Israel; True friend of America

israel commemoration 2

tisrael commemoration

israel commemoration 3

This is the commemoration of 9/11 by the people of Israel, some miles outside Jerusalem on 5 acres of land.   It’s an American flag in the shape of a flame like the fires at the WTC…. In the top image you can see the stars and stripes.  The base is made of melted steel from the Twin Towers, it cost $2 million and was completed in 2009.  Many of you probably know about it but I don’t believe I’d seen this and wanted you to.  I think it’s very moving.


It is called the 9/11 Living Memorial Plaza.



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9 Responses to Israel; True friend of America

  1. jerrydablade says:

    Z, Thanks for sharing. I had no knowledge of this memorial. God bless Israel.Our special bond will outlast this disaster of an administration.


  2. I’m glad you highlighted this symbol of affection of Israel for America.
    I was looking for such a symbol from other middle eastern nations and all I could find was chants of Death to America.


  3. bocopro says:

    Except for one, every US president in the past 60-odd years has commented on the bonds and parallels between our two countries . . . and meant what he said.

    Although I have no dog in the fight, my cornerstone comment on Israel is a take-off on something Golda Meir said and I updated: Israel has made the desert bloom; Islam has made it bleed.


  4. alec says:

    It certainly looks more reverent and “American” than the occultic dark eye, US$4 Billion monstrosity called Oculus “commemorating” the event here in NYC.


  5. bunkerville says:

    Sad to say, but the last chance for Israel’s survival ended with the arrival of Russia and China in the Middle East. They should have taken out Iran’s nuclear, Obama or no Obama. I fear we will be having a memorial in memory of the State of Israel.


  6. Lisa says:

    that is amazing Z. I just happened to catch that last week. I agree with bunkerville ,I am so worried for Israel’s survival.
    I see people go about their days as though none of this is going on,even though they can’t do much about it,would be nice to see more concern.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Jerry, I hope it will; this president’s insulted and you know how leftwingers are “what they hear, they will believe”

    Ed…good point….I wouldn’t hold your breath while you’re looking, right!?

    Bocopro; that’s a perfect analogy there….Also, “take guns from Palestine, there will be peace; take guns from Israel, there will be no Israel”

    alec, i had to google that…the big white sculpture? What’s the same to commemorate?

    Bunkerville and Lisa…I agree. I WISH Israel had hit Iran. It’s not like israel’s standing around this liberal world could have gone much further down, right? And they’d have been safer and they’d have shown who’s really tough and righteous.

    Silverfiddle…it’s what you didn’t write that intrigues me 🙂


  8. Mal says:

    I had no idea about this memorial, Z, and glad you brought it up. This doesn’t surprise me, given the feelings of the Israeli people about Americans. It stands in sharp contrast to some of the celebrating we saw from many other countries, including Mexico, which showed some of them cheering and throwing their hats in the air. It made me sick!


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