SEPTEMBER 11……14 years later

Where we you on 9/11?   How’d you hear it?

And what are your thoughts today?   My thought is how our nervousness over another hit on that date has lessened (at least in the news) every year.  I’m not sure that’s smart.   Muslims don’t seem to forget.

Did you think we’d go this long without another attack?

Tell us what you’re thinking about today.

911 images

Did anybody really understand how bad things would get?

God bless America…….I doubt that anybody who was burned to death that day, jumped to his death that day, died trying to save others, would recognize her today.


(thanks, Imp)

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  1. I was in a staff meeting that day and we were discussing a problem that had occurred the night before.
    An employee came in the room and announced that a plane had crashed in to the WTC.
    We did not know the severity.
    I mentioned a bomber crashing in to the Empire State building, and a light plane hitting an office tower in Florida.
    We then began discussing the equipment failure of the night before.
    I was asked what were the chances of it happening again.
    I replied the odds were greater that another plane would hit the WTC.
    The same employee came right back in and announced the second plane hitting.
    I kid you not.
    We then began to understand the severity and adjourned to watch the news.

    Every 9/11, I expect something.
    Remember Benghazi.
    I wonder how the Michael Bay movie “13 hours” will affect Hillary’s campaign when it is released.


  2. bocopro says:

    Given the permanent partisan gridlock in Congress, the gross ineptitude of executive leadership, the total failure to comprehend the absolute incompatibility of Islam with American culture, the hopeless state of our entitlement programs, and the insurmountable self-feeding debt we’ve accumulated, I’m thankful to have lived through WWII, un-airconditioned homes, AM radio, the polio years, the constant threat of nuclear annihilation, the Cold War, and even the inadequacy of the Carter fiasco.

    Recovery and return to 19-forgotten is more of a pipe dream than Bernie Sanders’ understanding of macroeconomics. Unless the “moderate” Muslims force Islam into its long-overdue reformation and Western culture begins producing more babies, the Europe we’ve known will fade into oblivion and North America will inevitably follow.

    That’s what I’m thinking about today . . . and EVERY day . . . and it makes me weep for my grandchildren and their children. At 78 and 75 respectively, Milady and I have lived through dangerous, exciting times, but we never anticipated that the malignancy of Islam would ever metastasize to the degree that it has.

    I donno . . . when you’re dead, you’re dead, but it just seems to me that the idea of being instantly vaporized by an impersonal thermonuclear device is somehow more dignified than the thought of being publicly beheaded by a savage neanderthal.


  3. bunkerville says:

    I was blessed to live in the best of times. That is what I am thinking. This is not living with these savages on the move and we do nothing.


  4. Angel says:

    Bless you and yours this Sept 11th my dear friend Z..God keep us all safe..:)…what a horror we are living through now……………


  5. John M. Berger says:

    “Where we you on 9/11? How’d you hear it?”
    I had fallen asleep on the couch, with the TV on, earlier and awakened right at the time of impact to see most of it, real time. Now, fourteen years later, I awaken to hear that [we], who are still facing the wrath, en mass, of the Moslem vermin responsible are being lied to by a Moslem President that we, foolishly, elected to lead us. Yes, after clearing the way for ISIS to expand and acquire our weaponry, we are now being fed a line of BULL concerning the success of our meager efforts to stop these barbarians, while allowing more of them to come HERE!


  6. Lisa says:

    I was home recovering from foot surgery and my husband was off on Tuesdays so he was home in another room. As soon as the first plane hit I yelled for him to come into the living room and first thing he said was “terrorism” , Then shortly after that we watched in further horror as the 2nd plane hit and then pretty much stayed glued to the TV for the next few weeks like everyone else.
    Heard So many stories from that day being a Long Islander. Long Island lost many first responders from the area as well. We have several memorials around honoring local heroes.
    I remember seeing cars for the next year with Bin Laden Picture saying “Wanted Dead or Alive”.
    Wow Ed that is an amazing twist of irony.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    I was walking with Mr. Z back to our apartment in Paris….thankfully, my mother had left the day before and didn’t get into that awful logjam of planes in Bangor, Maine, I’m so grateful she didn’t get stuck…..
    We passed Au Nom de La Rose, a lovely flower shop that only carries roses….we were stepping on the petals they throw out each morning onto the sidewalk in front of the shop, and I was feeling so happy and the roses were all so lovely, and I said to Mr. Z “Imagine a world without ROSES?” When we arrived at the apartment, I put on CNN and saw the plane had just hit…..I called for Mr. Z to come see and, just then, the second hit, and he said “Terrorism”……

    And it was a few weeks later that I remembered what I’d said about a world without roses….and I knew that’s what we now had……in so many ways.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Bunkerville; I feel very much like you do. I was thinking that my 84 yr old mother and 80 yr old uncle really lived through the best years in America………But, while we went through Vietnam, the Sixties, rioting, etc., we were blessed to leave here now.
    Our kids and grandkids? what a nightmare….when 41% of Americans will now vote for a socialist, you know we’re deeply different. In such profound ways. The American spirit is GONE.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Angel, thanks…same to you. I just tried to go to your blog AGAIN and it still says WARNING…!! I’m so sorry! No other blog does that!!?


  10. Did anybody really understand how bad things would get?

    NO! I addressed some of that in my post today at Infidel Bloggers Alliance, where I said:

    we have the 9/11 Good Deed Challenge, feel-good stuff allowing the vast majority of people in the West to neglect addressing the root cause of 9/11/01: “ISLAM DOES THIS.”

    As a result of the deliberate distraction of the 9/11 Good Deed Challenge and of academia’s circling the drain with Colleges brainwash students into believing 9/11 was our fault, we have this, already in the gates of Europe and in ours as well.

    And the mindless Westerners chant, “Nothing to do with Islam!

    George Santayana: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

    Read the links and see the graphics HERE.


  11. John,
    I read the article in The Daily Beast. How far America has fallen!

    The re-election of Barack HUSSEIN Obama is the linchpin for destroying America. Those who voted for him the second time are my personal enemies as far as I’m concerned.


  12. Mal says:

    My experience wasn’t near as dramatic as those above. We were living in Washington State on that unforgettable Monday morning. The night before, my son gave me the use of his new Red Corvette Convertible while he was going to be in Vegas at a Dental Convention that week (kind of a repayment for my lending him mine on his first date in high school). As I arose that morning, anticipating this, we turned on the T.V. and witnessed the terrible events unfolding in front of our eyes. Even though his flight and the convention was cancelled, he said to keep it anyway, but somehow, it was no longer appealing to me and I returned it. Our country has never been the same since.


  13. Wrong link! HERE is the correct one.


  14. John M. Berger says:

    Well-Well, it seems that our Fraud-in-Chief is conspicuous by his absence at today’s ceremony. What a PUKE!


  15. baysider says:

    I was up extra early and listening to Hugh Hewitt’s morning show. Mr. B was still asleep, and my brother called to tell me to turn on the TV – but I was already watching. I let Mr. B enjoy his sleep. Nothing he could do by getting awakened early to bad news.

    Thoughts today? We are taking the enemy in because we refuse to recognize him as ‘enemy.’ Even 16th century Europe had more sense than that! They put a damper on the Luther-Catholic struggles for the first invasion of Vienna (1529) because the church understood it was an existential threat. They pulled back their claws somewhat to engage all sides in the common battle.


  16. Imp says:

    Take a look at Germany with their “welcoming” of Mohammedans. Are we going to see the same here?
    Now immigrants from both sides of that battle are carrying their fight onto the streets of Frankfurt.

    Meanwhile, Germany will mobilise 4,000 soldiers in the next 48-hours to help with the entry of up to 40,000 refugees in the country, Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen said on Friday.

    She told Der Spiegel that she was placing the troops on alert with the expectation they could be asked to do more than just welcome the immigrant arrivals.

    Really? Just what is it with these women who run Germany now? Do they wish to be assaulted and bagged for their stupid suicidal ‘feelings’ of misplaced compassion for terrorists?


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider…funny you should mention that, I left this comment at Always’ very early this morning “In Vienna, in a fiacre with a driver, we saw a statue of Prince Eugen….The driver turned around to us and said “He drove the Muslims out, but…they’re back!!”
    OH yes, they are. BIG TIME. If ONLY those who mean no harm to others would join together against the terror……yet we’re supposed to not be bigoted and just stand by as Europe is ruined and we’re next.”

    Imp; Merkel’s not concerned for the Germans, trust me; She’s concerned at what the angry Germans might do to the invaders (they don’t call them immigrants there…they’re starting to call them invaders, by the way) Oh, yes, you’re right…it’s MUCH more than ‘welcoming immigrants’’s keeping those damned Germans from showing how they feel.

    JMB: REALLY? Has he even mentioned anything?

    Mal, thanks for that…very touching. Yes, everything drained out of us that day…lots of joy went…the roses seem to have ceased to exist; we have to search for joy now, and WE MUST.

    AOW…will look later; ; gotta run for a while. But thanks


  18. baysider says:

    I sent your earlier link on German immigration to my friend in Germany. He lives in a town with a lot of muslim immigrants, but he just has a different take on it. His take helped me understand how this got so far along, though. It’s a strong sympathy for the ‘plight.’ Those stories planted in the media are working! He does not see it as your stepson – yet. I’m sure many feel that way – well, enough feel that way that it’s gotten as far as it has.

    The Islamists must be laughing out their patootie at us. I would not be one bit surprised to learn they engineered panic among those even in safety and are promoting Germany’s social welfare state to induce a mob movement they can easily salt with thousands of jihadis – all supported by their enemy! I’m reading a book now, The End of the Ottomans and the scenario I describe is taken from their mindset at that time. Who thinks it’s changed?

    Oh … and the Saudis are helping. They’ve volunteered to build 200 mosques for the refugees in Germany. Europe (western civ?) …. mene, mene, tekel upharsin.


  19. baysider says:

    OMG, AOW I just watched your link! “How much things have changed and how the world in general has grown, how things can transform.” Yeah, like a cancer. Sure, we are to do good deeds. But rolling over to ignore – yea, even fund! – the Islamic threat is NOT one of them.


  20. baysider says:

    errata. That would be The Fall of the Ottomans.


  21. silverfiddle says:

    John M. Berger: President and Mrs. Obama are celebrating with CAIR at their Ground Zero Victory Mosque.


  22. Bob says:

    I remember that day as a day of frustration.

    All we could do was to watch it in TV. All we could do was to ask the question, why? Since that day, we have gone through a couple of wars, and a couple of presidents. George Bush is a leader, and even if you don’t agree with what he did, he would appraise a situation, and take the action he felt necessary.

    On the other hand, whatever the situation, Barack Obama does not understand the simple concept of leadership. He does not understand the world around us. Obama came into office having surrendered our values, economics before he even took the oath of office.

    That is the situation we find ourselves in. Now, we have to regain the ground that Bush won, and Obama deserted. Now we have to re-build our military. Now we have to correct the ill-imagined social policies of a the Democrat Party. Now, we have to spend more lives and treasures to correct the cowardice of Barack Hussein Obama.

    Remember Benghazi. That’s Obama’s legacy.


  23. baysider says:

    That’s sad, Bob, but you are so right about what Obama’s fecklessness will cost us. Bush screwed up with bad data, but had turned the corner back to a position of being the strong horse. From my Ottomans book I’m seeing how much British prestige and diplomatic effectiveness suffered when they had 2 huge defeats in WW1 are the hands of the Ottomans. NOW, we have to re-build the confidence of allies and prospective allies, and the fear of enemies. Does anyone think Putin is not watching?


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Imp…see the Turks holding their flag up in defiance? Some assimilation, yes? And it’s the Germans who’ll be arrested. My stepson’s friend is a cop; they’re told to STOP, LOOK AWAY, DO NOTHING. Unless it’s a German, then arrest. This sounds insane? It’s the truth. I know that kid and he’s a terrific young man. No liar.

    Baysider; but the ‘plight’ is always what the Left feels is so sad and needs compassion. Frankly, who doesn’t have some compassion for the people? who can look at the picture of the tiny little drowned boy at AOW’s blog and not feel compassion? Of course there are people who completely disagree with my stepson, but less and less, he tells me. It took him about ten years (of arguing with his dad in our living room after dinner most nights) to finally see what the threat is.
    Joschka Fischer, who Mr. Z referred to as the “Molotov Cocktail thrower” is a German politician of the Alliance ’90/The Greens. He served as Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of Germany in the cabinet of Gerhard Schröder,,,,,he says today,”Germany is dissolving more day by day and I think it’s wonderful.”
    I’m not suggesting your friend feels like that (Ms. Z’s boyfriend DOES, the sailor), but there are MANY like them. We see that in Obama….remember the CHANGE? It’s a WRECK…

    I guess my feeling is compassion for the German people……is it wrong? Is it because my wonderful husband was German? That I loved living there? Of course not. I see a far range of reasons/emotions/facts about this…..I would feel this anyway, after having traveled as much as I have and having lived in 2 European countries…….
    I don’t WANT to see the French lose the French culture…I don’t want to see Germany “dissolve” as that jackass Fischer does.
    I don’t want to see London still deny their “No Go Zones”….
    Silly me…I’m still waiting for the muslims I trust are NOT haters to march against the monsters.

    Thankfully, I am hearing that JOrdan and a few other Middle Eastern countries are taking in some of these refugees…..

    This morning, I saw Bob O’Neill ask why the HUGE majority of the refugees are young strong men and why they’re not fighting for their countries? Oh, the liberal woman advised him, “it’s because THEY’RE COMING AHEAD AND WILL CALL FOR THEIR WIVES AND CHILDREN ONCE THEY’RE SETTLED:”

    In my great grandparents’ time leaving Turkey for American, that is EXACTLY what Greatgrandpa did….he came to America, took NO assistance though he came with almost nothing and no English, got a job, worked hard, and went back for his wife….
    It’s not the same with this bunch; absolutely not. Plus, the jobs aren’t even THERE in Germany or France.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Silverfiddle…I wanted to make that comment and thought maybe I shouldn’t . I am GLAD YOU DID!

    Bob…so sad, isn’t it.



  26. geeez2014 says:

    JMB and SF; I just read that Obama’s speaking about 9/11 from Ft Meade…..I’d better rush to go watch him!
    NOT 🙂


  27. baysider says:

    Re: Obama and CAIR
    This is an excerpt from a post I did at Gates of Vienna, about Hitler supporting the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and his anti-Jewish efforts during WW2: “As they [Germans] had done in WW1, they attempted to leverage the enmity of muslim ‘subjects’ of his enemies (the French and British).” Ok, I understand. It’s a common war tactic.

    Then I see this: “The Democratic mayors of two Michigan cities plan to celebrate September 11th this year by honoring Sharia and hosting their “9th Annual Ramadan Unity Dinner.”

    Then SF posts about Obama and CAIR.

    Are these 3 events really much different from each other?


  28. geeez2014 says:
    Here’s an amazing uplifting story about 9/11…..
    An excerpt that I found so poignant:
    Graziano is the oldest of four kids, and was a senior in high school the day of the attacks. The night before, on September 10, he got into the only real fight he’s ever had with his father, he says. It was about a college baseball recruiter —Graziano’s dad wanted him to let the coach know he wasn’t interested in playing at his school, but Graziano didn’t want to make the call just yet. “I screamed at him about how he didn’t go to college, he couldn’t understand, and then I said, ‘I f**ing hate you,’” Graziano says. “Here’s this father of four, there is nothing he didn’t do for his kids, and that’s the last thing I said to him on September 10.”

    Every day, Graziano says, he thinks about that conversation, and the fact that he was lucky enough to have the chance to apologize to his father. “I know that somewhere there is a kid who was 17 years old on 9/11, who said the same thing because that’s what stupid 17-year-old boys do, and his dad didn’t come home and mine did,” he says. “Because of that luck, I feel like I have a responsibility to get the best out of myself and out of others.”


  29. Kid says:

    I was on my way to work when the first plane hit. Heard initially it was a bomb, then the workmates said no it was a plane, We were thinking like Ed, that it was some tragic accident, then the 2nd plane and we all said “Shit” in unison. Then after we found out iut was moslem vermin, I said our country will never be the same again, instantly imagining the nightmare and uselessness of a TSA, terror attacks on the streets, a big chunk of freedom would be ripped from our bodies and never given back.

    While I was driving back home that day, I was actually shouting ‘Do your job you son of a bitch” speaking to Bush through empty space. I knew nothing about him but knew that the past president ignored terrorist attacks on our soil. WTC 93, USS Cole for sure. Well Bush did something. It hasn’t had any lasting effect. It didn’t even stop moslem vermin from being imported from ISIS central Syria.

    We all knew that passengers of any mass transit machine would never allow such a thing again, why didn’t the government. That has proven true several times now. Isn’t it ironic that the hardened cockpit door allowed a newly minted ISIS moslem co-pilot to lock his captain out of the cockpit and push the plane into the side of a mountain.

    Never did I imagine America would elect a moslem activist to the white house. twice.
    This tells us anything is possible now. They could prove that the beast was complicit in the deaths at the Benghazi embassy and this coulntry could still elect that human garbage.
    Imagine if something similar happens on obama’s watch. Would he even do anything? I’m thinking no.

    Z, I heard that during a story talking about terrorist activity in the US being sanitized as it made it’s way up the chain in DHS that “the president has every confidence in the intelligence people”. Of course he never attends security briefings either.

    Folks if you’re in a swing state, please hold your nose and go vote in 16 and stop this nightmare.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER!! We all know Michigan’s a wreck on this subject (as witnessed by areas like Dearborn) but REALLY? “The Democratic mayors of two Michigan cities plan to celebrate September 11th this year by honoring Sharia and hosting their “9th Annual Ramadan Unity Dinner.” Oh, my GOSH.

    By the way, I hope i didn’t sound like I was on YOU in my previous tome about Germany; it’s just something I know a lot of the truth about and hate so much that I jump on these people, like your friend, who just do NOT get it…particularly those Germans like your friend who don’t.

    It’s one thing (here I go again!!!..) to have compassion for others…!! That’s wonderful! But to put one’s country at great risk, financially, existentially, etc…..?? One has to question if it’s stupidity or insanity or will to see their country suffer.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, thanks. I think Bush did the right thing and I blame a lot of this on Obama’s ridiculous inability to STAY FOCUSED in the Middle East…. every General who agrees has quit or been fired. As Rob O’Neill (SEAL who killed Bin Laden..) said this morning ‘Have you noticed it’s only those who are close to retirement who are telling the truth in the military?”
    I know you’ve heard about the 50 analysts who have said their information’s being milked down to make it look like we’re winning against ISIS, something Obama’d love to boast about…but, while I’d consider this a White House edict “Water it down, support us, or else”, the WH is painting it as they’re SHOCKED and want an investigation! (kind of like the IRS thing that’s now disappeared, NSA, etc etc!!)
    Glad the president has CONFIDENCE…does he have confidence in their intel or confidence they’ll toe HIS LINE, right?

    Ya, I think when we all saw the second plane, we knew………..damn.


  32. Kid says:

    Z, There are 94 million + people not working who are over the age of 16. So this includes retired people but still. How can the unemployment rate be 5.2% or is it 5.1…

    All the numbers are fake. All of them.

    And by the way, for me, after GHW Bush, clinton, Bush Jr, obama, why does anyone even care what any of these candidates have to say about anything ? No offense to anyone. It’s fodder to converse I guess but it’s meaningless really.


  33. geeez2014 says:

    Kid. Are you just generally bitching about the country in general, or???
    What do you think of this thing about the analysts? I think it’s totally rubbish and the White House is the guilty party..totally.


  34. Sparky says:

    “Where we you on 9/11? How’d you hear it?”
    I was in bed recovering from my second Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery, left one that time. I had to keep it elevated and was seriously doped because of the pain. My husband came into the bedroom with sheer terror in his eyes, flipped on the TV, and said “Honey, wake up! We’re under attack!” I was too numb to respond but remember later it was pretty horrifying. This day would mean more to me if this stupid young women, white apologists, and marxists hadn’t voted for the Muslim anti-Christ. It made any supposed remembrance and “I’ll Never Forget” kinda mote. You know?
    And as bocopro so rightly stated above, I’m also just waiting for the thermonuclear blast so I can go Home to live with Jesus. Anybody who survives, I feel sorry for ya.


  35. John M. Berger says:

    Re. Germany’s irrational acceptance of Moslem vermin invading their country:

    “It’s a strong sympathy for the ‘plight.’

    So, what of the ‘plight’ of the German people when those barbarians finally take over their country? Where will they go?


  36. Kid says:

    Z, I’m not bitching about the country with my comment. I’m saying we are not getting honest/realistic information about the state of our country or the state of affairs around the world for that matter. So, how can people make reasonable decisions about anything with a totally manufactured environment. No data is accurate. Climate, unemployment, economic, social, criminal, racial, voting totals? Could be completely made up. how could you possibly verify that all votes rolled up into state or national totals. They could be made up ahead of time. I stick my ballot into a machine that looks like a fax machine. It feeds in, makes some noise, and the number on the display goes from say 283, to 284 to indicate my ballot was processed and my vote will make it to the total aggregation. I really don’t have any confidence of that, regardless how I voted. All the numbers are fake. The inflation number is fake. They say inflation is low. Why am I paying 5 times more for a smaller can of Campbells soup than I was 5 years ago. It’s all fake.
    If I want to bitch, I’d say:
    The natl debt is going to double what it was when obama slithered into office. Taxes have gone up on everything because of obammycare. Nothing has been spent on infrastructure, they gave 787 billion? to chrysler and chevy so that at least GM could do a massive build and investment in Chinese facilities, but no money was spent in America that wasn’t being spent prior to obama. DOD, Social Security, Medicare being the bigger ticket items. SO – where exaclty has 10 Trillion Plus an unknown but quite large amount of tax revenue been spent???

    We’re going to look back on this period and if historians are able to dig into the details, it’s going to be quite shocking to find out what has been going on the last 6 years.


  37. baysider says:

    Z, my friend is the picture of German rectitude, highly intelligent, well read, people friendly, cultured, kind and considerate. You couldn’t ask for a more upstanding citizen, and we’re very fond of him. That’s even more troubling than a drunk college kid who votes for dumbo because she’s going to legalize marijuana. Somehow you feel if you can get the latter sober you can do something. I’d love the chance to sit down in person with him to discuss. I’m sure he doesn’t have a policeman friend who can tell him about their hands-off policy on moslems. (:


  38. baysider says:

    JMB – could not agree more. We have the same problem here. How do you open eyes. I guess when some jihadi brandishes a scimitar at your neck your eyes will open. Personally, I don’t want to wait for it.


  39. Kid says:

    IMP, So that’s gotta stay with you. How long did you have to hang out in Jacksonville? Seems like it was 3 days of no flights at all?


  40. Imp says:

    @Kid. We rented a car and drove back home. The passengers did the same and the boss discounted them the next trip. Not one of them complained either. The entire country was grounded for 3 days. And ya….it’ll always stay with me. That, JFK and the fall of Saigon.


  41. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; that’s quite a story. No, nobody’d complain; I don’t think people felt united in grief more since Pearl Harbor.

    One thing I remember so well is the gratitude I still feel that my mother, who’d spend her two weeks in Paris again that summer with us, had gone home the day before; I couldn’t picture her with a bunch of passengers she didn’t know, stuck in Bangor,Maine for days before planes took off again. I am so grateful for that.
    A thing I’m not grateful for is having not been in the USA to see the patriotism I’ve heard so much about that went on after 9/11. The French were WONDERFUL to us Americans about it, but I didn’t see/feel much of what Americans have told me about.
    Still….I WAS in PARIS 🙂


  42. Kid says:

    Z, the patriotism lasted all of a month.


  43. Imp says:

    @Z…”stuck in Bangor,Maine for days before planes took off again. I am so grateful for that.”

    As I understand it…the people of Maine were open and wonderful to those who were forced to land there…as were the great people of Nova Scotia who accepted all the Europe to USA flights. They opened their homes, hearts and wallets. Truthfully…We couldn’t pay for a meal two months after 911 whenever we landed and were in uniform.


  44. Imp says:

    The last 911 search dog passed today…and Perry passes on his campaign too.


  45. Imp says:

    Definitely, Worth the read….



  46. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; I’m just glad my mother got safely home…I did hear Bangor’s community was amazing, but, for my Mom, it’s not home, right!?
    THRILLED PERRY QUIT…what a doofus

    Kid…that’s really sad. You can’t imagine what it felt l like seeing those NYFD Trucks coming down the Champs Elysee at Bastille Day’s parade!


  47. Kid says:

    IMP the left doesn’t give a flying rat’s ass about 9-11, DIdn’t at the time either.


  48. viburnum says:

    Here’s my comment from WH yesterday.

    I had just come into the break room at work and flipped on the TV to find them talking about the first plane striking the WTC. Reports then were still touting it as an accident. By then more of my co-workers had arrived. We watched in stunned disbelief as the second plane hit. That pretty much cancelled work for the day. Unless the building caught fire we weren’t going anywhere. The entire department was glued to the tube when the news of the Pentagon broke, and there aren’t enough synonyms in the thesaurus to adequately describe the horror, or the fury, that possessed us when the towers fell.

    By the time I was on my way home, one of my neighbors had constructed a homemade billboard on his front lawn on PA 29 expressing a sentiment that by then was probably shared by the vast majority of the populace. Emblazoned in yellow on a 4×8 sheet of plywood, it read simply “Nuke ‘Em”

    As for now? We’ve become a nation of ostriches, heads in the sand, butts in the air, pretending we don’t understand the consequences of our indifference to an existential threat to our way of life.

    “Courage is the price that life demands for granting peace. He that knows it not know no relief, …” Amelia Earhart


  49. Imp says:

    @Kid…the fact that we’re going to import more of the same bastards proves it. Just as nearly every demrat voted fore the Iran deal….the vote was for the “party”…not for America…but for Ovomit and their GD party.


  50. Kid says:

    IMP, I believe the left thinks Israel is the problem, not islam. They think as soon as Israel goes, the moslem vermin will turn into miley cyrus fans.


  51. geeez2014 says:

    Kid…I remember Phil Donahue and Tom Brokaw talking on a discussion show months after 9/11; they were maligning anybody wearing a flag pin ..they were better than that and didn’t need to wear one to be a patriot. I don’t think anybody needs to wear one, either, but they were SO witheringly insulting to those who do, suggesting that THEY were better, they REALLY felt passion for the America they know and love that doesn’t ‘demand’ one displays his patriotism. It was sickening.

    Viburnum….it was horror, wasn’t it….I think we all realized LIFE IS DIFFERENT. I remember SO many times before 9/11, as an adult, thinking how blessed America was that we’d never be hurt like other countries were because we were geographically far, and we knew how to take care of enemies.
    Not anymore….. good Earhart quote.


  52. Imp says:

    @Z…”I remember Phil Donahue…”

    I remember O’Reilly interviewing him too….and he blew up telling the silly kumquat he’d kick his ass right then and there for denigrating the flag and our soldiers.


  53. Imp says:

    @Kid..of course Israel is the problem. It gives all the Jew haters and anti Semites great cover.


  54. viburnum says:

    It was indeed horror, and it’s an insult to every one of use that the people who planned it are still alive.


  55. viburnum says:

    us. You need an edit feature. I think much more accurately than I type. 😉


  56. baysider says:

    Good link, Imp. Ben Shapiro is right on. We were caught “sleeping on our enemies.” In the army if you’re caught sleeping on sentry duty you go to the brig. What happened here? NOW we’re sleeping WITH our enemies!


  57. viburnum says:

    @Imp Good link, but it misquotes the sentiment. It’s not just never forget, it’s “Never forgive, never forget.”:


  58. geeez2014 says:

    I had to turn off the FOX special on 9/11 that they’ve shown the last few years…it still rips my guts out and makes me cry. Brother, those survivors were SO scared and went through so much…and to hear the voices on message machines of those who died leaving final messages…or radio contact with flight attendants, and the firemen going UP those stairs….someone said back then they were like climbing the stairway to heaven.

    it’s all still just too much, isn’t it.


  59. Kid says:

    Z, it is too much. I feel the same way today as I did 9-12-2001. I don’t need reminders. I never will.


  60. geeez2014 says:

    Wait till you see the email I just sent you, Kid.

    What I don’t need a reminder of, also, is that we’ve done pretty much NOTHING to STOP anything like this from happening again ….quite the contrary.:-(


  61. Kid says:

    Quite the contrary? – exactly. We’ve done nothing but help these vermin even more. Wild isn’t it?


  62. geeez2014 says:

    YES! Now we’re sending engraved invitations to TEN THOUSAND of them!! But, of course, ‘they’ll be vetted’ Oh, PLEASE>…AS IF!

    I can hear them now: “NO, I’m not into terror!” “Oh, yes, indeed, I LOVE AMerica…we ALL do in the Middle East!!”



  63. Imp,
    Take a look at Germany with their “welcoming” of Mohammedans. Are we going to see the same here?

    At some point, yes.


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