Islam in Public Schools………more and more and more

If American children are going to say “There is no God but ….”    wouldn’t you think they’d learn Jesus, this being a Christian country?  Or “God is great!” for Christians and Jews?  Why not?   But NO!  Jesus?…..that’s bigotry, that’s even racism!  That’s  “Bible bangers pushing their stuff! STOP!”

But, Allah?  No problem…HERE IS MORE EVIDENCE of something extremely strange going on.  Please lets stop ignoring these things.  Just because articles show up doesn’t mean anything is changing at that school.   Sort of like just because the Senate holds a hearing in Washington that anything is going to change.  Sort of like our blogging these stories is going to go toward fixing them.

THAT, my friends, is the biggest problem in America today.   Nobody’s stepping up but a few parents who will not win, they will be drowned out.

Check THIS article out, from 2008.   Did anything improve?   No, I’m still blogging about American schools emphasizing Islam and even having the kids learn “There is no God but A***…”

I have no problem with a series on World Religions including Islam…but let’s not white wash it as is done every day, not when Christianity isn’t allowed in American schools on so many levels….let’s please not do that.  Wake up, idiotic liberals;  you’re not doing anybody any favors but MUSLIMS, not all of whom wish us well.   Did you notice?  Leave our kids ALONE.


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23 Responses to Islam in Public Schools………more and more and more

  1. And get a load of this education fail:

    Never forget?

    When college students at George Mason University [Fairfax, Virginia] are asked by the Young America’s Foundation what caused 9-11, several give baffling or just plain wrong answers about the largest terrorist attack in U.S. history.


  2. A voice, crying in the wilderness…


  3. bunkerville says:

    Another epic P.C. fail. It is almost like the left enjoys riding the third rail.


  4. Mustang says:
    There are two occasions where “Islam” comes up in high school and the timing of this depends on state requirements for social science. The first is during World Geography classes, which is also a study of human culture and migration patterns, and the second occasion is during World History. The history factors in to both of these since one does not understand culture without some understanding of its development.

    The educational achievements of people who teach social studies are generally of three types: education majors with minors in history, geography, economics, government, or psychology; a major in one of these with a minor in education, or someone who has a double major in education and a field of study in the social sciences. If they were history majors with a focus on the Middle East, then these individuals have a good understanding of the development of Islam even if subjectively sympathetic. The fact is, however, that most teachers with degrees in history focus on European or American studies; many of these are coaches who only teach history so that they can coach athletics (which is their educational major), and hardly any of them has any knowledge of Islam or the Middle East.

    This is no problem.

    If you need resources to teach topics that a teacher knows very little, or absolutely nothing about, just go online. Here is one example. Notice that the teacher has no idea who is providing these classroom resources, but if you are a coach or a teacher in a public school, salaried, and a member of a teacher’s union, it doesn’t matter. Or you can go on line and obtain resources through Indiana University’s Islamic Outreach program offering links to sites established by or in cooperation with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (which you all know provides a balanced approach to Islam), and some of this disguised as resources from such other universities as Columbia University. Teachers can obtain free resources from “discovery” education networks. Here’s one of those. Or the Institute of Islamic Information and Education, Chicago.

    So whenever you hear about teachers having students recite the Five Pillars of Islam, or using such words that in some Islamic circles tricks them into pledging their lives to Islam, dressing up and playing Islam sex slave, now you know where they get these resources—and now you know why.

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  5. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG! OH, MY GOSH….yes, some teacher is stumped so he/she GOogles and look what they find…and run with. STUPID STUPID STUPID. Aren’t they aware, don’t they care that this sounds quite different than the REALITY we see/hear?

    I had to smile at your mention of a “study of human culture and migration patterns,” My goodness, as of late, that certainly HAS changed, hasn’t it. Now they’re migrating everywhere and consuming the cultures of otherwise gorgeous countries. DAMN.

    bunkerville…the left’s on a suicide mission for America….”just pile on the hell, America deserves it…never mind how it might affect us ALL and our children”, right?

    AOW: It simply can’t be that American kids don’t know THAT! It’s horrifying enough that they think the Civil War was fought in 1964, or they don’t know the name of our first president…….but THIS??

    Ed…..Do you think there is ANY chance for AMerican kids after having read my post and AOW’s input and Mustang’s information….??

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  6. geeez2014 says:

    Here’s something of interest….the Fed Gov’t is now subsidizing HALAL food for Muslim kids in Dearborn and who knows where else?
    We’re making it as easy as possible, aren’t we. As they learn to hate Americans and how to handle weapons?


  7. John M. Berger says:

    1) Liberalism is a mental illness.
    2) The Public School System/Teachers Union is run by Liberals.
    3) Liberals are teaching(?) our children.
    4) Our children are being taught by the mentally ill.
    5) Liberalism is a communicable disease.
    5) At some point, if we haven’t reached it yet, the prerponderance of the American population will be mentally ill.

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  8. Mal says:

    I addressed this once before: Our religious leaders ALL TOGETHER need to approach our state and nation’s capitals and demand they adhere to our Constitution, and that if Islam is going to be mentioned, ALL of Islam needs to be disclosed, including all the bad things mentioned above as well as it being the root of worldwide terrorism. And that would be a kindness, because even calling it a religion in the first place is a stretch, being as it can be so interpreted. No other religion in the world has this problem so why is it only Islam?


  9. Mal says:

    John, your #5 I have been referring to as “the dumbing down of America”.


  10. Sparky says:

    The world is being engulfed by evil and most people seem to welcome it. I think we might as well face the fact that we Christians are in the minority.
    Do you ever get the feeling that the devil is amassing his army for the End Of Days? Just sayin’ …


  11. bunkerville says:

    Z-the Fed Gov’t is now subsidizing HALAL food for Muslim kids in Dearborn and who knows where else? Where is Peta???? It is one of the cruelest deaths for animals.


  12. baysider says:

    Sparky +1
    Mustang +1
    JMB +1
    Mal + 1
    Bunkerville +1
    AOW + 1 – wow, oh wow. Talk about “unschooling”
    Z +1


  13. geeez2014 says:

    John; that’s an excellent list…thanks for that. REALLY TRUE. I have a friend who went to the principal of her children’s school and was told “Mrs. Day, no conservatives serve on the PTA or the Boards, so you have to expect these changes….we need both sides represented but they are not.” That’s a BIG PROBLEM.

    Mal, it certainly is the only religion in the world adherents are this evil. Yet liberals constantly remind Christians that the Bible’s full of killings, etc…TOTALLY unschooled in Bible but ready to slam it……and, by the way, when’s the last time someone was stoned? And Jews are hated for being ‘so MEAN” to Palestinians because our news tweaks everything against Israel…it’s awful.
    I agree with your idea!

    Sparky…I think it could be; I also think God wants us good stewards and I firmly believe His hand was in the founding of our country; so do we slip away and accept end times so easily without bringing more souls to him, including Muslim souls? He loves all people, doesn’t he. I think if it weren’t for His wanting more and more with Him for eternity, He’d have lost patience by now….
    As it is, it seems that Iran will be the one deciding end times, thanks to this president.

    Apparently, this either true or a white wash…the animals are ‘stunned’ first…so it doesn’t hurt 🙂
    In contrast to a video I saw just beneath this article saying “Americans kill with no mercy”.
    I swear.

    It’s always WE who are the VERY VERY BAD GUYS…. particularly in contrast to Islam, which, as our president has said, is so fundamental to American life. Well, he was totally 1000% percent wrong on that in our history but seems to be a prophet for the future he’s affording islam in America, huh?


  14. Mustang says:

    So are they saying that the sawing off of human heads is merciful? Hmm. I did not know that.


  15. baysider says:

    “[In non-halal methods] Cattle and some sheep and pigs are stunned by a bolt through the brain before being killed.” A bolt through the brain? Well, that WOULD be stunning, alright. At minimum. Maybe even deadly. 🙂

    Seriously, I have no problem with teaching comparative religions. Inoculation – not isolation. This just isn’t it. 50 years ago the Wahhabis got their big chance when they were put in charge of the Saudi education system. They’ve made it the acme of asymmetrical warfare, as Mustang’s link to resources for teachers attest. Their poison – once limited to muslim religious schools – is being used to infect a culture in the wake of the vacuum left by the departure of Christianity.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    They actually call it ‘stunning’ in many of the articles I read……yes, it IS stunning… Not deadly, they make clear that’s not the case; but it keeps them from feeling the knife at their throat!

    I went to a clam bake on a beach in Venice a few years ago…….my friends were all putting live crabs in the tin foil packages of corn, clams, crabs, etc., and would you believe I was taking the crabs and slamming them against rocks so they’d be unconscious before the heat of the fire! Yup…that’s me! 🙂

    ANd yes, as I said in my post, I have zero problem with religions being taught in American schools…but no, this is not that. This is definitely indoctrination….it’s wearing people down, it’s softening the message. I guess some teachers missed 9/11? 🙂


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang …good point…sure, FINE to cut human heads off but do NOT hurt the animal when its throat is cut. Unreal, isn’t it…. Let’s teach more of the WONDERS OF ISLAM 🙂


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Ya, Kid….I so get that!


  19. Imp says:

    We Be Sisters latest on the various candidates.


  20. Kid says:

    IMP, hahah. These girls have it going on.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Ben Carson is NOT BOUGHT, “Baby”, but…..I love those gals! Can’t get tired of watching it.
    They’re wrong about Carly’s situation, and …oh, well. They’re HOT FOR DONALD, that is FOR SURE!

    I LOVE BLACK REPUBLICANS! I love that way she says “C N and N”!!!
    What is that BLUE DRINK?!!!!


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Imp and Kid…SO FUNNY.. I got home just now and put the TV on and Jeanine Piro had these sisters on!

    THEY ARE DEMOCRATS!! And they act just like on the videos…the long haired one does the talking and the other keeps agreeing……….they’re EXCELLENT. Other than they’re registered Democrats!
    “If you love this country, then get LEGAL” Ya, baby!!!


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