Naked everybody…..why?

This last week, there have been pictures that bug me on the internet….

HERE is the one of the mom breast feeding her son and the neighbor’s son.  At the same time.

HERE is the one of a Cesarean Section and tiny baby.

HERE is one of women who paint bathing suits on in NYC and get pictures taken of themselves for money.

My question is this:  Is anything sacred anymore?  Breast feeding pictures for the world to see, naked delivery shots, naked women in the big city walking around…….are we as a country now so ‘progressive’ that we find this okay, or do some of you feel as I do that America’s slipping into a kind of non personal time where nothing is just for one’s family, precious, special…….decent.  What kind of women of fine character want these pictures of themselves spread around?  These could/will be your daughters and granddaughters.   And…Where do we GO FROM HERE?

Oh, then there’s THIS….the first openly transgender employee has been hired at the White House…The White House didn’t lose any time, did it!  The person is the “outreach and recruitment director for presidential personnel in the Office of Personnel” and I just hope the best people are hired, not simply because they are LGBT….I’m not hopeful about that because Val Jarrett says the person’s “commitment to improving the lives of transgender Americans reflects the values of the Obama administration.”  WHAT has that to do with the Office of Personnel?  My gosh.

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31 Responses to Naked everybody…..why?


    OOOOH!  This is another one of those that says “Sorry, but the page cannot be found”.  It sounded intriguing, too, Z!   


  2. bunkerville says:

    Could our society get any more course? Sadly, apparently yes.


  3. bunkerville says:

    Check COARSE. :_


  4. bocopro says:

    Nudity, profanity, vulgarity . . . they don’t really bother me personally, but I do believe that a culture, a civilization, a society that wants others to respect it needs standards of behavior.

    I find the healthy adult female form beautiful, and each morning when I throw my legs over the side of my bed, the first thing I see is a painting of a lovely Tahitian girl standing in a verdant tropical pool fed by a waterfall. She has a print cloth around her hips but is wearing nothing else but a smile.

    On the other wall as I walk toward the door is a painting of my wife in a Spanish-style peasant blouse with puffed sleeves and hoop skirt when she was around 20-ish or so.

    One of the things I admired most about Cosby was his steadfast refusal to use profanity in his comedy routines. I could laugh just as well to Abbott and Costello or Red Skelton as to Andrew Dice Clay or Richard Pryor. The profanity isn’t necessary if you’re good, and a beautiful woman is still beautiful wearing sweats and flip-flops. Mystique and allure tend to be diminished by complete nakedness in stark light.

    Being nude can be tasteful in the right circumstances. Being naked implies more vulnerability than artistry. And being nekkid means you’re prob’ly up to somethin downright promiscuous.

    A culture needs tradition, and ritual, and myth, and ceremony . . . but it doesn’t need lewd, indecorous, coarse, or brutish public habits. Everyone knows how babies are made, and everybody expels waste on a daily basis. Once we’ve experienced and mastered the processes involved, we really don’t need to continue discussing or demonstrating them in wantonly.


  5. silverfiddle says:

    I take a more benign view of the mother pictures and place them in a different category than the painted women of New York or naked people walking around San Fran Sicko.

    We’re seeing a lot of women flaunting their mom cred, or the ability to get back in shape after giving birth. While I question to mental issues of some, including caesarian mother and the in-your-face militant breast feeders who seem to cultivate enemy attacks with their flagrant flaunting (as opposed to normal women who can employ a small blanket and breastfeed in public usually without others even noticing), I don’t see these as vulgar displays that pander to prurient interests.

    I apologize for dipping into pop social psychology, but the whole naked selfie thing is stale. I never thought I’d see the day where nude or near nude women posing provocatively would be plastered all over society (primarily now via the innerwebz), and never in a million years would I have predicted that it become some common that men shrug their shoulders at it and move on, but that is where we are.

    So, these women who are giving birth, most of whom cannot get back that Hollywood bod (which is an airbrush-aided fantasy anyway), flaunt the fecund side of their femininity instead, and that taps deeply into human psyches of men and women, since studies have shown that even such factors as the ratio between the diameter of a woman’s waist and her hips sends unconscious signals to men’s hardwired brains that she would be a good child-bearer. There is sexiness in motherhood.

    Man helps, but only a woman can produce another human being, and it is an arduous task. Think about how grand and awesome that is. Deep down, it’s sexy. Not in breastfeeding or caesarian peepshows, but in the gestalt of the mysterious woman who doesn’t reveal it all, but who displays the obvious evidence of her deepest femininity.

    This has more to do with the explosion of social media that gives everyone a chance to be a star in their own show, and pester people worldwide with their personal bugaboos.

    I’ll stand back now and duck the rotten eggs and tomatoes.


  6. alec says:

    It’s natural and beautiful to see a woman breastfeeding her child tastefully. But your first example is something else entirely.

    Yesterday night I was waiting for the bus when a man and his teenage daughter walked by. She was wearing what seemed to be nothing downstairs with some kind of pashmina tied loosely at her waist. With each step, the inside of her leg up to the top was completely visible.

    Not long after a young woman in liberal but modest South-East Asian garb passed. How much more attractive and feminine she looked! There’s a lesson here – though how many young American women are reading your blog Z I wonder.

    Further along the continuum of [women demeaning themselves]( are the ever-present visible tattoos. When did it become attractive to women to make themselves look like circus freaks?


  7. The photo of a Cesarean Section and tiny baby is over the line. Way out of the bounds of good taste.


  8. An openly transgender person as “outreach and recruitment director for presidential personnel in the Office of Personnel”? Quotas, I’m sure.


  9. SF,
    Personally having such photos of mother and child is one thing; putting them all over the web is another matter entirely.


  10. silverfiddle says:

    AOW: Agreed. I wasn’t defending it so much as trying to answer Z’s question of why this is happening now. Oversharing is a rampant cultural malady.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    I just have to say this, something I don’t usually show is this emotion, but…

    FOR PETE’S SAKE, EVERYBODY!! (There, I said it!!) Of course I have nothing against breast feeding, and girls can do anything they want to do, I have nothing against nudity or the beautiful form of a woman or man, I love dirty jokes (yes, I must admit I do, and I even have to rein in my sometime proclivity for the occasional but usually well-placed and well-deserved profanity here on my blog…I ADMIT IT!), BUT I posted this for this reason:

    All of this in public is toxic. This degrades women and men, it degrades the intimacy between a mother and her child, it diminishes our young people and their futures of a healthy, respectful sex life,

    Can anybody here say how those pictures and others like them elevate humanity, add to anything to our young people? I mean, PUBIC HAIR on camera? SINCE WHEN? In the guise of “the beautiful birth by C Section”? WHY? Who cares? Don’t many families have pictures like that in private and isn’t that enough? Why wasn’t it enough for that family?

    Bunkerbill echoes my thoughts: Could our society become coarser? I hope not.

    bocopro said “And being nekkid means you’re prob’ly up to somethin downright promiscuous.” YA THINK? And is that good for them? Something I often ask here at GeeeZ when discussing young girls, for example, a story I covered of girls pulling their tops up in front of a fraternity house picture with frat boys, is “Do you realize how much sex a girl has had to have had by 18 to feel free to show her breasts to every guy in a fraternity?” LOTS. You see, there is no beauty to sex for our kids anymore…anything goes, anybody goes….I pity them so much.
    They’ll not know the excitement we felt like, for you guys, of FINALLY GETTIN’ SOME (Smile)…!!!!

    Silverfiddle says “I never thought I’d see the day where nude or near nude women posing provocatively would be plastered all over society (primarily now via the innerwebz), and never in a million years would I have predicted that it become some common that men shrug their shoulders at it and move on, but that is where we are.” : THAT’s my point. And, by the way….while I think homosexuality is largely chromosomal, I also think men shrug their shoulders and go looking for something new and exciting for sex……having had ‘sex’ since middle school with girls, I’m thinking some men AND girls who’ve had a LOT of sex by 20 go elsewhere…….the same sex. Only a feeling I have but I have always wondered about that….And I think I could be right.

    alec, I have a very lovely Ethiopian valet at my fave Mex restaurant I go to….he was raised by Armenian missionaries in Ethiopia and so he speaks about as much Armenian as I do (his being Black makes that kind of hilarious since there are no Black Armenians, sadly!)….we have a friendship of about 18 years now…..He is a very strong Christian due to the missionary work, but he said that he felt the modesty of muslim women is very much more beautiful than the scant clothing of Santa Monica women/;girls………..I found that interesting.

    AOW; I don’t think it’s quota, but it could be…..I think ol’ Val Jarrett just wants to reward sexuality instead of achievement. Again. As if transgender is a talent?


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Imp sent me this…..says it all. Watch the kids who think the nudity is awful…..this is worth watching………


  13. silverfiddle says:

    Z: Please don’t think I was criticizing you in any way. I agree with you and AOW that such oversharing is a plague on our society. Just because I can explain something or posit a theory for it does not necessarily mean I agree with it.


  14. Bob says:

    Where are all these naked ladies hanging out? New York City. Ho-hum. Somebody needs to host ’em down.

    Now, say you could get the Alpha Phi girls at UofAlabama to paint up, you got something, there.


  15. Bob says:

    err, hose them down…


  16. geeez2014 says:

    SF….I do sound AWFULLY thin skinned there and I don’t mean to….
    But the comments ran along the lines of “That’s not so bad in private”, basically…and that’s SO not my point.
    And I see your point about positing and not agreeing! Devil’s advocate, a little? I get that.

    But please, all….I really just wondering if, while we ALL love freedom to do what we want to do, you agree that THIS STUFF ISN”T HEALTHY!

    SF….watch the very young girls in the video…the girls criticizing the nudity; it’s so cute.

    BOB….”hose them down”. THAT IS HILARIOUS!! Just wonderful!!!


  17. bocopro says:

    Yeah, SF . . .
    Long time ago I was told that there simply are some things you don’t do or discuss in public. Over time I developed a strategem that works purty gud fer me: the smell of shellfish being prepared OR cooked makes me slightly nauseated; ergo, I leave the room when people are cleaning, cooking, or eating the damned things.

    So, as a logical corollary to that, I try to avoid unnecessarily doing things which others might find objectionable or unpleasant, such as using language at the Thanxgiving table similar to that which I often used as a young sailor in WestPac. We used to call that simple courtesy . . . or common sense . . . I forget which.

    I find gay pride parades with the outlandish or basically non-present attire rude and disgusting, so I avoid them. Same goes for rap “music”: to me it’s regressive and offensive, so I don’t listen to it. But since gays have the right to exhibit their grotesque lifestyle and morons have the right to advertise their arrested development, I avoid overtly judging them. My rights end where theirs begin. Would that ’twere reciprocal where the volume and venue are concerned.


  18. Sparky says:

    I thought the man who calls himself Obama was the first transgender employee in the White House. He is openly homosexual / deviant. That’s why everything “goes” these days. I guess the next “big thing” will be sex acts in the street. It’s gotten really sick out there. We’ve become a black society and all that entails.


  19. Mustang says:
    In the absence of mothers explaining to their daughters what lady-like behavior is, then you will have young women exposing themselves in a variety of different ways. By the time they wake up to the reality of what they are doing … which is exposing their bodies to unhealthy effects and destroying their souls in the process, they will be tired old hags who would not even generate the interest of a sailor. (Sorry Bocopro … I could not resist). And in the absence of fathers reigning in their sons from chasing the scent of the doe … then what evolves is a society made worse each and every day as our population grows more dense. Can we save America? I think not. Is America even worth saving these days? Another good question …


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang…I HATE your question and I 100% have the same question…Mothers are NOT teaching their daughters to be lady-like; in fact, the word “lady” is scoffed and belittled.
    Men and sons? I know plenty of good young men, but NOT ENOUGH. You talk about society growing more dense; it’s really a dog-eat-dog life now….America apparently just couldn’t take the enormity of its population and a leftwing ethos all at the same time.
    “Gosh, we can’t tell that young girl of 16 not to have sex with that pimple faced jerk of 17 because that would deny them their free expression”. The biggest damned lie on the planet.

    Sparky..I think we ARE in for sex acts on the street…and GOD FORBID we complain because we’re keeping them back from their free expression, too. Answer me this one…seen a beauty contest bathing suit segment lately? What will they be wearing in five years? Paint?

    bocopro…I wish I knew what you were applying your point about not discussing in public to. Please tell me….
    And yes, “My rights end where theirs begin.” My right not to see a woman’s breasts as she breastfeeds is taken away by myself because I don’t have the guts to say “You can’t put a lovely little blanket over your shoulder and baby as she nurses like most women do?” …
    Gay parades do less for dignity among homosexuals than evil homophobes do.


  21. bocopro says:

    Well, I was raised by my grandparents, and they already had raised 8 kids, so their advice was distilled down to its essence in many cases.

    I can remember my uncles coming home from WWII, and we often had large numbers of people at dinner on weekends, sometimes as many as 20 or more. Some of the issues which were verboten at table were religion, people’s private lives, political arguments (politics as a topic was allowed, but not arguments), and loose gossip, especially about women. Discussing the bedroom antics of the President wouldn’t have occurred to them.

    Sometimes I’d sneak down from my bedroom and listen to adults talk after dinner, either out on the porch or in the living room if nothing good was on the radio (no TV in those days). I can’t remember a single time that any profanity or guttural language was used in discussions involving relationships or sex. They discussed those items, often with relish, but in decent language. Some salty language cropped up from time to time, but no obscenities or blasphemies.

    Usually the men talked in the living room or the porch, and the women sat around the kitchen or dining room table. Same for them . . . they discussed other families’ problems, sometimes in terms of someone’s having an affair or losing interest in a partner or whatever, but none of the bedroom/bathroom talk. They just didn’t do it, and I was sneaky enough to have caught some of it if they had.

    My grandfather gave me lots of advice, much of which went completely over my head. Some of the stuff is what we ALL got from the family patriarch back then: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Never come home with a bloody nose unless your knuckles have the other guys’ blood on them. If you play with fire, sooner or later you’ll get burned. That kinda stuff.

    But he also told me that gentlemen, true gentlemen, do not discuss ladies; they go to church but they don’t engage in arguments about each other’s faith; and they avoid arguments about politics because nothing ever gets solved that way — you’ll never change the other guy’s mind, so all you can do is vote. He said you learn much more by listening to other people argue than you do by engaging in it with them.

    As I got older, I abandoned that particular bon mot and embraced argument as a mental discipline, a form of calisthenics for my mind. At stake was my ego, of course, but it was a sham; what I’d do is find somebody who knew a whole lot more than I did about something, then challenge him or her on it, contradicting where I could to force him to bombard me with all the knowledge he had. That way I didn’t have to do the reading or research or study, just listen and determine what was plausible and what was horse doovers.

    But with radicals and crusaders, I just stand back and listen most of the time because they tend to speak in hyperbole. And my grandfather was absolutely correct about my not being able to influence their opinions.

    One time when I was about 6 or so, he’d taken me to a mechanic’s shop for something he was checking on. When we got there, the door was closed, so we left without learning what he wanted to know. On the way back home, he told me, “Son, never sleep with the hired help.”

    Well, hell . . . my little-boy brain pictured a rough cabin with cowboys sleeping in narrow bunks and the straw boss coming in to bed down with them. Much later, when I found myself in charge of a whole group of people, the profound wisdom of that statement crystallized in my adult mind. AND, I never discussed politics, family, religion, or gossip with them. I saved all that for my wife and my psych and soc classes. Also, I think I know now why that mechanic’s shop was closed that day.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro….I’m glad I asked….I did understand your point, but only wondered what Silverfiddle had said to elicit it. But I AM SO GLAD I asked because you paint such a beautiful picture of family life, decency, men being real men, women, etc……thanks for this. good stuff


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, nice post on Iran and THE BOMB on your blog today (so glad you’re posting again!)….thanks for that. Folks ought to go read it!


  24. geeez2014 says:

    You bet, Bob.

    I URGE YOU ALL to read the posts of those of my readers with blogs…they are some of the best in the conservative blogosphere!


  25. The photos of painted costumes on women has often fascinated me.
    I don’t mean in a prurient way, but rather in that I find in most cases the painted costume is almost indistinguishable from the fabric one, yet I have no problem with the fabric one, so why should I have a problem with the painted one?
    Obviously the venue is a consideration.
    So that begs the question, is it more appropriate to wear the fabric bathing suit on the street than the painted one?
    Or yoga pants, which appear painted on?
    Heck, I’m tired of seeing women wearing pajama bottoms in public.
    Not that it’s prurient.
    It’s just stupid.


  26. Mustang says:

    Z … I think Kid is sending you a selfie from the shower. PLEASE don’t open it.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I think the closer one gets, the more one sees that this isn’t fabric, you know? I TOTALLY get your point and think it’s very interesting and have had the same thoughts myself…..
    Also, I see bra ads on TV and am STILL shocked, imagine? We had so little when I was growing up, …we’d never have shown tampons or bras or viagra, etc., on TV, right?
    But the bra is usually FAR more covering than a bikini, so what’s the big deal? It’s like a mental thing…the bikini is outer wear, the bra is, after all, underwear! Silly, but we all have our own goofy thoughts about this stuff!!

    I agree about slopping clothing like PJ Bottoms in public……..

    Mustang… didn’t arrive; I think he sent it to YOU instead 🙂 UHOH…


  28. Mustang said:

    In the absence of mothers explaining to their daughters what lady-like behavior is, then you will have young women exposing themselves in a variety of different ways.

    Hell, we have mothers in the homeschool group who buy their daughters a closet full of slut-dressing outfits. And these girls wear these outfits to class, too — never mind the homeschool group’s dress code.


  29. Ed,
    I’m tired of seeing women wearing pajama bottoms in public.

    So am I. What’s up with doing that in the first place?


  30. geeez2014 says:

    AOW and Ed: I think a lot of that pajama bottom problem is that they’re sometimes SOLD as outerwear……it’s chic today to look like a TOTAL SLOB.
    Heck, I wear jeans and I sometimes reconsider because they’re ‘too casual’ for a venue! And these women wear PJ bottoms!

    AOW: My sis was stunned about 20 years ago when her daughter, probably 14 at the time, was showing some friends a slip, and the friends all asked “What’s a SLIP?”
    They literally don’t even KNOW SLIPS…..remember when we wouldn’t wear a dress without one?
    And so many of my friends go bear-legged in high heels….I sometimes do, but wasn’t it lovely when we wore stockings? So pretty.

    I think of women who, just to go to a movie or a meeting, would wear a lovely suit, a hat, gloves…so decent, so classy………….no wonder they got the treatment men gave them then. They were ladies.


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