Refugees and Europe…

THIS ARTICLE got me thinking:  Hungary is not a rich country, yet thousands of immigrants are flooding through there, some stopping for help, obviously…they’re hungry, they’re thirsty and tired.  Hungary has done more than it can do.

MIGRANTS TEAR GASSED, HIT WITH WATER HYDRANTS!  is the subtitle given that article on the web.  That, indeed, might have happened…tensions are running high in Europe.  The part that the public doesn’t see, though they certainly see the headlines, is this:

“Hungarian police used tear gas and water cannons on hundreds of migrants who broke through a razor wire fence on the border with Serbia on Wednesday, while migrants prevented from moving through Hungary increasingly began taking a longer route into Western Europe through Croatia.”

The titles of most articles sound like it’s the countries doing awful things to totally innocent refugees, but…really?  Cutting through wire fences?  See any tweaking by the media?  Does anybody have concern for the countries migrants are breaking through fences of? …the countries which can’t afford to do much helping?

Refugees are saying that the “Greek Coast Guard is their biggest impediment to getting in..”   They want help from GREECE?   As if Greece has the money or the jobs?

Shouldn’t some entity like a functional United Nations have stepped in and actually HELPED this situation?  Can’t there be people actually working out out deals where sanity and calm prevails, effective registration procedures, humanitarian help, so things could be done properly for everyone?  (I know, ‘functional’ is the operative word regarding the UN here, isn’t it)  Merkel is calling for a meeting of European countries…how’s about the Muslim ARABS? How’s about those air conditioned tents that are used only during the HAJ and are sitting empty right now, enough for three million people?  How’s about the very rich Arabs helping other Muslims for a change?  Doesn’t Europe notice that?  I heard Rand Paul mention this in the debate, did you?

What is your solution to the refugee problem?


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32 Responses to Refugees and Europe…

  1. Kid says:

    I saw a blurb that some billionaire suggested buying one the Greek aisles and putting them all there where they can start their own country. I think that’s a great idea. Hank Johnson assures me that when they get enough of them there, the island will tip over and capsize. That’d sure be a good start.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    Very good idea…is Johnson the name of that Congressman who said islands drown? 🙂

    my stepson says Merkel is finally responding to the people and tightening the immigration situation….a German friend of ours just emailed me a pretty good explanation of why they have to take people in; it’s part of Germany’s ‘laws’ since after WWII…probably put on them by the outside or their own guilt, wanting to show they’d help….. more of the repentance expected of them. Whether that’s still proper after all these years, to destroy Germany in the doing, is a question I can’t answer. Well, I could, but….


  3. Kid says:

    Yes, that’s the Hank.


  4. cube says:

    I think that if moslems (and notice that I always spell the word that way on purpose and it’s never by accident) wanted countries to welcome them as refugees, they’d have to tone done the Islam and learn how to live well with other humans. No country is going to want if you won’t join their population in peace. Maybe I should spell it for you… that means NO bombing or killing, and you should maybe think about adopting our civilized ways. I’m just saying..


  5. John M. Berger says:

    I don’t understand. Why would these people want to leave the bountiful land(s) of the “religion of peace” to be among the decadent infidels? Oh wait, maybe they are coming as undercover missionaries of Islam and soon all of Europe will bask in the goodness and mercy of Allah!


  6. Mal says:

    I also read recently that many of those who have invaded Greece are simply breaking into homes and helping themselves to everything. Greeks don’t have a 2nd Amendment, folks!


  7. John M. Berger says:

    “Greeks don’t have a 2nd Amendment, folks!”
    If our Moslem-in-Chief had his way neither would we!


  8. Imp says:

    Hungary has made it very clear that they are going to protect and save their Christian culture. I admire them for that and saying that they refuse to be invaded by Saracens, whom they know will never be an asset of assimilate.

    They’re also smarter than us and the rest of the Euro-weenies and know that these people are never peaceful and don’t want to see their country destroyed and Islam-ized. It doesn’t take much effort to see the history of Islam and what moslems do to a cultured, educated society, once they have a foot hold in that country. They’re fully aware of muslim history and demands to their hosts once these parasites start to multiply and feed off their kindness and benevolence. The rest of those countries ought to stop the PC nonsense and think about their survival among these violent, vicious soldiers of allah.


  9. bocopro says:

    Unless and until the clear distinction between economic versus warfare refugee, the difference between immigrant and infiltrator, the disparity between incomer and invader can be established, WE should accept NO Muslim outsiders from ANYwhere, PERiod. And that includes Mayheeko.

    Islam is as thoroughly incompatible with American law and culture as the terms “jumbo” and “shrimp,” or “civil” and “war.” The US simply no longer has the moral responsibility or the fiscal wherewithal to serve as Globocop and Halfway House for the third world.

    It’s time the oil-rich Muslim states, and Indonesia, pony up and foot the bill for their Muslim brothers and sisters: “He is not a believer who lets himself be satiated while his neighbor goes hungry. Let the believer in Allah and Day of Judgment honor his neighbor. Let the believer in Allah and the Day of Judgment honor his guest.” (Muhammad)

    Dammit, if that little book is so freakin important to those people, why can’t Saudi Arabia or Turkey or Kuwait or Pakistan or Iran do as their beloved prophet instructs them to do and shoulder some of the load?


  10. Imp says:

    @bocopro…”It’s time the oil-rich Muslim states..”

    They have a plan, they’ve always had a plan. The conquest of Europe again. And don’t worry…the Saudis’s will finance the MB and give plenty of cash to build hundreds of mosques and madrassah’s in those conquered enslaved countries. As they always have.


  11. fredd says:

    I agree with Bocopro: The Saudis, who are rolling in petro-dollars, and have plenty of square miles of land to take in some of their muslim bretheren, are nowhere to be seen.

    It’s time that the Saudis, birthplace of Osama bin Laden, bear the brunt of those chickens coming home to roost: chickens in the form of refugees that THEY spawned.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    cube, I think the same thing and have said so…you are so right; if you’re pushed into other countries and living off them, mightn’t you want to be POLITE? How about thankful? Instead, they carry signs in Germany telling them they’re taking the country over.

    Nobody seemed to notice one part of my stepson in Munich’s email that i posted the other day. he said:

    “They’re telling shop owners in towns and villages that if they steal, just let them take it because you don’t want to be accused of racism or bigotry….write down what they took and the government will pay you back”

    I SWEAR..that’s the truth…….. imagine?

    John…wouldn’t you think Saudis would want them? They’ve got the tents….but noooooo

    Mal, is that right? Awful, like the Greeks haven’t been thru enough, right?

    Imp; Hungary’s finally catching on…

    bocopro; even Rand Paul mentioned that last night “where are the Saudis on the refugee thing…and why are we fighting THEIR wars for them?”

    Saudi Arabia is watching us scurrying around, watching Europe become filthy with beggars and thieves bleeding them DRY, and laughing their little Arab butts off.

    It’s WORKING!


  13. Bob says:

    With a refugee problem, you don’t want to be the refugee or the destination refuge. It’s hardships all around. Why don’t Arabs and other Muslims take care of their own? All we hear from them is Death to America, and Death to Israel. I am tired of the greed of our Muslim friends and allies.

    Yes, Kid. Hank Johnson is one of our own from Georgia. He is the poster child for the Eugenics Movement and retroactive birth control at Planned Parenthood. How he gets elected is a mystery to most of us. Former Congress Rep. Cynthia McKinney, was also one of the stupidest people to ever occupy a seat in the US House of Representatives. The same idiots that voted for McKinney now vote for Johnson.


  14. John M. Berger says:

    Slovakia, has the right idea; they will only allow Christians. Allowing Muslims into your country is tantamount to allowing cockroaches into your home. Well, maybe I’m being a little unkind to cockroaches.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Vrag…ya, we’ve been talking about that around’s unconscionable that the Saudis aren’t taking them…even Rand Paul mentioned that last night, right? That’s why I wrote in a comment above that “Saudi Arabia is watching us scurrying around, watching Europe become filthy with beggars and thieves bleeding them DRY, and laughing their little Arab butts off.”

    Bob; I agree; what a lot of us have lost touch about is the fact that many of these are good people looking for safety and food for themselves and their children. I agree with you. The other day Always On Watch had a picture of a dead little 3 year old who’d drown and was lying face down on the sand and all ANY of us talked about was how the refugees are bad, etc etc.
    The little boy DIED!
    The problem is that I’m hearing they have cash and cell phones, etc…I sure do wonder where those cell phone bills go, huh? They could be “pay ahead” types, I guess…..but there are SO MANY ABLE BODIED YOUNG MEN that one has to wonder if this is all truly JUST a refugee situation.
    And why aren’t they staying home and fighting for their own countries and their own families instead of coming to Germany to live off of them, right?

    John, is that right? I’d heard it and hoped it was true about Slovakia…Hungary’s being called awful names now by the Lefties because they’ve finally said NO.

    This is a situation that has to be handled by the Saudis and, if the UN was worth anything at all, they’d be insisting and shoving people down there. PERIOD 🙂


  16. bunkerville says:

    Notice that the so called “refugees” coming our way are ending up in the Red State. I wonder why?


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Bunkerville…tell me more; I haven’t heard about this, I guess.


  18. baysider says:

    Well, 300 to Idaho. I agree with all comments about no muslim immigration period. Imp is right about their plan. Look at the pictures of evacuees on the roads in WW2 – whole families, little kids, old people. THOSE are refugees. Maybe the Greeks can conjure up Alexander, or the spirit of Sparta. We should.


  19. John M. Berger says:


    “John, is that right? I’d heard it and hoped it was true about Slovakia”

    It is as far as I can tell. It seems that: Poland, The Czech Republic and Bulgaria may be following suit. Bulgaria has a sizable Muslim population; they must know something.


  20. Imp says:

    @Z…what would be the proof that they are really Christians? They’re carrying a King James?


  21. John M. Berger says:

    Serve nothing but pork. If they refuse or puke send em’ back!


  22. Baysider says:

    I took notice of your remark about not arresting those who steal from stores. It reminds me of HERE where our government wants to punish schools that hold all students to the same high standard of behavior and don’t let some get away with it because of a supposed benighted condition. Guess what you’ll be more of? Yeah, redundant question here.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; I don’t know what to say to that except most people in the region know the difference of a Christian and a Muslim though the muslims will lie….maybe give them a pulled pork sandwich?

    There’s a strength in Faith that sometimes looks like great weakness or foolishness, I know.

    JMB: There ya go! I hadn’t read your comment before my pulled pork comment..honestly, a pulled pork with BBQ sauce is one of my VERY fave things to eat! Mmmm I’d make a lousy muslim..thank GOD 🙂
    And re; the refugees, it’s very heartening to see that at least some countries are standing strong. Let’s see how long that lasts.

    Baysider….if you know who sub’d for me today, could you email me ? Thanks!
    And yes, this behavior will be rewarded BIG TIME.


  24. Mustang says:

    A secular society is one in which I am allowed to identify my own God. It is not a society where there is an absence of God, or one in which Obama tells me the name of my God. It is simply a society where the government does not get to tell me the name of the god I must worship. A secular society is one in which individuals choose free will over a state sanctioned deity.

    I have never met a Moslem that will agree to a secular society. It has to be HIS god, or my head removed by the death of one thousand cuts. Since there cannot be a religious test for immigrants, we are left with only this: no Moslem between the ages of 17 and 50 shall be allowed to migrate to a non-Moslem country. If you have to ask why, then you have not been paying attention these past 22 years. Final major point: Moslems do not have more rights than I do.


  25. Would you be upset if she said, “F’ing WASPS”? How about “F’ing Establishment Republicans”?

    I wouldn’t.


  26. ps – Progressives say, “F’ing Christians” ALL the time!


  27. Why is the refugee crises so bad at this PARTICULAR time??? The answer is simple. Angela Merkel….

    Aug 24, 2015

    Berlin took the lead in efforts to resolve the European refugee crisis on Monday by declaring all Syrian asylum-seekers welcome to remain in Germany – no matter which EU country they had first entered.

    Germany, which expects to take a staggering 800,000 migrants this year, became the first EU country to suspend a 1990 protocol which forces refugees to seek asylum in the first European country in which they set foot.

    The German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees ratified an order suspending the so-called Dublin Protocol. “Germany will become the member state responsible for processing their claims,” a government statement said.

    All current expulsion orders for Syrian asylum-seekers will be revoked, the government said. New Syrian arrivals will no longer be forced to fill in questionnaires to determine which country they had first arrived in. In the first six months of 2015, Germany registered 44,417 applications from Syrian asylum-seekers.

    The decision piles further pressure on other EU countries – including Britain – which have used the 1990 protocol as the legal basis for refusing to take any share of the refugees from the Middle East and Africa now pouring into Europe to escape war, oppression or famine.

    Blame Angela Merkel for the millions rushing towards Germany/Scandanavia.


  28. John M. Berger says:

    Is there a ‘tipping point’ for Germany/Europe? If and when that occurs, what then after these vermin are fully entrenched?


  29. Mal says:

    Z, Muslim refugees breaking into Greek homes is what I read, so I’m only repeating that. It DOES make sense, too, doesn’t it, given the way they are behaving in their host countries, demanding everything?


  30. Kid says:

    MAL, islam is a street gang.


  31. Mal says:

    Amen, Kid…………..only WORSE!


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