Bernie Sanders’ Free Ride

bernie sandersCheck out THIS ARTICLE ON BERNIE SANDERS…..(I know;  who really cares about him, but…)…..He apparently was married twice, once for 18 months, and then remarried and has been married now for almost 30 years.  Again, who cares, right? But….

What caught my eye on his WIKIPEDIA PAGE HERE was that it clearly states that he only has one child, Levi, born to a woman named Susan Mott, not the name of either of his wives.

So, the Daily Mail (and other sites when I Googled) tells us that ol’ Bernie had a love child 46 years ago and we know that’s not too knew for presidents, but that usually gets found out after they’re in office, or even after they’ve been out of office, not before.   Still, The Daily Mail knows this… others do.But, apparently; NOT AMERICA.   Here’s my question and the only reason I’d run what sounds like a rather ‘gossipy’ post here at geeeZ:

IMAGINE if Rick Santorum or Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio or Ben Carson, or Fiorina for that matter,  had a child out of wedlock and how the leftwing media would demolish them for it? Remember the flack they gave Sarah Palin for her daughter’s illegitimate child?  WOW!

I find it odd, too, that nobody’s mentioned (that I’ve ever seen) he’d be our first Jewish president.  Why not mention that?  To me, it’s completely unimportant, I don’t care, I welcome it, in fact, as long as that Jew is a man of faith and good character.   But here’s a guy who was in The Young People’s Socialist League, and we don’t get told much about that membership, either, do we.

Picture how a Jewish Republican would be questioned “How do you feel about running as the first Jewish candidate for president?”  “How will your being Jewish affect your presidency?”  etc etc etc.  Am I wrong?

This is all to point out yet another HUGE bias in the American mainstream media.

Bernie Sanders…..the man getting a free ride while the Republicans are roasted and even their Republican interviewers (like Kelly and Baer) are castigated!

By the way, here’s a paragraph in a link above: “All reports about Sanders have previously said that Levi was the result of Sanders’ first marriage, although the name of his first wife has never before been revealed.”   TOTAL LIE.  Yes, it has:  The wife’s name was Deborah Shilling…..the birth certificate of Levi Sanders says “Susan Mott.”    But, this “Oh-so righteous socialist who goes for honesty and fairness for all,” isn’t terribly honest, huh?
Let’s remember, there’s nothing like a FREE RIDE to cheer up a Socialist and the media’s sure giving him a free ride…Bernie must be thrilled.


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21 Responses to Bernie Sanders’ Free Ride

  1. The media is carrying the libs water.
    I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.

    Good find about Sanders.
    But it’s to be expected of a man of his political leanings and I would have assumed a similar background, if not that particular one.
    Given that there are so many who behaved similarly (like myself) who are unrepentant (unlike myself) his support is not that unusual.
    Given the pass given to Choom King, aka Bathhouse Barry, we have an upstream swim against the tide of the media, or even the culture who would rather watch reruns of The Apprentice than a conservstive news source.


  2. jerrydablade says:

    The first Jewish candidate? I could have swore Lieberman had run before he was named as vp on ticket. Those dems are always winning that “first” battle. They had the first serial woman molester too. Love to watch the media cockroaches scatter all over the counter when the light is turned on in Hillary’s kitchen.


  3. And Bloviating Zeppelin is reporting that there is a buzz about Sanders running as an independent since the Democratic Party with Hillary his too right wing.


  4. If Hillary drops out of the race, the Democrats are considering importing Lenin’s mummy from his tomb in Red Square and re-animating him to run as the “reasonable alternative” to the socialist Bernie Sanders.


  5. bunkerville says:

    WHO HOO! So the old coot outdid ole Bill.. Good one.


  6. Can you imagine what the 2016 Election would be like with two Independent candidates (Sanders and Trump)?


  7. silverfiddle says:

    “Sugar shack” classic!

    I don’t car about personal lives, especially really old stuff, unless it speaks strongly about their character (did they torture animals, drug women to date rape them, etc…)

    His lifelong socialism is the operative factor here. I don’t think he’s a bad man, but he beats the drum for a failed ideology.


  8. I really like Bernie Sanders. For much like Chicolini, he literally reeks of totally discredited Socialist “authenticity”.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, that’s what I was thinking; for the left, it’s badge of honor….plus, today, having kids out of wedlock is perfectly normal among most people, but this was almost 50 years ago…
    And, of course, the reason I’d go with a story this ‘gossipy’ is more about the media silence than anything else….the typical media bias.

    Bunkerville 🙂

    Jerry; I think Lieberman ran for VP, you’re right…but not president, I don’t think. You back from your trip?

    Vrag; that is funny! and ya….he’s a perfect rep for a system that’s never worked.

    AOW: THAT would be interesting! It might be JUST what America needs IF IT WASN’T THESE TWO CANDIDATES!

    SF…ya, I don’t care, either…as I said in my post; this is more about how the media’s protected this fact…


  10. Baysider says:

    Ah, lighten up Z – Marco Rubio had 3 speeding tickets after all. Of course you’d have ‘higher standards’ of moral rectitude for Sarah Palin (er, her offspring, or any Republican) than for a young communist Jewish boy, no?, and, and, …… Hmmm. What else? Oh, I’m sure it’s coming: Ted Cruz hates women because he so easily made a fool out of Katie Couric when she had no ‘safe room’ (a la Brown University) to retreat to.


  11. Mustang says:
    Ah yes, the Wiki pages. If you go to the Wiki page, look at the top right of the page and you will find three small links: Read, Edit, and View History. If you click on View History, you get to take a look at all of the activity involved in creating this page about Bernie Trotsky. There have been 50 edits to the page since 14 August 2015. Edits made by such people as “JJRichardson,” and “Anythingyouwant,” and “Big9bot,” and “Ricky1682.” There seems to be quite a bit of jockeying around for a position about his religion: ethnically jewish, but not religious; not religious doesn’t necessarily imply atheist, and so forth.

    Well of course, an orthodox Marxist cannot be religious, but much like the Islamic faith, I think communists are allowed t lie about their religion if the purpose in doing so is to fool people.

    I always think it is interesting to determine not only what things are said about people, but also who said them. As in the Wiki pages, who gives any of that much credibility? If you go to Sander’s official pages, who do you think wrote them? More likely as not, Sanders himself had the first cut. As Z points out, can you believe anything said about him in the press? Hardly.

    So what people must do is listen carefully to what Sanders says and take it as the best news available about Sanders. According to CNBC’s John Harwood, Sander’s said, “Radical socialist Dwight D. Eisenhower was president, and I think the highest marginal tax rate was something like 90.” Hardwood asked him, “When you think about 90%, you don’t think that’s obviously too high?” Sanders replied, “No.”

    Of course, Sanders was lying about Eisenhower. The 92% marginal tax income rate for top earners in the United States had been imposed by Truman for incomes over $400,000. The issue is taxing the rich in order to give away free stuff to the poor and while many Americans easily fall into this trap, they forget one important thing: who it is that defines the rich.

    May we then consider for a moment the richer than most Bernie Sanders?
    $156,441 salary as a senator after deductions to savings and health insurance
    $46,213 in Social Security Benefits, of which $39,281 was taxable
    $4,982 as pension from when he served as mayor of Burlington
    $1,017.42 for selling his filibuster speech
    $850.00 for appearing on the Bill Maher Show

    $4,900 as compensation for sitting on an advisory commission on low-level radioactive waste disposal (no community spirit here, just a demand for more money)

    Sanders and his wife paid in federal taxes $27,653, in state taxes $7,903 for an effective tax rate of 19.6% on federal taxable income of $140,994; he gave $8,350 of his federal salary away to charities, and of his state income, $150 to support military veterans, at risk children, and the environment.

    And his debt to income ratio in 2014 was 45% … yes sir, a real financial genius.

    Most people do not make $46,000 a year in social security payments but at least we can understand where all the money is going.


  12. Mal says:

    Lets only hope his socialist agenda is heavily exploited during the coming debates should he be selected to run, which seems to be the trend presently. Good grief! They keep coming up with shady and questionable candidates! Does that mean no decent, patriotic citizen wants to be a Democrat? Hmmmm. Good question?


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, he’s richer than most…PEOPLE, but poor as politicians go, no?
    And yes, any yahoo can post anything on Wikipedia, something most people don’t realize.
    There is still good information there…we just have to question it.
    With leftwingers (since conservatives don’t get too involved in this stuff), we have to realize that anything that’s ON Wiki is probably 100% in reality 🙂

    Baysider….wouldn’t it be something if they actually did smear Cruz for arguing with a woman? It’s certainly not out of the leftwing realm to do so.

    Mal…the BIG problem is so many of our kids are so indoctrinated that a Socialist actually has the guts to run. He’s counting on many old hippies like himself who never grew up and students who’re totally indoctrinated to believe America owes them a life$$$ ….that’s not a negligible amount, as the polls are showing. Let’s not forget the leftwing American adage “Socialism hasn’t worked anywhere in the world only because they haven’t done it right”. Sanders can!!
    RUBBISH, but that’s their mantra; I’ve been told that myself!


  14. Kid says:

    Well a few thoughts.

    According to Peter Schiff, no one even ever paid 70% tax. When you get to that level of taxation you stop working or move to another country like the Beatles did.

    And products/services companies don’t pay tax. You pay it when you buy their product or service.

    You could confiscate the total wealth stash of the wealthy, approximated at 6 trillion, and run the government for 6 months.


  15. Baysider says:

    Remember when Obama mocked the word “so-shall-ist” in 2008? He was being accused (rightly) of being one. But it was telling that he thought (rightly) he could get away with laughing at it like it was a mythical bogey man in the closet. This should be a term that evokes deep fear of repression and dispossession.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that’s what I thought….nobody in their right mind would pay 90%, particularly if they are shown to owe it, they can afford to go ANYWHERE 🙂 And ya, all the riches in America won’t last long; WHEN will socialists wake up.

    Baysider…sounds like Hillary, doesn’t it….the Left feels they can laugh anything off………”I can do SnapChat and messages disappear on their own!” HARDY HAR HAR……”It’s all a Republican attack…hahahaha!”


  17. Baysider says:

    I’m getting old. I didn’t understand the buzz yesterday about Hillary’s SnapChat.


  18. Mustang says:

    SnapChat is a program that allows you to break the law and get away with it. Perfect for the Clintons and anyone on the left.

    You can see an overview here


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang; that’s a very clever app, but you’re right…could be party to very illegal and even dangerous stuff. Terrorists, homegrown thieves, Clintons…Oh, but I repeat myself!

    Talk about videos disappearing, I’ve been meaning to post on how tired I am of having conservative friends send me videos that say “Watch this NOW because it’ll DISAPPEAR!” (some have been around for years!)….it’s such a kind of ‘gotcha, we conservatives are so beleaguered and helpless to stop the onslaught’

    i hate victimhood from anybody.


  20. I can just see Bernie’s inauguration address, where a couple of women of high melanin content come up and drive him off of the podium.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Ed…I LIKE IT 🙂 “high of melanin content” 🙂


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