for America’s enemies. Hint: The entire Missle East for starters.
    I also think that person is willing to use the nuclear option and to make any and all of America’s enemies believe that to be true.”

    I do….I totally do. Why do you think not?

    I know…it’s because we were talking about how handsome he is (smile!)


  36. Kid says:

    Z, Nothing concrete that I could point to, just my own judgement of him from what I know thus far.


  37. Dr. Ben Carson is a man of principles — a man of civic virtue.

    I just love what he so calmly yet passionately stated in Harlem.


  38. Mustang,
    he is not presidential material

    All I can say to that is this: many of those who are being so strongly promoted as presidential material are weasels.

    I think that we could do worse than Dr. Carson as VP or POTUS. I would rather see him as the head of HHS.


  39. John M. Berger says:


    “I would rather see him as the head of HHS.”



  40. cube says:

    Z, Operation is a game where you have to remove foreign objects from a goofy looking patient and if you touch the sides, an obnoxious buzzer goes off. Dr. Carson made a video of himself taking them all without getting the buzzer.


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