Headlines…have we a chance?

A little over 32 million people use Yahoo as their home page and see these headlines and others like them every day:

Gloria Steinem eviscerates Carly Fiorina with scathing post on Facebook

Donald Trump is going off on Megyn Kelly again

Richard Cohen: Fired By HP, Why Should Carly Be Hired By Us?

Stephen Colbert Callsv Out Ted Cruz On Ronald Reagan’s Legacy

Ted Cruz’s dad is even more frightening than Ted Cruz

George W. Bush’s Legacy Is Anything But Toxic To Republican Voters

Mike Huckabee Claims Refugees May Be ‘Vicious People,’ But That’s Not The Dumbest Thing He Said

Fiorina Spins a New Lie, and Her Issues With Truth Look Compulsive

Donald Trump goes ballistic after ‘total fool’ journalist uses lewd insult against him on Fox News

Noam Chomsky: The GOP is a radical insurgency; it’s not a political party

Carly Fiorina Advises Non-Profit That Promoted Obamacare Enrollment

Ted Cruz calls Obama communist, gloats about Boehner quitting, threatens to assassinate Iran’s supreme leader

Jeb Bush’s “Free Stuff” Racial Insult Was a Shrewd Calculation\

It’s Friday, and the Republican Party Is Out of Its Mind

Rand Paul’s Social Security Falsehoods Are a Disservice to the Country

That’s only a couple of days worth.   But don’t worry…all IS well with the world because the top headline today was:

Michelle Obama chooses Vera Wang gown for China State Dinner

SO…..while Hillary is in huge trouble and facts are flying, there’s NOTHING about that….all is well in Liberal Land.   And we wonder why Republicans have trouble winning.

Here’s an amazing fact:   In spite of every bit as nasty headlines as the ones above, Republicans DID win last November.

Here’s a BAD fact;  They did ZILCH about it.  Back to the post:  Can we combat those headlines?  They’re extremist, dodgy in content (at best) , they’re in very left leaning sites….and they’re all lined up for at least 32 million Americans…….


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26 Responses to Headlines…have we a chance?

  1. bocopro says:

    Don’t forget the fact that many young people get their news from Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and the late-nite comics . . . when they forgot to buy their latest copy of The Enquirer or People.


  2. I was thinking of you yesterday and how you use Yahoo as your homepage and News Feed.
    That made me focus on what I used for a news feed and homepage.
    I use a web page caller IGHome.com and it allows me to select my news feed and weather source.
    So my news feeds are google and fox news, both of which give me the headlines which I can search out later.
    It also has a gmail app that let’s me quickly check new mail.
    So I’m out of touch with what Yahoo is misleading (propagandizing) others with. But I can always come here to find that out.


  3. You asked how we can combat the misinformation and I believe we can only counter it.
    We can refute in conversations and emails, virtually grassroots.
    For instance, my friend Pascal Fervor sent me some information concerning Carly, whom I was supportive of. It turns out she has as questionable a background as Trump.
    Something I wouldn’t know from any major news organization.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, i’m so well aware of how you feel about Yahoo and my siting it from time to time….and I am not being articulate enough in describing why but did mention that THIRTY TWO MILLION have Yahoo as their home page. Also, try Googling “Pink carnation images” on Google News, for example, then do it thru Yahoo…………NOTHING on oogle News…a MILLION images on Yahoo…for example. Their search bar ROCKS.
    It’s important what OTHERS are seeing because they’re VOTING….I want to know what they’re absorbing because we know these headlines are mostly all the info they’ll have on that subject…

    Yahoo is misleading; we need to see how and what so we can combat it.

    As for Carly, I’d like to see that article; I’ve seen a few that slam her for having said good things about Hillary as a strong woman …or about Islam, etc…………I’d be interested in reading Pascal’s…I think it’s probably an article Mal emailed me recently.
    It’s our duty here at our blogs to expose what we know about liberals AND conservatives if there’s something we believe is untenable in a candidate.
    I hope yours isn’t from WND of Free Republic!

    bocopro..that’s exactly right………ALL late night shows are liberal…….most Morning Shows that women take in mock Republicans unmercifully…………….all in HUMOR. That’s POWERFUL STUFF, insidiously powerful.


  5. woodsterman says:

    I finally had to dump that tripe from my home page. The liberal wing is alive and well in Sunnyvale.


  6. jerrydablade says:

    My homepage is Ed’s blog. Just kidding, it’s yours z. Ok, not really again. I’m a drudge guy, but then I immediately go to my blog roll. The leftist headlines move their agenda for sure. The only armor against influence is a bs filter and actually having righteous core values. Oh well, there goes the neighborhood!


  7. Mal says:

    Well, the only consolation is if we go downhill, so do the Left because it affects all of us. The good news: We are being told Fox News consistently has more viewers than all the others combined! Hopefully, the truth shall prevail.


  8. Baysider says:

    I was looking over a colleague’s shoulder as she searched for something – and, yup, this sensible, hardworking woman has Yahoo as her home page. Unbelievable what I saw – like your headlines. I talked with her about it.

    I have a contract with a firm now that has the LA Times in the office, so I read it at lunch. Have not read that paper in over 20 years. Man! It’s shocking the editorials that are thinly – or not at all – disguised as front page news. When you see it with fresh eyes it’s so clear how they are just writing propaganda to shift thinking, and the topics people will think about. 2 hit pieces on Fiorina in one day. Vetting candidates is legit. Not seen a bad word on the Hill yet. Not holding my breath either.

    I do what Jerry does. Where I found this today: Germany in a State of Siege. Drudge. Not Yahoo, LA Times or any other crackpot leftie proptank.


  9. Baysider says:

    And Z, yes, humor is most powerful. I’ve never watched any of those shows cited here.

    I learned 30 years ago how FAR out of step with popular culture I was – at the dentist’s. I sat down to wait and realized I had forgotten to bring something to read. As I made the groan of discovery pawing through my bag, the receptionist asked “what’s wrong?” I said “I forgot to bring something to read.” She point at the big pile of magazines (People, Time, etc.) that others were reading. Honestly, I never even SEE them once I found out how content-free they were. I just said there was nothing in them of interest to me so that’s why I always brought my own.


  10. Imp says:

    32 million home pages? Just shows how many people don’t know how to choose another URL as their home page, doesn’t it? “Want to make this your home page….sure just click here”.


  11. Imp says:

    Germany needs a major uprising about now. Kind of like what happened back in 1930 when they were being persecuted? At the very least….they should have a coup to kick Merkels dumb azz out first.

    “Many migrant women have fled here to escape forced marriages or female genital mutilation, which are rife in some African and Middle Eastern countries. ‘They believe they have found safety in Germany,’ says the letter, ‘and realize it’s not the case.”

    Sure…diversity is just so quaint, isn’t it? Just bring your barbaric “culture” right along with you…we’ll look the other way and understand.


  12. Imp says:

    I wonder how many Germans would go through this again? This time saving themselves? 31% of people polled said that they won’t not help Jews escape again. As many did in WW2.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Woodster, I’m sure it is…you’re not alone!

    Jerry…so when you want to search for pix for images on your blog, where do you go? Yahoo’s Search Bar is THE BEST…..I can’t do this blog without it. All other searches have ZIP.
    I was just this morning talking to a young Christian woman who’s a secular therapist at a college not far from here… a private college, I think. She does ‘free’ therapy for students and a form they fill out asks them, among a lot of other things, about any spiritual or other influences on their lives. This young therapist said many are fighting to either escape their Christian upbringings, or playing around with hoping for more faith….when I asked her what she says, can she push in a direction, she said she has to really carefully examine if the kid’s too vulnerable and would be unfairly convinced of something like faith in Christ at too vulnerable a time.
    I told her that it was very sad that it’s those with faith who know that we shouldn’t indoctrinate…and that that applied to politics, too, that we on one side feel it’s wrong to indoctrinate but the other side does nothing BUT…..she agreed. So…..interesting, huh? We could lose for our better character in the long run; but I think we’ll actually win on the heavenly level even if we lose the earth level!?

    Mal; I’d hate to do a demographic of what AGE most FOX viewers are!!

    Baysider……I’m glad you feel that way for yourself. I personally have to know what other voters are seeing/thinking….it helps me understand things that are going on……….
    Of course I don’t read printed tripe like People….and I don’t learn a ton watching ‘those shows’ like Megyn Kelly but it’s wonderful to get that encouragement from like-minded folks…and to hear the weighing of leftwing v rightwing that we get on only on FOX….
    The LA Times….Almost nobody I know gets it anymore. I’m bless to have neighbors who bring me the crossword sections from the week to my patio gate and leave it hanging there on Sunday nights…a treat because I’m a big crossword fan.
    The LA Times Crosswords are attached to the comics and there are two strips I love…..you’ll not find it surprising to hear that anything nearly political in the comics page is very Left…except one which is supposed to be right, but you could fool me that it’s political at ALL.
    I loved the old Opinion Section…Left on the left side, Right on the right….excellent stuff….no mocking, no insulting, no playing with many facts. That doesn’t exist with the Times anymore though the very few times I read it, it’s improved somewhat…,because almost nobody I know who canceled it didn’t call and tell them WHY.

    I’ll just say again here that I use Yahoo for the search engine; it is THE BEST.
    Imp; I just can’t say it any clearer…sorry. When you find a search engine as good as the one on Yahoo, let me know.


  14. bocopro says:

    Can’t exactly say I’m a Fox viewer, but I try to catch Bret Baier’s evening show when I can. Almost never see any other shows ’cause I go to the Fox website and read the talking points. And as for demographics, I’m 75, so . . . .

    And because I believe you can learn as much from people who disagree with you as from those whose views you share, I also check out CNN and HLN just to see what stories are edited OUT or get only a passing nod when Fox gives ’em a whole column.

    Also, Robin Meade is a total fox, with a contagious effervescence.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    boco; Never heard of Robin Meade so I GOOGLED her through the YAHOO SEARCH ENGINE and found her pictures…MANY of them. She is absolutely GORGEOUS! Lovely girl….
    She looks like a prettier Kimberly Guilfoyle.

    Bret Baier’s evening show is very good…I’m glad you catch that when you can; excellent guests, good panel…….informative.

    I, like you, watch CNN and even MSNBC from time to time………along with FOX. I actually go to CNN sometimes because it’s CALMER than FOX….not having many conservatives on to ARGUE with them, CNN is a slightly more peaceful place than FOX. Tho I appreciate FOX’s almost always haVing both sides to every story.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Imp: “31% of people polled said that they won’t not help Jews escape again. ”
    They are saying they won’t or they will?

    I can’t wait to see this film…the first Hiding Place film with Julie Harris was wonderful.
    I’m surprised they made this one……it’d be nice if it opened Leftwingers’ minds and hearts to Jews again…. As if they’d ever see this.

    And, some day, maybe Americans will understand that there were easily hundreds more resistance fighters in Germany than there were in France or Holland or anywhere else. …men, women and children. It’s a little known fact…and a sin that it’s little known.


  17. Baysider says:

    Z, I learn plenty about what other voters are thinking. I rub shoulders with them day in, day out. You know how my line of work is saturated with them. (If I hear one more person hyperventilating about CLIMATE CHANGE and using it as a stealth shield for socialism I am going to scream!)

    Plus I’m a rental housing provider in a communist town that is the fount of all the latest crackpottery that I am saturated in and have understand, dissect and counter. Prager and Hewitt play endless examples from these cable shows which I pick up on their podcasts (that’s how I recognize the names) – not to mention you, my dear. 🙂 You are all my watchdogs. I never see TV, don’t have time, and certainly don’t want to pay for cable on top of it just to hear more crackpots when I already have the gist. Mr. B is always asking me why I want to hear these other opinions – and it’s the same reason as you, of course. I am amazed how you can tolerate so much exposure. But we all benefit here by your excellent posts. So I’m glad you can!

    Crosswords. We took the NY Times for YEARS until we couldn’t take the front page editorials any more. Loved their crosswords. You might enjoy where I go now: http://webcrosswords.com/daily-crossword-puzzles/.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    baysider….Thanks. I’m sure you’re well informed, I know that. It’s just a difference I can’t apparently describe. I like the ‘crackpots’…and not all are, of course..
    Love the NY Times Crosswords….


  19. Imp says:

    @Z…I’m so bad at typing…I embarrass my self. Anyway….31% said they wouldn’t, would not, help Jews to escape from capture or persecution, if it were today. And I wonder why that is?


  20. Kid says:

    Can you combat the headlines? No. The problem is bad parenting, bad education system, and the polarization of the public by a media who has discovered that polarizing the population results in more profit for them.

    Trying to “combat headlines” is like trying to kill a tree by swatting its leaves.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, thanks very much. I just came here to say I was searching on the wrong GOogle site.
    You beat me to it.

    Imp; I think a lot of all people around the world would say that. I don’t think this is a German thing.
    I think leftwingers all over the world have created nightmares for Jews in standing up for muslims and whining about any time Israel’s launched a reaction to the missiles lobbed at them.

    Kid…We’ll never combat headlines, you’re right…….sad that our kids don’t see 2 sides of everything ….I didn’t know my teachers’ politics and I do believe we got the FACTS in school…not anymore. Just take a look at the schools where the Pope went to hear how 10 year olds are doing projects on combating global climate change…ad nauseum; no fairness, just sickening images of child indoctrination.


  22. Kid says:

    Z, Yes, and the sickening blanket acceptance of the government (Democrat) message. That so many people don’t have the capacity to question “authority” whether they define that as (governemnt, media, schools) is absolutely sickening. We questioned Everything. Every damn thing.

    Well, they all be in for a very rude awakening. That they will surely blame on the ‘republicans’ and Conservative, where seldom is heard a Conservative word in the repubblekin ranks. But is is par for current events. Does it make sense? Kill it ! Is is maximum hypocritical ? Love it – its Adorable. Or badass. Or Awsum.

    How can you combat that? You can’t. Only the searing pain that comes from such a paradigm can have any effect on this.


  23. bocopro says:

    My daily rant was about news and headlines and all that, but too long for a comment on a blog, around 750 words (which is actually brief compared to my normal rants.


  24. Baysider says:

    I’ve been thinking about your original question: how to turn the tide.

    Dennis Prager’s Prager University 5-minute videos are having an impact. Highly viewed, I hear a caller now and then say “my friend got me to watch these and I got to seeing the light.” They designed them to be appealing to a young demographic, and there is a lot of depth there now. Supporting others that go into the fire – I’m not sure if that’s someone like Young America’s Foundation, or the Leadership Institute because I don’t know them well.


  25. Mal says:

    Z, regarding what age most viewers of Fox are, it really doesn’t matter. Polls have shown Fox News has more viewers than all the others COMBINED! THAT’S what matters. The majority of people (hence, voters) are watching Fox.


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