America gets us suspended?

Can you all tell me what the down side can be to an American kid wearing an American flag T Shirt to school?    Why would that get a kid suspended?  He was wearing it under a hoodie and they asked him to lift the hoodie up and that caused the problem.

flag shirt

This is AMERICA….is someone going to be offended?   And, if so, who cares?   So what if a kid wore a T Shirt with the German flag on it?   Or the Union Jack?   Or,  if that’s problematic somehow, how about “nothing BUT American images because this is, after all, America?”

Do you all realize how huge this is?  This isn’t a one-off incident;  we’ve all heard about incidents such as this.  And it’s a tiny story but stands for so much.

Don’t you think this should stop?  Are we weakening our country so much that our kids are punished for wearing their FLAG?

I was looking at my Categories on my blog and thought that I should make one that says “Hating America”….isn’t that amazing?  Instead it’s categorized “political correctness”….is it correct to ban our flag in any situation?  Looks like it.



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36 Responses to America gets us suspended?

  1. bocopro says:

    An excerpt from an answer I gave on a similar question a coupla years ago:

    As with all intangible motivators, myths, and abstract concepts, patriotism has its defenders and its detractors. And when millions of people are involved, it’s foolish to expect them all to have the same attitude towards it.

    But a nation isn’t simply a bunch of real estate with pretty lakes and mountains and forests and natural resources. A culture isn’t merely everybody having dinner at the same time and watching the same sitcoms while they eat it. And patriotism isn’t just something like fluoride that you get in your water supply.

    Patriotism is a feeling. It’s a sense of belonging, a commitment to something bigger than yourself, an awareness, a willingness to share and protect common interests and values. True, if you’re born in India, you’ll likely be Hindu. If you’re born in Italy, you’ll probably be Catholic.

    But you have to stand for something in your life, or as the song says, you’ll fall anything. You have to have principles, and those principles have to be rooted in something permanent, something intrinsically good, something sound, something reliable, and that something may as well be a feeling of loyalty to the land of your ancestors and your birth. It’s certainly better than basing your principles on TV game shows or soap operas or the cold and unfeeling hard sciences such as math or nuclear physics.

    People need social interaction. Without it, they’re very likely to be isolated, lonely, and somewhat paranoid. They have no anchor or reference point except themselves, and when they are wrong about something, they have no fallback position.

    People who share common fundamentals in language, customs, purpose, and principles are much more likely to be well-adjusted, reliable citizens. Their need for social interaction is met because their friends and neighbors share at least some of their feelings, so they get that sense of belonging, of loyalty to something other than self, of purpose toward a greater concept.

    Patriotism can be a good thing, but like all things, it needs to be tailored to the situation and not taken to extremes unnecessarily. It’s like religion in that sense, a good thing until someone comes along and smacks you on the head with his Bible for not knowing the answer to some obscure question he asks you about Job, or Saul, or Enoch.


  2. Well, I don’t think this is like religion, where we have many different or no theological viewpoint.
    This is America.
    If we can’t get behind that concept, then we should go somewhere else where it isn’t America.
    The notion was not to force someone to wear an American flag shirt. The notion was that somebody forbade somebody from wearing an American flag t shirt.
    Free speech is protected.
    How incendiary is wearing an American flag in America?


  3. Excerpt from the article:

    Jaegur was told his T-shirt violated the school dress code, and he was ordered to in-school suspension. At Seagoville High School, students must wear a solid color shirt; there are exceptions for school or college logo shirts or ones supporting the U.S. military…

    Obviously, then, whoever ordered the suspension made an error; the shirt doesn’t directly support the military but could be construed as supporting the military.

    The big question for me is why was such an error made.

    Perhaps the administrator on duty interpreted the shirt as an expression of American exceptionalism (the topic of my blog post today, BTW).


  4. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro:: “until someone comes along and smacks you on the head with his Bible for not knowing the answer to some obscure question he asks you about Job, or Saul, or Enoch”: Let us know the first time that happens to you or any Christian you know, okay?
    I’m not sure if you’re saying a kid wearing an American T Shirt to an American school is “taken to extremes unnecessarily”? Let us know……..

    Ed…you nailed my outrage “How incendiary is wearing an American flag in America?”
    And WHY? Shouldn’t we be encouraging our kids to wear these things if they feel like it? I know some of the problem is Hispanic and Arab kids make it difficult, complain that they feel ‘less than’ because this kid’s wearing this symbol of American oppression, etc etc. My response is “TOUGH, then go somewhere you WANT to live in”

    AOW….if he interpreted the shirt as an expression of exceptionalism (which I doubt), then, so what? We have always been exceptional


  5. John M. Berger says:

    “an administrator determined the shirt violated the school dress code.”
    Bureaucracy trumps common sense in what passes for education these days. How, in the world, did we survive in those days, gone by, without [administrators] in PS K-12?


  6. I do however, retract my statement about free speech. If the school dress code does not allow che Guevara t-shirts.


  7. bocopro says:

    About 20 years ago a guy was running around on campus at UWF spouting scripture and challenging people who didn’t know the answers to questions he shouted at them. He actually struck several people – ON THEIR HEADS – with his Bible. He swung at me because I ignored him as I was going to my next class, but he missed.

    Campus police escorted him off the campus, but he came back several times. They allowed him to speak in front of the Commons (combination student union and various student activity offices) at lunchtime, with the caveat that any further physical assaults on people would result in criminal charges. He told a sheriff’s deputy who showed up on scene that he wasn’t trying to hurt anyone but merely wanted to “chase the demons out of them.”

    Same thing happened downtown Pensacola. Man shouting at people and trying to “smite” them with his Bible. He WAS arrested after a woman trying to avoid him was nearly run down by a passing car.

    It happens. This region has LOTS of churches and a collection of loonies preaching damnation and judgment for anyone not sufficiently up to speed on the Bible (in their opinion). Given any opinion or belief or fad, you get enough people involved and someone’s bound to take it to extremes sooner or later. Goes with the territory — living in close quarters with other naked apes.


  8. alec says:

    bocopro, those are crazy stories. Freedom of speech does not include assault!


  9. Alec: Nor are they the norm.


  10. silverfiddle says:

    Such dress codes are a result of swarms of lawyer conducting lawfare on peoples and institutions at all levels, forcing cowardly administrators to pass stupid blanket policies to insulate themselves.

    Such idiotic and anti-American policies also promote a false equivalency between our nation’s patriotic symbols and traditions and those of foreign nations.

    This is America. Our flag, symbols, and patriotic heritage reign supreme, above all others. Any other sane nation places their patriotic symbols in the same position of supremacy, so anyone who whines that this is cultural bigotry or whatever can go stuff it.


  11. jerrydablade says:

    I don’t believe we should send our children to school in T-shirts at all. Let’s go back to shirts with collars and slacks.


  12. Mustang says:
    We all should know the reason for school dress codes; yes, they do restrict what students can wear to school and this may not be necessary if half the number of parents inspected their sons and daughters before leaving the house in the morning. There are not only boys who wear their jeans below the hips; there are also girls who come to school without undergarments. Do too many young men expose their underwear because of the way they wear their jeans or trousers? Yes. Do many young women come to school not wearing undergarments? No. Campus dress codes simply provide a broad guideline so that all students (and parents) can understand what is/is not acceptable. Someone has to check to see that students are in compliance, and this is part of what administrators do. No one likes it, but laws, rules, or regulations that are not enforced are worthless. If the dress code allows only solid color T-shirts, without any graffiti or writing … sounds fair to me. I wondered, “Why do they allow hoodies?” What is their ruling about gang tats, facial piercings, and wallet chains?


  13. Mal says:

    That “teacher” should be required to spend just a week in one of the Middle East countries, then watch for a change in their attitude!


  14. John M. Berger says:

    Yes, assuming that they make it back alive!


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Jerry is right….Boys should wear slacks and tucked in shirts with collars, anyway. Done.

    Sadly….that’s not the case in this world of slackness and laziness and ‘comfort’….
    Mustang, If I had my way, all kids would wear school uniforms; I’m all for dress codes, but that’s not the case in public schools……..
    I have seen articles where they had to go to solid colored T Shirts because immigrants were offended by the American flag on apparel……I don’t agree with that. I say “This is America and that’s the one image we allow around here.” I know that’s fraught with interpretation but that a kid is suspended because he wore that T Shirt UNDER a hoodie sweatshirt is nuts.

    As for Che T shirts, or others being allowed if OUR FLAG is,
    Silverfiddle is right, in my humble opinion: “Such idiotic and anti-American policies also promote a false equivalency between our nation’s patriotic symbols and traditions and those of foreign nations.”

    Bocopro….Alec and Ed are right….this is so rare, and no Christian should commit or put up with assault!! And I’m not sure this kid is somehow wildly, overly patriotic, as you seem to suggest, for wearing a bleached down American flag image on his shirt?

    JMB: weren’t those sweet days when we were in school? Who’d have even thought of suspending a little boy with the flag on his shirt? Although I am pretty sure when I was in school boys didn’t wear T Shirts……heck, I don’t remember wearing pants to school.
    The year I graduated from high school was the first year girls could wear slacks to football games on Friday nights!! And I’m not that OLD 🙂


  16. Mal says:

    Amen, John, and if they didn’t, GOOD RIDDANCE!


  17. bocopro says:

    For possible clarification, let me say this:

    All things in moderation.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro; so then where do you stand on a kid getting suspended for wearing that T Shirt in the image on my post?

    Mustang’s comment makes more and more sense to me as I think about it. Plain colored T Shirts at least look somewhat NEAT, since school apparel is so awful these days.

    I guess I just feel that anything that represents pride in our country shouldn’t be punished, especially THESE days when kids are taught quite the opposite….so this story bugged me. And it’s obviously not the first we’ve read like this.

    Perhaps we’re all so sensitive to indoctrination by teachers, as suggested above, that ANY mention of removing a flag from anything sets us off…….it does, me.

    AOW’s right about American exceptionalism….”God forbid we do THAT at schools! Take that Tshirt OFF! You’re hurting the immigrant kids’ sensitivities!” To which I say “Tough…just TOUGH”
    We’re paying for a lot of your lives, so toughen up and learn to appreciate us and our country.


  19. bocopro says:

    Well, schools should establish, publish, and enforce codes for dress, behavior, and eligibility for extracurricular activities.

    Failing that, they have no business saying what a kid can wear, say, or do.

    Again, all things in moderation. Codes should be reviewed periodically based on input from parents’ groups, teachers, and students. Any code which is too restrictive or just plain oppressive could then be modified or discarded.

    A kid shouldn’t be suspended or expelled for a single infraction except in serious cases, such as those involving injury, property damage, significant monetary loss, or death. Bringing a dangerous weapon on campus would logically be a punishable offense. Wearing a T-shirt, even if banned by code, might be pushing limits or challenging authority, but it’s not a crime because tasteful displays of patriotism FOR the country by students OF the country should be as normal as saying the pledge or being respectfully still and quiet while the flag is being raised or lowered. At least in a nation where patriotism is AT LEAST as valuable as political correctness.


  20. Sparky says:

    I think I’m more offended by the hoodie and the fact that kids are ‘dressing down’ than anything. The Government Indoctrination Centers (aka Public Schools) need to go to adopt dress codes and uniforms. Just my opinion. 🙂


  21. Bob says:

    silverfiddle said, ” forcing cowardly administrators to pass stupid blanket policies to insulate themselves”. SF is right. I believe that this problem is a by-product of our litigious society, and our poor teacher colleges that teach everything with a liberal slant.

    Common sense? They see everything as a common lawsuit. Yet, I don’t think it is too much to expect teachers to exhibit some ability to do just a little thinking. After all, why are they there?


  22. John M. Berger says:

    A little off-topic but what ever became of the DUNCE CAP?


  23. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro “tasteful displays of patriotism FOR the country by students OF the country should be as normal as saying the pledge or being respectfully still and quiet while the flag is being raised or lowered.” And, of course, our kids today are told they don’t have to stand for the anthem or the pledge………..these are terrible times.

    Sparky, couldn’t agree with you more on dress codes…it’d save poor families a lot of money, too, wouldn’t it… and get the rich kids off their ridiculous “label sensitivities” “I’m wearing GUCCI!”

    Bob, that’s right…..think of that ridiculous thing where the WH has invited the little Muslim kid who didn’t really even invent anything but was handcuffed. ..think any teacher will turn any other implement in he or she thinks is a bomb? “Na…probably isn’t…I’m not facing ridicule like THAT teacher did” Not a good precedent….but what else is new!?

    JMB: DUnce Caps…Oh, how terrible of you to SHAME the children!! (I’m quoting a liberal)…I think shame is very underrated and you have a point!!


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Am watching the Pope on TV and feeling guilty that I’m not Catholic but got to see Pope John 2 four times…twice in one day in NYC (once about 8 feet away), and two other times on trips to Rome…purely by happenstance….

    I can barely watch for fear that someone can get through and kill him…it’s kind of making me a wreck! I don’t agree with a LOT of what he says, but I’d hate to see anything happen, BIG TIME hate to.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    CNN says Native Americans are hurt that Father Junipero Serra is being made a saint today….the journalist said “The wounds are still OPEN” STILL OPEN SINCE SERRA’S DAY? WHO even thought that Catholics were evil for bringing faith to savages/heathens? I know there were probably difficulties brought to the people, but ……….
    “Still open wounds?”


  26. Mustang says:

    Personal grievances should end when the person who created them is no longer able to apologize. We should call this, “Getting on with life.” Latinos hate Chris Columbus, too and there are some horrific accounts of things he did. But gosh … he’s been dead for a few years now. Had he never arrived in the new world, it would probably look the same today as it did in 1492. If anything, the Mexicans in particular should ask themselves how 650 Spanish explorers and mercenaries were able to conquer 26 million Aztecs. Inquiring minds want to know.


  27. John M. Berger says:

    “Am watching the Pope on TV and feeling guilty”

    Well, my-oh-my how offensive all of this must be to Muslims and Atheists. I’m amazed that in a country that more-and-more rejects “In God WE Trust” this is even allowed. The PC Police must be sleeping on-the-job!


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang “how 650 Spanish explorers and mercenaries were able to conquer 26 million Aztecs. Inquiring minds want to know.”
    That’s like a metaphor for a TON of stuff…well put.

    JMB; GOOD POINT! Even the networks showed his arrival at the cathedral…not sure if they’re still showing it now on the networks. I must admit that hearing Shep Smith GUSHING was a bit much….nausea inducing, actually.
    Honestly, hearing CNN’s Cuomo talking about the arrival and then suddenly hearing him scream “Papa Francisco! Papa Francisco!” in his excitement was kind of sweet; it showed how seeing the Pope really affects Catholics…… touches me. But I have to admit it was a little odd, too, for a journalist!

    Ya! How is the PC Police allowing THIS? Maybe it’s cuz he’s pretty liberal?!!!


  29. Bob says:

    Isn’t it time for the Pope to go home?


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, I don’t think he’s finished telling us about Global Climate Change……….oy!!


  31. I wonder if we’ll ever see another schism and have tow or three “popes”?
    If enough fed-up catholics do something…


  32. John M. Berger says:

    “Shep Smith GUSHING was a bit much….nausea ”

    Yes, and that applies every day @ MST 1:00 PM on FOX NEWS no matter what the subject! Isn’t it nice when someone, I don’t care who, subs for that irritating, self-centered @$$#0!e ?



  33. geeez2014 says:

    JMB, it really is nice when they sub him….Something about him just bugs me, apart from the fact that he’s no conservative and even mocks conservatism from time to time….

    Ed….Imagine how much they’d have to go through? A whole new council of cardinals..bishops, etc. etc………
    I wonder if they’ll ever have RAINBOW smoke? 🙂


  34. Rainbow Smoke. Don’t give them any ideas.


  35. alec says:

    I wonder if we’ll ever see another schism and have tow or three “popes”?

    These days it’s easier to take care of things in quieter and more, ahem…, permanent ways. Remember the 33 days of the smiling pope, John Paul I?


  36. Mal says:

    Geeeez, you said you saw the Pope twice by happenstance reminded me in 1950 we were touring Europe and while visiting the Vatican a well-dressed man approached my father and told him he could arrange for a meeting with the Pope and could make his contribution directly, to which my dad said “I have no desire to see the Pope,” turned and walked away. The man just stood there and said nothing. We are not Catholics, but were only touring. We were told 1950 was a “Holy Year” which occurs every 25 years (or is it 50, not sure). Anyway, we were told prices on hotels, etc. are double on those years.


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