What was Coulter THINKING?

Have you seen THIS?  Coulter says “F**ing Jews’ in a tweet?

She thought some Republican candidates in the debates were pandering to American Jews, Reagan, and Pro-Life….really?  Does she do these ridiculous things for attention?   How the heck rich must she be before she doesn’t have to create this kind of attention? People buy your books, Ann…you’re a multimillionaire;  stop making all Conservatives look bad as you try to garner more and more outraged attention to yourself!

Of course, the article mentions Coulter is a “religious Christian” ….as if any “religious” Christian would talk about Israel or Jews like that?

UGH.  She could do so much good, but she just keeps  stepping in it.   She’s no dummy, and we can give her a pass if something falls spontaneously out of her mouth, but to write this awful stuff?  WHY?


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76 Responses to What was Coulter THINKING?

  1. Kid says:

    Net, There are not enough ‘Conservatives’ in America to shake a stick at. Not sure if you consider yourself a Conservative, I do and I feel I’m in a tny minority. Since the labels have gotten so corrupted, I define Conservative as someone who is Extremely Socially Liberal and Fiscally Conservative. I don’t care what anyone does as long as I don’t have to pay for it. Agree on Coulter of course. ‘Buy my book’.


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