I’m so sick of the media.  You all had to have heard about THIS because, once it happened, all three cables covered little else…ALL DAY LONG.

This awful killer murders two innocent young journalists and the questions are arising:  IS IT RACISM?  IS HE ANGRY?  IS IT TERRORISM?  IS IT WORKPLACE VIOLENCE?  WAS HE ON DRUGS?  WHOSE GUN WAS IT AND HOW’D HE GET IT?  DID HIS MOTHER FEED HIM LIVER AS A CHILD?

WHO CARES?  The man is a killer….thank God he shot himself and it worked.   I don’t mean to sound horrid myself, but he saved a lot of people a lot of trouble, including himself.

We have now heard about his personality,  we’ve heard from his Facebook and Twitter pages, he killed a young reporter and photographer FOR NOTHING………And I’m not insensitive to those poor kids and the families and friends who loved them, or the killer’s family…I’m SO sorry for them all, but….. He did a truly TERRIBLE THING.

Facts, figures……….DONE.  Covered in two hours, max.   We don’t need to know much more, do we?  WHY do they have to drain every single drop out of every story like this?

Talk about deaths, another cop died yesterday;  but did we always hear about every cop killing in the country on the news?  I don’t think so.  Why now?




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26 Responses to ENOUGH ALREADY!!

  1. It’s part of the Gun Control Agenda, which is really the People Control Agenda.
    The bodies were not even cold when Hillary et al were calling for more control.


  2. Having been to a funeral most of yesterday, I thankfully missed most of this coverage.
    I did see something about Hillary calling for gun control, and this morning I heard Obama say we must keep guns out of the wrong hands.
    To him, all hands are wrong hands.
    We should instead ensure that guns are in the right hands, the hands of citizens, police and our military, whether on base, at recruiting stations, or walking down the street.


  3. bocopro says:

    That’s kinda why I get most of my news either on line or at OAN. Long ago gave up on Fox and Friends ’cause it’s 90% fluff. Started going to HLN and then pickin up on Bret Baier & Co. in the evening.

    Discovered that I prefer to read news reports instead of listening to people either overtly or subconsciously edit the facts by tone, omission, snark, and facial expression. Could be residual from growin up gettin news from radio and newspapers ’cause they waren’t no TV in them days.

    Also found that I can actually stand people like O’Reilly if I just read the words instead of listening to the attitude. ‘Nuther classic case of that is Coulter: can’t watch or listen to her on TV, but truly admire her essay artistry.

    Can’t remember who said it first, but an old saying goes “Television is a medium because anything well done is rare.”

    (I had to ‘splain that to one of my technical writing classes ’cause they thought the word MEDIA is singular. Yeah, like CRITERIA, and DATA, right?)


  4. The man is a killer….thank God he shot himself and it worked. I don’t mean to sound horrid myself, but he saved a lot of people a lot of trouble, including himself.

    Taxpayer-relief bullet!


  5. I’m sick to the core of media giving these stories wall-to-wall coverage when there is other IMPORTANT news to cover.

    And why do so many people so enjoy watching this kind of coverage? Voyeurism!


  6. The shooter appears to have been the product of the grievance industry.

    And there’s also this: Roanoke Shooter Was Once Criticized By Superiors For Wearing Obama Campaign Button While Covering Election Night. Please read the link, which has information I’ve not seen elsewhere.

    Proof that we should not let guns fall into the hands of Obama supporters? 😉


  7. silverfiddle says:

    I don’t regret cutting the cable…


  8. Bob says:

    I am getting to the point that silverfiddle’s solution will be my solution. We will have a new roof installed next month and then I can consider where to mount an outside TV antenna. The cable company will probably be my internet supplier. Then, it is bye-bye cable news.


  9. Bob says:

    Yesterday, the first news we received was about the journalists being shot in Virginia. There has been nothing, since. To the TV folks, this is the equivalent of a cop shooting to a cop. It was their own types killed, and this became a special crime. Will we have a “hate-news” crime law?

    Today, part of the story is what I am calling CNN’s war on women. Carly Fiorina, the first legitimate woman Republican Candidate will not be allowed in their so-called debate. They can let a stupid cow like Candy Crawley challenge MItt Romney, but they can’t let one of the most intelligent and articulate Republican candidates express her legitimate opinion.


  10. bocopro says:

    I can’t cut off cable ’cause my wife is hopelessly addicted to the soaps out of Manila on various Filipino channels in our package. She depends entirely upon me for news which might affect our children and grandkritters here in the land of the big geedunk. She hears some polyrot at work or from her buddies, then asks me to give her the straight skinny on it.

    As far as covering good news versus bad news is concerned, seems to me that good news is something that somebody somewhere wants very much to suppress, and everything else is basically propaganda in one way or another.

    The way the major networks cover news these days, any bad news becomes like the guest from hell who refuses to go away. Good news is something that happens to somebody else, so why bother reporting it?

    Somebody said recently, probably repeating what he’d heard from someone else long ago, (I think it had to do with Fox News coverage of Benghazi), that some newspeople think bad news is like wine, in that it gets better with age.


  11. baysider says:

    SF, I’m with you. We did that years ago. I read one article on this tragic story – period. To me the key sentence was the killer saying “I’ve been a powder keg ready to blow for some time.” My concern is that the grievance industry continues to feed seriously disturbed people and – just perhaps – is the rate limiting factor that pushes many of them over the edge. Yes, he is responsible. But the grievance industry has a lot of blood on its hands, not to mention self-induced misery.


  12. Mal says:

    I was thinking the same thing as Bob. The excessive media coverage is all about it being one of their own, otherwise it wouldn’t have been so overly done. As for cutting the cable, like Bocopro, my wife watches a channel that requires cable (QVC) so it won’t work for us, either. In fact, if a week goes by where she hasn’t ordered something, they send her a get well card! 🙂


  13. cube says:

    The media is in full blown omphaloskepsis because it happened to two of their own while they were on the air live.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Cube, I suppose part of it’s the fact that is was media attacked….I think most of it’s just RATINGS…SHOCK FACTOR, etc….

    Bay and SF: I like the choice; some cable is excellent. Can’t imagine cutting it off!

    Baysider; the problem is they can say really threatening things like that but you can’t get them in custody or to a shrink for it; The gun folks are right….the guns don’t kill, nuts do….but there is absolutely NO WAY we can catch every nut before he explodes…And yes, they are guilty for making the grievances so attainable and supposedly legitimate an excuse….so bad for our country. Black and Gay;; this guy had it made for himself. What a hay day of grievances HE could contrive!

    bocopro that’s a good line about wine and bad news….but FOX had every reason to be unrelenting about Benghazi. Not QUITE as much as they did(and still do) but they had good reason and nobody’s listened STILL.

    Bob, I’m very disappointed about Fiorina , too…. …let’s hope that changes…but it doesn’t look good. Think twice about cable; it’s such a HUUUGE wealth of some really good things, too!

    Ed…it’s so unconscionable to use deaths so quickly to slam all guns…
    Who doesn’t think good background checks are needed? But the left acts like Republicans want a chicken and a gun in every pot!

    AOW: It’s like a murder happens and suddenly there IS no Iran nuke deal, there IS no hurricane coming….you’re right; ALL NEWS STOPS..what was so important the day before is NOWHERE….

    This coverage is just unending….and, as I asked on my post,
    Did we ALWAYS hear about every single death across the country? I don’t believe so…is this news coverage particularly to heed wishes of this White House..”get every gun story out there so we can get rid of guns?”

    Seems viable to me after all this jerk’s done to us.


  15. Kid says:

    My focus is on how the entire media and more take the position of demanding to know “How can we stop this from happening again”. You can’t. The question is so laughbly absurd it is one more reason I believe I live in a kindergarten mentallity society.
    It would be better to arm everyone or assign personal security guards to those who won’t or can’t use a gun.

    There will always be people who will kill or grossly abuse others. If not with a gun then with a basball bat and knife if guns suddenly and impossibly vanished from the face of the Earth.
    There will always be bad cops, racists, people who don’t this kind of person or those kinds of people.
    Yea, isn’t it shocking the democrat candidates take the positions of morons. They know their demogrpahic.


  16. baysider says:

    Maybe if the ‘nuts’ knew – I mean really knew because it’s true all over – that they would have a good chance of running into an armed citizen it might keep a lot of that in check. Compare Texas and San Francisco. The media should be flooding the air with stories of The Armed Citizen column from the Rifleman. I’ll be dismounting my unicorn, now.


  17. Kid says:

    Z, We certainly don’t hear about every murder, only the ones they can roll in the direction that fits their agenda.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    KID, you wrote “There will always be bad cops, racists, people who don’t this kind of person or those kinds of people.”
    I think there’s a word missing but I get your point…………THIS IS MY WHOLE GRIPE ABOUT DEMOCRATS (well, I could never really delineate my WHOLE GRIPE in one comment…or one planet!!! but…) It feels like THEY REALLY DO BELIEVE IN A PERFECT WORLD.

    I was watching NIGHT AND DAY a few minutes ago on TCM, it’s on now…..with Cary Grant. The Cole Porter story….there his family is portrayed as VERY wealthy, very luxurious home, etc etc…and a black ‘porter’ who’s as kind and cheerful and helpful as anybody could be and his boss, Porter’s mother, is lovely to him………okay, it’s a movie, but those things DID HAPPEN. Rich people did have poorer people working for them and that was okay in those days….you dealt with your life, with the cards you were dealt.

    NOT ANYMORE! I literally thought that as I watched those few minutes ….”Wow, when everyone wasn’t trying to bring the rich down and artificially prop up people who can’t really do much better on their own petard..” Do you get what I mean?

    THERE IS INEQUALITY, THERE ARE UNKIND PEOPLE, THERE ARE BAD COPS, RACISTS (ON BOTH SIDES), BAD THINGS HAPPEN……….and life GOES ON. We need to teach future generations how to deal with unhappiness, unfairness, inequality….not try to avoid the normal!

    And I am so damned tired of the Left trying LEGISLATE PERFECTION…. it’s a HUGE part of why socialism and liberalism just plain DO NOT WORK.


  19. Silverlady says:

    Another one of Bampot’s supposed ‘sons’ behaving badly? I haven’t heard anything about him calling the 2 families in sympathy. Oh, but I forgot, the 2 victims, as well as the hospitalized survivor were WHITE! Only black lives this day & time.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, it seems like we DO hear about every coed that goes missing, every cop in some podunk town we never heard of, every kidnapping in some tiny town in Arkansas or Michigan..why?
    Let their communities hear about it….that’s bad enough….these things are tough to hear….and we all have enough in our neighborhoods, you know?

    Baysider…great point…I believe it’s true that armed towns have far less troubles….
    I hope you didn’t sprain your ankle jumping off that unicorn!
    And see you at 7:30!


  21. Kid says:

    Z, Yes, It sure seems that way. And not to be argumentative, but had you heard about this one?

    “Meanwhile, the deaths of whites at the hands of law enforcement typically receive less attention, even when the case is shrouded in controversy. For example, Gilbert Collar, an 18-year-old white student at the University of South Alabama, was shot and killed while naked, unarmed and under the influence of drugs by a black police officer.” From the link below.

    And far more white people shot by cops than black. I found it interesting.



  22. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, thanks….I had not heard about that white student….don’t forget WHITE LIVES DO NOT MATTER.
    And yes, I have also heard that many more whites are killed by police than black…fascinating.
    The truth needs to get out there and, if we had an American media like we used to have “WHO? WHAT? WHERE? and WHY?” …facts instead of editorials on EVERY story, we might know that and act differently….but it sure wouldn’t jive with the leftwing agenda, would it.


  23. Kid says:

    Yes, if we had an American media. 🙂


  24. Sparky says:

    I am also weary of the “news” media. It’s mostly just drama and not news. They’ll pick one event, real or imagined, and just run it into the ground. We’re very seriously considering canceling the DirecTV (thus saving $117 a month) and going with all streaming or some other forum. I’m tired of paying for channels never used, for one thing. Also, tired of being lied too or told we’re awful because we don’t, or do, such-and-such.


  25. Well, it’s interesting reading about the deceased’s sexual proclivities.
    Time to ban the rainbow flag.


  26. Mustang.Koji says:

    I’m sick of the media too, Geeez. Perhaps more than you… 🙂 I don’t even WATCH or LISTEN to the “news” anymore.


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