So…wait.  They haven’t learned enough about Trump in the last 2 months to know he will never do that?   WITH HIS EGO??!!     And, by the way, they ALL KNOW that if he turns Independent, he’ll split the Conservative vote and we’ll be handing the election to the Democrats and we’ll NEVER EVER take America back because it’ll be too far gone if liberals stay in charge another four or eight years.  We simply won’t make it…we’ll be another Third World dump, let’s face it.

Maybe I’m wrong….tell me if YOU think this is a good idea………How’s this idea “slow Trump down,” as the headline in my link suggests?

I like a lot of what Trump says (A relative on Saturday night said “There are actually people who LIKE a lot of what Trump says!”   to which I countered “Hey, there are people who actually like what OBAMA SAYS!” knowing she likes Obama….and we then changed the subject!!)……anyway, I like what he says, though he really can’t back any of it up with the ‘hows’, but I wish he’d just go away with his blustering ego and big promises and huge personality-run campaign…..

If Trump decided not to run at all, who do you think would be leading the polls on our side?  And do you think the race will finally be a Republican versus Biden/Jokahontas Warren?




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63 Responses to The GOP IS IDIOTIC

  1. Well, one, I think Trump is a danger.
    I isolated a clip of him in a speech saying we should accelerate the election to select him now, and posted it at my blog.
    He is not a constitution restrained politician. And he IS a politician now.
    Two, he’s sucking all the oxygen from Cruz, and perhaps Fiorina.


  2. bocopro says:

    Few months ago I updated a song which could easily be the Trump theme song:

    Haunting melody, self-recriminating lyric . . .
    Made me think of what’s happened with the country I once knew . . .
    Just BEGGING to be reworked in a political motif, so I did —

    “You’ve pushed us down deep into debt for too long”

    We can’t see the point voting here any more
    Let’s have a reset, a trash dump, and restore
    Give back the powers, where they belong
    We trusted you guys with our fate for too long.

    We fell through the cracks of your two-faced platforms
    We’re tired of your lies and your high-priced “new norms”
    Bring back the prestige that once was so strong
    We trusted you guys with our nation too long.

    Put back the faith we had so deep and strong
    We trusted you guys with our Congress too long
    Bring back the ideas that you thought were wrong
    We let you get by with your tricks for too long.

    We don’t have the time to look into the cup
    To check for half empty or halfway filled up
    Islam is coming and China is strong
    We’ve squandered our treasure on food stamps too long.

    Let’s restart the system and get back to work
    And not vote in one more socialist jerk
    Get out of Congress, you got it wrong
    We gave you too much for too little too long

    Bring back the glory, re-sing the song
    We set you on pedestals for far too long
    Give back the powers, where they belong
    We trusted you guys with the keys for too long.


  3. silverfiddle says:

    I thought perhaps Trump was becoming a serious candidate, but no… Megyn Kelly is back from vaycay, and El Donaldo is attacking her via twitter.

    Not Presidential.


  4. Mustang says:
    The thought occurs to me: America’s politics are our worst. So, the first thing is we have Karl Rove running around doing all he can to sandbag “non-traditional” Republican candidates (Cruz). Now it’s loudmouth Louie who has everyone wetting their pants because he isn’t politically correct and—so the argument goes, this is just what America needs right now. Well, hardly. With his record of funding communists, funding Planned Parenthood, campaigning to ban guns … Trump is a conservative in the same way that Hillary is honest—not so much.

    Trump is sucking all the air out of the room. What we should be having is a lively but thoughtful debate about the direction of our country. Trump’s solution is “uncouple from China.” Is he really that dense? If he is not willing to commit to a GOP platform, then why should any conservative vote for him?

    Trump is the best thing that could happen to Hillary just as Perot was a gift to Bill Clinton in 1991. I personally do not trust Trump with America any further than I could toss him.


  5. Mal says:

    I say relax, everybody. Trump has already implied during an interview he will go with whoever the GOP selects, even if its not him, and that he is using his leverage, that’s all. The only reason he had contributed to both parties in the past was solely for business reasons. Remember, he was a business man before becoming a politician and still is, so he was simply playing the game. It would
    not be to his advantage if a Dem remains in office and he knows it. So relax.


  6. Bob says:

    I think we are all whining a little too much about Trump. After all, when has there ever been a Republican presidential candidate that met everybody’s expectations? Heck, even I didn’t like Ronald Reagan for a long time. I was simply dismayed at the times that he would up chewing on his foot. It turned out I was wrong.

    Understand that I don’t like Trump, either. I don’t think he will give up on his candidacy, and he is perfectly capable of running as an independent. Remember all those supposedly intelligent people that voted for Ross Perot? They were just gullible, just as Trump’s supporters are.

    Here’s a question. If the economy tanks like the stock market, does that help or hinder Trump’s candidacy? Something like that has to hurt the clueless Democrats, but I think Trump would profit most because he will yell the loudest. Right now, he has the microphone.


  7. Mal says:

    Bob, Trump is not Perot. Donald isn’t saying with a twangy voice “If the engine quits, just lift the hood and fix it.” Hopefully, he is a lot sharper than Ross was. Hang on to your hats, folks. The ride is just beginning!


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I disagree with your assumption on why Trump was saying that….but wouldn’t guarantee he’s a strict Constitutionalist and really cares about anything but WHAT HE WANTS, that’s for sure.

    bocopro,your talents are wasted here…. I saw your poem at Silverfiddle’s (I think it was) and it was wonderful, too. GREAT JOB. Thank you for that!

    Silverfiddle…I had the exact same thought when I heard he was on Megyn again; the man’s a nightmare…..he was JUST starting to seem more normal to me and then this.
    Not Presidential AT ALL. He’s a spoiled little boy, vindictive, throwing rocks on the playground….you know he even actually says “He was MEAN to me!” Who says that after 10 years of age? “MEAN TO ME!” AAAAwww.
    He’s used to having his way and he needs to learn that’s not a president’s personality…he’d NEVER work with Congress…and we criticize Obama for that!
    FOX is, as I type, reading Roger Ailes’ retort to Trump’s insults…….standing up for Megyn, which she deserves. “We don’t let ourselves be bullied by anyone and we won’t start now,”..etc etc…….And now Mr. Trump will SET HIMSELF OFF on a new round of unpresidential (heck, unMANLY) Tweets slamming FOX…
    Trust me….his next step is INDEPENDENT. He doesn’t want to associate with the Conservative station …wait for it. are SO RIGHT with “Trump’s solution is “uncouple from China.” Is he really that dense? ” They make nearly EVERYTHING WE NEED/BUY and we’re going to UNCOUPLE from CHINA? Maybe he truly doesn’t understand the business world as well as he says he does?
    And yes, many Republicans fear him as the next Ross Perot I just don’t see how he can be regarded as anything else.

    BOB! Remember what happened because of Perot? THAT’s why we’re not happy!!! That’s a pretty good reason, don’t you think? YOu ask “After all, when has there ever been a Republican presidential candidate that met everybody’s expectations?” And I say that ALL THE TIME when I hear my Republican friends here say they won’t vote for a conservative who’s not conservative ENOUGH (which gave us Obama and the probable ruination of our whole country)…
    But Trump is a bit more than just another shlub who doesn’t make us all perfectly happy.
    He’s a loose canon and a mean person with an ego the size of the solar system..

    He is not presidential.

    Mal……don’t forget I was the first one to mention he gave to both parties because he’s a businessman..that just plain happens, in any state/city. But to think he’ll stick by any promises he’s made is a leap I can’t make. I think he’ll do ANYTHING to get elected, including destroying the Republican party. And us, in the long run, because he will only be the second Ross Perot …he’d NEVER WIN a national election as an Independent.



  9. baysider says:

    It’s like Dennis Prager says – we have the stupid party and the dangerous party. I don’t think Trump can win as a 3rd party runner. Then we’ll end up with Biden and Pocahontas in the White House. Love those lyrics bocopro.


  10. baysider says:

    I know 3 lovely, conservative people who care about their country who voted for Perot. And I know there were many more. I learned that one friend did when she was talking about the issues with Clinton. I commented “you can thank the Perot voters for him” and she paused, then said “my husband and I voted for Perot. We’re so sorry.”


  11. bocopro says:

    “bocopro,your talents are wasted here…. I saw your poem at Silverfiddle’s (I think it was) and it was wonderful”

    Well, they’re poems only in the technical sense . . . rhyme & meter . . . but in literary sense they’re parodies. And they’re SO easy to do, given the material made so abundantly available by the D.C. dimwits.

    Now, the ones I write for Milady’s birthday or when the muse comes to sojourn in my mind’s sitting room . . . some of those are kinda poetic . . . you know, fulla metaphors ‘n’ symbolism ‘n’ imagery expressed in language distilled down to its essence.

    I write for the cerebral exercise; it’s a hobby, I reckon, like some guys go to the gun range and some rebuild engines and some chase little white balls through pastureland with weapons designed to chase them into little holes in short-trimmed grass. Just enjoy bumpin nouns and verbs together in fresh new ways with a sprinkling of modifiers and qualifiers and intensifiers here and there for added nuance.

    ‘Preciate the compliment, and since there jist ain’t no money in po’try, I don’t mind sharin ’em.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro, I’m a writer, too, and have a book of poetry…… you say “just ain’t no money in po’try” so I give those collections as gifts 🙂 And they open up some conversations because they’re very strong and have a lot of energy.
    Yes, “poem” is the best way to describe the rhyme and meter (which I often don’t bother with) but….
    I think yours are far better than just “bumpin nouns and verbs together”….

    Baysider…I call her JOKAHONTAS now, and will probably continue if she hooks up with the joke-ster party….imagine JOE BIDEN AS PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE AGAIN?
    I’m hearing talk show hosts praying he runs….just for the fun of it!
    If Liberals take HIM seriously enough to run HIM, we do have a chance of winning.



  13. bocopro says:

    One of the best poems I ever did was vers libre. And . . . I got $50 bucks for it back in 1986.

    Heck . . . it ain’t too long. I’ll show it to ya. Came in the house just as the clip of the Challenger disaster was being shown about 20 minutes after the reality. Powerful moment. THIS . . . just sorta ran outta my fingertips. Took about 15 minutes to tap out on my old IBM II Selectric. Don’t think I did a whit of editing.

    28 January 1986

    Feathers and wax
    are now chrome and steel
    and the world
    with one eye
    watches unholy blue fire
    sharpen to a pointed tip
    a cutting torch
    to free Icarus
    from the womb
    of life

    and a cat lies sleeping
    on the carpet
    basking in the warmth
    from a shrinking oak log.

    Raging fury
    of a captured sun
    pours forth
    from flimsy silos
    hurling Prometheus
    toward a higher challenge
    than old Olympus

    and a dog rolls playing
    on the floor
    scratching his back
    an old ball in his mouth.

    Journey to wondrous heights
    where nothing falls —
    man’s challenging look
    into the mysteries
    of God’s laws
    . . . ends . . .
    as the laws are obeyed
    not by the servants of God
    but by the servants of man

    and a young woman
    drying her hair
    pauses to watch incandescent death
    invade the invader.

    Two titanic roman candles
    unfettered by intelligence
    scurry away from the cloud
    and the debris
    of man
    falls again
    into the sea

    and the woman combs her hair
    the cat sleeps
    the dog plays


  14. geeez2014 says:

    boco; VERY nice…thanks for that. The Challenger disaster affected me very similarly.


  15. geeez2014 says:


    Take a look at his TWEETS and tell me we can have a man like THAT in the White House…I don’t know if I’ve known a more thin skinned, ugly, name-calling jerk. He’s back at calling Megyn Kelly a “bimbo” again, so I’m eager to hear a CNN questioner in the next debate they run in September how he can expect women to get behind him with that kind of language…. he says The Kelly File was better without her and that she came back looking like Nancy Grace, etc etc. Amazing.

    He’s a terrible disaster………..I didn’t think he was THIS BAD….just take a look at his twitter pages….it’s awful. like a punk thug in high school SCREAMING and SHOUTING and NAME’s almost unbelievable. He needs to GO AWAY


  16. On the one hand, I think Trump is just trying to wake the establishment up to the fact that the people are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore, and if there isn’t real change somewhere the people are going to force it on those in charge, for better or worse. On the other hand, I’m reminded too much of a Stephen King book (and movie) called The Dead Zone, and a central character known as Greg Stillson. Anyone whose seen the movie (or better yet read the book) knows exactly what I’m getting at.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    “The Real Dave” Who are you, please?


  18. Just a lurker who used to have a blog of my own before closing up shop about a year ago. Ed was an occasional lurker there himself.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Lurkers can’t get through me so I was a little stunned…that’s why I went to WordPress instead of Blogger; to keep some out, sadly. I never wanted a Conservative Echo Chamber, but couldn’t stomach the far lefties who had nothing to add but did nothing but denigrate and insult.

    So, I’m a little worried that you got through and I wonder why, only because lefties can probably do it somehow too (so far, so good, however!), but I hope you’ll come back and, if you know Ed and his blog, you’re welcome here!
    Thanks for coming by.


  20. You know what? If the GOP can’t figure out this Trump thing any better than trying to force GOP candidates to take a pledge, the GOP deserves to lose.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    AOW…I’m listening right now to the BLOWHARD and finding myself CRINGING ” I like FOX, but they TREAT ME BADLY…they’re MEAN” OH, my GOD, and this is supposedly presidential material?

    Can anybody IMAGINE what he’ll do if he DOES NOT get the Republican candidacy? IMAGINE? It’s scary to even imagine because he has NO DECENCY, NO BRAKES, NO DIGNITY.
    “Do you know how many hispanics work for me? Thousands… THEY LOVE ME” I could puke.
    “I wiped everybody out in the poll in Nevada….I wiped them out with Hispanics!” (hispanics are actually polling terribly for Trump.
    “Once I win……” is his new mantra. ONCE I WIN.


  22. Z,
    He’s a terrible disaster.

    Yes, he is.

    And so is Jeb Bush. His recent statements about anchor babies and Chinese birth tourism were downright stupid. Not to mention this:

    “I think we need to take a step back and chill out a little bit as it relates to the political correctness, that somehow you have to be scolded every time you say something.”

    Mustang mentioned Karl Rove:

    Karl Rove running around doing all he can to sandbag “non-traditional” Republican candidates (Cruz).

    Karl Rove is one of THE major problems with the GOP.

    I’m sick to death of politics right now!


  23. geeez2014 says:


    The man is a very SICK MAN.


  24. The GOP has yet to come to terms with the reasons that Trump is resonating with so many. Get a clue, GOP!


  25. geeez2014 says:

    AOW…that’s one of the things I actually admired Jeb for saying….what’s wrong with saying PC has to GO? People can’t say ANYTHING anymore without the PC POLICE …America has NO SENSE OF HUMOR anymore..that’s scary!

    And ya, I’ve been saying that since Cruz started sniffing around the candidacy….Rove was SO hateful and dismissive about him I knew then that THE GOP IS NOT GOING TO SUPPORT ANYBODY WHO’S NOT A TOTAL GOP HACK…

    I just have to stop listening to Trump…..he repulses me…and I’m sorry because he really does say a lot that I agree with, at least in a broad stroke kind of way…not that anything he says is remotely possible, let’s face it.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    AOW! I KNOW! Wouldn’t you THINK they see it? They MUST….even leftwingers on CNN and MSNBC are kind of singing his praises when they say things like “He’s hitting a nerve with a lot of people” Note, they’re not always saying REPUBLICANS…it’s PEOPLE.
    I honestly believe what Trump says is also appealing to Democrats….some, anyway.


  27. Z,
    Trump is an egomaniac — perhaps even a megalomaniac.

    But he clearly appeals to a lot of people. Maybe there is something to this, after all…

    Donald Trump: Warrior male extraordinaire


  28. Z,
    that’s one of the things I actually admired Jeb for saying….what’s wrong with saying PC has to GO?

    Because he wasn’t saying anything like that until Trump came along, was he? If he did say something like that earlier, I didn’t hear anything about it. Correct me if I’m wrong.


  29. bunkerville says:

    I dunno why Trump is getting all this air time. I didn’t think it was legal for networks to give that much time to one candidate. Three networks just carried him live.


  30. A lot of Americans may well be asking, “Would the GOP even be addressing immigration reform right now were it not for Donald Trump?”

    Was that topic really addressed in the first GOP debate?


  31. bocopro says:

    What we’re experiencing is a correction to the inflated political correctness bubble. From time to time the stock market has to self-correct.

    The nature of pendula is to swing in one direction for a while and then go back the other way for a while.

    Politics was becoming frustrating and formulaic, like eating the same meal night after night. What he’s done is to throw some chipotle at the gruel and wake up the senses.

    In the end, I believe he’ll be another Joe the Plumber and self-embarass himself out of it by allowing his alligator mouth to overload his hummingbird . . . well, you know.


  32. Bocopro,
    The nature of pendula is to swing in one direction for a while and then go back the other way for a while.



  33. Mal says:

    I’ve been in support of Trump not only because he has been saying it like it is and resonating with people, but also because of his name recognition to compete with Hillary. Most of the other candidates would be good, too, but don’t have near the name people recognize. The idea of doing away with Lobbyists really struck a chord with people, too, which is something that’s been talked about for years but not done. The same with making Congress have the same health coverage and retirement the rest of us do. No favoritism. Folks are frustrated by the lack of accountability in
    government. You have to give The Donald his due for playing the right cards. He will not run on an independent ticket, I don’t believe, because he would lose and he doesn’t like to lose. ANYTHING.
    Like I said, he is not Ross Perot.


  34. geeez2014 says:

    AOW…first of all Kelly had that vacation scheduled, and secondly, I don’t put a lot of store in anything from WND…sorry. I know Megyn Kelly isn’t the thrust of why you linked that here, but she was amazing in that interview, never backed down, and all they said on WND is just wrong.By the way, their editor/owner once came to GeeeZ and we had quite a go around… Joseph Farah. Awfully mad at me over something I’d said; when proven I was right, he finally disappeared. (I sound like Trump now, don’t I?)!! Dennis Prager did that to my Mr. Z…tons of emails back/forth until proven wrong, then disappeared.

    Anyway….I don’t care what is attracting Trump to the people….as I said,I’m attracted by a lot of what he SAYS, but HOW HE SAYS it is SO beneath the dignity of America and I worry. Honestly? I think he will become president. I really do.

    As for Jeb, I’m not sure he’s had a chance to say anything as a pres. cand. until Trump came on the scene………I have never liked Jeb until recently….I think he’s kinder and nicer than many of them and am sorry he has to be in this REactive situation forced by Trump and isn’t enough of a politico/liar to handle it well..

    bunkerville; you raise a REALLY INTERESTING SUBJECT there….Yes! I thought they have to pay for air time………except in big event coverage, of course. ALL THREE , MSNBC CNN and FOX had him in Iowa just now…WHY?

    Maybe everyone believes he’ll win.

    He said something I found humorous today; that he’ll pay with his coffers until he’s chosen then the GOP will kick in “at least that’s how it works, right?” I thought “THAT’ll be THE DAY!!”


  35. geeez2014 says:

    Mal..what he says is fine..most of it…he has yet to tell us how he’ll do ANY of it….
    And he’s so beneath us in dignity and respect………are you reading my quotes in my comments? and that of others?
    I’m not going to keep arguing about Trump…I’m glad you like him and you’re definitely NOT ALONE!
    I just WISH he’d grow up and show a shred of dignified humility and gratitude and STOP calling women BIMBOS like he did yesterday, stop attacking others, stop telling us how damn much money he has and the big lie that HISPANICS LOVE ME…………gad


  36. John M. Berger says:

    “he has yet to tell us how he’ll do ANY of it…”
    Yes and that’s my biggest problem thus far. We have a long way to go.


  37. bocopro says:

    The terrible irony looming like Damocles’s sword is the pledge all the other GOP candidates insist that Trump make — to support the Republican nominee no matter who he is. It’ll be crow casserole all around if he’s numero uno.

    Of course I figger the odds of that happening are about the same as Ganymede slipping its centripetal reins and landing in the Caribbean sometime next summer.


  38. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…You seriously DO NOT THINK TRUMP will be the candidate? How do you figure?
    he’s up (if he’s to be believed) 40% today!

    Tell me, I need a cheerful voice; What do YOU think he’ll do if, somehow, a Carson or Fiorina or Cruz outdoes him? And how bad do you think he’ll punish Americans for it?

    JMB….a very long way to go!


  39. geeez2014 says:

    AOW…I heard Jeb remind a crowd that he IS married to a hispanic, after all……THAT HAS TO STOP. Very fumbling, silly move.


  40. geeez2014 says:

    Just heard that Joy Behar is going back to THE VIEW? Just in time to indoctrinate and insult Republicans for a year before the election! GREAT TIMING, huh? 🙂


  41. Mal says:

    Z, don’t get me wrong. I agree Trump is crude. That worries me, too, if he makes it to the WH. It’s just that I might be willing to put up with all of that if he succeeds and gets us back on track. Apparently most of the voters feel the same way or else he wouldn’t be ahead. I’m sure those who favor him don’t care for his mannerism either but figure better him than Hillary, Biden, or any others from the Left and that he would still have the best chance to swing the independents and even some from the Left who like his style and message.


  42. FB says:

    “You know what? If the GOP can’t figure out this Trump thing any better than trying to force GOP candidates to take a pledge, the GOP deserves to lose.”

    So right. The GOP is full of idiots, weasels and corrupt jerks aside from a few. They’re statist anyway and wouldn’t change a thing. They’d keep working with the Fed to print money, they’d send money to the Saudis and the likes, and so forth.

    I deeply hope for a Trump vs Sanders to send a shockwave to the country. That’s my emotional side. But my favorite candidate is Carson.


  43. FB says:

    The thing people don’t understand about Trump is that his communication is controlled. We think he’s crass and is disrespectful but he must know that people are so sick and tired that it will work. When it’s time to polish the angles, he will adapt. Imagine him against Hillary? He can rehash the fact he gave her money. Who will look bad in that case? Not him. Worst scenario: that can deter a lot of people on the left to not go vote. He’s far from being stupid in his strategy. And since he’s not a conservative he can appeal to a lot of people on the left. He represents what I saw coming a few years ago: he is the beginning of a true nationalistic trend in American politics like the National Front was in response to the failure of the left and the right in France in the 80s and 90s.


  44. bocopro says:

    No, I don’t believe The Don will be Da Man.We are now over 400 days from election day and haven’t had even the first primary yet. At this point in the 2008 election cycle, Giuliani was even higher in the polls than Trump is today, and he was a genuine Republican.

    Giuliani was another tell-it-like-it-is, in-your-face, high-name-recognition candidate, much like Trump. And he was a heroic figure with accolades from his 9-11 performance still ringing in the public ear.

    But then conservatives found out that Giuliani was formerly pro-choice and had been married three times . . . the same as Trump, by the way.

    And don’t forget about Howie Dean, who was a runaway steam roller for a while who then imploded in a single appearance. Gingrich also had a big lead in the last cycle, then people eventually realized that he is a brilliant but condescending jerk.

    The American political races at the national level are decided by name recognition (popularity contests) and outrageous ignorance by the majority of eventual voters. Hard-core left-wingers will vote for Shrillary unless she’s actually behind bars, the same as hard-core right-wingers will vote against her if the ghosts of Jefferson and Lincoln endorse her.

    Trump is a polarizing figure, an intruder in the game who annoys traditional politicians . . . you know, the people who actually do the behind-the-scenes deal-making and work the floor at the conventions. The PARTY decides who will be the nominee. And endorsements matter.

    Many of the 17 genuine candidates for the GOP nomination (and there are at least another dozen who are total unknowns) will fall by the wayside. And when the Perry or the Kasich or the Graham DOES run off into the ditch, he’ll throw his support toward a Bush or a Rubio or a Walker.

    So I see it as a long-distance run in which Trump has come out sprinting and already peaked. He’s fired most of his big guns and brought several issues to the fore and now has no real room to pick up steam and lengthen his lead.

    All the others have been relegated to second-choice status, and many of those are acceptable to the GOP vote-getting machinery in the primaries and caucuses, the back-door deals and newspaper endorsements and spinmeisters.

    The novelty of his calling other candidates “stupid” and accusing Fox News of conspiring to make him look bad and calling Megyn Kelly a “bimbo” and Mexican illegals “rapists” will wear off and traditionalists will prevail at the convention.

    He’s brought a fresh bottle of horseradish mustard with honey to spice up the stale noodles of two-party politics, but he came out of the gate on afterburner and has wiped out his fuel reserves. Sorry for all the mixed metaphors, but the movers and shakers in the RNC will do whatever it takes to get a conventional politician through the conventional process, not a flash-in-the-pan mischief-making loose cannon.

    Like a ride down the rapids in an inflatable raft, it’s been exciting, but eventually the carnival packs up and leaves town and everybody goes back to the same-ol’ same-ol’, leaving the one with the most biggest contributors and strongest endorsers standing center stage with the brass ring in his hands.

    And I still say that unless she actually is indicted and jailed, don’t bet against Shrillary as the DNC pick . . . UNLESS Soetoro comes out and actively campaigns for Biden to set up his surrogate 3rd term and grease the skids for a Faucahontas run in 2020.

    It’s all about legacy with Soetoro, and I have great faith in the GOP’s uncanny ability to come up with RINOs to sacrifice on crosses made from the Fairy Dust Tree along the road to that progressive Utopia across the Bridge of a Thousand Lies over Food Stamp River where Tinker Belle rides her golden unicorn leading voters to the cornucopia at the foot of Black Lives Matter Mountain in the Land of Shangri-La.


  45. Z,
    I’m no fan of WND. Not at all! But I think that the author of that particular essay has said something important.

    Jeb Bush is kinder and nicer. But those qualities appear not to be resonating now, do they? People are sick and tired of milquetoasts.

    The GOP created Trump in that those elected in 2014 folded like a house of cars and gave Obama everything he demanded.

    If Trump wins those GOP primaries, he will likely be the candidate.


  46. Bocopro,
    Giuliani was another tell-it-like-it-is, in-your-face, high-name-recognition candidate, much like Trump. And he was a heroic figure with accolades from his 9-11 performance still ringing in the public ear.

    But then conservatives found out that Giuliani was formerly pro-choice and had been married three times . . . the same as Trump, by the way.

    It may not matter this time around. America is a different place today — thanks to a lot of factors.


  47. Like it or now, Trump’s way of dealing with Jorge Ramos rang a Reagan bell.


  48. FB,
    he is the beginning of a true nationalistic trend in American politics like the National Front was in response to the failure of the left and the right in France in the 80s and 90s


    The pendulum swings hard when it swings.


  49. bocopro says:

    Luntz always seems to me a guy going to extr’ord’n’ry lengths to prove he’s a twerp.


  50. silverfiddle says:

    Bocopro, Excellent analysis! And highly entertaining. I agree completely.

    Sadly, I also share your conclusion. When did the GOOP take on the permanent role as Heel? (It’s a wrestling Term. Go look it up)

    Jeb Bush has the stink all over him of one more GOOP candidate handed the role of losing to the Dem.


  51. geeez2014 says:

    FB: You a Trump fan, then?

    bocopro…I don’t see Trump losing and fading into the sunset….NOT AT ALL. His reactions might stir things up even MORE.

    AOW: Reagan did say things like Trump did to Ramos….let’s see, as I just wrote at your blog, if Trump will harp on the ‘gotcha’ questions as he has so hard on Megyn Kelly, who he again called “Bimbo” the other day, this man who professes to love and respect women.


  52. Lisa says:

    Hopefully a little bit of Trump will rub off on the rest of them. Just a little bit


  53. Mustang.Koji says:

    You ask tough questions again, Geeez… Is there a right or wrong answer? While even discussing GOP candidates amongst ourselves can be touchy, I wish to first say I do NOT trust our elected officials at all. They no longer represent us; they represent their own fattening wallets…or pay sums to concubines. They pass freaking laws and regulations and IGNORE them themselves…or apply them when it benefits someone. For instance, how long has it been since in the PUBLIC eye, the witch Hillary HAS violated email rules, period. And she’s still running? That shows you people that support her are persuaded by the entitlements she represents. Whatever she did wrong is of no matter to them.

    But who’s gonna run? I don’t know about the Democruds but certainly, if Hillary gets selected/elected, we are in deep shit. The GOP? None of the ones you bring up, unfortunately, as they are career politicians. Who do I want? I want somebody who will support our military, shoot down Obamacare, not only build borders but DEPORT those who shouldn’t be here, undo the horde of laws and regulations set up by law-makers in bed with lawyers, get government out of private business and cut down on welfare AND taxes. Is that Trump? I don’t know…


  54. FB says:

    I am not a fan per say. I am cautious because politics have taught me to trust no one. I like the fact he breaks the current paradigm. I’m so tired of politicians in the Western World, in the US or France that we need this. It may not lead to anything and I don’t think it will. But what this country needs is a manager and not an ideologue. Someone who will get results and having results mean fixing the debt issue and getting people back to work. Current politicians won’t do it because they either are incompetent or don’t give a damn.


  55. FB says:

    BTW I was walking my dogs here and talked to some people. Not sure if they were Philipinos or else but in my lower class to low middle class area those people are for Trump.


  56. FB says:

    And so is my neighbor across my house. A guy with not a lot of money living in the back of a house. And strong Christian.


  57. bocopro says:

    My reason for predicting a Trumpout is based on the absence of any specifics in his sweeping braggadoccio generalizations about how he’d solve the economic, immigration, national security, unemployment, and Chinese/Russian swordclanging.

    All he ever says is that he’ll fix it and people’s jaws will drop and Mexico will pay for the wall and he’ll bring all the lost jobs back from all over the world and that he’s the onliest one who can beat Shrillary and Putin will listen to reason and Persia will get the message and so on and so on.

    Howsomever, I don’t see him exiting stage right gracefully. Ditto for Soetoro when his time’s up. In fact, I won’t be a’tall surprised for him to whip up some crisis demanding that he declare martial law and suspend the genelec so that he can pull a Schickelgruber.

    And if he does comply with existing law and pass the football to a legitimate successor, I don’t see him being a particularly useful or productive PotUS Emeritus . . . unless Mooch starts scratchin around for a Senate seat as a launchpad for a 2024 run of her own in Klintoon mode.


  58. FB says:

    No politician is specific. All they know how to say is “We need [fill in the blanks]” American politicians give a laundry list of “We need to …” and for the 16 years I’ve lived here, I keep hearing they’ll change Washington. They really must think American voters are idiots. Maybe a good way to pay for the wall is to tax all financial transactions from people living here going to Mexico. I’m sure there are creative ways to make other people pay. One of them is to stop free trade agreements and put some high tariffs.


  59. John M. Berger says:

    “My reason for predicting a Trumpout is based on the absence of any specifics”

    YES, I’m waiting!


  60. Mal says:

    You know, in reading all the blogs one thing stands out: OUR FRUSTRATION WITH POLITICS IN GENERAL. I don’t believe this was in the minds of our founding fathers when they started this country and created the Constitution. They went to great lengths and felt comfortable with what they wrote to protect us from any foreseeable challenges. It has worked for well over two centuries, so why is it grid locking our Congress today? One has to conclude it is due to ineptness on their part, but is that really the case? John Boehner has been condemned for lack of action, but is that really fair? Remember all the flack he took when they wouldn’t approve Obama’s spending bill and we defaulted because we had run out of money? He tried to avoid that the last time and caved in. How else could he have handled it because they were blaming it all on the Republicans. Hence, the frustration with politics in general.


  61. Mal says:

    Oh. And one other thing: Z, you mentioned earlier as so many in the news have also stated, Trump says he can and will do a lot of things, like build a wall at the Mexican border and make them pay for it, but not how. He has said how. He answers he will bring the companies that left the U.S. for Mexico back to the U.S. That means we can build and pay for the wall with the money we get back in taxes from those companies and workers, i.e. Mexico pays for it.


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