Biden, and his son, and Pocahontas

THIS bothers me.  Biden, though his team denies it now,  might have been the source of a NY Times column by Maureen Dowd that revealed an emotional moment when the dying son encouraged his father to run for president.

It bothers me because I’m not sure what to make of it.    Biden’s always been a ‘touchy feely’ guy and I daresay he’s ‘used’ the terrible death of his wife and daughter years ago in the car crash, but can he NOT?   This is part of his past and so, when things come up which are similar to that, he brings it up.  That’s not for political purposes, I wouldn’t think.

This thing about his son is also something that makes sense….it’s very touching to think your dying son would ask you to run.  What’s really wrong about revealing that?

But there’s a lot of discussion on this now and I wondered what you thought.

And what do you think are Biden’s chances, and I really fear his picking Pocahontas Warren as VP candidate.   I think they could win in this nuts world of infantile progressives….

BY THE WAY:  If you want to read a really fun post, see Kid’s TODAY!~

?  Z

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47 Responses to Biden, and his son, and Pocahontas

  1. Did Biden’s son really say that he wanted his father to run for POTUS?

    Biden has been known to engage in confabulation. I know a lot about this phenomenon because Mr. AOW had a period of confabulating after his stroke in 2009.


  2. Could a Biden-Warren ticket win? Pretty good chance, IMO. 😦


  3. cube says:

    I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt because the tragedies he has faced are real and I would imagine they would change your life and the way you see the world. I think a Biden-Warren ticket would appeal to the lo-fo voters and their numbers are overwhelming everyone else.


  4. Kid says:

    Thanks for the compliment Z. I don’t think it’s personalities anymore. I think the beast has as much of a chance to win as Biden if she is the candidate. People are either solidly committed to democrat or not or the brighter ones are anti-politician which is either Carson or Trump.

    obama twice proves too many people don’t care about the issues or the character of the president.


  5. John M. Berger says:

    “And what do you think are Biden’s chances,”
    Seven years ago I would have said NO CHANCE WHATSOEVER. Now, especially after B.O.’s reelection, I would not be surprised at anything. In fact the more absurd the more likely in a nation that has, apparently, taken complete leave of rationality.


  6. Bob says:

    I don’t blame Biden for using his son like that. I know I did after my son died. It was not for material gain, and I forget exactly what the reason was, but I remember telling him (in my mind) that I was going to use him and to not say a word(!!!).

    Biden’s story is believable, and I would think that his son would say, “Good job, Dad.” for using the memory of his son that way.


  7. Mal says:

    I believe the point should be, how mentally stable is Biden, and how is he apt to react in a crises situation if he were President? People handle stress differently. You can’t be moody when drastic decisions need to be made. When it comes to this, I believe either Trump or Carson would be a lot better.


  8. John M. Berger says:

    Hey, let’s face it, Biden is two fries short of a Happy Meal!


  9. bunkerville says:

    Mal nailed it. He is not in good health, nor is his faculties in good shape. Often after an illness such as his, the filter just doesn’t word the way it should. Fauxahontas is a scary thought.


  10. Silverlady says:

    Biden is both a congenital lair & a plagiarizer. When his first wife was killed in a vehicular accident he claimed the other driver was drunk. Not true. And he had to drop out of the Pres. race years ago for plagiarizing a speech by Neil Kinnock. Years ago I went to a Search engine & typed in ‘Biden’s lies’. A whole list showed up.


  11. silverfiddle says:

    This nation elected the Empty Suit Emperor, not once, but twice, so anything is possible.


  12. Imp says:

    And Biden could never handle this….cause Obama can’t either:

    The Russian’s seemingly endless pursuit to mock, taunt and troll the Obama administration ramped up today when the Kremlin released secret video of a meeting with U.S. officials – posting it for all to laugh at on YouTube.

    Russia secretly taped their first “deconfliction” meeting with U.S. officials and put it on YouTube @barbarastarrcnn

    — Josh Rogin (@joshrogin) October 7, 2015
    It would be funny, if it weren’t so humiliatingly tragic. The fact that the Russian’s are brazen enough to record and publicly release any part of a supposed confidential meeting with U.S. officials is a freighting prospect.

    The meeting was held to discuss “air safety,” and to add insult to injury, Russian fighter jets took to the Syrian skies to literally push American jets out of Syrian airspace. As CNN reported, Russian planes came within 20 nautical miles of U.S. planes, forcing them to retreat. The U.S. is losing its superpower status at an alarming rate, if it’s not completely gone already.

    And the Russians are enjoying rubbing our collective noses in it.


  13. Imp says:

    In another Pravda article: “The western media prefers to shriek like spoiled brats against Putin. ‘Evil dictator!’ they shout, while they themselves have rejected the Holy Spirit and proudly wear the seal of the Antichrist. They laugh but God is not mocked. Christ is Victorious in Russia where homosexuality is still a sin; blasphemy a crime; where crosses and holy images are in public view. A renewed faith in Christ our King has become our fortress. This is the wall Putin stands on and the wall that will cause Obama’s fall.” (


  14. Kid says:

    IMP, I like that last sentence “This is the wall Putin stands on and the wall that will cause Obama’s fall.”


  15. Imp says:

    @KID..yea the same wall that Humpty Dummy Ovmit sits on.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; Here is another paragraph from that article..”Conservative Americans and those in the world are seeing Barry falling apart at the seams when he goes against Putin. They see a weak- kneed, lying, war mongering punk against a well educated, confident and successful leader. President Putin can stand alone and speak without a teleprompter or notes and argue reasonably. He can give interviews anytime without worry because he does not have to try to remember a lie or wonder what to say. He only has to gives facts which are easy to remember. His conservative economics and religious views are admirable in their eyes.”

    Remember a few months ago when Leftwingers were slamming us that “we like Putin” because we thought he was showing more strength than our milquetoast?

    Shocking to me that once-atheist Commie Russia’s putting God back in…..many never let him go, but it was underground.
    I could never bow to this PUtin creep, but this stuff sure makes one think.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Mal …You’re not suggesting Trump isn’t moody, are you? “You can’t be moody when drastic decisions need to be made. When it comes to this, I believe either Trump or Carson would be a lot better.” You can remotely compare Trump to Carson’s demeanor!
    Man, you ARE a Trump fan! 🙂

    Cube…I do believe Beau said that to his dad…I don’t think Biden would lie in re to his own dying son he apparently adored.

    Bob…I’m with you on this…as leery as I am about Biden and his ilk, I don’t believe he’d use this gratuitously. What’s wrong with announcing to the world that your son said these things and you’re toying with the idea of following through?
    I don’t know how one doesn’t ‘use’ this kind of information.
    Come to think of it, I not infrequently bring up Mr. Z with friends, as do they…….I like to share how much my faith kept me strong; that’s a great honor to Mr. Z, I think, to have his passing ‘used’ like that to inspire. And I daresay it has.
    I’m sure you’ve ‘used’ the passing of your dear son in positive ways, too.
    You’ve opened our eyes HERE to the grief of families dealing with homosexuality and suicide…and I believe it softened my heart to a lot of things. And I thank you.


  18. John M. Berger says:

    “You can remotely compare Trump to Carson’s demeanor!”
    I can’t and I hate to agree with Ducky but I sure wish Carson didn’t sound so much like Michael Jackson. Yes, Carson says the right things but the perception of a milquetoast demeanor blows it!


  19. Kid says:

    JMB, I pretty much agree wiht you as I find Carson’s voice and general demeanor to seem kind of weak, but over the last few days, I find his words to be strong and committing. Common sense things about the Oregon shooting. “You don’t stand around and let some vermin shoot you.” And some other things as well. I think people like and respect that. Hopefully that will come to overshadow his projected demeanor.

    He doesn’t apologize over what he says becuase the media demands it. It seems most other people do. Trump doesn’t apologize either. Most Politicians apologize all the time because they blow with the wind polls.

    And why is this Vet who took out the moslem vermin punk in Oregon being invited to the white house. I haven’t heard anything on thoise lines anyway. Meanwhile future terrorist ahmed with his suitcase full of wires that looks like every other IED, that he calls a clock is given star status.

    I hate obama. I really do. Such a POS.


  20. Kid says:

    Vet NOT being invited to the white house. Need an EDIT Button !


  21. Mustang says:

    Biden is dishonest. I do not believe a word he says. The true character of Biden is that he doesn’t care that others see him as a dishonest politician. I think he revels in such things and I think he uses tragedy in his own life to manipulate others. That is one sick s.o.b.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, I can’t imagine any living human being using tragedy like losing a wife and two children now to manipulate, but if anybody was going to do it, you could be right.
    I WOULD NEVER VOTE FOR BIDEN IN MY LIFE, but I can get swayed by the charming smile not to HATE him, anyway 🙂
    I wrote the other day how his smile gets much wider when he’s being witheringly insulting to Republicans, so I do think there’s something slightly diabolical about him.
    But, to use loss like THIS? WOW. If he is, that’s loathsome.

    Kid, did that kid with the fake clock go to the WH yet? I hadn’t heard anything on that and wondered if they’d let that peter out, since it was a big scam. I just Googled and don’t find anything….

    JMB; nobody agrees with Ducky here. SO, you’re fired (smile) !!!
    I don’t agree; I think he does speak very softly and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to softly and deliberately not to drive my personality nuts, but, while he’s made some real dumb faux pas, he usually speaks truth and unpolitically correct.

    He’s being slammed now for having said the holocaust wouldn’t have been so bad if more Jews had guns…….hmmmm I think a few Jews might have escaped had they had fire arms, but…that wasn’t brilliant.
    Nor was it smart to say people go into jail straight and come out gay so gayness is a choice. oy. That’s hardly a valid suggestion on the sociology of homosexuality!
    He also just said that passengers on Flight 93, which crashed on 9/11, helped avoid further tragedy by rushing the gunman….what? they all DIED, it crashed, what further tragedy could there have been? Maybe crashing into a big city, come to think of it? That would probably have been impossible for a terrorist to have done, but I could be wrong???


  23. Kid says:

    Z, Word is 93 was headed for the white house or the capitol building. Both would be vacant by the time it got there if they didn’t shoot it down, (and I’m not so sure they didn’t) but it would be a very demoralizing event to have WTC1-2, Pentagon, and the capitol bldg taken out by a collection of moslem vermin and we couldn’t stop any of it? Bad enough with what they did get.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, thanks….I suppose the terrorists had some training and could have hit something else; they did hit the pentagon….I guess you’re right.


  25. Imp says:

    @Mustang…”The true character of Biden is that he doesn’t care that others see him as a dishonest politician.”

    Exactly….even if he’s claiming to channeling his son to justify running. He’s using the “feelings” crowd to generate sympathy. Yet…I’ve never heard him or the POS in the WH say one kind word about Kate or others who’ve been killed by their favorite illegal scum or have any sympathy for them.. Look…Biden’s never held a job in the private sector in his entire life. Of course he wants to achieve the ultimate prize and gaff us for every freebie he can for the remainder of his useless existence. And I have to wonder what kind of platform he’ll run on? “My boss sucks canal water and I’m going to change everything he’s done?”


  26. Kid says:

    FOLKS ! The democrats have realized that they can do ANYTHING and still get elected. murtha can proclaim on TV that each of the voters in his district is an ignorant ass and still get elected.
    obama could go to any liberals house (with some manly backup) remove the libtard occupants, beat them up (with the help of manly backup), and they would still vote for him They would be left wondering why they didn’t worship obama more so that he didn’t come and kick their asses.


  27. Kid says:

    OH, By the Way – Rick Riscola, Security Chief for the World Trade Center –
    Knew for a fact that the vermin would be coming back for these buildings.

    Why didn’t the American Government have a plan to deal with it, let alone have feelers out to detect fairly obvious threats like moslem vermin taking flying lessons but not wanting to learn how to land.


  28. Mustang says:

    @ Kid

    Maybe Bill Clinton helped to plan the second attack? I mean, haven’t the liberals been saying that the 9/11 attack was an inside job? And Clinton did remove all the W’s, right?


  29. Kid says:

    Mustang. Possible. He was a major player at least by emboldening them by displaying America had no interest in their activities. WTC 93 – no prob. USS Cole – no prob. He also turned down bin laden on a silver platter 3 times.

    I wouldn’t bet against the idea. Surely there was money to be made off oif it, and bubba was all about self-gratification and enrichment. Include all the clintons. I’vre read recently where people working for chelsea tell of what a zombie bitch she is. And chelsea is married to the son of a mobster. All in the family eh.


  30. Kid says:

    Mustang, for the sake of possible newbies here… clinton, through using jamie gorelick created impasses between the American intelligence communitites so thick it made them impotent. When clinton was replaced by a non-democrat, the pieces were in place for extreme physical and financial disaster. It was the democrats who created the house for everyone program and who created the housing bubble AND the tech bubble that burst March 2000. This was all engineered. No question. Yea, Yea, I can see where clinton helped engineer the 9-11 attacks.


  31. Imp says:

    It pays well to be a gubbmit toady…

    According to a study of data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, conducted by the Cato Institute, compensation for federal workers is 78% higher on average than compensation for private sector employees.

    “Federal civilian workers had an average wage of $84,153 in 2014, compared to an average in the private sector of $56,350,” according to the Cato review. “The federal advantage in overall compensation (wages plus benefits) is even greater. Federal compensation averaged $119,934 in 2014, which was 78 percent higher than the private-sector average of $67,246.”

    To put this in perspective, the federal government has “the fourth highest paid workers in the United States, after utilities, mining, and the management of companies.” The government pays better than information services, the financial sector, the insurance industry, and scientific industries. Federal compensation is more than double what the education industry receives, and over three times what retail workers make.


  32. Kid says:

    Mustang. PS, If a democrat was elected in 2000, there would have been plenty of time for them to quietly go kill mohammed atta and his cockroach buddies. NO one would be the wiser. Egytian cockroach dies in car crash. Doesn’t even move the needle.

    So, the sabotage was in place for 911 and the housing bubble crash inspired “financial crisis” that started October 2007.

    If the dems stay in control, it could have easily been avoided/delayed.

    Same deal today. There are things happening below the surface right now that if not managed properly or diffused will cause major pain to the markets and America in general if a non-democrat is elected 2016. We can only hope that a non-democrat, if they should win the election, knows about this and heads it all off at the pass.


  33. Kid says:

    IMP, Plus most of them do little more than watch porn all day.


  34. Kid says:

    If I were elected president, the firwst thing I would do is send EVERYONE OUT to find out about al the sabotage events that could possibly occur. I’d be doing this prior to the innaguration.


  35. Mustang says:
    If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it. The felon does not fear the police, and he fears neither judge nor jury. Therefore what he must be taught to fear is his victim.
    —LtCol Jeff Cooper, USMC


  36. geeez2014 says:

    “My boss sucks canal water and I’m going to change everything he’s done?”

    Imp; you’re kidding, right? With Biden it’ll be “My boss sucks canal water and I’m going to keep sucking canal water for y’all”..


    “If I were elected president, the firwst thing I would do is send EVERYONE OUT to find out about al the sabotage events that could possibly occur. I’d be doing this prior to the innaguration.”

    Kid, somehow that sounds very Trump-esque at his best moments.


  37. DaBlade points out today that Hillaries head in a jar could get elected….


  38. Kid says:

    Here’s what I wonder. Were the Oregon college people paralyzed by fear, or were they brain washed into thinking the “police would come save them”.


  39. geeez2014 says:

    Just FYI, this is how LOW our country is:
    It’s coming apart in EVERY way, and the only news is Kris Jenner’s most embarrassing moment was joining the Mile High Club with …him…her………whatever ….Caitlyn.

    Who would CARE about her sex life with the new woman?? EVER?? Aren’t people embarrassed anymore at ALL?


  40. Mustang says:

    @ Kid

    The taxpayers got raked after 9/11, beginning with awarding widows multi-millions of dollars for no other reason than their husbands went to work that day. Meanwhile, the widow of the lance corporal who runs to the sound of guns gets a $400,000 life insurance policy. We should wonder who made a lot of money after 9/11. Goldman Sachs did. All of their cronies, and the Democrats raised a hell of a war chest thanks to AIG and Timmy Geithner’s running mates. All friends of Bush, all friends of Clinton, all friends of Bush, all friends of Obama and Momma Pelosi, and Biden, and Boehner, and the Hildebeast. What this means is, if we want to save America, we need to start over. Anything short of that, just kicks the can down the road. The can being, end of America as a federal Republic.


  41. Kid says:

    Mustang, Start Over. Yea, no question. It’s not fixable.


  42. Kid says:

    Z, I am Trump, but with a filter on my sound hole.


  43. Kid says:

    And better looking hair.


  44. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang; so what’s it gonna take? What do you propose? Definitely not fixable.

    Kid…WAY better looking hair. But so does about anybody we know, right!?


  45. Imp says:

    @Z..that’s not much of a compliment to the cat man…LOL But..he does have better hair.


  46. lisa says:

    I think Biden is just another nasty ,sarcastic lefty and Pocahontas is not presidential but more suited to preach her liberal leanings to a captive audience of young idiologs in a college classroom
    God help us if that is a winning ticket

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Biden made sure that got out about his son saying that,I hope it’s true and not made up


  47. geeez2014 says:

    Imp…ya, no compliment, as I mentioned above!! l

    Lisa…I just can’t be that big a cynic; I hope it’s true, too. I can’t imagine it isn’t because they had to have talked politics…and why wouldn’t Beau say that to his dad. We have to remember these people actually LIKE what this leftwing admin’s been doing..they actually approve of it and want more; Biden’s the man!


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