A German and America………by Mr. Z

Some of you know that Mr. Z contributed greatly to GeeeZ….I pulled this article out of his computer files and wanted to publish it here today and you’ll see why.  For those of you who don’t know, Mr. Z passed away almost six years ago.   I hope you find this article interesting…(it was written in February, 2009)…

german american flags

Where is my America?

America left me. I didn’t leave America. That weird concept doesn’t seem so weird anymore.

When I first came to visit the United States in the early 1970’s, it was the most desirable place to visit, and probably to live, in the world. At least that is how it was perceived to a young German who knew that basically the U.S. had saved us from further humiliation and damage after the disastrous WW II – the Americans were always perceived by us as the “good guys”, particularly after the air bridge to Berlin during the Soviet blockade of Berlin.

We were always enthusiastic at that time when we had to visit the U.S..  I was lucky enough to be able not only to spend a substantial amount of time in the U.S. on business but I also got to make a 10,000 mile car tour through a good portion of the country. Needless to say, I had the U.S. on a kind of imaginary pedestal as a country of limitless opportunity and freedom. And, the universities were the envy and desire of most Germans, and the world, for that matter.

When I  moved here in the early 80’s, I still held the same beliefs. However, several ideals became a little frayed around the edges. I had founded and grown a company in LA, and started to realize that business affairs were moving in this country in a way which I only knew from third world countries: If you want to achieve something at government level, it appeared to work only once you committed secret side-funds to private people involved in the deal, either in advance and/or as a result of a contract. The requirements were regionally different, the worst were in …… Chicago.

Having lived here for a while now, having become quite interested in politics, and having a spouse who has dedicated much of her time to a political blog, my assessment today, particularly after the ridiculous vote by both houses for the spending package, is as follows:  I’d like to write more, but in summary…..

  1. I love the country and the people (at least a lot of them). The people are very generous, as we Germans  experienced after WW II. I love the spirit and the patriotism of the American people
  1. The (business) opportunities in this country still exist, and the people are more accepting of entrepreneurs.
  1. The education system used to have a good reputation. In the meantime, that has been ruined by left wing influence, resulting in the increasing need for private schools and homeschooling. In the meantime, the curriculum appears to be more concerned about absurd subject matters than about serious subjects. I am not saying that one can’t get a serious education, but it seems to be marred by matters which are completely irrelevant and don’t promise any future jobs.
  1. The judicial system is an entire scam with a built-in earnings guarantee for the trial lawyers, and knowing that congress consists mainly of lawyers and has a Democrat majority in both houses (the trial lawyers being the major donor of campaign contributions) brings the possibilities for change down to zero.
  1. The election system is built on institutionalized bribery – there is no other explanation for that. It is so obvious that contributions are being made with pay-back in mind, it is even not hidden anymore, even the MSM are talking about it, without however, asking for change.
  1. The election of the first Black President to head the U.S. government has made many people in this country blind to the most important aspect of it:  The majority elected a brilliantly demagogic communist as their President, who does not deceive his followers: He is doing, one step after another, exactly what we had predicted that he would do, only at a faster pace than we predicted, including state control of every aspect of life and companies, restriction on free speech, support of illegal immigrants,  a government-held economy, and every other aspect of communism. And that despite the fact that socialism has never worked, anywhere.

The signs are not very good: The new President got only elected because of his race, is the most inexperienced and amateurish President the U.S. has ever had, and he has the country on a track which goes toward socialism/communism way beyond what any Western European country ever got into (some have been turning the rudder around in the meantime in the direction of conservatism).

I don’t recognize this country anymore. And then, if you consider that California with its particular politics is businesswise probably the most disadvantageous state in the country, I start increasingly to think about what is holding us here. If it wasn’t for my wife’s wonderful family and the nice landscape around us, we would have left a long time ago.

Agree or disagree, I thought you’d find it interesting to hear a foreigner’s view of how this country’s changed….from someone who really loved it so much.   I can only imagine how he’d feel today, six awful Obama-packed years later………..

Can’t you?


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21 Responses to A German and America………by Mr. Z

  1. jerrydablade says:

    Wow. Great article and very powerful. I miss his patriotism, intelligence and wit here. He used to call me ‘Chatterer’ 🙂 The last 6 years have been a disaster to the point where the problems listed above might be described as ‘the good old days’.


  2. John M. Berger says:

    “I can only imagine how he’d feel today, six awful Obama-packed years later………..”
    Yes, a 2nd B.O. term affirms his sage observations. I will add to that: A weakened America has put the entire World in peril, unlike any other time since pre WWII !


  3. silverfiddle says:

    What keen observations. We all see it now, but I don’t think too many conservatives were saying all those things back in 2009, so he has ahead of the rest of us.

    He has that wonderful German scalpel-like ability to cut to banish the extraneous and the superfluous and cut to the heart of the matter without histrionics and with an economy of words. What a wonderful man. I know you must miss him in more ways than one, Z.


  4. Kid says:

    He certainly described what has happened, and as he said he left a lot out I’m sure.

    I wasn’t aware the Germans felt this way about Americans so soon after WWII. That’s an interesting note.


  5. Mustang says:

    Excellent … As SF said, he communicated succinctly and with startling clarity. I never thought of Mr. Z as a foreigner. I think I regarded him as an American who was born somewhere else.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Jerry, I forgot that…yes, he did call you Chatterer! Thanks for the kind words. Good point! Those might be considered the good old days, indeed…imagine?

    JMB,…the whole world’s definitely falling apart since Obama. And liberals don’t understand that it’s FEAR and BEGRUDGING respect that the World had for US, which kept things on a more even keel everywhere.

    Silverfiddle…imagine writing that well in any other language? He was good and,yes, very smart……and, as you say, he recognized big trouble coming; perhaps because they’ve suffered more in Europe and see the signs…?
    And yes, to say I miss him is the understatement of the century for me.

    Kid…He could have gone on and on. In fact, I’m not sure he’d have wanted me to publish this “undone!” But I felt it read well on its own and I like to think he’d be pleased.
    He’d sure appreciate the comments here……..

    I didn’t know Germans felt that way so soon after WWII either…….yes, I found that really interesting. The “Candy Bombers” over Berlin throwing food and clothes and candy down, helping, etc., really were appreciated. We have a German friend whose mother back then cooked whatever she could find in car oil because of shortages, imagine? Klaus remembers the Candy Bombers as he did live in Berlin; they meant everything to them, particularly the children. Mr. Z was younger than that, but he remembers the stories.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG! “an American who was born somewhere else.” I love that and will never forget it. Thank you so much! When he was so tired at the end, Heidi from Big Girl Pants, said she was coming into LA to attend one of the first Tea Party events…….we weren’t Tea Party folks but he insisted we go. He could barely make it across the parking lot and lawns but did get to the group and he came alive. I’ve rarely seen anybody suddenly feel so much better for having been with Americans carrying flags, people driving by honking approval..in LA!~? I found his change in energy amazing that day.
    He liked you SO MUCH…enjoyed your talks………thank you for your friendship to him. And me.


  8. alec says:

    Thank you for posting this, Z.


  9. Mal says:

    Almost 6 years? Has it really been that long, Z? Wow! I never got to meet him, but his article was brilliant and I believe EVERY American should be REQUIRED to read it, for their own sake and the sake of their children.


  10. bocopro says:

    My daily rant parallels this to a great degree. It also addresses infiltration and governmental ineptitude on various issues and contains some salty language which would be unwelcome in this forum.

    Hard to disagree with the observations in that essay above. I’d add to many of them, but my nature is one of verbosity.

    On California, though, let me add that When Sacramento burps, Congress throws up, and America develops dysentery with uncontrollable flatulence.


  11. Imp says:

    Mr. Z’s words were as poignant and meaningful as is Photo landscapes were.


  12. Imp says:

    @bocopro…”but my nature is one of verbosity.”

    Nah…not you…! 🙂


  13. Powerful!

    And sad, too.

    I grieve for the America we have lost.

    I’m so glad that my parents are not alive to see what America has become. Mr. AOW often says the same thing.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro..ya,NOT YOU! But Mr. Z also said he wanted to write much more so I hesitated to publish this but figured he wouldn’t mind….this packs a good wallop.

    Mal…good idea on Americans reading this…..all they have to do is read our blogs to learn …let’s hope more than we think ARE, right?
    And yes…I can hardly believe it’s six years in October…….impossible.

    Imp….thanks so much…you’re such a good photog, that particularly pleases me….! You were always a great supporter of his. I appreciate it.

    Alec, I’m glad you could come by and read it…


  15. geeez2014 says:

    AOW…it’s the ONLY reason i’m glad Mr. Z isn’t around…he’d be agonizing over this. AND, to think we couldn’t even more back to Germany because of what’s going on THERE? THAT is a new one, believe me……a very bad one. I hate to think how he’d have felt about ALL of this.
    my Dad? I share your and Mr. Aow’s feelings…Poor Dad……I’m glad he doesn’t have to see this, too.
    Thanks. xxx


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Obviously, folks, none of this was really NEW thinking to any of us, but like Kid said, it’s six years old…and it’s from a foreigner who loved this country SO MUCH…I thought it was an interesting slant for those reasons particularly.

    And imagine writing another language this well?


  17. Bob says:

    I am so sorry I never knew Mr Z. There would have been so much to discuss and learn from someone who made the USA home from choice. He didn’t have to defend anything except his own decisions.

    I am still out on whether things are as bad as they seem. I keep thinking we can regroup as a country, and drive out the evil spirits.

    Great article, Z. Thanks for posting.


  18. Mal says:

    I love your thinking, Bob, about our regrouping as a country and drive out the evil spirits. Do you think it’s possible, given that we still have16 months left before we can try to stop the insanity being perpetrated by this administration?


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Bob and Mal, I think our generation could possibly pull it together; I worry that the leftist brand has indoctrinated and made the younger generation so entitled, and so unable to see the truth, that they couldn’t do it.


  20. Baysider says:

    Oh, I love Mr. Z’s cadence and cogency. It’s like hearing a nailgun go off paragraph by paragraph – k-chu! k-chu! k-chu! – driving the point home. “The election system is built on institutionalized bribery.” Boy, is it ever!


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Bay…he never held back much, did he 🙂


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