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Injured women

I full sized this here for full impact.   These are the women of war……soldiers injured so badly …… for America.  Lovely women who will become wives and mothers because they’ll marry men like them, hopefully, dedicated to their duty…..  Whether we should have been at war, whether they should have joined, is not my point here today;

These women knew what they were getting into, that they could have died.  These women are still smiling.   Please pray for them…a prayer of gratitude and a prayer for their futures.

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

Have you known anyone who has done that?

Happy Sunday….. think of those women!

Z  (thanks, Mal…For full background:  I’m not 100% sure of the provenance of this picture he sent and I have Googled and Googled to find information, but whether it’s all vets or not makes no matter to me;  there are female amputees from the war and my sentiment stands…)

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  1. jerrydablade says:

    God Bless these beautiful ladies and I t hank them for their service. I’m still ‘old fashioned’ in that I don’t believe we should have our women in combat roles in harms way. That in no way minimizes these sacrifices nor do i question their patriotism.


  2. bunkerville says:

    Excellent pick Z. We must not forget all who have sacrificed so much for us so that we can be free.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Good ol’ Ed email-notified me this is not American vets…..As I said in my post, the picture represents the women who have become amputees in the war and I’m keeping it here…
    My sentiment stands, my commenters’ sentiments stand…

    Jerry, I don’t believe women should be in combat, either…no matter how strong they are. And, no, that doesn’t minimize anything….just keeps them safer.

    Bunkerville… there are far more male amputees, they are SUCH HEROES….but the female aspect of it really seems so different to me; our appearances matter so much…..

    Regarding all amputees, something that people don’t realize is PHANTOM PAIN and how TERRIBLE that can be. Some don’t have it at all, most do.
    My friend has an arm amputated below the elbow and has had to have intense therapy and medication against the phantom pain. It’s really horrid and most of them have it for the rest of their lives!


  4. Even those women who haven’t lost limbs in combat have sacrificed.
    My daughter can’t be near fireworks without the PTSD kicking in from small arms and mortar fire.


  5. Mal says:

    I am also with Jerrydablade and you, Z, in believing women should not be deployed into combat zones, but they insist on being there, so its hard to deny them. Personally, if I were fighting along side a female, I would have the natural instinct to protect her beyond the normal “buddy system” and that might place me and others in further danger. However, you can’t help but admire them for their sacrifice.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I totally agree with you …police say that, too. “She’s a woman, I can’t be myself…I’d be in further danger”…

    Ed, you’re right; I wanted to highlight amputees because it’s something we aren’t as well informed about, sadly, particularly women amputees… But, PTSD is certainly horrible…… was very bad after Vietnam for our soldiers, too, but barely got mentioned. SOmehow, they handled it on their own pretty well, too, but it was a different generation.
    One can’t control the things your daughter reacts to…..who wouldn’t?


  7. John M. Berger says:

    “if I were fighting along side a female, I would have the natural instinct to protect her beyond the normal “buddy system” and that might place me and others in further danger.”

    I can’t help but feel the very same way!


  8. Mal says:

    Also, J.M.B., we know what would undoubtedly happen to them if they were captured by the enemy,
    especially Muslims!


  9. baysider says:

    Uh-oh, I see Ed emailed you, too. I missed that. Sorry.

    But I agree with remembering the daily sacrifices so many carry for us. Whether it’s the loss of a beloved son or the onerous routine of putting on a prosthesis every day – or when you are sick in the middle of the night and have to get out of bed. Does anyone realize how hard it is to really fine tune limbs for the weight and length of your structure? These are ‘big’ issues many carry because they answered the call to defend US. (And I think these girls’ cause is pretty neat, too.)


  10. geeez2014 says:

    I got five emails telling me about this picture….. IT’S NOT VETS, folks! I suspected so and had written it IN my original post…………doesn’t matter to me, while I’m VERY glad to know the true provenance. (they didn’t really look soldiers, anyway, right?!)
    Thanks for the help!!

    The fine tuning of limbs can be tough but it’s not insurmountable and is usually done in pretty good time; As I said above, it’s the phantom pain we with all our limbs don’t understand….my friend Liana has been in AGONY on Oxycodone and other very strong drugs…..after 3 years of physical therapy and amazing types of mind training, none of which worked for any length of time, she finally got with a pain control doctor who’s helped and she’s much better.
    For some, NOTHING HELPS. Ever. Imagine a terrible itch in your left foot that’s not there? Hard to scratch. And the itching is a pleasure compared to what Liana suffered with, and still has from time to time!

    There’s a cute line where the Jewish Mama introduces her “son the lawyer and my daughter the soldier”. It was MUCH funnier years ago when nobody considered women soldiers! I suppose women in Israel would go to combat, or DO, though there technically hasn’t been combat there..? They must go out on difficult sorties against Arabs, etc.


  11. baysider says:

    I worked with one Israeli gal who had been in the army, of course (expats have told me they have a saying “no army, no out”), but women weren’t sent into combat then (they are now). The most she ever used her training for was to thwart a very surprised purse snatcher on a crowded street outside our office.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Right…Here is a good piece on women in Israel:
    Just scroll down to “women”…..


  13. baysider says:

    Hah! That is some piece. I see they give vegans artificial leather boots.


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