Ready for a “good time?”

Are our college kids really THIS UNTHINKING?

college sign

I can’t quite get over this, particularly after all the bad press fraternity boys get.  “Hope your baby girl is ready for a good time”?????

My friend’s daughter is now going to Ohio Weslyan…she got dropped off over the weekend…..Coed dorms.  Not ‘boys on this floor, girls on that floor’…no, it has to be mixed. Guys on the football team are apparently next door to Victoria, this VERY pretty and tiny Hispanic girl from a protective Christian high school.   She’s actually quite a tough little cookie, but why should guys be on the girls’ floor?  What’s the up side of that?   At least they don’t share bathrooms in this dorm but many do….I hear tales of girls wrapping a towel around themselves and running back to their rooms after a shower…….Why should they have to be around that kind of “openness?”

For what purpose are universities creating situations where trouble can happen?  Why do their administrations complain about rape, or signs like those above, and do all they can to promote it?  Permit (or plan for) pretty young things and hunky guys on the same floor and stand back!  It’s like young sailors and whatever they call girl sailors all on a submarine together… These aren’t the days anymore when boys couldn’t even go upstairs in a sorority!

HERE’s a site I found while Googling for this article.   Does that seem healthy to you?  How can the two sexes cohabitate and not have sites like this, and behavior like this?

What would you do if your daughter was starting at the school in the above image?  You dropping her off and just hoping for the best?  Clearly, you hope you’ve raised your daughter well , but most parents hope that!    Some don’t do so well….

I’ll get off my high-horse of morality now!  I know I sound like a total prude, and I’m NOT, but the image above bugged me and I got to thinking about coed dorms and the connection between universities which profess to being horrified by that kind of fraternity stuff but seem to create the environment for it.



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48 Responses to Ready for a “good time?”

  1. alec says:

    Any parent who places his 18 year old daughter in such a situation has failed in his responsibility to her. A father is supposed to protect and take care of his daughter until she gets married. It’s really pretty simple. You don’t support corrupt places like these with your $$$ or your children.


  2. bocopro says:

    Vive la difference. I liked it much better when there was some mystique, some question, some mystery, some challenge, some pursuit, some rules . . . all of which was worked out on the honeymoon.

    Ou sont les relations amoureuse d’antan?


  3. I’m with Alec, and it appears you also, Z.
    School Admins are libs with notions of sexual liberation and they are forcing it down our throats.
    However, I do remember this being a student demand in the 70s.
    Those students are now the Admin.


  4. I know a lot of parents who assume their daughters will be promiscuous in college. Even Christian parents!


  5. HERE’s a site I found while Googling for this article.

    Good grief! Instructions!


  6. alec says:

    @AOW, yes exactly. ACK!


  7. silverfiddle says:

    Why? Because, as Doc Savage reminds us, liberalism is a mental disorder, and liberals have a total stranglehold on higher education. The control it all.

    Of course, young people do what young people do, always have, always will, to a greater or lesser degree depending upon the circumstances.

    The total insanity here is on the part of ‘adults’ who run these universities. Instead of doing the traditional checking of normal human impulses, they are actively encouraging the worst behavior of the young people in their care.

    Keep in mind these are the same people who are also going overboard the other way and convicting men without trial of rape any time something happens.

    I hate conspiracy theories, but I can’t help but conclude this is planned chaos by leftwingers who enjoy tribalism for the opportunities for power, money and control it brings them.

    What would I do? Probably take a picture and go to somebody at the administration and demand to know what they are going to do about it.

    Unfortunately, at that point, in the fall, you’ve already invested your money, so pulling your kid out just ain’t an option.

    What can parents do? Send your kids to the local community college for the first few years, and do not send them to a ‘party school.’


  8. silverfiddle says:

    Bocopro: Indeed. I would hate coming of age today. Everything, Everything! has been stripped of all wonder and mystique.

    Again, I hate to sound like a conspiracy kook, but when you break sex down to pornographic mechanics, you can indulge in every perversion and see it all on-line, that can’t help but drain the humanity and magic out of the entire spectrum of relations between men and women, from innocent flirting to the most intimate moments.

    I can’t help but see a purposeful destruction of humanity, a zapping out of the wiring between our minds and our biology, the end point being a drastic decrease/end(?) to progeneration.

    We really are living through a Brave New World.


  9. John M. Berger says:

    Perhaps there is a lot to be said for “commuter schools”; less nonsense, less cost.


  10. If I saw that while dropping off my girl (or boy) I’d just walk over and tear the signs down and then go to the administration. My kids were trained to look down upon such outward shows of stupidity. Too many people are allowed to go to college–as if it’s a right not a privilege, but we all know the colleges are greedy for students and their cash (loans). Parents should revolt against guidance counselors telling the kids they have to go to a good college to have a successful life–what brainwashing garbage!!!!

    In ways I don’t blame the boys–they’re just stating the obvious situation at college. Girls have been taught that being sexually promiscuous makes them free and more like men. Ugh.


  11. bunkerville says:

    Excellent points made. Complaining about the same activity that the Colleges and Universities are promoting. Typical Liberal logic.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Silverfiddle!!! “Keep in mind these are the same people who are also going overboard the other way and convicting men without trial of rape any time something happens.”

    Think DUKE and many others,right? That’s why I harped in my post on the fact that they’re creating the atmosphere for rape while supposedly against it!!?. It’s INSANE. That’s my biggest point about all of this; the utter hypocrisy. Part of the lib mental disease.

    Ya, kids are going to do what they want to do, and now have been programmed to do having watched years of overly sexualized TV shows, commercials, internet, liberal teachers, Hollywood celeb stories………..

    Alec, Imagine being a parent and seeing those SIGNS!? YOu think you do everything right for your kids, then.. But there are also parents who just expect that’s going to go on. If I had that expectation, my child would be OUT of there as soon as possible…

    AOW, isn’t that site AMAZING? Awful!!

    bocopro…there IS no intrigue, no really sexy imagination anymore…and THAT was what was truly sexy, wasn’t it. In an old film, a door closed on a couple and you knew what was going on….and your imagination was so much better than some hollywood couple’s gyrations and faking it. You said it so well “….some mystique, some question, some mystery, some challenge, some pursuit, some rules . . . all of which was worked out on the honeymoon:”
    Ou sont les relations amoureuse d’antan? ils sont partie….malheuresment
    Our kids are pretty much robbed of that THOUGH I do know a gorgeous young couple who did not have sex before marriage….They’re both particularly good looking and to see her in her white gown at the wedding, walking toward him, brought tears to my eyes because this young couple had waited and she approached him with purity and beauty….it was breath taking. Of course, she’s also who I’ve said is “The prettiest girl I’ve seen in person!”!!

    Adrienne, there are fewer and fewer colleges that aren’t like this but they can be found. Definitely. And, I’m totally against every kid going to college and, for some, I’m all for going to a 2 year Jr College and getting their breadth requirements under their belts for 1/5 the price..
    I know two boys who went to U of Florida and Seton Hall last year, they’re both BACK for good….they said all anybody did was drink and they couldn’t find any guys who were really nice and fun who didn’t get drunk all weekend. They left those good schools and are back in California.

    bunkerville….exactly; complaining but promoting, then acting so outraged when their promotion is exposed.


  13. Lisa says:

    I guess the answer is an all girl’s/all boy’s schools. Those schools have very good outcomes


  14. baysider says:

    Except now if a boy ‘feels’ like a girl he can get into an all girl’s school.
    –A year off school to work between college and high school, for living at home and attending a JC for at least a year. That helps get you to the mature state you should have been at 16 (and were at one time).
    –Prepare Christian children to give an answer for their faith. Summit Ministries – great! Young Life – great!
    –Go to Hillsdale. They get problems, but don’t put up with this kind of monkey business.

    And maybe if I were mom and saw that sign I might invite myself in for kimchee and a bible study.


  15. Mal says:

    Amen, Lisa. When my girls attended college, it was nearby and they drove to and from home every day. Problem solved. My boys? One attended USC but stayed at my parents home in L.A. while the other did stay on campus at a more distant Univ. where I’m sure he did partake in “extra curricular activities.” Welcome to the real world, folks!


  16. John M. Berger says:

    “Amen, Lisa. When my girls attended college, it was nearby and they drove to and from home every day. Problem solved.”

    My point exactly!


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Mal and JMB…I think there’s something to be said for college close to home….not many years ago, I believe there was also a lot to say for kids going away to college; independence, growth, etc. I saw it in my family, definitely….good character, good study habits….and very successful university degrees…and successful lives.

    Sure, there was ‘stuff’ going on 30 years ago, but NOT LIKE THIS and not to the extent….when I know 2 young guys who had to leave Seton Hall and the U of Florida because they didn’t fit in with the drinking/drugging profile and couldn’t find friends, that’s BAD.

    Our young people are dying in their hearts and minds because we’ve disallowed ANY heroes, our teachers are probably the only in the whole WORLD (I’m pretty sure about this) who DISS America and don’t build it up, etc etc…these are very tough times and this kind of behavior/mindset is unrecoverable.

    Baysider, they all ‘have problems,’ don’t they. But, Christian colleges at least try, and mostly do better. I have friends who had a punk daughter with different shades of hair, holes in the jeans, crazy behavior, etc., all thru high school; and she was the pastor’s DAUGHTER! She went kicking and screaming to a Christian college just a little North of here, and within six months, had met other kids who dressed decently, weren’t quite as angry and, as they tell it, one weekend, she came home with her own hair color and nice clothes and never went back. Happily married with 2 little girls and a husband involved in Christian schooling…she taught science for a few years. Amazing story; I credit that to the college and the people they accept. She was very lucky to get in.

    Lisa, I think it’s up to the kids on the girls’ and boys’ schools, though I believe that’s a good solution……..Some would (and have) go into total rebellion and others probably turn to the newly ever-prevalent lesbian lifestyle 🙂 !!


  18. cube says:

    When my 18 year old baby girl went to the University of Bamalama a couple of years ago it was a coed dorm, but we expected her to conduct herself in the way that we had had raised her and she did. Now she’s at grad school. She went to catholic school her entire life, but I can’t tell you how much parochial school had to do with it because some of her friends who attended the same school are basket cases today. Go figure.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Cube, you hit on it; You just never know what kid’s going to do what. I’ve konwn the sweetest, most decent little high school girls get drunk and vomit at high school parties! To the point you just can’t BELIEVE it was she who did it…….Bad choices? Insecurity and trying to please the boys?
    what are our kids missing that they would even need to do that?

    I’m in no way saying kids haven’t always been kids……….look at REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, and other films of teen rebellion………Dean would have done drugs if they’d been around more, right? Probably.
    The easiness by which to get drugs, booze, have sex; I believe all this is fairly ‘new’….since the Sixties, and only ramped up to a heightened pitch today. Particularly SEX: FRASIER happens to be one of my very fave sitcoms but MY GOSH….there’s the morning breakfast table and Frasier comes out in his robe and Martin’s eating his breakfast, Daphne’s serving him, then Frasier’s date from the night before (a first date) comes out wearing his shirt and nothing else and shakes hands with the others…then Martin’s new woman friend comes out managing to at least look a little embarrassed at the situation, and everybody greets her, then Daphne’s boyfriend trots out of her bedroom…everybody gets introduced…………and this show aired (on reruns now late at night) 20 years ago. All that’s JUST FINE for a LOT OF YOU, I recognize that!! And it IS kind of funny..sort of. (because of the amazing dialogue from their writers)

    And we’re adults and we can take it, but this steady DRIP DRIP DRIP that “everything’s JUST FINE and sex is easy and involves nothing more than dinner the night before..” I think that’s a very sad message to our kids. And a LOT of shows since then are much worse (Ever seen HOT IN CINCINNATI?) And a lot of our kids think this is totally normal. Plus, they might live with parents who’re living with other people and then those parents rue when their sweet little daughter wants to go off and live with someone…SURPRISE!


  20. John M. Berger says:

    One observation that I’ve noticed about “commuter schools” such as the University of Colorado-Denver and Metropolitan State, here in Denver, is that a portion of the student body tends to be somewhat older with life/working experience, in the real world, and are there for a relevant education and not a party. I believe that any influence they may have on younger “skulls of mush” may be a positive. I’m just saying…………………..


  21. cube says:

    I hear you. I’ve seen the steady DRIP DRIP DRIP about sexuality that you’re talking about and I’m not happy about it either when it comes to children. Adults can do what they want with whomever is willing. Children are being exposed to sexually explicit situations before their years. Do you remember how Lucy & Desi and Laura & Dick, married couples, couldn’t sleep in the same beds?


  22. geeez2014 says:

    JMB….good point about older students….I hope that wisdom rubs off!

    Cube; I do remember that….we’ve gone from separate beds to near nudity and real explicit actions 🙂 I mean, there is really no imagination required. And IMAGINATION is SO sexy! Remember Laura would do something cute in her robe in the living room and turn around toward their bedroom door and he’d get that cute “Oh BOY!” look on his face and follow her in….then our imaginations took over.THAT was sexy! 🙂
    I think it is a matter of age-appropriate TV, but then the producers said “Well, it’s ON CABLE” so the language includes pretty much every word we tell our kids not to say, the actions are sometimes lewd, and the story lines are pretty bad; “It’s CABLE” as if kids don’t have access to cable? Parents tell kids one thing and they see it on TV and they have to be thinking “OH, please, Mom….what planet are you living in?”


  23. cube says:

    Everyone knew what was going on in those beds, but it didn’t have to be so explicit. I get it, but unfortunately producers today, don’t. They’re the ones with the big money.


  24. Mustang says:

    The message produced by these young men is disturbing … I’d say on an equal footing with the girls gone wild videos, copies of which can more than likely be rented from the fraternity library. None of this recommends our colleges and universities as bastions of morality, but at least we can make the argument that our children are getting an education –it’s just in something other than Latin and Greek.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Cube….exactly…so much sexier to know but not see.

    Mustang….Yes, this really doesn’t even have anything on Girls Gone Wild….I’ve seen a little of those and it’s so raunchy….. When I was Googling for another image on this post, I googled something like “coeds on the beach images” and half were lesbianism…young girls fondling and necking with other girls… Unbelievable, honestly.
    Rank guys have nothing on truly rank girls…………although I think most sororities are still a nicer bunch of girls than the frats are, at least overtly, and from the kids I know.


  26. Z,
    AOW, isn’t that site AMAZING? Awful!!

    This summer, as a homeschool parent sent her daughter away to college, this woman said to me, “College is a time of experimentation. Times have changed.” Then, she shrugged.



  27. John,
    I went to a commuter school.

    I must say that almost everyone there focused on academics — not sex parties.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    I lived at home during college, too, though it was a distance…. And, to John’s point, it was about 30% adults as it was a college of the, interior design, etc….which gave us a Bach. of Science!
    Anyway, no sex parties I knew about there!

    And yes, AOW…mothers really are letting go…I know some who are intensely involved and caring and hoping their girls are living good lives while having fun, but I think a LOT are like the mother you describe. I simply can’t picture that myself.
    And, even the really involved ones kind of expect their girls are going to experiment..and WHY SHOULDN”T THEY? They know no different from the world they’re living in…I’m tired of being sad and angered by immoral kids…it’s finally dawned on me that they were born 16, 20 years ago; they don’t KNOW a different/better existence!


  29. John M. Berger says:

    I went to a commuter university, as well. It was the only regionally accredited, not-for-profit school, approved for the GI Bill in metro Columbus at that time; the 60’s, with a schedule compatible for working students to earn a baccalaureate degree. Much of the instruction was done by part-time professionals currently holding high level positions in commerce, industry, government and law. Relevance was never an issue and everybody was quite serious about why we were there.


  30. fredd says:

    Nothing good can come of co-ed dorms. There is no redeeming social value in this living environment whatsoever. It would be like installing a liquor store/kiosk inside a facility that hosts AA meetings. It would be like setting up a steam table with piroghis, egg rolls, bon bons and bear claws at a Weight Watchers meeting.

    I got plenty more of these analogies. Nothing good can come of co-ed dorms. Nothing good whatsoever.


  31. bocopro says:

    While I was teaching at UWF in Pensacola (student body around 10,000), I saw virtually none of the binge drinking, overt sexuality, outrageous initiations, and disruptions. Around 50% of the student population was non-traditional to begin with; that is, older, active duty military, military dependent wives, and commuter. Often my advanced writing classes had English or other humanities teachers upgrading or renewing their qualifications.

    Very few courses were on-line in those days, so classrooms tended to be filled, at least early in the semester. Almost without exception, people were polite, respectful, and basically well-behaved. And without a full-blown athletic program, we didn’t have the special rules for special folks. Athletes got almost no slack on turning in assignments late or any of that rot.

    I had baseball players in many of my classes, but the men’s basketball players and women’s tennis players avoided my classes as if I had the plague, especially the core classes when I had to teach ’em. Visitors to the campus who had no access to a calendar might have thought they’d slipped through a time warp into a 50s-era university.

    Now the place has a football team, a soccer team, and many on-line classes along with more fraternities and sororities than in the past. Glad I retired when I did.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro…sounds almost like those wonderful old College day movies with June Allison and Mickey Rooney, Peter Lawford, etc., but they were earlier, of course! Yes, times were good then…..

    Fredd’s right…that’s my whole point; NOTHING GOOD COMES FROM COED DORMS…absolutely NOTHING.
    Yet the administration will go CRAZY with self righteous indignation if one of their boys rapes someone! YA THINK? As if those boys know any better or don’t have every opportunity or don’t get the message when coeds live together that anything goes?



  33. Bob says:

    About twenty years ago, I took my daughter to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX and left her there to begin her freshman year. As I drove away, she was waving to me from the front yard of the dormitory, My heart was being torn from my chest as my little girl was, for the first time, away from home.

    All of the dormitories were coed, but this is not as risky as you might think even though men and women lived on the same floor.

    Men and women did not share rooms. Females and males were in different suites with at least two people per room. At that time, the showers and bathrooms were separate, and it worked out OK. Most universities probably have coed dorms, and my daughter survived the experience with no problems.

    I observed on subsequent trips to SMU that the girls were not dressing up as they did when I was in college. Sweat shirts and jeans were the standard uniform, and make-up was hit or miss as all the kids slept as late as they could before classes. It seemed as if those beautiful girls had disappeared. I figured that the girls were losing interest in some of the guys because they occupied the same dorm, and saw a lot of each other everyday. Maybe when you see a woman a lot without her makeup, things can be different.

    As far as sex on campus, I didn’t want to know. However, we learned that the incidents of sexual gymnastics were probably no more prevalent than on campuses with sexually segregated dorms. Our daughter got a great education. She is now a wonderful wife, mother, daughter, and teacher. We are proud of her and the only regrets we have about her choice of colleges was that Dallas is a long way from Atlanta.

    As to the guys displaying the inappropriate banners on their frat house, what do you expect? These are guys in the 18 to 22 year age range, and some haven’t even stopped growing. Hey, what’s college for except for partying and having sex? The educational thing will come,maybe as they grow up. All the school has to do is give them a slap on the wrist and hope that somebody learns a lesson. That might be a miracle.

    If this is the biggest moral problem we have in the nation then maybe we are not too bad off.


  34. John M. Berger says:

    I haven’t been keeping up. How’s that coed submarine service working out- anybody if you know?


  35. baysider says:

    Just read the reviews of various dorm houses before you sign your kid up. You’ll learn more than you want to know about the drinking/drug culture on campus. For Dennis Prager, this is the last bastion of hope – that they will be too drunk to learn the leftist walk. Tongue-in-cheek, but still sad.

    A young man at my gym’s front desk was always studying. I found out he left college for a couple of years to work and re-enter via a JC. I asked him if he got more out of school now. Yes! It was just the ‘thing you did’ before. Now, with a couple of years working, his perspective had changed. He valued the effort to learn AND the effort it took to earn a living. He had grown up.

    Seeing signs like you posted is a big red flag THERE ARE NO ADULTS IN CHARGE. But then we knew that.


  36. Mal says:

    The whole point is, the kids may legally be adults so there is little the college can do, however if the kids were brought up right, the parents would still have some control even if they don’t have it legally because the kids will still want to do the right thing to please their parents, and deep down, appreciate their concern and love.


  37. JMB: I don’t think they are on Fast Attacks yet. My son has been on Euro Subs where they co-ed.
    There were some issues with showers and cameras IIRC.


  38. geeez2014 says:

    Bob…I totally disagree with you, for a change.



  39. baysider says:

    Mal, I think there is a lot colleges can do. Just as businesses do, they can require a certain ‘code of conduct.’ You’re there under contract, in essence, and there are responsibilities and obligations that come with that. They’re certainly quick to require re-education camp for non-infractions (like the 2 girls who advertised for a straight, female roommate for their off-campus apartment and were sentenced to re-education). In this case, student(s) involved were suspended. There is just no reason to accept this.

    But remember, these are the same administrators who put up ‘safe rooms’ with puppy videos, soft blankets, and stuffed animals where girls (usually) can go to ‘feel safe’ if they don’t like a [non-obligatory] seminar or panel on a sensitive subject that is out of step with political leftness (also called PC). They bullied campus administrations when THEY were in college, and now either bully normal, functional students who don’t make a ruckus, or give in to those who do.


  40. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider…and they call this an attempt at educating and maturing young people? MY GOSH. What kind of world are we creating with people like this?!! (Don’t answer that question….I need to sleep tonight and I have my own thoughts on that question~!!~)


  41. Bob says:


    I didn’t make up the situation, and I felt that coed dorms were a mistake in the first place. The reality is that your children will do as they will, coed dorms ofrnot. If you have brought your child up in Christ in the first place they will return. I don’t know all the things my daughter did in college, and I didn’t want to know. She did some growing up and returned to the fold. Remember, in generations past women were getting married in their teen years. Now, they are in college during their early adult years. That’s why they need to be treated as adults.

    The idea of shielding your child from life’s problems is short-sighted and not helpful to them.


  42. geeez2014 says:

    Bob…I agree with you about how children should be raised with faith, etc., and that we can’t protect our children after a certain point, but my friend, why put them in bedrooms next to each other, some sharing bathrooms?
    It’s not like they’re coed SO the kids feel they’re treated as adults, right?
    Why not boy floors, girl floors? That’s my only point. Personally, I’d rather go back to girls dorm bldgs and boy dorm bldgs but, at best, different floors?
    See, Bob, you have to admit that these administrations of the colleges like the one in the image will be the first ones simply ‘horrified’ that a girl was raped…Oh, gosh, they get all over it THEN, but this seems like asking for trouble, and like they’re total hypocrites…to practically set a MOOD that girls running to their rooms in towels is fine, that sleeping in the next room is fine…. but gee, they’re just shocked when something happens!?
    I’m glad your girl did so well after all………
    By the way, I’m glad my own dad didn’t know, either 🙂


  43. John M. Berger says:


    Hey ED,

    It must be different than the one I was on (for 24 hours). I can’t imagine co-ed on the one: the USS SORDFISH, a nuclear boat, wherein there was not even a permanent rack for sleeping. Please, if one doesn’t like the college stuff discussed herein how in the world could [that] be workable?


  44. John M. Berger says:

    I’m glad that I’m checking out soon!


  45. alec says:

    John M. Berger:
    Hang on a little longer. We need you.


  46. Bob says:

    Z: My wife and I just celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary. We met in her college dorm when we were sophomores. It was a all girls dorm which was built at right angles to an all boys dorm. The cafeteria for the dorms was on the ground floor connecting the two. They were built at a 90 degree angle to each other to prevent window to window displays.

    Those buildings are not dorms, anymore. They are managed assisted living centers run by the Methodist Church. Most of the kids live in apartments, now, where they will do whatever they want to do. That’s the way things are.


  47. geeez2014 says:

    JMB….YA! I wrote that in my post…you’re so right. There really is no difference between a sub with guys and girls on it.

    Bob….I love the idea of your dorm situation when you and she were in school….that’s perfect.
    It might be ‘the way things are’ today that we promote immorality but for the ‘shocked and stunned’ administrations every time one of their boys rapes a girl, you’d think they might think this through …..and realize that throwing them all together isn’t the best idea.


  48. John M. Berger says:

    “There really is no difference between a sub with guys and girls on it.”

    Yes, but on a sub there is no place to go.


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