Democrat Debate

Yes, I KNOW most of you will say you just can’t watch the debates, can’t listen to the democrats…..Please ignore this post!     For those of you who did watch, including me, please weigh in…… are some of my thoughts:

Hillary’s scared to death.  Any tiny thing the masses might infer about her from another candidate’s statement and  she’s ON IT…….”No!! that’s NOT what I SAID!”  WOW!!!  Calm down, Hillary……..”I’m not taking a back seat to ANYBODY!”  Man, that is one ANGRY WOMAN.

Anderson Cooper was much harder on them all than I thought he’d be….actually QUITE honest and quite tough.  Did you hear her say the economy ‘s better with Democrats in power?  WHAT Planet….??  How long does she want FAMILY LEAVE to be?  A year?  How does she expect companies to support their losing an employee for a year?  Do they have to pay?  And pay for the person’s replacement, too?    Climate Change will fix and grow an economy?  Wait, I thought they had legitimate scientific concern that it has to be fixed for their children, not to grow the economy!  So, do they really believe, or is it something else?

Bernie Sanders reminds me of a punk in the 11th grade… he wants everybody to have EVERYTHING!  Like Denmark and Sweden!    Who’s PAYING FOR THIS?  Does he know the taxes in Denmark and Sweden??  51.5%

GUNS:  Does anybody not believe in background checks?  What’s with these dopes?  Even the NRA believes in background checks, right?   Sanders apparently feels any mental problems must be FIXED.  BY WHOM?$$$$$

Webb….good guy;  confused……..too bad about that.  I will say he’s the only one with a realistic attitude toward climate change.   (on that subject, don’t you all wish you could have seen Obama and Hillary running around a convention center looking for the Chinese so they could talk climate?  Who’s she think she’s kidding?!!)

O’Malley….okay guy.  Who cares?

Chaffee…….have a cocktail and play some Baccarat, Linc….you’d be more effective.

Sorry to be so tough on them, but….??

These people are like high school students with no reality check…..  SO NAIVE it was hard to listen to them.  FREE COLLEGE!  HELP FOR THE MIDDLE CLASSES $$$, ETC. ETC…COME AND GETTTTTTTTTTT ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!  $$$$  Screw America!  It can afford another few TRILLION in debt!

Anderson Cooper was tough but for him to have said that he didn’t expect the personal rancor they had with the CNN Republican debate was unbelievable;   They were poked and prodded to attack each other………He did VERY little of that tonight, and hit on NO personal stuff like they did for the Republicans.   So disingenuous…

SO…tell me what you thought?
This post will still be up on Wednesday, too.



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51 Responses to Democrat Debate

  1. Kid says:

    This was an exercise in who would promise the losers the most, plus:
    – dwell on the major social isses – gays, minorites of any sort, guns, guns guns
    – who is going to spank the wall street people and the ‘rich’ the most.

    Now, tell me, did I watch or not. ? 🙂


  2. Gad! When asked a minute ago how her administration would differ from Obama’s, first thing out of her mouth was “I’m a woman.” Or something like that.

    Then, that grin.


  3. When others speak, Hillary smirks. Nearly sneers.

    I’ll be interested to read tomorrow who various people say the winner of tonight’s debate has been.

    I have indeed watched much of the debate, but not all of it.


  4. Frank Fiore says:

    ‘I’m a woman” ….. and that makes all the difference.
    WAIT! I though Democrats believed there was no difference between a man and woman?


  5. Kid says:

    I will say, I think it’s interesting (and funny of course) that Biden is not going to throw in until the last minute. Which is a Damn Good strategy. This way, he will avoid 4 or 5 debates where he would have otherwise made a complete buffon ass of himself. He must have good advisors….


  6. Kid says:

    Frank, you know you’re going to be responsible for a lot of libtard headaches now don’t you .. ?


  7. Kid,
    I will say, I think it’s interesting (and funny of course) that Biden is not going to throw in until the last minute.



  8. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, you might have the gist but you missed the fun!

    AOW….it will be VERY interesting to see who the media thinks won…great point. I haven’t watched every minute, either, but who do YOU think will have won?

    Frank…exactly! Sanders should have asked “Wait! What’s a WOMAN?” 🙂

    Ya, Kid, Biden is playing this very smart…..I heard tonight that close associates say he’s going to run and will announce very soon.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    “We’d be a stronger nation if we had paid family leave!”…O’ Malley. WHAT??


  10. geeez2014 says:

    I keep listening to Sanders and laughing! He’s like an overgrown hippie!

    Would any of us even recognize America should ANY of these nuts win?


  11. Z,
    who do YOU think will have won?


    Not that I agree with him, you understand.


  12. Not all that much difference between what Sanders and Hillary have said.


  13. Addendum: on some issues, I mean.


  14. Kid says:

    Z, I don’t recognize ‘this’ country Now. And I won’t call it ‘Mine’ until it starts acting like it again.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Republicans are TOTAL OBSTRUCTIONISTS, according to ‘Buarnie”…..Do leftwingers even understand that it’s less obstruction and more DISAGREEMENT? Are they supposed to just acquiesce?


  16. BTW, for what it’s worth, a few minutes ago, the Drudge poll showed Sanders leading by a huge margin.


  17. Z,
    Are they supposed to just acquiesce?


    That’s the way that Leftists are!


  18. Kid says:

    I’m going to vote for Sanders in the primary then. This way I get two votes against the beast, AND I plung the kiddies into socialism hell much faster too. IT’s a win-win-win.


  19. Kid,
    We have an open primary here in Virginia. If I manage to get to the polls, I’m going to vote for Sanders. For the HELL of it.


  20. Kid says:

    AOW, IN the words of Arnold “Lets Do Eet !”


  21. As I said earlier, I haven’t been able to watch the entire debate. I had to spend quite a bit of time rolling up our heavy, heavy garden hose in preparation for colder weather, due to arrive soon.

    Rolling up and storing the garden hose is a much more worthwhile activity that watching the Democratic Party’s debate. .


  22. Kid says:

    AOW, Fwiw. I have a situation where the outside water, front and back, is connected to the water supply in front of the water softerner, but main point being, I have a fitting that I can install a quick disconnect that the air compressor plugs into and when winter is upon us, I configure the compressor and blow out all the outside water lines and hoses and then just leave them. NO fuss no muss.

    Works well.


  23. I watched some of it. With the, possible, exception of Webb these people will appeal to those who don’t understand or refuse to live in the real world, of which we have far too many. Just more of same-no big surprise!


  24. geeez2014 says:

    I didn’t realize what a set up the CNN Republican debate was meant to be…
    The closing statements are all about how WE have ideas, we don’t ARGUE AMONGST US..

    Remember the questions asked to the Republicans? “She said this about you..” “He said that about you, how do you like that?” WOW, what a difference.

    And oh, yes, the Dems thought they were so well above that ……. Good job, Anderson. You should be ashamed.


  25. geeez2014 says: worries. America will GET HOSED if any liberal wins…

    I predict one of the 3 no-chancers on stage will get out in the next two weeks.


  26. Kid,
    I don’t know how to connect something like that.


  27. lisa says:

    OMG Hillary is screeching witch,she is so arrogant
    Since Bernie wants freebies for everything,I want a free coach bag,lottery tickets,haircuts,snart phone etc


  28. Kid says:

    AOW, If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll put it in a blog post best I can. Or we’ll figure out how to email each other. What made it easy here is the new sharkbite – pex tubing plumbing solutions. It almost makes plumbing jobs fun. Google Sharkbite and pex tubing.


  29. Kid says:

    Course to do it the way I do you need an air compressor with at least a 50 gal tank.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Kid and AOW…let me know, I’ll hook you up email-wise.

    Lisa..Me, too!! FREE! FREE! FREE! Why can’t WE get freebies!?

    I’m listening to the after-talk and I’m stunned that the leftwingers have continued to compare this debate unfavorably to the Republican debates…not that it’s unfavorable, but who cares? They’ve just seen their people debate…..why are they all talking about “this was better than the Republicans” etc etc etc?

    ALSO: What’s INCOME EQUALITY MEAN? HOW?? We supposed to take half of what we have and give it to the poor? SERIOUSLY…what’s Sanders’ point? I’m totally curious how he plans to do this AND if there really is this END OF THE MIDDLE CLASS? I don’t see it.


  31. My hose is on a crank reel, I unhook it and crank the water out like a pump.
    I have an air compressor. I’ve done that too.
    5hp 20 gal.
    Watched the first hour.
    It was interesting for a while.
    Why is Webb a dem?
    Bad company corrupts good morals.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, that’s why I called Webb ‘confused’ in my post…..what does make him a Democrat and, most importantly, WHY SWITCH? Fascinates me.
    I’m hoping Silverfiddle shows up to elucidate because he thinks a lot of Webb…..
    I know Webb’s book, BORN FIGHTING, is supposed to be excellent….it’s not my genre of reading so I won’t read it, but I DO hear it’s quite well done. Actually, I’m mildly enticed to read it, but not enough 🙂


  33. geeez2014 says:

    Sanders: I’ve got to admit I had a small hope that Sanders really was legitimate in his resolve….wanting to change the country as he thinks it needs changing, rock solid in his beliefs….I was disappointed. He’s mentioned the Republican debates tonight so many times derogatively and it’s clear he’s another political hack. He makes such a big thing about how he doesn’t attack Hillary because people just want to hear the facts, then he does this slam on Republican debates more than once.
    Naa..tonight, he was just what I thought he was……….of all the lefties up there, I’d say Webb had the best character.
    What do you think , you guys? Best character goes to………………


  34. “What do you think , you guys? Best character goes to………………”
    Yes, Webb-see my previous comment.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    JMB…thanks. You’re probably right on that…. I wouldn’t have got CHARACTER out of your last comment, but it works!

    I’m listening now still to CNN and they’re raving about how FLAWLESS Hillary was!
    You can’t make this up…with her hands constantly pointing and flying around…angrily…the eyes bugging out, that awful puffy cheeked thing she does when she’s on the spot…UGH.


  36. lisa says:

    Yep John I agree Webb


  37. One more thing: A DemocRAT with “CHARACTER” is certain to be DOA insofar as other DemocRATS are concerned and should switch parties.


  38. If he had true character, he would have left with Reagan, or Bennett or Elbert Guillory.
    Makes me question why he wants to be on that stage with that crowd.
    Bad company.


  39. jerrydablade says:

    Z, I mostly agree with your take, though I admit I didn’t watch the entire debate. As for Anderson Cooper being hard on the candidates… I dunno. It felt so contrived and scripted when he asked Hillary if she would say anything to get elected. She started to answer almost before he was done with the question. I could be wrong, but I just had the sense they had practiced this again and again in the green room. It really was just a collection of misfits and malcontents.

    Now regarding that email string from Kid on sharkbites and pex tubing… sign me up!


  40. bunkerville says:

    Looks like she had a bit of face work.


  41. fredd says:

    Bernie tells us that the rest of the world takes care of mothers with babies, and yet they are completely on their own here in the US. Where did he dig up that pile of crap? When he props up Denmark, Norway and Sweden as socialist success stories and role models for the US, he completely ignores the confiscatory taxes in all of those countries, in addition to the fact that since they rely on the U.S. for their national defense, they don’t have to worry about paying for divisions of tanks or fleets of aircraft carriers: we do that for them.

    Must be nice. Bernie.


  42. It was interesting to learn that George Bush, apparently, is still the President! Who knew?


  43. Kid says:

    Jerrydablade, AOW, I guess I’ll do a little blog post then on the plumbing thing. AOW, Up to you if you want to share email addresses, Just let Z know, and Z, it’s Ok with me.


  44. skudrunner says:

    I was riveted to my DVR watching segments of the debate, or prepared answer time.
    What i really liked is we were not forced to listen to all the boring stuff about job creation, creating opportunities, changing the tax code, attracting business to move back to the US. They covered the important things like expanded federal programs, mandating family leave, free healthcare and college for everyone, attack banking and WS, pharma and of course praise for their leader.

    Carley was brought into the picture about expanded paid leave will bankrupt a lot of small businesses. H response was classic, California has it and it is the size of some small countries. What she failed to mention is Calif is not a small business and they are bankrupt.
    Sanders pleading to stop attacking H email. The only reason for his statement is she is taking press time away from him.

    Face it folks, just like 2008 and 2012, it is all about Free Stuff..


  45. Kid says:

    The fact that no one asked the beast what accomplishments she has in her hat proves it was scripted to make it look like cooper was giving it too her hard.


  46. Mal says:

    Ed, “why is Webb a Dem” is a good question because out of the five, we thought he was the best.
    A Marine vet a Dem? Kind of a contradiction of beliefs, isn’t it? One question I would like to ask Bernie Saunders: “If socialism is so great, how did American become the greatest most advanced nation on earth by NOT being a socialist country? i.e., if it works, why change it?


  47. Kid says:

    MAL, Also, Bernie admires countries like Sweden where a couple days ago I read the people are near wits end paying an average 46% income tax (which they didn’t mind according to the article because they knew some of it would come back as pension payments) but now with all the raping moslem vermin Sweden is importing, they will have to pay more to support the non-working raping vermin.

    Sounds good don’t it?


  48. Mal says:

    Yes, Kid, where do we sign up? (sarcastic!)


  49. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, the top income tax is 51.5%, imagine? And everything is supposedly FREE 🙂

    Mal, Bernie actually said those socialist countries really work……..everybody has health care, everybody has free school. They just don’t get that America is not those countries and they mostly all want to be US.


  50. Mal says:

    Amen, Z. That’s why we don’t see droves of people trying to get into those countries. Well, until now by fleeing Muslims, that is!


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