Germany: Silverfiddle gets a response …..

I saw the comment in italics below written by Silverfiddle at his blog and I thought this was largely true, too  (it really isn’t), so I sent it to my German stepson in Munich for his take:

From Silverfiddle:  But then, honest people in the press are saying Merkel is inviting all these people in because they need fresh workers to keep the old age pension ponzi scheme going, since Germany has flatlined demographically.   

Here is my stepson’s response:   That is one of the fairy tales that we have been indoctrinated in for years, it is all propaganda. The traitors and the press keep on lying that we (Germany) have and will have a big lack of skilled workers and that all the invaders are needed to pay our pension in the future.

True is: the birth rate of ethnic Germans is too low but even if we had only 60 million people the state would still work perfectly (without immigrants, respectively). None of the invaders are skilled in any way to fill a gap (that isn’t there), they will never earn money sufficiently to cover future pension. Even foreigners in 3rd generation mostly live on welfare and don’t contribute at all.

So Merkel is following the orders of the companies: they want cheap labor, either low skilled or educated ones who will work for half the money the companies would have to pay for German people coming from university.

There are many engineers who don’t get a job because they are too expensive.

There is another problem: the education (school and apprenticeship) which used to be very good has been and will further on drastically be demolished. That’s the big plan by the lefties – make everything equal and leave no one behind which results in a dramatic drop of education.

BTW, the state is doing everything possible to make it hard for German people to reproduce. All thinkable disadvantages are implemented for Germans while immigrant families get everything for free: apartment, heating, health care, all kinds of benefits that Germans have to work and pay for. And you know that if Germans can’t afford something they will let it be. This is the perfect way of the big plan to continue the repopulation.

About 100 000 well educated Germans leave every year. They don’t want to work hard and in return will  have lost between 70-80% of the money to the state at the end of each month, getting disadvantages all the time and also see their homeland going down the drain on purpose, so they rightfully go.

BTW, there are no honest people in the German press. The repeat what Mutti (Mother Merkel) is saying without criticism.

I hope it answers some of your questions.

I have been to the O-Fest (Oktoberfest) yesterday and today and could see a lot of immigrant young boys hanging out there. Big groups of 5-10 people hassling the cute girls walking by, it’s bizarre. They are all invaders, it’s terrible. Not so much in the beer tents but outside. And there less people on the O-Fest, at least I believe so.  (Z:  People have feared going because of terror threats).

Z:  SO…..that’s the story from Germany.  The country will never be the same.  Yet, the Germans must welcome more of this or be called racist and bigots as they pay over 70% in taxes to support the immigrants.   I loved Germany and am outraged, as we all should be.

Silverfiddle….thanks for asking that because I thought that was the case, too.  I don’t think your (and what I’d thought, too, and what media supposedly think) hypothesis is 100% wrong but my stepson’s info is compelling……..


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20 Responses to Germany: Silverfiddle gets a response …..

  1. Mal says:

    This is what I meant a while back when I stated the Muslims don’t contribute ANYTHING to society.
    I was cleverly corrected in referring to algebra, but I believe it was the Egyptians earlier that actually did, but whatever, they sure haven’t done anything constructive for well over 1,000 years.
    They only take, leaving death and destruction in their wake……and we foolishly allow it. SO sad!


  2. Kid says:

    The path os least resistance. It has a very strong appeal. The valuable people of Germany will leave. I hope they (and any similar from other countries) come here and make their last stand with us. Then let merkel and the rest of these treasonous pigs reign over the moslems and see what that gets them especially when there isn’t any money to feed the savages.. It won’t be much.

    There is nothing normal about this. This is not migration, asylum seeking, immigration, supply and demand, shoring up of economic bla bla friggin bla. it is moslem invasion jihad by occupation. Damn they dumb.

    And don’t let merkel come in. Let her flee to Argentina and work as a waitress to surive.


  3. Broad strokes.
    I just spent the afternoon talking to my muslim boss.
    He’s a card, sharp as I am and his family and he are hard workers, from Dearborn.
    Opposed to terrorism and willing to say so.
    They are contributing, they are legal.
    They are Americans.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, “broad strokes’ meaning he’s generalizing about Germany, or???
    As you know, I’m one of the very few conservatives in our blogosphere who knows there are muslims like your friend in Dearborn…….They are Americans. Let’s hope more like him speak up.

    Kid, no, there is NOTHING normal at all about this.. If ONLY more Muslims would speak out FOR the poor countries that are going to lose their cultures because of this…IF ONLY.

    Mal…those photos I sent you today really spoke for themselves…yes, destruction of the countryside, the metro trains, everything is TRASHED………disgusting. And then they’ll TOTALLY TOTALLY be paid for…they come and they live FREE. And then they DEMAND Muslim schools in Germany, too. And the Germans comply, the idiots


  5. Bob says:

    Sad. I didn’t realize that this was going on. Those once great European societies are coming to an ignominious end.

    “There are many engineers who don’t get a job because they are too expensive.” Yeah, and the excuse is always that there are jobs regular citizens will not take. That’s bull. The real difference is the mentality of the leaders of a particular nation. It takes courage to keep the barbarians out.


  6. Broad strokes about muslims


  7. silverfiddle says:

    Fairy tale is what Germany, Europe and all of the west have been living.

    It is true what I said: Germany has flat-lined demographically, and Germany does need an influx of workers to keep the social programs going.

    Having said that, I agree with your stepson: Hordes of muslims create more problems and solve nothing, since they will not be employable. But Germans also take a dim view of their neighbors, the Poles and other European foreigners who show up there to work, so I don’t know what the solution is.

    Also, libs here in the US love to bubble over with praise for Germany’s ‘soft’ democratic socialism, but I lived there for three years, and I can tell you, it was horribly expensive, and from what I understand, it is even moreso now. Our heating bill for a tiny apartment was hundreds of dollars a month, and that is back in the late 90’s. Gas is around 4X more expensive than here, food… The average young German family has very little disposable income, and even young professionals have a hard time scraping up enough money to start a life, so many live with the parents, if they have a big house.

    The problems, sadly, are of the Germans’ own making. This is how a people die and a nation changes irrevocably. It pisses me off because my uncle and many other Americans fought to free Europe from tyranny, then spent our treasure to give them their future back, and look at what they’ve done after all our sacrifice. I have friends there…

    There is no going back, for Germany, or for anyone else, including the US. Cherish the memories. Speyer’s Kaiserdom will have men in filthy beards shouting the Hate Whitey song in arabic from it’s Romanesque towers within the century.

    In the end, can we really lament a society so thin and vapid that they have abandoned their cultural heritage and their God, so guilty and ashamed that they give way to the international scolders and the grubby hordes that want everything they have? Can we really lament the passing of a clapped-out, intellectually empty, morally degraded and financially bankrupt people who refuse to propagate themselves?

    The future belongs to the brave and the strong, and we ain’t it.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, the huge preponderance of Muslims in Germany are exactly as my stepson describes. Obviously, he hasn’t met all of them, but the amount they’re costing Germans, and then marching down streets with signs saying “WE are taking over your country,” can’t be denied. No Muslims are fighting that, either.

    Silverfiddle…ya, Stepson agrees about the demographic flat line, too…no doubt about that.
    They pay SO much in taxes, but the Germans I’ve known have had such good lives, great retirements, etc….they take long and nice vacations, etc etc…..
    BUT, now that their taxes are even higher and go SO MUCH to the immigrants, they’ve kind of lost hope.
    Sadly, there are Germans like Joschka Fischer who served under Schroeder, and says Germany is fading and that’s a good thing! That’s the very liberal mindset there.

    The liberals are killing all societies…..all ready to welcome people who don’t lend a bit of benefit to the cultures they come and don’t want to fit in with…..and take SO much from.
    It’s proof positive that liberals just can’t think…………they’re sacrificing their own families for a world they won’t even know until it finally truly hits them. HARD.


  9. Baysider says:

    “That’s the big plan by the lefties – make everything equal and leave no one behind which results in a dramatic drop of education.” Seeking the lowest common denominator so some folks don’t ‘feel bad.’ Good point, and double-edged sword. We need top excellence in education for the big brains, and a general, solid foundation so all people can write, cypher, read and understand what they read. My grandpa got that by the 4th grade and expanded on it greatly on his own.

    Then we also need to not push every eye lolling dunderhead into college. Yeah, I know, they do it to complete the indoctrination. But we need to praise and extol what the non-brainiacs are good at. My God, we NEED great plumbers, or mechanical repairmen. We are wrong to make people with these capabilities feel small and unworthy if they don’t somehow grind themselves through college.


  10. It may be mistaken to assume that present day immigrants will (not) assimilate at the same rate as the Turks who came in to fill temporary unskilled work placements in the 60s. No effort was made to assimilate or train them; that mistake should (and shall) not be repeated.

    I disagree with your step-son: Germany’s ageing population is an issue which is set to blow up in the next 30 years, more so than in the UK for example.

    German tax receipts are 40% of GDP. If an individual is paying 80% of his income, he is being shafted. According to, a high earner pays about 40% direct tax (incl social security), slightly less than an equivalent earner in America (New York) and the UK; but more than in China or Turkey.

    “BTW, there are no honest people in the German press.”

    There’s a redundant word in that sentence. 🙂


  11. I am not defending Islam. God forbid.
    Wouldn’t it be interesting if the problem wasn’t the muslim nature of the invader.
    Is it their muslim religion or their opportunism exploiting the weakness of a God-bereft society?
    As a culture rejects it’s cultural heritage, one that saw it’s great arts and philosophy informed by Christianity, it leaves a vacuum, one that sucks in those who would exploit it.
    Like we are doing here.
    Let’s not blame the muslims.
    Let’s fix it squarely on ourselves.


  12. Ed,
    I blame both. Call it “the perfect storm.”

    Now, about Broad strokes…A UK friend of mine who worked in and lived in Saudi Arabia for some years once said to me, “There are as many Islams as there are Muslims.”

    But let a Salafist imam start preaching to a Muslim and quoting certain verses from the Quran and that Muslim may be revived (“radicalized”).

    It is an uncomfortable fact that the most recent verses in the Quran are the militant verses. Many Muslims choose not to live by those verses — until, one day, some of those Muslim decide to live by those verses.


  13. Z,
    Terrible about Oktoberfest! That festival has long been a significant event in Germany’s culture. What is the future of Oktoberfests now?

    Meanwhile in Sweden (if this report is accurate):

    A tax-financed luxury living with free housing, sky high welfare benefits and their own “blonde beauty” as a girlfriend.

    These are some of the promises that immigrants from the Arab world currently are receiving to make a pilgrimage to Sweden, according to a investigative report in Dala-Demokraten.

    Right now, over a thousand immigrants a day, most of whom are men, are seeking asylum in Sweden….

    Does anybody here know someone on the ground in Sweden?


  14. From Z’s stepson’s response:

    True is: the birth rate of ethnic Germans is too low but even if we had only 60 million people the state would still work perfectly (without immigrants, respectively). None of the invaders are skilled in any way to fill a gap (that isn’t there), they will never earn money sufficiently to cover future pension. Even foreigners in 3rd generation mostly live on welfare and don’t contribute at all.

    Maybe there’s something else in play….

    The pensions cannot be supported in the future because the elites at the top of the pyramid keep raking off more and more via some kind of crony capitalism or other corruption.

    Here’s what has brought this thought to my mind….All of the local employees here — including the county’s board of supervisors — keep getting raise after raise, building mega-mansion after mega-mansion. Mega-mansions are actively promoted by the zoning board because such mansions mean a minimum of $12,000 in real-estate taxes every year.

    Often much more than $12,000!

    Around here, many home owners are paying $25,000/year in real-estate taxes.

    Who are these home owners paying so much in taxes?

    Some are CEO’s but others are two-worker households with government employees (such as Congressional aides of some sort; right here on my street, Boehner’s employees). Still others are Saudis.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, that’s another place the German education system has it all over ours; ‘abitur’, which is the big test the high school seniors take…it tells the community if the kid’s a college type or a crafts type. And the craft types aren’t knuckle heads who limp along working in a garage hoping someday to learn enough to become a mecahnic ….they get a title like ‘intern,’ they’re trained carefully, they get licensed at various levels. NO ONE can open a car repair in Germany without a very hard-got Meisterschaft license…MASTER MECHANIC………..they know their stuff and how to operate a shop.

    Ed…….I usually blame any type of “exploiter”. odd that Jews haven’t tried to exploit, or Buddhists, in this weaker Christian society (though from what I’m seeing of young people these days, I’m not sure we’ll be much weaker much longer).
    I don’t believe all imams are preaching only the nicer parts of the koran and peace (although I assume that muslims like your friend do not attend terror-preaching mosques).
    Yes, we have a huge problem……at this point, I do blame islamists for moving in and exploiting and pushing and sneaking and demanding …I do not blame all muslims.

    In General, I’m not sure all of us understand the cost of illegal immigrants to Germany, for example… it’s off the charts.


  16. Mustang says:
    Yes, the circumstances in Germany are deplorable, and I am certain that the non-Islamic citizens of France are tiring of their invasion too. We even complain about Dearbornistan and the project to build a mosque on every corner —so that all of us may enjoy the beautiful sound of calls to prayer (Zero’s words, not mine). Complaining, however, has no effect. We can bemoan the invasion, write about it, and we can even shut ourselves in to keep from seeing it. However, until Europeans begin doing something about it, nothing will change.

    There was an incident in Texas in the mid-1870s referred to now as the Mason County War. It involved German immigrants who were losing large numbers of cattle to rustlers. The county sheriff had arrested several of the rustlers but the judge was decidedly anti-immigrant and delayed taking prompt action. The German ranchers became angry and over some period of time formed a vigilance committee. Some 40 or more citizens and members of the committee, which included non-German citizens, breached the jail, dragged the scoundrels to the edge of town, and hanged them. Mason County was not a very pleasant place to live for a few months after that, but eventually everyone involved learned an important lesson about the role of law in society. I think the Germans let it be known that judges could hang just as easily as rustlers could. Perhaps their actions were in the spirit of …

    “Und handeln sollst du so Ills hinge
    Von dir und deinem Tun allein
    Das Schicksal ah der deutschen Dlnge,
    Und die Verantwortung war dein”

    The law is what keeps an orderly and just society. When law enforcement refuses to do its job, such as in the manner described here over the past few weeks, society becomes a pressure cooker. Either we expel some of the steam or there will be an explosion. I am quite amazed to hear that the citizens of Germany sit back and do nothing when their women are beaten and raped, when Moslems close large sections of German cities to non-Moslems. It is simply amazing. Well, but then we Americans elected a Moslem to the presidency on two occasions and witnessed how Eric Holder destroyed our sense of justice here.


  17. Baysider says:

    Sigh …. AOW, a doghouse here starts at $12,000/year taxes. But many municipalities mouth ‘housing’ but tell the developers NO, we want retail because they get more taxes. I know – I’ve heard it straight from them. And these are the ‘affordable’ communities. They’re all greedy. Don’t want to be a community but build an empire.


  18. bunkerville says:

    Great discussion Z. Points made. Either way, coming to a town near us soon.


  19. Baysider,
    It used to be that business taxes (real estate and gross-receipts taxes) carried a huge tax burden in this county. However, business incomes are down, tanking the amount coming in from gross-receipts taxes, so that money is no longer flowing into the county’s coffers the way that projections had originally indicated.

    BTW, we have quite a bit of real estate sitting overgrown and idle in the Tysons Corner area of Northern Virginia. Indicative of the wreckovery!


  20. Mal says:

    Bottom line: They take over by first bankrupting us, then take advantage of our weakness. Isn’t that also what Obama has done since taking office? Even if we succeed in getting a GOP elected next year, where does the money come from to rebuild our military? And exactly what do we have to show for the doubling of our debt by this administration? His aim was to spend, spend, spend, until we are in such deep poo-poo, we are too weak to recover……..and he is succeeding. If you’ve noticed, he always is willing to spend, for whatever reasons. Put us in a hole.
    To put things in perspective, I was surprised recently to read a small article buried in our paper about the cost of both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for the 10 years up to 2014. It was only 1.6 Trillion dollars. Now I say “only” because it covered 10 years and it pales when compared to the more than 8 trillion dollars Obama immediately spent when taking office.


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