Climate Change…Carly’s Opinion

I hope you have a few minutes to listen to the whole thing; ย it’s excellent.

Couric’s snarkiness always amuses me….kinda fun!


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44 Responses to Climate Change…Carly’s Opinion

  1. Mustang says:

    Well done, Ms. Fiorina–well done.

    I enjoyed watching Couric’s facial responses to what Fiorina was saying. It was as if she was thinking, “Say, don’t confuse us with facts; just tell us what we want to hear.”


  2. bocopro says:

    Yeah, liberals just can’t handle that kind of unassailable logic. Who was it who said that when the modus operandi for the powers that be is deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary and dangerous act?


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Poor Katie, Mustang…….I like watching Couric stumped….like Carly totally stumped Chris Matthews to the point where he had to add at the end of an interview “I can see now why you did so well in the debates!” Uh..yaaa

    Katie says to Carly “Let me rephrase my question…er..actually, just repeat it..”
    And “Let me ask you how you feel, I’m not asking what you think of the Obama administration’s …”
    oh! Yes…can’t expose the HYPERBOLE of the Obama admin, Katie!

    bocopro, I don’t know who said it but it’s sure pertinent today, isn’t it…..


  4. Mustang says:

    Let me ask you how you feel, Iโ€™m not asking what you think…

    Pretty well sums up leftist mentality. And, I think, it should serve to drive Kid bonkers for at least two hours. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Bob says:

    Carlie! Carlie! Carlie!

    She is the only candidate that has a thoughtful answer for all the gotcha questions, or any question.

    Rubio is pretty good with the words, but I think Fiorina is the best.


  6. Bob says:

    Oh, uhhh…

    Cariy! Carly! Carly!


  7. Agree with Mustang, actually all.
    Watching this a couple more times will probably remove every reservation I had about Carly, all of which were based on her presentation and facial characteristics when speaking.
    If I can’t have Walker….


  8. bocopro says:

    A little beside the point, and probably not news to anyone —

    Two of the most stupidest things I’ve heard in the past 20 years: (1) a woman in California (Marin County, I think), said in a letter to her local newspaper “Why can’t people just go to the supermarket and buy their meat instead of hunting it with guns? That way no animals have to be killed.” And (2), “Look at all the fossil fuel that would never have to be burned if everybody drove electric cars.”



  9. I always imagine electric cars as derivative of steam locomotives with there dependence on coal.


  10. bocopro says:

    Heard another good one about electric cars:

    On a radio call-in show, the DJ brought up the topic of disposing of the electric-car batteries. He had already mentioned the metals involved and how dangerous they could be in landfills or if left abandoned to simply decompose and wind up in the aquifer.

    A caller said how stupid the question is because all they’d have to do is simply recharge the batteries.

    Later that morning I mentioned the exchange while getting a cup of coffee in the faculty lounge. One of the adjunct instructors said, “I don’t see the problem.”


  11. bunkerville says:

    Carly and Trump are socking it to them. Iowa GOP looking good.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro? DO YOU TEACH?? Tell me!

    Ed, I had to laugh because I was watching that video thinking “her weird facial thing isn’t bugging me so much anymore!” Glad to see it’s the same with you!

    Bob..Ya, CARLY ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mustang….Kid’s hiding; should be here any minute then we can pounce!


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Bunkerville….that’s great! I’m so excited to see the crowd differences tomorrow when Hillary arrives, too.
    What, 200 for Hillary, 20,000 for Trump? Sure, I don’t like Trump’s boisterous horrible personality, but to think so many will dwarf the Hillary thing is FABULOUS!


  14. Mustang says:

    Carly appears to have burned a bunch of bridges with conservatives at Google+ … made a comment about how great Islamic civilizations were. This, of course, doesn’t sit well with people who do not even know who Ronald Reagan was, but if taken in context with the times (The Dark Ages), she might have a point if you completely discount Japan, China, India, and Texas. The question remains: does she think she can win with the Moslem vote? Seriously? Why even mention Islam at all?


  15. Mal says:

    I said earlier I’d like to see Trump for President and Carly for his VP. That way, she could capture the female voters, then be in line for Pres. after Donald. He is still our best bet for the mess that will be awaiting the next administration, and she could benefit from it, too. Did anyone hear Trump during an interview when he was asked if he might select a woman as his running mate, and his positive reply? And Carly is saying he is spot on with hi assessment of our problems. They now are being very civil toward one another for that reason, I believe.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, I’ve seen that, too…….the conservatives have gone NUTS over it….no surprise. One article about it said she had talked about being fearful for HP employees of Middle Eastern descent….perhaps this is why she went into this ridiculous diatribe.
    It’ll be interesting to see how she addresses this, because she will have to. I’m thinking it won’t be at the Iowa State Fair ๐Ÿ™‚


  17. bocopro says:

    After I did my 24 in the USN, I took my MA and began teaching at the local university (UWF). Taught several classes of dual enrollment and a few high-school AP classes, then did 14 years at the university, including Technical Writing, Poetry, Drama, Literature, and Comp 1101 & 1102.

    Loved the job, but saw the signs of burnout approaching, so I retired before I became part of the problem instead of a factor in the solution. Don’t miss the administrivia and other frustrations, but I do miss watching those light bulbs go on when a concept or an association or a breakdown of ignorance occurred in students’ minds when I tied things together or led them to the light and they made the leap themselves.

    The trick is to avoid convincing them of how profoundly YOU understand what you’re showing them and instead make THEM see the value of their culture, their heritage, their own intellectual potential. About as much fun as you can have with all your clothes on.

    In truth, the most fun I ever had was an elderhostel semester seminar on creative writing. Class full of people who called ME “young man” (I was in my late 50s) and truly WANTED to be there listening to what I had to say. Some of them were pretty inventive, too. Good stories and poetry from several of ’em. Sharpest one of the bunch was a gal in her late 70s who had a well-developed naughty streak. Marvelous descriptive adjectives and other word choices, some of which were pure neologisms for the nonce and high-grade blush material for her grandchildren, I should imagine.


  18. As for Carly, 14 yrs ago, after 911, many people were talking like that, trying to defuse what was thought might be a jihad against muslims.


  19. Kid says:

    Z, You’re right. She did a good job handling the punk POS couric who IS totally focused on getting any republican to be a “global warming Denier”, which would immediately cancel them with the young retards who are hook line and sinker with the global warming scam. (Anyone still on board with that BS is certifiable.) She tried it with Cruz too and because Cruz is an admitted Christian, she kept pumping the idea that the Pope was on board with this scam Cruz didn’t bite. Cruz punked her too. Couric is such a POS. Frankly I hope when she interviews Trump, that he just stands up and puts one to her jaw, breaking it, causing a major concussion and turning her into a vegetable instead of an activist communist so she spends the rest of her days staring at a celing somewhere.

    I have no problem getting rid of Coal. I do believe it causes health problems/cancers. But why are we not NOW building thorium/molten salt reactors which are 100% safe from meltdown (many other benefits) as we phase out the coal plants. I can live with people in W.Virgina having to migrate to new jobs and skills. The evolution of technology causes this to happen constantly in America. How many jobs did clinton send to Mexico and China !? And these Morons think repubs are the problem? It’s enough to make you laugh like a madman in a madhouse.

    I was hoping Carly would have also mentioned that solar panel farms are also killing huge numbers of birds. Cooking them? Bliinding them? Don’t know but the birds are dying in large numbers.

    Imagine the mental anguish Einstein would be going through today.


  20. Kid says:

    Bocopro. Orwell said “The more a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it”


  21. Kid says:

    Mustang. Normally it would have driven me bonkers, but I’ve been on to Komrade couric for a good while now and the needle didn’t move too much.


  22. Kid says:

    Mustang. Carly a moslem lover?
    Well, scratch one Carly…


  23. Kid says:

    Honestly. if couric was a human bieing, she would have asked about:
    – letting iran have the bomb
    – national debt doubled + in 8 years
    – health insurance cost inflation 40% at least.
    – no enhancement of country infrastructure – roads bridges when billions were earmarked for it and was stolen instead.
    – a million other things
    – and for this POS couric it is all about the nonexistant global warming BS.
    Damnit I’m goingt o be BONKERS for the next TW\O HOURS!


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, Carly specifically DID mention the birds dying from all of that………..yup…
    Great questions Couric SHOULD have asked…..
    Mustang and I enjoy you going BONKERS ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ed makes a good point about 9/11 and people trying to calm the fires against islam..

    bocopro….that’s why you write SO well in your comments. I wish I’d known I was a pretty darned good teacher before I’d done a completely different career…I sub now and LOVE IT and, believe it or not, the kids love ME and listen and we talk about the most fascinating stuff and one graduate last year said “mrs. Z, do you remember that conversation on illegals we had when you sub’d my Spanish class?…I still remember that and I was a freshman!” I didn’t remember at first, but finally did…this stuff is enough to be glad you lived for, you know? Four years later, she’s remembering 75 minutes talking with me and the small class on immigration. of course, you’ll laugh: the Spanish teacher said “we’re talking about immigration…don’t worry about not speaking Spanish…just get them talking about the subject” I said “are you sure you want ME to talk about THAT with these teens?” (the staff knew I was conservative) and he said “Go for it”. I was quite proud of myself; made some good points without getting too political…and, she apparently remembered.
    I have even better stories than that. I LOVE TEACHING…. so nice to hear about your career..thanks! the way..”Scratch Carly WHERE?” (smile)


  25. Kid says:

    Z, well no, she talked about the big wind farms and the birds, but not solar.

    Where do you think Carly would want to be scratched? I’m new at this…


  26. They say those who can’t do, teach.
    Bocopro breaks that cliche.


  27. Kid says:

    Ed, Plus Uno.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, right….it was wind farms. Solar hurts birds??


  29. geeez2014 says:

    that’s awful, Kid….I had no idea! wow.


  30. Kid says:

    Z, Yea…..


  31. Ed,
    As for Carly, 14 yrs ago, after 911, many people were talking like that, trying to defuse what was thought might be a jihad against muslims.

    Business interests in the Middle East.


  32. Fiorina is spot on with that comment about wind power towers killing birds. Bees are also affected, and that effect is even more serious. I learned about these matters at Mr. AOW’s family reunion years ago; that branch of his family lives in farm country in Batavia, New York.


  33. geeez2014 says:

    AOW, that’s very interesting about bees; that is serious as they are such an integral part of the echo system, particularly for farming, as you know.
    Batavia is supposed to be very beautiful, yes?


  34. Possibly of interest…

    Carly Fiorinaโ€™s conversion from Hillary Clinton fan to fervent critic:

    … It was May 2008, close to the end of the long primary battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and we were discussing the two Democratic contenders.

    At which point Fiorina, then a campaign surrogate for presumptive GOP nominee John McCain, offered some unprompted praise for Clinton: If Fiorina hadnโ€™t been backing McCain, she told me, she would have been for Clinton.

    โ€œThatโ€™s off the record,โ€ Fiorina immediately added….


  35. Mal says:

    Aaaah! So Solar farms kill birds. One less fowl to poop on my car or patio! (Just kiddin’) ๐Ÿ™‚


  36. John M. Berger says:

    “most pressing issue”?
    My response to the “perky” Katie Curic would have been: Climate Change, being blown completely out of proportion, is but a subset of a much larger problem; that being a population so bent on self-destruction that it chooses to be represented by one so, obviously, Hell-Bent on making that happen. And such concern is constantly being reinforced by the mere fact that this insanity could be continued, post the next General Election. That, Ms. Curic, is the “most pressing issue”! If, by this time, you don’t see it, sadly, I’m afraid you never will.


  37. geeez2014 says:

    AOW: I think it’s important that SOMEONE asks the questions about Islam and Clinton of Fiorina….I just read that Megyn Kelly WILL be at the next Republican debate, I believe in December? Anyway, she will be there and I hope she’ll ask. If one of us sent the link with a question on her Facebook, where FOX asked for questions to ask the candidates, who knows!??


  38. Baysider says:

    Mustang/Mustang – +1 both times
    And YES to Kid’s question on the molten
    This is why I have been sending my money to Fiorina. She answers like I would answer if I were as informed and smooth. “Yes, it’s an issue we need to address, and here are 5,000 issues more important….” The jury is out on the muslim thing. Have to watch that.


  39. geeez2014 says:

    As I said above, I really want to hear what she says about having touted Hillary Clinton a few years ago, too…for her to say she approved of much of Hillary’s actions is troubling, too.
    I’m hoping she gets asked this and the muslims question in the next debate……


  40. Kid says:

    Just to add that the reason couric gets so heavy into climate change is becuase the kids are over the top with it. You want to get people in a comment section so pissed off you can feel it? Just challenge global warming on some kid frequented site. And that’s the only reason she brings it up. She’s no interested in what anyone thinks, just as all libtards are not, she is trying to sagotage another election for the repubs.

    Meanwhile clinton could be pressed on a hundred serious legitimate issues, what that couric asks the beast. Or doesn’t ask as the case may be,


  41. Z,
    I think itโ€™s important that SOMEONE asks the questions about Islam and Clinton of Fiorina.


    I have a hard time believing that anyone will ask the hard questions about Islam, however. We shall see.


  42. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, good point about kids and how stupidly they’ve believed all the idiocies…remember hearing that NYC school teachers were telling kids they’d drown soon when the waters rose in the Atlantic? Ya, kids have really swallowed the whole glass of Kool Aid because their teachers swallowed a whole pitcher.
    That’s why I was so glad to hear Fiorina mention so many more important subjects….Couric just played dumb. Not too hard to do, I reckon ๐Ÿ™‚

    AOW…..ya, you’re so right! I somehow can’t even mention Megyn Kelly saying “Gee, Carly, what was that big glowing love story you spun about islam’s history about five years ago?”
    Ain’t gonna happen!!

    I’ve been clicking thru the TV channels a bit this afternoon and crack up every time I see the PBS show about how professor Richard Wolff would like to CURE CAPITALISM ๐Ÿ™‚ They show it constantly. I wonder how leftwingers would feel if ONE REALLY CONSERVATIVE SHOW, like Hannity, for example, was paid for with public funds. Meanwhile, we all stay quiet and watch OUR tax dollars support that Wolff baloney…oh, and he is SO earnest..SO sincere ๐Ÿ™‚


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