John C Calhoun now has to go?

Yale is discussing renaming a college honoring Vice President John C Calhoun.   They say this is because he supported slavery.  The name’s been there since the 1930’s and this discussion began after the recent church shootings in Charleston.

I don’t know…perhaps, being as lib as Yale is, they don’t like this, either?  “After 1830, his views evolved and he became a greater proponent of states’ rights, limited government, nullification and free trade; as he saw these means as the only way to preserve the Union.” (all links are from Wikipedia and only define the terms…don’t waste your time!)

Then there are these reasons Calhoun was revered:

“Calhoun was one of the “Great Triumvirate” or the “Immortal Trio” of Congressional leaders, along with his Congressional colleagues Daniel Webster and Henry Clay. In 1957, a Senate Committee selected Calhoun as one of the five greatest U.S. Senators of all time.[6] Calhoun “was a public intellectual of the highest order…and a uniquely gifted American politician,”[7] and “probably the last American statesman to do any primary political thinking.”[8]

This is definitely troubling, ” He is best known for his intense and original defense of slavery as a positive good, his distrust of majoritarianism, and for pointing the South toward secession from the Union.”…..albeit from a totally different time and he might have defended slavery as a way of protecting the people on plantations, unable to consider that they could actually be freed and succeed on their own.  I don’t know.

Obviously, I have no horse in this race about Calhoun particularly, but I am concerned that punks and their instructors in high priced liberal institutions are suddenly trying to wipe out our history as part of the CHANGE they seem to have bought into when they voted for Obama.


And now we have DINALI instead of Mt McKinley….is it MOUNT DINALI?

How do you feel about these changes happening?….you all know that this Calhoun thing isn’t the only confederate thing leftwingers are trying to change, just thought I’d feature it as the most recent, good example.

UPDATE:  I wrote this post Sunday…and I thought I heard on the news coming home last night that there’d been a vote that anything to do with Confederate hero names must be gone by 2017….but I’m too tired to keep Googling and haven’t found it yet…if you can, please link.  thanks!


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13 Responses to John C Calhoun now has to go?

  1. Well as they say, if the confederate flag must go because of it’s association with slavery,
    the rainbow flag must go due to it’s association with a gay black murderer.
    Western Hero has a good take on Denali.

    As for any association with slavery, there’s goes Washington D.C. and Jefferson Counties everywhere.


  2. Ray Cole says:

    Meaningless symbolism, theybwont fight real evil.


  3. Mustang says:

    Part of the process on the left to “revise” history and in this case, an attempt to hide their own history of racism. They can change the name of the college–who really cares? But they can’t change the actual facts of what the left represents.


  4. silverfiddle says:

    The left is going off the rails on the crazy train, and I say we stand on the platform and wave them goodbye as the cameras roll.

    Because of the government-media complex’s funhouse mirror distortion, ordinary people believe these leftwing nutlogs represent a majority. They do not. They are a thin baloney slice of leftwing loonies.

    The more unhinged they become (Shrieking Black Lives Matter lesbian communists shouting Bernie Sanders off the stage, for example) the more they turn off the vast middle of Americans.

    We need to tie them tightly to the Democrap party, which is indeed their home.


  5. bocopro says:

    For years, decades actually, I wrote to my congressmen and various senators to share my opinion on hot-button issues in the news. It was a sense of mission. I took time to answer questionnaires that came in the mail or were handed out at shops and malls. I even sent responses and e-mails to news programs, sports shows, and moderated panel discussions which solicited viewer input. Most mornings I checked the quick surveys on CNN, MSNBC, Fox and others, adding my vote to the anonymous din if I was conversant with the issue. Often I engaged in semantic warfare with authentic village idiots in the “Letters to the Editor” arena of local fishwrappers.

    But after a while I realized that the congressmen and senators were merely going through the motions and not the slightest bit interested in my opinion or guidance. The questionnaires were merely ploys to get my name on junk or fone mail lists. The quick votes were unreliable because they represented only a specific sector of the complete American audience, primarily those wealthy enough and technologically equipped to find, read, point, and click. The editors were simply happy to mine the wealth of literate controversy and fill holes in the continent with discarded newsprint.

    Once long ago I read that a proper school is an artesian well of knowledge where all come to drink. Well, my aquifer is contaminated, I’m afraid. Too many parts per thousand of skepticism, too heavy a concentration of political correctness, too lethal a dose of administrivia. The integrity of fundamentals has been sacrificed on the altar of plagiarism; the purity of truth has been stained by obfuscation; the honesty of simple expression has been drowned by technobabble. The concept of personal accountability is as difficult to get across to most Americans today as are the lessons of history to western Europeans.

    Now I channel my energies into self-revealing novels and novelettes which I later read and then ritualistically burn in a cathartic splurge. My comments and suggestions I limit to a few blogs I’ve found whose denizens stayed awake in grammar and literature classes and are mature enough to simply ignore minirants or snarks which they find objectionable, foregoing the menace and ad hominems. Blogs will accomplish little in a society where ferals in their free-of-charge freedom quest for and quickly find outlets for their abyssal angst in the form of imaginary indignation and gluttonous grievances provided lovingly by the Halfrican and his minions.

    I taught, and I enjoyed it, but frustration and burnout loomed heavily on the near horizon, so I retired. Political correctness has become freedom of expression’s cup of hemlock. And now, the educational process has come full circle within me, I’m afraid . . . from cocksure ignorance to thoughtful uncertainty. And perhaps that’s as it is supposed to be.


  6. silverfiddle says:

    Z: Off-Topic, but I thought of you when I read it.

    Be sure to read the comments. Spiegel censors, so the ones that got through are the mildest. Imagine the ones that got blocked. I also love how some noted, correctly, that much of this is the fault of the US for starting so many wars in the muslim world and fomenting so much unrest.

    Is Germany ready to Explode? I hope so. A gigantic social outburst may be all that saves them, and Europe.

    Again, please accept my apologies for going off-topic.


  7. John M. Berger says:

    OK, let’s change Mount Rushmore back to the Lakota “Six Grandfathers” then add two more presidents such as: Carter, LBJ, Obama or Clinton.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Ed….you make too much sense … it’ll only be the things the left hates that have to go…the things of American history, ignoring any good anybody did….because they had slaves; leftwingers need to understand context.

    Ray; Amen to that….perfectly put.

    Mustang….and so many people follow the left regardless, don’t they.

    Silverfiddle; I hope you’re right about the thin slice…’s one LOUD thin slice and headed with very influential people…like our president!
    The German article makes me so mad I can’t even think about it. You are SO RIGHT on the ones which got blocked but, you see, if Germans get outraged at what’s happening, they’re NEW NAZIS, which is ridiculous. THAT, by the way, is a far thinner slice of baloney than leftwing Spiegel lets on.
    There’s so much they don’t address in there….I scanned it, honestly, because it made me so angry, but the financial side of these immigrants isn’t understood; there are cities going BROKE for caring for them…. and OH, did I agree with one particular comment which said I MISS THE OLD GERMANY….THE QUIET TIMES…yes, geraniums out the windows, lovely intelligent people with wonderful old customs and manners, hard workers, etc. I am so glad I am not there now seeing the main square in Munich now full of burkas and hijabs…I can’t imagine it; my stepkids are so angry, these two one time lefties who didn’t really care about politics. THEY DO NOW. And they’re not lefties anymore….now that they work, pay taxes, and seeing where their tax dollars are going….Hint: NOT TO THEIR GOOD.

    bocopro “Political correctness has become freedom of expression’s cup of hemlock. ” WOW…is that well put, as is the rest of your comment. I’m afraid our public school system’s aquifer is all contaminated with indoctrination.

    JMB: how about another mountain with only those four and call it “LIBERAL LOON MOUNTAIN”? 🙂


  9. Kid says:

    Reminds me of book burning in Germany. Well, this is what Fascists do. The kids are doing it to themselves at many of the universities as they refuse to allow anyone to speak there that disagrees with them or isn’t sickeningly PC.

    SF, Great news about Germany. I hope it blows sky high. I think of Merkel’s comment that “Islam belongs to Germany” and I still can’t fit it into my head.


  10. silverfiddle says:


    Love it!


  11. baysider says:

    When are we going to start re-naming roads, schools, bridges, government offices and outhouses to erase the stigma of association with a former 20th century Klan Kleagle – Robert Byrd? Yeah. Thought so.


  12. baysider says:

    As for Mount McKinley (which many in the climbing have long called Denali – it’s become common to refer back to some ancestral name) – HERE’S the mountain Obama should rename.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    baysider…good point……I’ve heard that about every bridge, street, building, etc., is already named after Byrd in W. Virginia, but, conveniently, nobody remembers he was a KKK recruiter, do they. #@$(*&@#($*&@# Ya, how about GRAND POOBAH BYRD BRIDGE!? 🙂


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