Publish this..send it around…Muslims in Germany; THE TRUTH

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From my stepkids in Munich, Germany.  I wish SO MUCH that you’d all send this to your friends and/or family…on Facebook…ANYWHERE to get this message out.  By the way, my terrific stepkids were not at all anti-immigration for years and fought with their dear ol’ dad about it a lot…..10 years has made quite a difference;  he’d seen the handwriting on the wall.  These are not hateful adults (they’re not kids anymore), these are not crazy nuts, these are smart, compassionate,  wonderful people who are sick and tired and even fearful of seeing their country slip from their hands…having been in the hands of their politicians.  By the way;  you all know how I like to put in bold things in long posts so I know you’re all at least scanning that most pertinent stuff?  Not here...every word must be read…(OK..I did redden a couple of things that MUST be read, if nothing else for shock value…unbelievable)

These two emails below are prophecy, folks.   We need to be aware of what’s happening in Europe and heed my dear stepson’s words: “Enjoy your time until the moslem wave comes to your shores, too.”  (Their English is unedited by me;  they’re just THIS smart)

From Mr. Z’s son:  (about whom I haven’t the space here to relay the kinds of things he’s seen Muslims do to him and others in Munich…from shoving to get ahead in a line to stabbing Germans on underground metro stations…)

“I wanted to write you today anyway because i’m so extremely pissed about what’s going on in germany (so is Uncle Hans). Invaders are coming to munich in thousands per day and media is shooting full bombardment onto the people to make sure that they will like this situation and take all this crap.

it’s so bad that even Uncle Hans (who only watches the standard leftie media) knows exactly what’s going on and said that it looks like the government and the media shoot out their last ammunition to fight the last battle before the public opinion turns up side down. It’s a super hefty propaganda shoot out to tell the people that this is a situation without an alternative. Lots of people believe that and help with money and materials. They help to make their doom day come faster.

the only resistance is coming from east germany, they protest openly. Then some asshole minister goes there and tells them via tv that the protesting people (regular standard people) are scumbags!!!

So in addressing their fears and concerns they are being insulted. That’s how it works, nobody in west germany dares to speak up because the risk of getting socially destroyed is way too big.

800 000 invaders are coming this year, the government invites more to come, another few million are waiting. Next year will be extremely interesting. The government are starting to seize private property, they want to change laws to make everything easier, all of a sudden there is money to be thrown around, but our streets and schools rot to the ground.

yesterday i read that invaders can go stealing in shops, the management tell the clerks and security to do nothing, write down the damage and hand it over to the city which then pays the bill. It’s to prevent any circus in the shops and not to look racist.   It’s getting ‘funnier’ everyday, it’s just unbelievable.

I’ll write more when i’m back on a real computer. But it gives you a picture of the situation here.  i hope you are ok, too. Enjoy your time until the moslem wave comes to your shores, too.”

From his sister, received Friday after I’d emailed asking her about all of the immigration into Germany:

Mr. Z’s daughter:

“Yes the situation with the immigrants is getting worse and worse. More and more people talking about it. Sabine came for lunch today and she complained as well. But we all talk „behind the hands“ cause you’re not allowed to say anything. Those stupid politicians and all the people who make money on those poor people (yes, it’s a HUGE market; right now probably the biggest building investment sector!! People make BIG money renting out for asylum seekers) ruin our countries. And then they don’t get the message when Hungary says: the problem is a „German problem“. Yes, it’s German made, because the people are not leaving their country to be safe and not die, but they are all leaving for Germany, for a country where you get more than you need to survive if you come from abraod, if you commit crimes or if you’re without job and money. So how desperate can they be if they say „I’d rather die than stay in Hungary“ where the have a shelter, get food, people bring blankets and no one is threatening their life. No, they want to go to Germany, where you get a nice stay, LOTS of money to buy new clothes, iPhones and all the luxury that millions of tay paying people cannot afford, because they do not get €500 a month just to spend for fun, they do not need to pay anything for food, shelter, cleaning….WHAT? It crazy. Wherever you go you see these people, happy, fat, pregnant with the newest clothes surfing the internet with the smartphones. Raping, crime has become standard. All of a sudden we do not have enough police – but the CRIME rate has not risen? Ah, I understand. We need the police only because of all the Nazis. Wow. Freaking iditots. I wish I could think of something to do against all this – except for packing up my stuff and leaving the country I so much love. Yes, the companies love these people. They spend the money on all the luxury stuff. Good for the economy? No, because all these companies do not pay their taxes in Germany. They shift their earnings to other countries. A festival for them. And it’s all about festival. Those owners should be the first who have to take the people into their house. Of course they will find an excuse.

Sabine said today she is hoping that we will not see the worst thing happening while we’re alive, that history is repeating itself. I said, lovely wish, I think it’s coming faster than we think and all will be lost.

Yes, and neither Turkey nor Saudi or Jordan will ever take these people. Neither will most of the other European countries. Out of 25 countries it’s basically only Germany and a little bit of Austria and Sweden who take people. No one has the money to take them. And if they take them, it’s under their rules, which THEY do not like. Then GO HOME. There is really hate coming up, mostly towards the politicians though, these IDIOTS.

Sabine told me about the school problems here now. All these kids coming are being put into regular schools – not understanding a word. Because they don’t understand and don’t care, they behave horribly and also start the other kids on bad behaviour. The teachers are beyond their limits. And our kids? Don’t learn anything anymore. Also heard it from my friends, whose niece is completely bored in school (2nd or 3rd grade) because most of the kids don’t speak german and all goes so slow….Integrative learning. Who the hell had this idea? It has not worked in the states and lead to a system that makes good education only available to rich people or to people who pay student loans until the end of their live or to really gifted kids. Our wonderful school system and the super duper education? Gone. At least where those kids enter school. Or any other kid with deficiencies. They have to be put into regular schools now as well. Great. Now everyone suffers.

Argh, I have to stop now. Seeing all this I am happy I do not have children. I would feel so sorry for them to have been born into such a crazy world. But THEY do not care. Pregnant all the time.”

Z:  So, that’s it…….Thoughts?


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  1. Remember the Weather Underground bombing federal buildings?
    The new revolution will be bombing media centers.
    I could imagine a strongman rising out of this and it wouldn’t be pretty.


  2. alec says:

    Z, posts like this are invaluable because they give us an on-the-ground picture of what real people are experiencing. Who would have thought that Germany would allow their education system to be destroyed in this way? Or that criminal behavior would be mollycoddled in Germany of all places?

    It does sound like an orchestrated play to bring about the conditions for the type of strongman Ed suggests above.


  3. Mustang says:

    I sent this out vis Google Plus. One reader from Belgium commented that its all true and it’s going on all over Europe. Meanwhile, not a peep about the 650,000 Obama is bringing here ….


  4. Mustang,
    BHO is bringing 650,000 Muslim refugees to the United States???


  5. I just shared this to my Facebook page.


  6. We are living in an Orwellian world.

    Please look at this pictorial analysis of the dead toddler on the Turkish beach.

    In today’s WaPo, I read more clamoring to being in the Muslim hordes. Several of those essays and letters to the editor cited the photo of the pathetic dead toddler on the Turkish beach.

    Pictures drown out words every time because we are no longer a nation of readers!


  7. geeez2014 says:

    I’m very touched by your responses…thank you. It’s so serious. Obviously, I’m VERY fond of Germany, the home of my husband and children, and know it very, very well… it grieves me even more. To drive through those beautiful clean cities, see healthy, happy children, knowing their education was excellent, going into the fields and seeing farmhouses, church steeples everywhere, bicyclists, picnic-ers,farmers…………Germany is a wonder. And on its way out as we knew it, as it benefited the world, as its people were happy.

    This is no culture for Muslims/Arabs, etc. They are bringing their own cultures in. They are not assimilating except enough to get the goodies $$$$, which are horribly robbing Germany’s children of the perpetuation of that great country created by their ancestors…
    Well, I’m blathering on here, but this is deep in my heart.

    AOW…I believe that little boy’s story is as untrue as the little boy ‘killed’ in Jenin, who got such an outpouring of hate toward Israel …even after they found the boy was alive………the job had been done; there are people I speak to today who still think that boy died.

    Do you know thousands of immigrants have hit GREECE? Greece is BROKE 🙂 WHAT THE…??

    I thank you ALL SO MUCH for putting this on facebook; I believe it is that important…this is TRUTH.

    Alec…political correctness is now turning into political suicide, ….yes, I never thought it in those terms till I typed it here, but it’s true.
    That GREAT GREAT German education is gone….

    Ed, I’m afraid of that, too. And our enemies are not wearing uniforms, they are sitting next to that little German child hoping to get an education while his seat mate does nothing but act in the entitlement-way Arab children do. They are raised differently, particularly the boys…the boys RULE in Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc etc. (And yes, I KNOW Iranians are not Arabs….but…)……I had to stop teaching piano lessons to Iranians here in L.A. because their parents molly coddled the boys and had me lie to the children with threats and the poor little girls got the crumbs…that’s how those boys act in schools, too. So, education is done in Germany; it’s like in L.A. in classes high with non-English speaking Hispanic kids…..the Americans suffer.

    Thanks for passing this along, folks.


  8. Imp says:

    Some countries are not buying the BS and are behaving in their interests. Not Germany yet, sadly.

    Hungary has had enough. After weeks of turmoil driven by immigrants surging through the country’s frontiers on their way to Germany, borders with Serbia to the south and Austria to the north are being closed in an effort to return order to the nation’s sovereignty.


  9. FB says:

    Pretty worrying. But it’s also the results of decades of Western countries messing up in the middle east with first fake borders and countries that were created, then the US and European countries going there for wars. As much as I think it was justified in some cases, and that there are crazy barbarians over there, we have to acknowledge that we didn’t improve things at all and quite the opposite. Maybe it’s time to step back a little bit and let people over there kill each other instead of stirring the pot and having European countries deal with the consequences.


  10. Imp says:

    Let’s hire the Hungarians to work on our border?

    Meanwhile Hungary is rushing to complete a new border fence separating it from Serbia while at the same time building holding areas for immigrants trying to enter the country without passports or identity documents. Under EU rules anyone claiming asylum in a member country must be register at their first point of landing and as Greece and Italy are failing to do so Hungary is intent on enforcing a rule others are turning their back on.

    Hungary has set a deadline of September 15 for work on the fence to be complete.

    “Undocumented Mu-slums”? Sound familiar?


  11. FB says:

    Also it’s the results of Western PCness. Especially in Germany since they feel so terrible about the Nazi years, they think they have to make up for it.


  12. Imp says:

    @FB..”Especially in Germany since they feel so terrible about the Nazi years, they think they have to make up for it.”

    They have nothing to apologize for any longer. Seeing as how most Germans today were born after WW2. Japan has had enough of the groveling too. As their PM recently refused to apologize. Instead saying it was “regrettable”.


  13. FB says:

    @Imp, you’re right but I think people carry guilt for a long time. I do have some guilt for the treatment of Jews in France during WW2 for example.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    FB, it’s not at all pretty. And I was so hoping we wouldn’t get to the blame game, though you’re correct; The French needed Peugeot workers…they got muslims from Algeria, intending to send them home afterwards; sadly, they marry the French and that’s that.
    The Germans needed hotel workers, etc., and they brought in Turks and Pakistanis ….they stayed…they’re there.
    I believe the Algerians, etc., have learned French and use it far more than any of the Turks or Pakis I’ve met as hotel maids speak German…it’s awful German…

    FB and Imp are right…they shouldn’t have to keep apologizing; very few are still alive who actually were NAZIS and they are still paying BILLIONS each year in reparations to grandchildren, by the way, although that’s in discussion. Yes, I believe Germany is afraid to get tougher on the immigrants….because of her past. Which is suicide…a very long, painful suicide.

    FB….we feel guilt for our country, that’s true…..and I have heard AWFUL stories of the treatment of Jews in Paris, for example, but I think it’s time to air those thoughts in the public arena and put an end to them….in Germany and France. “We know this happened, we have always felt terrible and made up, over and over again, for those things….and we need to put that guilt aside now and look forward to creating a France or Germany in which immigrants can assimilate and we can all thrive…..we will not thrive without proper assimilation.”
    Then there’s the problem of JOBS>
    Without JOBS, who pays these people? Germans pay them incredible amounts…just for being there!

    Imp; excellent input on the Hungarians, etc….and the wall! Ya, good luck with that Sept 15 wall idea, Hungary. Also, I heard today that Austria’s saying “STOP THE HUNGARIAN THING, WE ARE NOT TAKING MORE” Hallelujah….more for GERMANY (GAD)

    It makes me giggle that it’s the EAST GERMANS (those communists who lived there before the wall came down) who are more against this invasion of immigrants…Gee, I thought the commies were so open minded, right? 🙂


  15. Imp says:

    Uh Oh…Sausage beer and islime immigrants / jihadists?

    “Munich, the first point of arrival for the thousands of economic migrants travelling by train from Hungary into Western Europe will be put into a state of police emergency during the usually jubilant Oktoberfest celebrations.

    Joachim Herrmann, the Christian Social Union interior minister revealed plans to deploy “strong security forces” to the city during the annual beer and wurst (pork sausage) festival in two weeks time, as he feared confrontations between Germans celebrating their cultural heritage and newly arrived migrants.

    Munich central station is a major railhead for thousands of migrants travelling north through Europe, taking trains from Budapest through Austria to the southern German city.”

    Speaking in an interview with local newspaper the Münchner Merkur, Herrmann admitted “you can not see who is Islamist” among the thousands arriving in the city, and that there was a significant challenge identifying who exactly was coming to the country as many had forged or no paperwork.

    He said: “We can not ignore our own security interests… Such Islamists are already in our country”. As for Oktoberfest, he said he “could not foresee how the many drunken Oktoberfest revellers will behave”, but noted that there were always some incidents and the meeting of a large group of refugees and the revellers could close both the railway station and the main city square.


  16. bocopro says:

    One of the driving factors behind the apparent lack of opposition to the flood of immigrants in Germany is a fee no me non that’s plaguing all of Western Europe (as well as Japan): unsustainable fertility rates (read as, they ain’t sick, but they ain’t havin babies, neither).

    Germany’s population is not only aging, but diminishing, and that means no growth, and that means reduced productivity, that means slip-slide in a whole buncha categories. The nation needs skilled workers, but Scottie hasn’t been beaming in enough of ’em, so employers are willing to take trainable furriners and bring ’em up to speed to meet their needs.

    We’d have the same problem here in the US if not for the fecundity of black and Latino populations. Like their European counterparts, Cauc-Americans aren’t reproducing themselves in sufficient volume to maintain population stability. Other groups DO, however, make up the slack and keep the numbers up overall.

    But eventually the US will cease to be a white-dominated society, prob’ly around mid-century. And by turn of the next millennium, if things keep on keepin on the way they are now, whites will be in a small minority, well under a third.

    The Syrians, Afghans, Kurds, and other groups will bring with them the traditional drive for huge families while the superior health and medical systems will reduce infant mortality rate, death from childhood diseases, and fatalities resulting from injury and malnutrition and the like. They’ll also bring the scourge of Islam to substitute for the other scourges they fled in their homelands.

    Eventually their progeny will infiltrate governments to the point of being able to alter laws and systems such that those very conditions which they fled will flourish in their adopted countries, and the mantra of “Islam will rule the world!” will become reality.

    Germany needs labor to survive economically, and it ain’t growin none of it; it has no other option, without a modern Lebensborn program, but to import warm bodies it can train to empty the trashcans, sweep the floors, and stoke the furnaces.

    Quelle dommage. The “German ailment” some are calling it. “‘Tis true; ’tis pity; and pity ’tis ’tis true” but the Europe of Kant and Wordsworth and Boccaccio and Wagner and Voltaire and Mozart and Catholicism and Oktoberfest and all the rest is becoming a dim memory . . . kinda like the Alamo is here.


  17. Imp says:


    “while the superior health and medical systems will reduce infant mortality rate, death from childhood diseases, and fatalities resulting from injury and malnutrition and the like.”

    And you expect that 3rd worlders will be able to maintain those standards? Knowing that’s one of the reasons they come here is because it’s lacking or totally absent from where they left? What generation of them will be able to graduate from medical schools or even a high school for that matter?


  18. Jihadists are embedded amongst these Moslem hordes coming into Europe right now. Any who disbelieve that reality disbelieve it at their own peril.

    We’re seeing arrival of the 21st Century New Dark Age.


  19. FB says:

    I talked to my mom in France and she told me she was seeing this as a new “big wave of migration” like Europe has seen in the past with Portuguese or Polish people immigrating to France for example. Except this one is not bringing people who have the same values. And that’s a a huge problem.
    This guy explains it very well


  20. “Refugees” in Europe young, fit and overwhelmingly male.

    Yes, there are women and children among these Moslem hordes, and the mainstream media are finding them and weeping over them.

    But the reality is the numbers of young males. Angry young males in many cases.


  21. FB,
    Excellent video!


  22. cube says:

    Immigration or invasion?


  23. bocopro says:

    Imp: yeah . . . yeah I do. The infrastructure is already in place in most Euronations, especially Germany, and while the nordic segment isn’t reproducing itself in sustainable fashion, it ain’t quite gone yet, so we can expect dem deutschen volke to still be the doc and techs and staffers while the infiltrating western Asians are pumpin gas, changin oil, replacin mufflers, and emptyin trashcans.

    The “fertility” rate for German couples is under 2, while it’s 4 or 5 for many of the immigrant stock. Much of the world has traditionally needed large families as a social security net for old age, the logic being that if you have two kids and one is a loser while the other one dies, you’re kinda screwed. So you have a passle of ’em to help you grow and harvest the rice, or the goats, or the poppies, or whatever else you do, hopin that at least one of ’em will be able to give you a warm place to eat and a nice place to die when you can’t feed yourself any more.

    That philosophy almost ALWAYS persists into the second and usually 3rd generations. And I don’t for a moment believe that Afghans or Kurds or Iraquis or Somalis can’t be taught to work in labs or operate sophisticated equipment. The problem for them is almost universally that corruption coupled with the demands of Islam holds back education, esPECially for females.

    The top-gun retina specialist who has kept Milady’s macular degeneration in check for 10 years now is Indian, named Sunil Gupta, and one of the nurses who worked on me during my cardio incident was SEAsian. It’s the culture and the religion, not the gray matter that makes their world look like wholly shi’ite.

    And don’t forget, the Mayas and Incas had humongous monuments, buildings with running water and sewer systems, and an astronomical observation/calculation program which we can rival only today while Western Europe was living in mud huts and conducting feudal warfare.

    ‘Course there WAS that human sacrifice thingy in meso-America, but nobody’s perfect.


  24. Imp says:

    This tune ought to be popular in Germany right about now:


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; you can bet it’ll be the Germans blamed if anything happens at Oktoberfest. COUNT ON IT.
    The Muslims are very VERY ‘in your face’ and constantly in their faces….the police are told not to respond or react at anything……everyone’s afraid of looking bad.
    It’s carte blanche for islam, whose koran tells to go and multiply and take over; build the caliphate; even better if the invaded are paying through the nose for the invaders…why not?

    bocopro; There are plenty of Germans who are unemployed; I’m not 100% with you on your point but it’s certainly a valid one and it definitely plays a big part in the problem. Obviously, this all started that way, in Germany and France, during the times I mentioned above..Peugeot employees, etc.

    And yes, the “big enlightened Western world” is not having children and there’s no believing that those who mean to take over aren’t well aware and aren’t well populating their own belief systems; see my daughter’s email regarding how many are pregnant under those burkhas and hijabs. Easy to be pregnant when my children are paying their bills, isn’t it.

    AOW: when it’s a crisis of food and shelter, isn’t it an amazement that it’s mostly able bodied MEN coming across? I’d have thought their children and their wives would need it first….oh, pardon me, that’s the Western mentality. How could I be so stupid? 🙂

    Cube’s right…it’s NOT immigration; IT IS INVASION.

    FB…there are some who are saying this is the worst invasion of displaced people since WWII


  26. Imp says:

    UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage…sounds like he’s talking about us….and has some similiar “Trump-isms”?

    He details that “real people” have a hunger for old fashioned politics, and mentions how since he started doing public meetings they have been emulated by both Jeremy Corbyn and George Galloway ( commie ) – perhaps a sign that anti-establishment politicians of all stripes realise that there is a huge constituency out there disillusioned with Westminster politics.

    Speaking about an old poll repackaged as new by the Spectator and the Telegraph, Mr Farage said: “The posh boys, you know who’ve never had a job, who’ve come straight from Oxbridge into politics, who are generally too cowardly to take on the real issues of the day think they should be the top dogs in this referendum campaign.

    “Well I’m very happy to work with them, but the idea that any of them could lead anything… I mean I wouldn’t let most of them run a bath, frankly… Their line is that Farage is toxic… well at least the public have heard of me. Who’s ever heard of any of them?”


  27. Imp says:

    End Times: Europe crumbles under the devastating Impact of Mass Immigration….looks like Ferguson at times.


  28. silverfiddle says:

    When will the German people finally rise up and tell everybody, most of all their politicians, to shove it where the sun don’t shine?

    I have German friends, I lived there in the 90’s, and my military duties took me back there on various occasions. First, the Germans from the west paid dearly for reunification. Next, they paid another heavy price converting to the Euro, as virtually ALL business took advantage of the conversion to jack up prices.

    Now, their tyrannical government is demanding they pay to feed and house invaders.

    Labor laws are much more worker-friendly than here, and firing people is much harder. I don’t know why working Germans don’t declare a national strike and take to the streets demanding this suicidal madness end. Now.

    Germans need to get over the fear of being called Nazis. That is the favored weapon of the left, to threaten to label you. The German people need to stand up, and when the inevitable chorus of slander begins, they should stand defiant and spit it back in the faces of those leftwing bastards.


  29. Sparky says:

    My goodness, I had no idea it had gotten so rotten in the Old World. This is what happens when people stop worshiping Jesus, and allow a false god into their hearts. Well, the world is definitely the devil’s playground. The “god of the air” is having it’s fun. All we can do is pray, witness, and keep doing the right thing. And it doesn’t hurt to have a backup plan that involves copious amounts of ammo.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Imp…VERY upsetting video but important to watch…and, ah, so the leftists think it’s a good thing more Germans aren’t being born because they’re not passing on the NAZI genes, is basically what that Arschloch is saying. (and you know I NEVER SWEAR HERE but that is such utter BS)…
    Yes, the German rate is down (and from what I hear, they’re mostly children born out of wedlock because that’s SO COOL!, so even those kids are a MESS)……..but to hear people suggest that it’s the EUROPEANS who are losing their culture and that’s JUST THE WAY IT HAS TO BE, is upsetting to say the least. Bastards
    Gregor Gysi, leftist, can go to………

    Silverfiddle; that’s exactly how I feel, and how my stepson feels …as he wrote above “it’s so bad that even Uncle Hans (who only watches the standard leftie media) knows exactly what’s going on and said that it looks like the government and the media shoot out their last ammunition to fight the last battle before the public opinion turns up side down.”

    In other words….the media’s TRYING to get people on the gov’t side but there’s a BIG FIGHT COMING. My stepson says this, too. Don’t forget, the German people are mostly unarmed, at least urban Germans. NOT farmers, mind you. Or hunters. That “before public opinion turns upside down” is ominous. Here’s hoping.

    Sparky…Germans used to be very beautiful Godly people….the kids are ‘too cool’ to believe what they heard at home and in schools, where I think some religion is still taught, but that’s waning…you do see crosses in classrooms; or did very recently, anyway. And pictures of Jesus. Northern Germans are mostly Lutherans, Southern Germans are Catholics…
    And, they pay VERY HIGH taxes to attend worship services….so most put ‘NO” on their tax forms to avoid paying the tax.
    You won’t believe this:

    God help them all.


  31. Imp says:

    @Z..are the mudslimes taxed too?


  32. geeez2014 says:

    Imp: Here’s the scoop on ol’ Gregor Gysi, the ARSHLOCH: “He has strongly denied allegations that he used to help the Stasi – the East German secret police. He was the last leader of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany, and led the effort that transformed it into the post-Communist Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS), forerunner of The Left.”

    I don’t know about Jews or Muslims paying church tax…Jews probably don’t because they don’t pay ANY tax in Germany STILL!! NONE. Just sales tax, of course.
    Muslims are probably taking advantage of this clip from the link below:
    I’m sure they take this information and screw Germany somehow “If, however, religious communities choose to collect church tax themselves, they may demand that the tax authorities reveal taxation data of their members to calculate the contributions and prepayments owed. In particular, some smaller communities (e.g. the Jewish Community of Berlin) choose to collect taxes themselves to save collection fees the government would charge otherwise.” Here’s HOW MUCH THEY PAY!!!!

    From Wiki “For example, a single person earning 50,000 euros may pay an average income-tax of 20%, thus 10,000 euros. The church tax is then an additional 8% (or 9%) of that 10,000 euros (800 or 900 euros) for a total of 10,800 or 10,900 euros in taxes.[3]”


  33. baysider says:

    I’ve been taken by ALL the strapping young males in pictures and videos we’ve seen of this invasion. AOW’s point is well taken. This is SO different from the German acculturated Turkish professional friend I knew 30 years ago. Bocopro is right – Germany’s economy and the rest of Europe’s depends on more bodies. Just not these bodies. Ones who will integrate, acculturate in the second generation, and not speak the mother tongue by the third generation.

    The Germans are getting what they are PAYING for it appears. Maybe they should stop paying for it. WE should stop paying for it. The story of that man whose sons drowned – coming to Germany for free dental care. How hard is it to figure this out?


  34. baysider says:

    I’m reading a book on The Fall of the Ottomans. WW1 era. When the British moved into Basra to secure oil, they upended the Ottoman authority there. What happened next? The streets were flooded with looters and rioters. Sound familiar? They ‘secured’ Basra with their Indian troops who knocked on doors at dawn, and broke down every one that didn’t respond to the first knock, deported military-aged men, and searched the house for weapons. Yeah – they respond to the strong horse.

    Nothing in this slice of history – or recent history – suggests these people as a culture are able to self-govern. How could you be with millenia of strong men in charge? We (in the west) keep upsetting this apple cart. FB is right. We need to step back, seal off, and let nature take its course – and support any true democracy (Israel) in the region.

    The ‘code of honor’ that hardwires these societies is completely antithetical to western and Christian ethics. But those who believe all ‘traditions’ are equal, will never see the danger here.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    UPDATE FROM MY SON: “All the pictures we see on papers and TV show women and little kids, but the reality are 99 % young strong well-fed and top dressed men who don’t look like in need of help at all.”

    He’s confirming what we all know. Something’s up way beyond refugees seeking asylum.
    He also says that the huge Oktoberfest tents will probably be used as housing for these people.
    He said he was driving thru villages today on his way home from his uncle’s, an hour or so outside Munich, and there were refugees walking through where nobody’d been on Friday…….
    the invasion is well begun.


  36. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider and FB: “We need to step back, seal off, and let nature take its course – and support any true democracy (Israel) in the region.”
    As if we wouldn’t were they not trying to kill us? Anybody remember 9/11? the train bomb in London? etc etc? The nukes Iran’s building? Boston Marathon? And we’re the GREAT SATAN but they won’t hurt us? 🙂
    Sure…leave them alone! And let’s all hope they go away?

    We’d all love to do that……..there’s no downside to ‘letting them kill each other’ except the compassion we feel for the people, especially the children…but they look at us as the gravy train and will abuse us, so……..The problem is they won’t stop with killing each other….that mindset doesn’t stop there and the koran tells them to achieve the caliphate. CHildren and women don’t do that well…men do.

    WOW! HOW ODD that most of the refugees are ANGRY MEN! 🙂


  37. Imp says:

    Those “children” will learn to be good jihadists too. They are assuring their future deaths, is all.


  38. When I lived in Gernany in the early 70s, I looked around and saw all the Turks and wondered what was up, but all the Germans said it was under control.
    They were just guest workers.


  39. geeez2014 says:

    Ed….that was definitely the plan. Same as in France.

    Imp; I still have compassion for the children. The whole thing is so terrible.


  40. Imp says:

    @Ed..I was there in the 60’s…and I never saw one. Just Frauleins and lot’s of non pasteurized beer!


  41. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, the Turks were there in the Sixties….in hotel bathrooms, cleaning! But not as many as NOW, of course. Actually, from my years in Munich, I’d say Turks assimilated better than most. There was a guy on German TV once, a Turk, telling his fellow Turks to smarten up and “the least you can do is learn the language of the country you’re lucky to live in” We were kind of surprised.

    My kids now tell me the main square, the Marienplatz, is teeming with hijabs and burkhas…I never saw ONE even 14 years ago…not one. Of course, back then, we weren’t looking for them, we weren’t on our toes.

    London is different…FULL of burkhas…even 15 years ago..RICH ONES, in front of Harrod’s with loooong limos and TONS of fancy boxes of designer clothing…burkhas, with those AWFUL half moon plates under their eyes “How devout!” …except VERY expensive designer sexy shoes are peeking out from the hem of the burkha.

    I wish they’d ALL GO HOME and let London be London and Munich be Munich and Paris be Paris…I am so sorry for Europe…and , of course, it’s coming here…………
    Didn’t Europe have a RIGHT to maintain its identity? I think so.
    yet Merkel is saying ‘NO LIMIT! BRING THEM ALL IN!’ This isn’t about workers; Germans are unemployed!!!!!


  42. Imp says:

    @Z….”Imp, the Turks were there in the Sixties….in hotel bathrooms..”

    That’s why I must have missed them…I never saw a hotel bathroom in my time in Germany. 🙂


  43. baysider says:

    Well, all prior invasions took place with armies and weapons. They so put Europe on high alert that the Catholic church softened their stance on Luther to promote conciliation so they could organize a strong defense in the late 1520’s when the first one came.

    We’re witnessing a ‘soft’ invasion. And one we’re financing!! It makes you so angry.


  44. Imp says:

    @Z…”Didn’t Europe have a RIGHT to maintain its identity? I think so.”

    Of course not. Only predominately white European countries are obliged to…diversify. To prove it…ask why Africa isn’t being forced to accept Greeks or Germans or French or Russians…to “balance” it’s populations? Why is it that these countries have to accept the garbage and the failures of other 3rd world dung heaps? Are the African countries not racist then?


  45. Imp says:

    @Bay…800,000 potential non assimilating muslim future jihadists…isn’t a “soft” invasion. It’s a full on frontal assault like the Patton did in the many WW2 campaigns.


  46. baysider says:

    ‘Soft’ is waves straggling in, some here, some there, unarmed and under the guise of immigration instead of invasion. But your point is well taken!

    Z, I have a friend whose family immigrated from Turkey to Germany at least in the 70’s. Professionals (he is an architect). He came here, and his brother stayed in Germany. Felt acculturated and all. I wonder how they feel now? Of course, these aren’t people you see on the news. (:


  47. Imp says:

    Euro-weenie….suckers again.

    The Associated Press has filed an astounding report on the piles of fake documents appearing as discarded refuse along the migrant route into Europe, as the number of people claiming to be “Syrian” for the purposes of securing asylum status surges exponentially.

    A Pakistani identity card in the bushes, a Bangladeshi one in a cornfield. A torn Iraqi driver’s license bearing the photo of a man with a Saddam-style moustache, another one with a scarfed woman displaying a shy smile.

    Documents scattered only metres from Serbia’s border with Hungary provide evidence that many of the migrants flooding Europe to escape war or poverty are scrapping their true nationalities and likely assuming new ones, just as they enter the European Union.

    Many of those travellers believe that using a fake document — or having none at all — gives them a better of chance of receiving asylum in Germany and other western European states. That’s because the surest route to asylum is to be a refugee from war and not an economic migrant fleeing poverty. That fact has led to a huge influx of people claiming to be Syrian.

    Serbian border police say that 90 per cent of those arriving from Macedonia, some 3,000 a day, claim they are Syrian, although they have no documents to prove it. The so-called Balkan corridor for the migrant flight starts in Turkey, then goes through Macedonia and Serbia before entering the European Union in Hungary.

    “You can see that something is fishy when most of those who cross into Serbia enter January first as the date of their birth,” said border police officer Miroslav Jovic. “Guess that’s the first date that comes to their mind.”


  48. jerrydablade says:

    so sad. Europe is toast. How much longer do we have? Build the wall, 2016!


  49. geeez2014 says:

    AOW..sadly, thi sisn’t unusual at all. The comment on that video said the family should sue Angela Merkel….sort of like the Kate’s family is suing the City of San Francisco for her death.


  50. Mustang.Koji says:

    It is only a matter of time, geeez. Only a matter of time before Islam outnumbers Christianity (and I am Buddhist as you know). Freakin’ Obama just loves this. It is happening here as you all know. Odd thing is, women seem to be taking a blind eye to this incursion into their freedoms…but that’s just my observation.


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