Obama and Guns….

guns and obama




(the red says ‘guns’)

I was just listening to a discussion with a Rightwinger and Leftwinger (Yes, it’s on FOX, where else would you get two opinions?) regarding Obama’s inactivity regarding gun control except on days when a tragedy has occurred.    It got me thinking, because that’s true;  he doesn’t talk about it otherwise, but then he comes out before we know who did it, how many are dead, the motivation, etc.;   it’s a great opportunity for him to come out chastising us hateful, gun-totin’ Republicans who “won’t even talk about it!”   He revels in it.

The Lefty today just said “He can’t do anything because Congress won’t allow him to!”  The Rightwinger said “But he had a Democrat Congress when he came to Washington….why didn’t he do something then?”     And then the Rightwinger should have said “But, why’s he care about Congress?  Why not sign another Executive Order if he’s so very upset and ‘visibly shaken’ (as CNN and MSNBC said) about these shootings?”

Yes….I think the Rightwinger should have asked that…….don’t you?  If he’s so terribly “shaken” (I think he’s shaking with glee at yet another chance to blame Republicans for gun crimes, when he totally ignores his buddy Rahm Emanuel’s pitiful record in Chicago with gun killings there), why not DO SOMETHING?  Do you really care or is this political in a whole different way than you mean it?  You say, Mr. Obama, you are going to politicize this;  like how and like when?  Why not get some FACTS, open your mind, learn something first?

Z  (I hope you are uplifted by my post below and the comments……take a look!)

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15 Responses to Obama and Guns….

  1. John M. Berger says:

    I didn’t see it but I heard it from another room. If you ask me the [existence] of “Leftwinger” as well as B.O. et al of their ilk is a good reason that we have a 2nd Amendment and why it shouldn’t be tinkered with one bit! Having said that, it’s of little wonder that B.O. should have an abnormal fear firearms. I don’t think that I need to explain why.


  2. John M. Berger says:

    Re: Oregon,
    I think that I just heard someone identified as the “District Attorney” say to the effect: “I will do a complete investigation as to whether FORCE was NECCESSARY. WHHHHHHHAAAATTT??????


  3. geeez2014 says:

    JMB: Don’t you want to ask “What ELSE might have been necessary?” FORCE? By WHOM? The two unarmed guards on campus? the teacher? I think force by a non-school employee apparently DID help, right? I hear conflicting reports of some vet helping in ‘neutralizing’ the perp?


  4. Kid says:

    obama is such a dweeb.

    It’s very telling that they all think all they have to do is make a statement and get the support of thoe incapable of critical thought. obama’s been doing that since 2006. What’s even worse that after 6.x years, the idiots still don’t realize that he’s an empty colostomy bag. Or maybe a full one…
    Or they don’t care, that’s at least a defensible position.

    One of my favorite things tehy do si say things like We Need to do somthing about Xyz, Or, Zyx is just Wrong.
    People hear statements like that and assume the person is going to actually do something about xyz. Did they say they were going to do something? Nope.

    Or we’re going to fundamentally transform this country. Yea? How? WIll I like the new one? People don’t ask those questions. They just ake their own fantasies and believe obama is going to make them come true.

    Summary: We’re surrounded by idiots. The antional IQ is probably 65.


  5. bocopro says:

    Soetoro (I’m still convinced he never legally changed his name back to the one he’s using) is a sufficious gringewort. He is thinskinned and thickheaded, illegitimate, ill-prepared, and ill-advised.

    He’s not worth cleaning up with a dirty towel from a SFran bathhouse, and we may not EVER recover from the damages he’s done to the nation.


  6. Baysider says:

    The picture says it all. THEY want to be protected, but only want YOU to be controlled. I think your comeback is pitch perfect!

    I read about the death of Mary Katherine Ham’s husband 2 weeks ago. He was very liberal (worked in the Obama White House) and sometimes they’d argue positions. She got upset once about government controls on salt in food. He said “it’s only salt” and she shot back “it’s not salt; it’s FREEDOM!”

    This whole left wing has a BIG lacuna when it comes to freedom. They don’t value it – unless it’s about sex. It’s more important that they control others. So freedom is something they either don’t think about or actively seek to curtail because it gets in the way of Priority No. 1: CONTROL. And this president is leading that pack. He NEVER thinks in the direction of freedom – ALWAYS pulsing with centralized control. And promoting divisive and destructive policies that will eventually require it to maintain any order.


  7. I think it’s about time Obama did something about all the mass killings.
    Serious stuff.
    Executive Order stuff.
    Ban stuff.
    Stop funding Planned Parenthood.


  8. Kid says:

    Ed, And sue schools who demand disarmed students then not provide an ounce of protection for them.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, I adore Mary Katherine and it hit me hard when I learned he was her husband and she’s expecting their second child in November…..what a tragedy. I’d read that he wasn’t as ideological as that but was an expert in what he did, but I can’t imagine working for this administration and not being very leftwing.
    Juan Williams wept on FOX when he spoke of having talked to Mary Katherine days after her husband died. She’s amazingly strong.

    And I TOTALLY AGREE….my photo says it ALL. This is a total metaphor for what he’s trying to do to America…..Take guns away so only the bad guys are protected!!


  10. Mal says:

    School and University campuses as well as military recruitment centers are perfect targets for madmen to target because they have been unarmed. Unarmed MILITARY? Did that make sense to anyone? But its been that way ever since I can remember. When we use to stand guard duty, our rifles were empty. No ammo. Hopefully, this will have changed with all the recent shootings.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, unarmed military centers is so INSANE it’s beyond belief……..I hope it changes, too.
    We don’t want the Wild West, where everybody’s packin’ (at least I don’t) but especially now, we need our people protected.
    How schools will ever really be protected is beyond me….imagine metal detectors at every door of every school in the country? Imagine all schools looking like those awful schools in NYC with wire all around them…or Detroit?
    THIS is what our country’s becoming……….because of a few loons. OR have there always been these loons but we didn’t hear about every single one of their deeds and so we didn’t rush to change our world because of a relatively few horrifying situations?


  12. Actually, I want everyone who is responsible, willing and properly trained to carry.
    Let the bad guys play a guessing game or not prefer the odds of acting out their scheme.
    Or face a hail of lead in their general direction.


  13. John M. Berger says:

    To paraphrase Donald Trump: WE DON’T HAVE A GUN PROBLEM, WE HAVE A MENTAL ILLNESS PROBLEM! This is quite evident considering that B.O. has been elected TWICE.


  14. Mal says:

    Z, my sister’s grandson is a Marine vet who served in Afghanistan and now lives in Olympia, Wa. where it is legal to open carry if licensed, which he has. He was stopped by a woman recently who smiled and thanked him for his protecting people. He smiled, and told her he was a veteran and simply carrying out his duty. I only wish it was as easy here in Nevada. We not only pay close to $100 for a permit and background check, we have to take a 8 hour course, pass a test at the firing range, etc. and still be limited to concealed, not open, carry.


  15. Mal says:

    ………….and veterans military background doesn’t matter. You still have to jump thru hoops.


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