THursday THings………

A few things struck me lately that I wanted to talk with you about:

  1. I love that CNN  thinks everybody on the West Coast, at six pm (probably the most watched news time), is recently regaled to, not the news (like possible war with Russia?), but Lisa Ling.

2.   Romney was totally right about Russia and Obama sounds even more like a complete            moron“>HERE.  “The Cold War’s          been over for twenty years!  Every time you’ve offered          an opinion, you’ve been              wrong,” said Obama.

3.  Please watch Rachel Maddow some time on is a HOOT.  Last night, she was         all over Kevin McCarthy’s English….he had the nerve to say “The war of Radical Islam”       instead of “the war WITH Radical Islam”….I’m thinking it IS a “war OF Radical I                   Islam,”aren’t you?  Poor Madcow had a problem with his grammar last night.  🙂

4.  Will Democrats who’d never ever vote for Ben Carson racists?  You know, like we got             labeled for admitting we didn’t vote for Obama?  Just a thought.  And yes, I know the           answer to that, too.  Will any Blacks vote for him just because he’s Black?

5.  Colin Powell says he’s a Republican.  Aren’t you thrilled? I’m not.  Think he’s a racist             when he doesn’t vote for Carson? 🙂

6.  When will the TRUTH about the Planned Parenthood videos be carried by all the                   media?  Check that out.

So…………weigh in!  Pick one or five and let me know if you agree or disagree!



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23 Responses to THursday THings………

  1. bocopro says:

    Maddow is a perfect example of a richly simple mind educated far beyond its common sense threshold. She’s a Kool-Aid drinking, Pixie-Dust eating, Unicorn-riding, I’m-O.K., You’re-Not, Bush-bashing zealot with the same degree of maniacal belief in leftism that radical Muslims have with their fatal belief in jihad.

    I watched her a few times because she often presented “facts” that I wasn’t hearing on Fox or other outlets not controlled by Obamanite shills such as Jay Carney and Josh “Earnest.” What I discovered was a fast-talking, initially convincing, three-card-Monty operator whose information sounded interesting but didn’t pass the smell test.

    She’d talk, and I’d say to myself, “Mmm hmm, that sounds reasonable,” and then, “Yeah, that’s good to know,” and later, “Well, I’ll be damned.” Until finally she’d drop that inevitable hyperbolic absurdity that caused me to snort, “Gotcha! You flaming twit. You’re fulla shi’ite!” and trigger that barely controllable impulse to hurl the remote thru the LCD screen.

    And as for the “truth,” I’m not sure we EVER get it . . . on ANYthing — at least wholly and unedited.


  2. Romney was totally right about Russia and Obama sounds even more like a complete moron

    An arrogant moron!


  3. silverfiddle says:

    “Every time you’ve offered an opinion, you’ve been wrong.”

    Eerie. That phrase, uttered by Obama applies perfectly to himself.

    Speaking of the UN, Argentina dynasty dictator for life, –oops, president– Cristina Kirchener dropped the bombshell during her speech that Obama tried to get Argentina to help Iran with their nuclear program.

    Iran’s Hezbos blew up a Jewish center in Buenos Aires back in 1994, so supposedly official relations have not been good. However, investigator Alberto Nisman supposedly uncovered covert cooperation between Argentina and Iran, and was found dead soon after…

    Why did our press not report the provocative statement by Kirchener during her speech?


  4. Kid says:

    2. Yes, obama is incompetent at anything beside propping up moslems and spreading islam.

    3. Remove the work Radical.

    4. Ben will be labeled an Uncle Tom to excuse the black for not voting for him.

    5. Colin is no republican. Of course most republicans aren’t either.

    6. Never


  5. geeez2014 says:

    boco…this cracked me up, it’s perfect “Maddow is a perfect example of a richly simple mind educated far beyond its common sense threshold”
    And her intensity level is ratchets up so you almost have to believe her…quite a performance…the long pauses, the eyebrows twisted in a knot…OH, Rachel MEANS IT!! Except it’s almost always so stupid a point…just like liberals on our blogs…it reminded me of that last night when there are so many important stories to carry and she’s on McCarthy’s GRAMMAR? He said some important things but it was his grammar she could pick on, so she seized that because the truth of what he said confounds her.
    MSNBC has one guy, Jose Bailart, or something? …I actually like to watch him because he’s rather sane, but the rest are a clown show.

    AOW….exactly so.

    SF: This is probably one of THE stories of the century :”Cristina Kirchener dropped the bombshell during her speech that Obama tried to get Argentina to help Iran with their nuclear program.:”
    IMAGINE only Conservative news carrying this…and only one or two venues? This is BIG…….


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Kid….sadly, you’re probably right on that.
    Except I think Powell is more left than every single Republican I KNOW.!!


  7. geeez2014 says:

    I’d give a lot to hear John Bolton’s take on the Argentinian Oil situation….wouldn’t you all?


  8. Ray Cole says:

    I agree about Maddow. They have websites dedicated to her lies


  9. Ray Cole says:

    Ling is the sister of Laura Ling who was held by North Korea, released by a visit from Clinton I think. Lisa never even graduated from college and I have no respect for her sister who is responsible for the deaths of Christians in China and North Korea


  10. fredd says:

    “The ’80’s called and said they want their foreign policy back.”

    Barack Obama has been wrong on virtually everything he has ever said, other than one fateful comment: “we’re going to transform America.”

    Yes, this was correct. We have been transformed from the stabilizing force in the world to a bystander. All of the ne-er-do-well players are now making moves on our former turf: Iran, China, Russia. Cuba just demanded a trillion dollars in reparations for the damage that the decades long embargo cost them. I think Obama is considering writing the check….


  11. John M. Berger says:

    #2: I just sent that video to many addressees.

    And if that’s not bad enough I just heard that Joe (CRAZY UNCLE IN THE BASEMENT) Biden would beat [any] of the Republican contenders, apparently, if an election were to be held today. If that’s true just stick a fork in us WER’E DONE! IS ANYONE FOR OPEN SEASON ON DEMOCRATS?


  12. cube says:

    1. I don’t watch CNN, but Lisa Ling? Not exactly a powerhouse for that time slot.

    2. Romney would’ve made an infinitely better president than Obama.

    3. Maddow might be good for laughs, but little else, certainly not news.

    4. The race card doesn’t work for conservatives. Dems think black conservatives are just
    kowtowing to the whites and they’re not real blacks. Blacks can’t be racists, don’tcha know.

    5. Powell is not now and never has been a republican. Don’t listen to his words, follow his actions.

    6. It doesn’t look likely because the media will give it little attention and when it is mentioned, then PP insists that the videos are doctored. Any further inquiry will be classified under YARWC, yet another right wing conspiracy. They’re everywhere don’tcha know.


  13. Kid says:

    @JMB, As soon as the B1B Bomber arrives that Mustang bought for me on Ebay, I’ll be ready to go. Care to serve as Weapons Systems Officer?


  14. Mal says:

    The big question is: If Romney were to run now (which he says he isn’t) could he win over his doubters by pointing out the accuracy of his predictions of an Obama Presidency? He has been spot on with everything he said in 2012. Given the support of “O” by the remaining die-hards, I really doubt it. We still can’t fix stupid, can we? But it does pose a good possibility.


  15. Silverlady says:

    If Colin Powell is a Republican I’m a Chinese aviator, & I sure can’t fly a plane!


  16. John M. Berger says:

    Back to #2: I honestly think that this Country is so screwed-up that if the Constitution allowed it, B.O. could get a 3rd term!


  17. Silverlady says:

    You can bet the idiots would elect him again, & HE AIN’T GONE YET!! To prove just how stupid the American electorate can be watch the following:

    People Choose Free Candy Bar over Free 10 oz …


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Ray, Lisa Ling makes a living of ‘specials’ where she makes money exposing the worst of America…it makes my stomach turn to watch her constant exposes. I’ve watched parts of 2 of them and realize she’s a typical liberal who thinks exposing the negatives about America is uplifting it. It isn’t.

    fredd…if he writes that check, imagine? IMAGINE? And I’d be willing to bet he WILL, the jerk.

    JMB: We can’t ‘open season’ on Democrats because the media’ll make such a huge thing about it and we’ll have to retract and run in shame. HOPEFULLY someone like Gowdy will take Beohner’s spot, NOT McCARTHY, and he won’t give a damn what anybody says when he presents TRUTH.

    Cube….mostly, I agree with you. Except I absolutely believe in watching the opposite viewpoints; it’s important that I know what they’re saying. It’s a compulsion and I get blasted here at geeeeZ all the time here. And GOD FORBID you mention YAHOO HOMEPAGE!
    I can’t pretend they don’t exist…they feed GAZILLIONS with CRAP, don’t they.

    Kid, I’ll make the cocktails on the bomber.!!

    NOWADAYS, Romney’s showing personality, warmth and humor; where the hell WAS HE during the election? He was 100% right…he was even right on that 40% comment …

    “NEW HAVEN, Connecticut (AP) — Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s comments about 47% of the population dependent on the government and “binders full of women” topped this year’s best quotes, according to a Yale University librarian.”

    He was 100% correct on the 47% quote and the media says these comments make the ‘best of the year’ in a ver;y scornful way….he also only mentioned that he has binders full of good, intelligent women who could serve in his administration…can someone tell me what was wrong with THAT? This is the typical liberal BS of taking statements out of context and lying about them

    JMB: Some Rightwingers I know are emailing me that this gov’t’s been working on a new Constitution and it’s “almost finished”…Man, the stuff the rightwing can come up with is scary; and what a bad name it gives us all.
    I don’t have a minute to watch Dr K, but I probably already saw whatever this is, anyway…..the deal is polls show Obama WOULD WIN again…THAT’s sickening. THey JUST DON’T GET IT.
    They don’t even CARE where all his goodies are coming from$$$ and they never want to go to war…they’ll be poor and conquered; wait for it.


  19. Kid says:

    Z, I was hoping you’d volunteer. Can you bring another girl for John?

    Well, obama eleted twice proves the lefties have zero interest in the issues or the character of the individuals. Now, can you imagine three bigger POS’s than the idiot sanders, the moron biden and the mobster clinton and they’d be happy with any of them.


  20. Silverlady says:

    Kid, the Rapist in Chief can’t wait to get back to the Lincoln Bedroom.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Kid! Do I look like a PIMP? 🙂 ‘Another GIRL?” ooops!!!
    idiot, moron and mobster…….great names for them.

    Silverlady….and not with Mrs. Clinton, either 🙂


  22. Kid says:

    Z, Geeeez, I thought you might know a girl who wouldn’t mind a date. And believe me – hand holding Only on the first bombing run… JMB assures me he is a gentleman.


  23. Kid says:

    Silverlady, I’d say you’re right, though that POS still has plenty of women chasing after him. There is no shortage anywhere he goes.


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