Planned Parenthood….lie or not?

Am I missing something?   What would it take for Fiorina to produce the evidence of what she’s saying about fetuses being killed and cut apart?  (Sorry you have to sit through a few seconds of classical music before the video starts….at least it’s Beethoven!):

I do believe Planned Parenthood’s actions are creating enough smoke that there is some fire (you’d have to be unconscious not to think this), but this would seem to me to be relatively simple to prove?  Show what you saw, Ms Fiorina.

And check this out:   Please don’t comment from the title…I’ll know you didn’t watch the very short and important video 🙂  It’s something you should all send around to friends/family:

So… Carly needs to show where she comes up with the information;  if not, she’s not a valid candidate;  I’m sorry, but what’s it take!?  And yes, I KNOW Leftwingers are NEVER held to any degree of proving their rubbish, but………I’d like to think we’re better than that.

The second video I linked is irrefutable ….  Carly’s right on this:  It’s bad for a nation’s character to be hurting unborn babies for financial gain…period.

Tell me what you all think.  

UPDATE: I wrote this post 2 days ago, last night (Monday night), I heard that there are hours of video backing up Carly’s input and that law enforcement has them.  I still think someone else could have just enough to show to and shut up the naysayers calling Carly a liar, but………….??



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37 Responses to Planned Parenthood….lie or not?

  1. Nancy Pelosi admits that she has not seen the videos, but then calls for investigation of the group that made the videos. She declares that the videos are doctored. Where’s the proof of that?


  2. alec says:

    When issues like this one become media circuses, I try to step back to see what we know for sure. Or Z as you very well put it, produce the evidence.

    When we cut through the drama, there seem to be three fundamental issues here.
    1. The destruction of over 50 million human pre-born infants since 1973, many by Planned Parenthood.
    2. The (mostly unspoken) fact that Planned Parenthood is a eugenics organization which intentionally locates abortion clinics in poor neighborhoods, which just happen to be mostly African-American. The founders of Planned Parenthood, including but not limited to Margaret Sanger, were openly and unashamedly racist.
    3. The use of fetal brain tissue, stem cells, and other body components in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s.

    There should be no controversy about #1. Number 2 is easily researchable, and only controversial to those who don’t want to look. But the third is the real kicker here.

    It’s not about how the pre-born infants are killed. It’s about whether we as a country are okay with using human beings as parts factories to prolong the lives of other human beings. Right now, most Americans are fine with this, as long as they don’t have to think about where the goodies come from (unwilling human beings).

    I don’t hear Carly talking about that – or did I miss something?

    Focusing on the pain and suffering of those being used and abused begs the issue and plays into support for a true evil – other than abortion.


  3. Carly Fiorina has strong anti-abortion feelings — perhaps because she couldn’t have children. But I agree with you, Z: Carly needs to show where she comes up with the information; if not, she’s not a valid candidate. But we can’t see that material if law enforcement has seized the material as evidence.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I’m sorry some of the links don’t open for you but it’s clearly not on my side and so you needn’t mention it every time. Sometimes trying again later helps or email me and I’ll send the link story to you! Ya, that might work, right?

    AOW….you had sent me that story on Germany via email either yesterday or the day before; I just sent it to my stepson for comment.

    Let’s all please address the topic of the post. Thanks for coming by xxx


  5. geeez2014 says:

    AOW…I JUST saw Pelosi saying that….and it looks like she really believes it!

    alex, what most Americans aren’t told is that adult stem cells are, so far, the most useful and much can be helped by them..That’s why Mrs. Bush fought hard for this type of work, saying that money comes in easier for this because it’s a given; it’s more productive work. The Left makes Americans feel the only stem cells that will help are from dead babies and that’s just a plain LIE.

    AOW: I’m not sure that even makes sense, for law enforcement to have secreted off video information so even Congressional committees haven’t seen them yet………which makes me wonder if they’re being doctored in PP’s direction.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    I don’t know, Vrag, I heard this morning that the only copy is with law enforcement…It’s 5 am here so I’m going back to bed for a little bit but might take a chance at watching it later…….the commenters on that video seem to know more than the government does……….all pro PP, of course.
    thanks …. maybe someone else will also look and comment.
    Do you have any comments about it?


  7. silverfiddle says:

    The progressive press, like all drones, will swarm and attack to protect the hive. Carly hit them in the squishy bits, and they didn’t like it.


  8. There are other issues with Carly. I lked her a lot until my friend Pascal pointed out this: and more, to me.
    I hope she’s not another Tail Gunner Joe with a “list of (insert number here) of known communist agents in the State Department.”
    We know there was commie infiltration, but to overplay the facts brought discredit to McCarthy.
    Same with Carly.
    i can believe PP has done those atrocious things by extension of what they’ve done.
    Libs who claim the videos were “doctored” really mean “edited”.
    It’s not like they were voice overed, or the photos were faked.

    There is enough to damn PP and every supporter without the videos Carly refers to.


  9. Vrag’s video may demonstrate that what is presented to us is often misinterpreted by our brain.
    And we remember seeing stuff that was described to us by someone we were watching because we visualized it as we heard it.
    That may have been what happened to Carly, but as a candidate, she has to be more careful, obviously.


  10. bocopro says:

    About a dozen or so years ago, I had a young black woman in one of my freshman comp classes who was very agitated, almost frenetic, about the abortion issue as it affects the African-American community. Her name is profoundly ironic, but I can’t publish it except to say it has a clear and unmistakable direct reference to the birth process. And her first name is straight out of the Bible (starts with the letter “D,” if you know anything about the judges of Israel).

    Abortion was one of the handful of verboten topics in my classes because I learned quickly that students didn’t do research for their papers; they merely dug up things which agreed with their preconceived notions instilled in them by Grandpa or Aunt Sally or Crazy Uncle Ned. One of the concepts I insisted that they take away from my classes was that the point of research is to find out what there was to learn that you didn’t already know, not to just strengthen and embroider your ingrained stereotypes.

    So when kids turned in a compare-contrast or an argument or a proposal which completely ignored the converse to their thesis, I rejected it for failing to meet the criterion of being credible.

    The young woman was incensed that I wouldn’t allow her to address the issue of abortion in her argument paper, an assignment which required at least 6 different sources, footnotes, parenthetical gloss, and no fewer than 1500 words with zero egregious grammar flaws such as subject-verb disagreement, comma splice, fragment, and so on.

    She wrote a paper and turned it in anyway. It was childishly one-sided and filled with dozens of flaws ranging from misspellings to unattributed quotes. I refused to accept it, so she took it to the Dean. He called me in and asked me why I’d made that policy about excluding topics. Once I explained my position, he agreed with me.

    The point of the her paper was that the segment of American population which most needs government-funded abortion services is the African-American because women become pregnant by accident and then can’t afford a safe and decent abortion. Ergo, holding back government funds from abortion clinics in black neighborhoods is racist. The dean told her to choose another topic and resubmit her paper for grade.

    Then, about 10 days later, I happened by the Commons (like a student union facility) where a symposium on abortion was in progress. There she was, on stage with the microphone, demanding that the government stop killing African-American babies in black neighborhoods. She said that helping black women to terminate their unwanted pregnancies was a deliberate attempt by government to reduce the African-American population and thereby overtly racist.


  11. alec says:

    Hi bocopro,

    We agree completely that it’s essential to get the foundational details of these issues factually correct. Your former student sounds as rationally-crippled as some other young people in college. But I’m not sure what to make of your comment. Are you saying that Planned Parenthood does not have a history of racism? Or that the whole subject is ridiculous because some of the people who have advanced it (like this woman in your example) are inconsistent?

    Forgive me if I misunderstood you.

    P.S. Below is one secondary source describing Margaret Sanger (the founder of Planned Parenthood) and her attitude towards non-whites:

    Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood, was deeply in favor of the reproductive rights of those most “fit” people to procreate. And very opposed to the baby-making of the “unfit.” She wanted them to be assigned to “concentration” camps, where they would be sterilized and freed from the terrible burden of their unfitness.

    She also called them “feeble-minded, imbeciles, morons” and “idiots,” too. But, remember, these were the scientific terms of the age. You can look it up.

    In 1939, Margaret founded the Negro Project and drew in African-American ministers and leaders to spread the gospel of birth control to the masses. Well, the masses of African-Americans, who were, to her way of thinking, over-breeding and probably not “fit.”



  12. bocopro says:

    Guess I didn’t write it up very well. The girl started out by saying in her paper that government should not withhold funding for abortions in the black neighborhoods because to do so would be racist, since they’re the ones who need it most.

    Then less than two weeks later she publicly insists, from a stage in front of about a hundred people, that government sponsored abortions for blacks is racist because it’s a clear attempt to reduce the numbers of blacks in the country.

    She took me to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences because I wouldn’t provide her a platform to announce her position on abortion and racism.

    What struck me most ironic about it all was her name, which clearly speaks to the right of babies to be born, plus her given name, which she shares with one of the judges of Israel.

    Whatever the case, tho, she’s a narrow-minded, single-issue zealot, a flibbertigibbet of the first order who falls in line behind the loudest persuasive voice she hears, so long as it’s addressing the issue of prejudice against blacks. I have no doubt she’s out there now somewhere carrying a sign saying “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!” or “Black Lives Matter” or “Justice for Whomever.”


  13. bocopro says:

    Uh, a little more clearly — I’m not gonna say she was inconsistent or genetically deprived or any of that, ’cause I’ve learned from experience that to do so would be to invite condemnation as a bigot or something worse.

    She dropped my class (without penalty, somehow) when it became clear that barring some sort of grammatical epiphany, she was going to fail. She transferred to FAMU, where I imagine she feels SO much more comfortable.


  14. alec says:


    Ugh. You and other teachers and professors have my utmost respect.

    Thanks for the clarification. I understand now what you are saying.



  15. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro; I wonder if that woman ever even saw what she was doing….the irony of saying two completely disparate things about the same subject! She sure had a love/hate relationship with Margaret Sanger, didn’t she !!!


  16. Bo: (May I call you Bo?) In my best /sarc font, I suggest she finally followed your advice and researched the other position.


  17. @ Ed: …we remember seeing stuff that was described to us by someone we were watching because we visualized it as we heard it.

    The WSJ edited out the “stock” abortion footage (and left the images black). The original had “stock” footage of a live aborted fetus inserted at that point, so Carly “actually saw it”… but it wasn’t the “exact” case that the person was describing.


  18. Mustang says:

    There is a justifiable cause for the outrage of what is happening here. We’ve written about this, discussed it in commentary, spoken about it to our friends, reviled from its horror, and yet nothing is being done about what must be described, as Murder, Inc. This is not about a woman’s right to choose; it is about Eugenics disguised as a woman’s right to choose and the clever part of it is that the communist left has done an excellent job convincing women that they have a right to be as uninhibited as they wish and debauch themselves because any pregnancy can be effectively dealt with.

    So we must speak out, we must oppose this, we must work to defeat it. Moreover, we must make sure that in our effort to expose it, we do not cheat, invent, or conspire to make our case on untruthful information. We must not dishonestly edit films (all film must be edited), or employ animation of any kind. The truth will speak loudly enough. Anything other than honesty will blow up in our faces.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang..”Anything other than honesty will blow up in our faces.”…on ANY subject. You are SO RIGHT. That’s why I veer away from FreeRepublic and WND information (unless it’s clearly a video that’s irrefutable, of course)…
    It’s why I posted this question…if Carly Fiorina saw it, she needs to be 1000% sure…unlike leftwing candidates who don’t have to; they’re covered by their media. And, frankly, we, too, should want nothing but truth in our own cons. candidates, of course. Unlike what leftwingers seem to expect from their own.
    The Left has the cover of its media so Conservatives have to be double careful.

    Perfect case in point; I was at my Jewish doc’s today…he’s a Conservative and says “How do you like Bernie Sanders? He’s just an old Jewish hippie Marxist who’s never had a job but works for the gov’t his whole life and continues to spread his ridiculous Socialist crap to this country!”..(I paraphrase)…I said “Did you know he has an illegitimate son?”
    Chuck said “I don’t care really what people do…”
    I said “NO, I don’t really care, either, but imagine if ROMNEY had an illegitimate son? THAT’s my point…the hypocrisy”
    He stared at me and said “Man, that is SO TRUE, the media’d be all over it were it Romney…good point.”

    Ed, yes, Carly has to be much more careful. The Townhall article is important….I don’t believe she’d run if most of it were true, why open yourself to that? But, I just wanted to say that whether I agree with it all or not, that is one good writer there.

    Vrag….they could get her (and us) on that…..Democrats are usually the same and we get that from the Dem nuts who comment on the blogs which still allow them to fester there….they’ll take the point that it’s not THE VIDEO Carly mentioned, and completely ignore the fact that IT DID HAPPEN. See my point? That’s what our libs do…they completely ignore THE TRUTH of what’s happening and try to invalidate with “But that’s NOT the abortion she talked about”..


  20. bocopro says:


    The girl is unfortunately unattractive and a serious threat to the region’s carbohydrate reserves. She is aware of very little and merely parrots what she’s heard and partially understood from bitter noisy grievance industry leaders such as Soundbyte Al, “Hymietown” Jackson, and others.

    Her goal, if she has actually developed one, is to become some sort of spokesperson a la Jackson Lee (or more likely, Cynthia McKinney back in the early 90s before she got booted out).

    Tunes out whatever she doesn’t want to hear, and filters everything that DOES come in through sorters and sifters and discriminators installed by her heroes, none of which are Caucasian or Asian. She no doubt fully expected the Obama regime to pay all her bills, provide her free education and health care, set her up in a nice rent-free apartment, and let her live off reparation payments for the rest of her life.

    My guess is that she’s now disillusioned, discouraged, distraught, unemployed, unkempt, and unhealthy.

    Oh, and the tag “bocopro” is one given me by my chatgroup several years ago, an acronym derived from my origin, Boone County, and my most recent job, Professor: BoCoPro. For a few years prior to that, my on-line moniker was “babalu,” but too many other guys were using it, which got confusing, so I dropped it.


  21. Bob says:

    Whoever the Meet The Press guy is, he is technically correct. Neither Carly, nor I, saw a video of a freshly harvested, and alive, fetus on an operating table waiting to be sliced and diced. What we did see was a video of a freshly harvested fetus lying on a table while, in the background, a voice was heard describing the organ harvesting procedure. At least that is what I saw, and I feel like Fiorina saw the same thing.

    That said, Fiorina accurately described the Planned Parenthood process.

    The guy in the other video did a good job in his unmasking of the Planned Parenthood business. His only problem was his haircut. For some reason white boys don’t look as cool as black guys with buzzed sidewalls.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, thanks for that clarification re the video. That “technically correct” thing is what I’m trying to emphasize in my comment above. TECHNICALLY they’re often correct but all nuance is then lost and sometimes there’s more truth in the nuance…does that make sense? I mean THEY DID hurt those babies, harvest those babies…they DID.. but TECHNICALLY he’s right!?

    Bocopro…”a serious threat to the region’s carbohydrate reserves” made me laugh out loud!
    Super comment………that young woman is a MESS, as unAmerican as you can get in her hypocrisy and expectations, and, if one was so inclined, one would worry about her future.
    We’re more worried about the future of our country because of people like her, right!?


  23. I do see your point, Z. But even if Fiorina had Simulcast the video as she spoke, the Left would still have called her a liar. They’ve closed their minds. There is no “charity” within them for any words a “Republican” speaks. And so, why listen to them at all? Why pay their views respect that they themselves refuse to offer us?

    After all, stock footage of an aborted baby with heart beating and being left to die is still a real person being left to die. The fact that it was “stock” footage doesn’t detract from the actual truth that the medical abortion establishment is a willing accessory to murder.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Vrag “After all, stock footage of an aborted baby with heart beating and being left to die is still a real person being left to die.”
    Absolutely………imagine trying to ignore THAT in your protestations that that isn’t QUITE THE PICTURE WE’RE TALKING ABOUT?
    Yes, you do see my point and illustrate it better than I could. Thanks, Vrag.


  25. Here is the source material for the footage, released by Fiorina today… proving that it was an abortion… and that the fetus was still alive.


  26. alec says:

    @Vrag, interesting that youtube will not allow the viewing of that video without signing in. If you (or anyone else has another source of the video, a link would be appreciated. Thanks!


  27. bocopro says:

    I’m not so worried about her, even tho I imagine she DOES vote whenever she knows a black is running against a white for some office (her only criterion for making a decision). What I am most concerned about is the mentality of the people who made her the way she is.

    She wasn’t born a racist any more than I was, but somebody indoctrinated her as surely as Goebbels indoctrinated Herr and Frau Schmidt back in the late 30s and my Aunt Mary tried to convince me that blacks are lazy, Mexicans are sneaky, French are flighty, Italians are crazy, Spanish are snotty, British are haughty, and Germans are dangerous.

    You’d blush if I told you some of the little ditties I was sung to sleep by as a toddler. But, I got over it, had a best friend in high school who was Chicano, and wound up marrying an Asian woman. My kids are hybrids, and . . . oh, I wrote a poem about that:


    Aflame with youth my heritage I spurned,
    Abandoned claim to every hometown girl,
    And chose instead a South Seas island pearl
    As proof of how intensely my soul burned
    Above the common level of my kind
    Awash in seas of plastic and discards
    Apace with Jones and Smith in best regards
    And new-car smells and TV on their mind.
    And now four halves of me with hers go on
    All armed with my estate, my name, my blood,
    A hybrid seed–perhaps more fit to grow
    Amidst the glowing ranks of sterile spawn
    Attesting what we thought we understood
    Along the way . . . I simply do not know.

    It was part of a sonnet sequence in which the first letter of each line of each one began with the
    letter, ultimately spelling out Milady’s name, Regina.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro, thanks….as I said I’m more worried, too, about our country than her, believe me. Not even remotely close.

    Two of my best American men friends are also married to Asian women…..I almost married a Kimura myself, years ago.
    I have to say i like the sound of the “hometown girl” in your poem….but I don’t think it matters where the people are from as long as they’re the right person for us. My own husband was born and raised in Germany……seems like it’s no difference than if he’d been raised in Japan; we were from different cultures and learned a lot from each other…it was a really rich thing, in my book. Maybe it’s because I’m first and second generation so I was more open to it than some women. I don’t know.


  29. Imp says:

    Gee…thanks a lot Vrag…I just lost my breakfast lunch and dinner.


  30. bocopro says:

    Yeah, I’ve written several poems about The Auld Sod where I grew up in central Indiana, complete with images and daydreams about the girls, the guys, the schools, the days.

    Some are delicious nostalgia and some are thanks for prayers unanswered.


  31. Alec: The video has an adult content restriction.


  32. alec says:

    @Ed – I’m an adult and I choose not to sign in to google when I want to watch a video. Shame on them. Do you think a 13 year old doesn’t know how to make a fake account?


  33. Mustang says:

    Apparently the babies don’t matter. America is immoral and we should not expect any Grace.


  34. carol-christian soldier says:

    some of us in the US knew that PP was taking our tax $$$ -looooong ago- no one would believe us–so – thank you – under-cover truth tellers-(video makers)–lucifer’s followers- the progressives- believe it is OK to lie to full fill their agenda– kind of like islam’s – taqqqia – which means -‘it is OK to lie ‘–

    Happy Birthday Kid- mine is on the 4ht–Libras are great – right!!!


  35. Planned Parenthood – Lie or Not? Planned Parenthood performs “mammograms“…


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