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sepulveda pass

Most of you have probably never heard of The Sepulveda Pass.  Sepulveda Boulevard is the street on the right in the picture above, running next to the 405 Freeway, right through the Santa Monica Mountains, about 7 miles through the Pass which joins The San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles.

Sepulveda Blvd. is a terrific street to drive, curving alongside the freeway, letting you avoid the terrible traffic on the 405 until the 405 gets so busy it spills over to the Boulevard.  About 330,000 cars pass through it every day.  (I think it has to be more, but that’s the stat)

I was recently driving out to the West Valley area through the Pass at around 11:00AM.   The road is quite deserted at that time.  The freeway in both directions was moving well and I could have taken it but I like the Pass…it’s curvy so I like to drive it, it’s quiet and it’s……well….it’s not the freeway which, frankly, brings on claustrophobia for me when it comes to a traffic-laden dead stop.    This particular day, it was about 85 degrees and humid.  The terrain is very dry with scrub and trees and bushes on both sides of the freeway and the boulevard.

Suddenly, there was a man of probably sixty walking in the same direction I was driving…..his skin was leather-tan, he looked sinewy, and he had what seemed like a backpack on his back;  he was heading to the The San Fernando Valley, which was an easy four miles more of really deserted, dry, hot road.   I wondered if I should pick him up.

Within five minutes, I ran across another man walking in the same direction and this man was carrying what looked like a container one buys gas for the car in….I thought maybe this guy’s car had run out of gas and he was trudging to it on this hideously hot dry road.   I wondered if I should pick him up.   Ahead, as I drove, I never did see a car off to the side of the road that looked like it was waiting for gas so I was wrong about the gas can.

I picked neither up.   I felt badly.  And I wondered about this.   The Christian thing to do would have been pick either or both of them up.   The smart thing to do was what I did as a woman driving alone in this extremely deserted road, even if it does run parallel and only feet away from one of the busiest freeways in the world.

I have picked up Hispanic maids in the hills before, women making their way down from The Pacific Palisades after work in large homes in the mountains, walking toward Sunset Boulevard and their buses home.  I enjoyed helping them, that was easy, no threat…nice women.

But pick up two men?   I should.  We all should!   

“But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him? Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.”   1 John 3: 17-18

Would you have picked them up?

Is my having not picked them up an indictment of me or our society?  And is Jesus really interested in my only doing that which would keep me safe, or in today’s pretty violent society’s influence on my choice?   Yes, the obvious answer, as I drove along feeling a little guilty was “Who’d expect a woman to pick up a strange man in her car?”  And, I’m totally behind that, but….

TOTALLY OFF TOPIC BUT I HAVE TO ADD IT:  The flu season has started very early here in Los Angeles. (Influenza A)..2 more admitted to the hospital my mother was released from yesterday;  be careful.  Talk to your docs about having the vaccine a little earlier than usual.  Be well!

Have a Happy Sunday……Help someone out……


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  1. alec says:

    Z, have to head out so no time to answer this question with the attention it deserves.

    Just two things: Helping someone walking down the road doesn’t mean you have to pick them up.

    Another, there is no scientific evidence that the flu shot does anything to reduce the virulence or likelihood of a person’s getting the flu. It’s not so far off from celebrity worship. As human beings, we want to follow the kings and queens, just like the children of Israel wanted a king to be “like the people all around them”. Experts – doctors – are like celebrities in that they are accepted without question. Time to question. Each flu shot you take increases your aluminum and mercury loads above what is considered safe. Search for aluminum and mercury effects on the web. Neither of these substances should ever be put into a human (or animal) body. This is a great evil in our time. And yes, it’s hard to believe before looking into the facts for yourself.


  2. My office mate and his girlfriend got the flu shot.
    Flu symptoms all the next day for both.
    He had to leave work soon after arriving.
    And it probably wasn’t for the flu we’ll see hit the population.

    When I pick someone up, which I will do unless they are smoking, I move my gun to the small of my back for easy reach. A woman without a gun should not be picking men up.

    I picked up a guy once with a gas can. It was a ruse to get a ride. That he had no car to go to, or wanted to go to a gas station, became obvious. Neat trick.

    I picked a woman up once when I had to leave church to run home quickly for something for Scherie. Asked where I could drop her off, Turned out she was a hooker. Wow.


  3. viburnum says:

    Prudence is not a sin, and hitchhiking is a bad idea both ways.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Re Flu Shots….everyone has a right to their opinions after doing research and knowing doctors we trust. There are all kinds of anecdotal stories, including people who got the flu every year until starting to get the shots. I want to prevent anybody from ending up in the hospital like Mom did….and the 2 others who were admitted. In hospital, we heard of a young girl of 14 who’d died from the flu. I’d do all I can to avoid it. It’s kept me from getting anything since I started taking it, but thanks!

    I’m hoping to address how far we go to help others…..

    I think viburnum hit it; prudence is not a sin and, frequently, hitchhiking is probably a bad idea for both ways…good point.


  5. jerrydablade says:

    ditto to all 3 previous comments. I don’t think I’ve ever hitchhiked on purpose but I used to run out of gas on a regular basis in my 20s and was always happy to get an unsolicited ride.


  6. Bob says:

    This is a conundrum. Like you, I always think of the Christian thing to do, but I stick to giving money to homeless and panhandlers. Nowadays, I will not give a ride to anyone. I will pull over and help a stranded motorist if I am the only car in site, but the HERO (aid) units on the freeways are usually there in a few minutes with gas, batter start, or more serious vehicle aid.

    My wife has in the past been helped by other motorists when having flat tires on the freeway, usually caused from hitting an object in the roadway. One couple drove my wife to a Waffle House to call me. We are members of AAA, but at that time she preferred me to crawl under her car in my business suit on a cold, January day on the side of a busy freeway. I couldn’t say no to that one.


  7. Bob says:

    Flu shots: Get them. They are free (in many places) and they are usually effective. I get the vaccination every year, and now they are offered in drug stores and grocery stores in addition to pretty much every doctor’s office. If you are sensitive to the vaccine I can understand your reluctance to getting the shot. Otherwise, I don’t think it is smart for at-risk people like me to skip them.


  8. Bob says:

    More flu shot stuff:

    CDC page:

    Alec: From what I am reading there are no studies that show dangerous levels of Mercury or other heavy metals resulting from flu vaccines. On the other hand, I am pretty sure there are studies that show the efficacy of flu vaccinations. I haven’t looked for those studies, but the FDA approval process . As for scientific studies, I agree that many observational studies in the medical field are just statistical bumps, and not scientific at all. There is a paper by Dr John Ioannidis about that sort of stuff.

    However, I bristle when people refuse to have their children vaccinated. As you might point out there is no scientific or statistical evidence that autism is linked to vaccinations. The whole vaccination scare was caused by a Lancet publication many hears ago. This prestigious British medical journal published a supposedly peer reviewed study that linked children’s’ vaccinations with autism, Later, the paper was discovered to be fraudulent.

    Now, thousands of people refuse to have their children vaccinations out of their ignorance. They put their children and society at risk. This is not only not smart, it is foolhardy.


  9. Mal says:

    I am very familiar with the Sepulveda Pass, Z, and drove it to and from work for years when living in Northridge prior to moving to Newport Beach. I use to pick up hitch hikers for years, but don’t any longer. Its simply not wise. You did the right thing, girl!
    So, Ed, how was the Hooker? 🙂


  10. Mal says:

    Flu shots? We get them every year, religiously. Like chicken soup, “It can’t hurt”.


  11. Sparky says:

    Flu shot? No way. They give one the flu. It’s only a money maker for the manufacturer & distributors. Hope you have time to be sick.
    “Would you have picked them up?” NO NO NO! It’s insane for an unarmed woman to pick up a strange man at any time. Even a small frail man can easily overpower a woman. I have a .45 and a pick up truck. A person may ride in the back if I deem them worthy but that’s it. If you have a car, you’ll be taking a terrible risk.
    Stay safe out there.


  12. Mal says:

    Sparky, “Flu shot? No way. They give one the flu.” We’ve gotten them every year and never get the flu. I’m 87 and my wife is 80. So I’ll keep doing what’s been working for us, but good luck to you.


  13. Imp says:

    @Z…” I’d do all I can to avoid it.”

    Door nobs, telephones, elevators and elevator buttons are just a couple to avoid. Real nasty bugs all over them from who knows too. But no need to be a Howard Hughes about it.


  14. silverfiddle says:

    I used to hitchhike between Denver and Boulder, but it was a different world back then….

    You have no Christian duty to invite strangers into your home or your car. If you see someone who appears to need help alongside the road, call the non-emergency police number.

    I go out to the San Jose area every so often, and I think you can dial *CHP on your phone, if I remember right…

    It’ unfortunate the world we live in today, but that’s the safe way to help someone.

    Also, I never, ever give beggars money. Never. You’re just supporting their habit. One of our parish priests gave us a great idea. Keep granola bars or other non-perishable foods in your car and hand those out if someone is begging you for something. I have bought homeless people sandwiches before when they were standing around outside the Safeway.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Silverfiddle….I agree; or McDonald’s coupons are something friends of mine keep with them to give to the needy, too…$2 or something… I’ve had food refused when they asked for $$ so you know they’d not have turned down some Jim Beam!!

    Your suggestion of calling someone if we see someone in trouble is a good one.
    These guys didn’t SEEM to be in any peril, but it was SO hot and dry and awful and the road has nothing on it……

    Imp, thanks….Actually, I’m a huge hand washer and touch things like buttons with my knuckle, usually………especially now that I was exposed to Influenze A this week, I have opened public doors like here at my condos with a hem of my shirt, etc…….Be careful and keep other people safe, too.
    I have to email a friend I know from church; we always hug and chat when we see each other…I avoided her like the plague because she had a heart transplant last year and I’m very sure I don’t have the flu, but wouldn’t dream of getting near her for a while …

    Sparky, do you carry your .45 when you’re on your motorcycle, too?!!


  16. Baysider says:

    Pick up a stranger to give them a ride? Never! You have a good heart to even bring this up, but I’m with Sparky.

    And whoa!! My grandfather had a great system for that. In the teens and 20’s he was one of the few people with a car and picked up a lot of strangers. But only when grandma was with him. She moved to the back seat, behind the passenger. Where the billy club was under the seat. One guy pulled a big knife on grandpa. In an instant she knocked him out cold! They stopped. Rolled him out the door. Went on their way.

    Even if I were armed I would not pickup. You’re trying to control a car AND bring a gun into action? While being surprised? Not a woman, either – although your examples sound benign, Z. Maybe that – I’ve done something similar. Women are used for a decoys, too. I would call the police to report a possible motorist in trouble (the one with the gas can).

    Interesting divide on vaccine. I’m Alec +1 all the way. Folks with the ‘right’ immune system do seem to respond. Disaster for others. (My grandpa died from one.) Important to know which group you are! And be sensible. Be healthy. Have healthy vit. D levels. If you get a fever after choose something other than acetaminophen. And just beware that as you age you cannot mount the desired antigen response. Personally, I don’t want all that aluminum. It’s 100% absorbed (in contrast to under .015% from food). More in Toxicology.

    I’m sooo glad your mom is better, Z. It’s a time where we absolutely know how precious our moms are to us. I hope it’s a smooth recovery now.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    WOW! Very differing viewpoints on the flu shot! I trust my amazing doctor 100% and go with his advice…but I understand others’ feelings about it, too! I didn’t think this would become a comments section subject but I think we’ve all learned something from it……..

    Imp is right; no matter what, wash your hands in hot soapy water every time you get home, or are around a sink, etc………try to push buttons with your knuckles and I grab those long vertical door handles way at the top or bottom!
    I wore gloves almost all winter when I lived in Paris and NEVER got a cold and I was all over the city, in the Metro, etc……….

    Keep your hands as washed as possible ….as often as you can!


  18. Imp says:

    @Z..I know lots of people who refuse to shake hands too. Since we all touch our faces 100 times a day…it seems wise too. I carry handy wipes in the car.


  19. Kid says:

    Well, I had the flu some years ago. May have been the swine flu as it was around that time. I couldn’t walk to the other side of the house for a week. Thought I was going to die and didn’t even care. I get the flu shot. Not said to be critical of those who don’t, do what works for you of course.

    Z, I’m a guy and I will not hitch a ride or pick up a hitcher. Way too much vermin out there floating around. I don’t trust people walking these days. I automatically put them in the very questionable/desperate category.

    If I see a woman that looks like she’s in a bind, I’d offer a ride but if I saw someone else appear, I’d get going again. In the early 70’s a friend and I hitched from Pittsburgh to Detroit and back. A woman picked us up on the way back and drove us a good way. Plus it was raining and we were soaked. What a soul that was.

    I think all the insurance comanies include roadside assistence and everyone has a cell so there have to be far fewer people in actual need these days.


  20. Baysider says:

    That’s exactly what happened when I broke down a few weeks ago. I thanked the highway patrol who stopped to check, and waited for my tow. Cell phone.


  21. alec says:

    One of the great things about the space you’ve created here, Z, is the way we can all discuss things without having to agree or malign others who have come to different positions. It says a lot about you, and about the people you’ve attracted to your blog.

    Glad to be here with so many ladies and gentlemen!



  22. geeez2014 says:

    Alec, that really touched me; thank you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could open my blog to liberals again and we could all stay calm and kind to each other even if we disagree?
    I have fabulous friends here at GeeeZ and am so glad you’re here.

    Baysider, I heard you talking about some car problem and never got to spend enough time to hear what happened. Glad you’re safe…and yes, Cell Phone.

    Imp: I went to church today because it was a very special service, but I just called my girlfriend who had a heart transplant about 16 months ago and apologized for just saying Hello and not giving her a hug and chatting like I usually do…I told her about Mom on the telephone……I KNOW I’m well, but I can’t take even that tiny risk that she could have got the flu from me….!
    I try to remember not to touch my face; good point.

    Kid…that flu sounds SO AWFUL!! Influenza A is AVIAN flu and that seems to be the FLU DU JOUR this season, at least here outside L.A.!… I mentioned in my post that 2 more people were admitted Saturday with it! VERY early in the season for flu. We all need to be careful. I know a woman who lost her 14 yr old daughter to the flu.
    And yes, there are probably less people in need……… just hit me so hard that those guys were trudging on that dusty, long road in such heat and probably hoping for a ride………maybe some GUY picked them up! Some guy with a BIG GUN! 🙂 OR DOG!


  23. Bob says:

    Alec said: “One of the great things about the space you’ve created here, Z”

    I agree, Alec. Z has a place where you can express an opinion and have a real discussion. We don’t call each other names.

    Still, you ought to get your flu shot, especially if you are in the last quarter of your life (like me). I don’t handle flu very well, and I want to make it several more years before my game ends. How’s that for a euphemism?


  24. alec says:

    Bob, may you only have good health right up to and beyond the end zone 🙂


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Hey, Bob…THROW ME A PASS, you sweet thing 🙂 And STAY HEALTHY! My mother’s 84 and was hospitalized for flu for a couple of days, and for what they thought was something else, for 3 more days..thankfully, it wasn’t what they thought and she’s now resting easy at HOME!

    Alec and Bob; this wasn’t the calm and pleasant site it is now when I was on Blogger ….and I had sometimes 300 comments..up to 800 on one post, I think. It never got nearly as ugly as poor Lisa’s libs do to her, and other blogs….but it could get BAD.

    I didn’t want a Conservative Echo Chamber, but I’m a lot happier this way now…. I fought it for a long time and, still, liberals (you know their names, probably) will say on OTHER blogs how I practice censorship and can’t ‘take the truth’…..:-) Cracks me up!


  26. Mustang says:
    I do not think it is my Christian duty to bare my throat so that another man may cut it. IMO, picking up strangers along the highway is doing exactly that. A man walking along the highway is not a man in need. It is only a man without a car. If he were laying in the road, that may be a different thing, but even then unless you are physically strong and/or medically trained, it may be better to pick up your phone and call for emergency assistance.

    Giving money to panhandlers makes their situation worse, not better. There have been studies conducted on this. You may make yourself feel good about giving money to someone who holds up a sign that reads “Homeless Veteran: God Bless You,” but all you do is reinforce the negative behavior. Plus, most “homeless veterans” cannot tell you what units they served in. So … why reinforce liars?

    Flu shots … I get mine every year. I also took Z’s advice and got the Shingles shot. I also took the pneumonia shot because since my trip to SEAsia a few years ago, I’ve had a touch of bronchitis. I’m not trying to last forever, just as long as possible. I also wear a seatbelt —for the same reason.


  27. Kid says:

    I got the shingles vaccine too. I’ve seen too many people who have had it. Plus, surprisingly it was 100% paid for by my current ins. plan when my costs for the coverage, ER, co-pay, and prescription co-pay have gone way up. That tells me the ins company(s) are happy to pay for the vaccine and avoid the 1 in 3 (as advertised) shingles rate associated costs.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    SHINGLES! YES….As Kid and Mustang and a few others know, I did have it almost four years ago…and BROTHER, that is NO PICNIC. The worst pain I’ve had, and I suffered very bad migraines much of my life. Shingles wins.
    I had it in my EAR….my hair hurt!
    I’m so glad you guys have had it………..I did have the vaccine after recovering; they say any future outbreak will be lessened in severity….

    Mustang….you made good points about picking up people, too.

    I KNEW I couldn’t….(hispanic maids, yes…NO problem) but these 2 guys……I felt guilty but DROVE ON….it was SO HOT!
    We should help those in need, but, frankly, these guys didn’t have their thumbs out or anything………I just felt bad for them!


  29. Bob says:

    Mustang said: “Giving money to panhandlers makes their situation worse, not better. ”

    I know a lot of people who believe as you, and indeed may be correct. Whenever I passed a homeless, begging person in downtown Atlanta, I always would pass them up. Many are afraid of these people, sometimes within reason.

    There was a co-worker one day I was worried about as she was a block behind our lunch crowd where she had stopped to talk to a homeless bum. I went back to make sure she was safe, admonishing her for taking a risk like that. We had a talk about the situation, and I have since changed my mind about giving to the homeless, most of whom are drunks.

    “In as much as you have done it to the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me”. This is pretty much a quote from Jesus in the Parable of the Good Samaritan. You can interpret this include the phrase, “unless I am at risk.” I have chosen to view it as I need to help people, regardless of the situation they have gotten themselves in. A few dollars will not make me or break me, and I generally know when I am scammed. I still give money to the scammers. They will have to answer to God.

    Still, I will not pick up hitch hikers.


  30. I listen for God to inform me as to when to pick up hikers.
    Still keep my gun handy.
    Funny, my pharmacist isn’t sold on shingles vaccines.
    Nor my doctor.
    I like my doctor. He’s willing to sit and discuss healthcare and the frauds involved.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Bob….I completely changed one day about that in the same way you did. I just don’t think about why they need the money. if it’s alcohol, I’m sorry about that…..Now, I don’t always give, ….mostly not, but when I give it’s because I’m struck with the feeling I should give to this person. “ye have done it unto me” is pretty strong, isn’t it.


  32. Kid says:

    Fwiw… A couple weeks ago, I would have tried to make a strong case that helping someone not wiling to help themself is harming them – Based on actual life experience with my little brother. Today, I wonder if not helping him would have done anything for him either. He may have just died sooner.
    Today I’m leaning towards tossing the bum a $10, and if he spends it on a few bottles of Night Train, who cares.

    Hoverin’ by my suitcase
    Tryin’ to find a warm place
    To spend the night

    Heavy rain fallin’
    Seems I hear your voice callin’
    “It’s all right”

    A rainy night in Georgia
    A rainy night in Georgia
    It seems like it’s rainin’ all over the world
    I feel like it’s rainin’ all over the world……………….


  33. geeez2014 says:

    Kid….When it feels like it’s rainin’ all over the world to someone, I think our help is usually a good thing. Great comment.

    I do have one exception (while there are probably many more, of course)….and that’s seeing homeless people with their bags full of whatever they have with them, wearing terrible clothes, no money, sitting under a freeway underpass ON THEIR CELL PHONES.

    First, where’s the bill get sent to them? And is that an Obama phone? I guess it is? Seems very odd to me……. Not that I begrudge anybody anything, but we’re paying for that…’s that helping anybody, even the person who sadly doesn’t even have the clothes for a job interview? What are they DOING on the phone?
    oh, well.

    Obviously, we wish there were no people in that situation…….but…….


  34. Kid says:

    Z, Yes, the person I was talking about would be someone completely ill-equipped to do anything for themself if their life depended on it.

    The person you’re talking abouy is equipped to do something for themself, even if it is maintaining employment at a fast food place, but they simply choose not to becuase obama and the democrats make it easy for them to avoid self-responsibility by giving them a roof over their head, a car, a phone, a computer, utility bills paid for, generous EBT cards….. You think I’m kidding? Back when Bush was president, a woman who lived across the street from us worked in the welfare office in Middletown Ohio, and she testified to us what these low life vermin are afforded. They get it all. With obama I have to believe they get much more.


  35. Bob says:

    A very good friend of mine who lives in another city has an adult son who lives under bridges, etc. My friend and his wife tried to institutionalize him, but that isn’t done anymore. The guy has a mental illness (I am not sure what), and refuses to do the expected and normal thing like, sleeping at a shelter. He is in his fifties, and has been doing this since he achieved legal age.

    Many of our homeless simply cannot manage for themselves, and when you add in the addictive personalities we need to just try to care for them. A few bucks here and there will not hurt most people. Plus, there are countless government and church programs trying to take care of these people with mixed success.

    All I can do is respond whenever faced with the decision.


  36. geeez2014 says:

    Kid…that’s probably true; I think Bob’s tale shows that while people can look okay, able bodied, etc., there are many cases where they just can’t make it on their own… So sad.

    Bob, that’s a terrible story and not an anomaly, sadly……..People around L.A., liberals, always bring Reagan up if you pass homeless, or see homeless anywhere…it’s all his fault, according to them. I know people with mentally ill homeless relatives who get meds and won’t take them!
    I don’t know what we can do. Add the huge amount of autistic kids who’ll grow up and whose parents will die and not be there to care for them, and THEN WHAT?


  37. Baysider says:

    Then what? The gov’t will take over the parents’ estate under the guise of caring for the bum and dump it all into the general fund.

    Mr. B had an acquaintance whose folks hired a lawyer to dole out the money to their druggie son so he can’t run through it. He controls access to legal documents, house ownership, etc. We have a blind and retarded great nephew (fetal alcohol syndrome). His father and grandparents have been working with a professional to train him since he was 5 years old to prepare him to live in a group home and be able to do basic shopping and stuff for himself. That’s the best he can hope for, but he’s being prepared for the day when they aren’t around.

    There are going to be a whole lot of opportunities to practice Christian charity. The more personal it is, the better it works. I helped a woman for years. A check came from the gov’t, but no life help. That was her sister and (and Mr. B, too). She’s the gal who gave me the phrase poverty pimps when describing the medicaid society. Hated Christianity, but when she saw it in action, it gave her a pause.

    Our late acquaintance Rita’s son is one of those – off and on. Broke her heart. Really sad.

    My doc is with Ed’s – told me no shingles vaccine, but he knows I have a very immune-challenged system. Contacts with children with chicken pox used to boost immunity and lower chance of shingles. Now fewer children with chicken pox. This one is a toughie.


  38. Mustang says:
    @Ms. Bayside, your account convinces me that Reagan was right all along. The worst thing to happen to our country was the federal bureaucracy. I want to keep this short because I know you have other things to do: Carter decided our “Mental Illness” program was inadequate, so he replaced it with a “Mental health” program. He did this without first checking with the many facets of our mental health care system, he rammed through legislation without ensuring we had the monetary resources to pay for it, and he did all of this without due consideration for mental health patients. What a surprise that all of these people who were once safely enrolled in state mental health hospitals are all now living under a bridge exercising their civil rights. The leftists then turn this around and lay it on Reagan, who was attempting to sort out the economic mess left behind by Carter, who if not an idiot a verifiable Marxist. The feds do not care; issue a check, on to the next case. Communities care, or should. Christian communities should care even more. It is the responsibility of states to take care of their citizens –not the federal government. It breaks my heart to see the panderers underneath the bridges, but it breaks my heart even more to know that our society does not have the courage to implement a “tough love” approach to solving this problem.


  39. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, I’m talking more about how we’re going to care for these children, privately or government funded……asylums? It’s going to be very tough and the autistic are going to be like a sudden new “baby boomer” onslaught on Social Security……We don’t even have enough people trained to care for them… No amount of training to live a somewhat independent life is going to work for many in our society.

    Rita’s son…very sad. And she was such a good Conservative. I miss ol’ Rita. She was a good gal.

    I hope you don’t ever get shingles……I wish I’d had the vaccine earlier, but I got the shingles a little earlier than the guidelines.

    Mustang; I totally agree with you on that. We’re going to have to be building and training staff for not only mental health hospitals but housing and staffing autism homes, too. lots of them.


  40. Baysider says:

    Mustang, I did not know that about Carter. Why am I not surprised?


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