Guns…..this is quite a conclusion

cold war

Yup, it’s the COLD WEATHER that causes death!  (Actually, from what I’ve heard, it’s cold weather that creates life in snow storms, come to think of it! HA!)

There are many stories like this…more guns=less shootings.  Go figure.

By the way, in fairness, Chicago does have stores which sell guns but they’re not dedicated gun stores; that’s illegal.   So, what a difference in homicides.


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24 Responses to Guns…..this is quite a conclusion

  1. bocopro says:



  2. bocopro says:

    Woops. Can’t do it that way. Forgot. Lemme go try to find the original.


  3. Kid says:

    What Bill said….


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Thanks, Kid…I almost used that in the post; it’s a good one.
    Bocopro; that is a good one, too.


  5. fredd says:

    You might want to enter into your data table:

    # of liberal community organizers ascended to the presidency:

    Chicago: 1
    Houston: 0

    Conclusion: lots of conclusions, none of them flattering to Chicago.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    fredd,,I’d have also thought that this president who calls Chicago home, with his buddy Emanual as the mayor, might want to speak to young people there, particularly Black kids, on the number of them getting killed every single day, with extras killed on weekends, you might say. It’d be nice for those parents to think their president actually gives a damn about their Black kids as much as he did the White kids in Oregon or Sandy Hook or wherever else White kids are being shot.
    I guess guns are okay in the hands of Black punks but not White psychopaths?? What other conclusion can we reach?


  7. Kid says:

    obama doesn’t care about anyone, least of all white kids. This is all for the gun control agenda.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, you and I know that…..I’m just trying to show the utter hypocrisy which shows it’s TOTALLY about agenda. Isn’t this a terrible trait in any man, let alone our president? He’s nothing but vindictive, thin skinned and hypocritical.
    Oh, the IRONY that Black kids are blowing each other away every day and the president never makes ONE special trip to console THOSE parents.

    Man, that the media doesn’t catch that also tells us even MORE about THEIR agenda, right?


  9. Kid says:

    Ah,.. Yes exactly.


  10. “Yup, it’s the COLD WEATHER that causes death (murder)”.
    So why do Liberals want to stop “Global Warming”? If you ask me, [they] must be the problem!


  11. Kid says:

    JMB, Questions like that just give libtards headaches..


  12. Sparky says:

    It all has to do with how many negro’s are residents, not the number of guns. That’s been proven over and over and over … Their culture is one of violence.
    And what gets me about the anti-gunners is these are the same people who will murder an unborn child or elderly “inconvenient” person without batting an eye. But when it comes to self protection, they go all stupid. Go figure.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Sparky, that’s a very sad statistic, isn’t it. Somehow, this gun thing, particularly lately with all the school killings done by Whites, has become about White Psychopath Gun Killers……..completely sucking the air out of the truly HORRIBLE and constant killing of Black kids BY Black kids in inner cities.
    Compliments to Obama on that.

    JMB and Kid, Actually, re; global warming, the way our weather’s been lately, I’m starting to believe in it 🙂 It’s been 85 degrees in Santa Monica at 9 pm, when it’s normally not as high as 85 degrees at NOON in July or August!


  14. Baysider says:

    John Lott nailed it in his book More Guns, Less Crime. Nothing has changed. Love that link Bocopro – wow, that solid red circle! Sparky, we have maybe a first ever disagreement. Chicago has about 50% more blacks than Houston, but 4 times the murder rate. It’s more than skin color going on.

    While I don’t know enough about each city, I can speculate from comments Jesse Jackson made. He was on a tour, of south Chicago and they looked at trash all over the street. Someone said “why doesn’t the city pick up this trash?” with the implication that the city was disadvantaging them by letting trash pile up. Jackson said “why don’t you pick it up?” That shows an attitude of waiting for someone to do for you what you could do for yourself.

    I’m afraid I see the same attitude in mothers protesting ‘gun violence’ – waiting for someone to take away all the guns because they conflate the tool of an evil mind with actual causation. They want ‘someone’ to protect them. It’s passivity with anger and a complete lack of stage 2 thinking. In a city where a culture is suffused with that attitude, and young men know they won’t run into an armed citizen, none of these statistics should be a surprise. I’ll bet in Texas there is a different expectation of public behavior in general – this is an area where kids still learn ‘yes sir’ and ‘yes ma’am.’ Not to mention the knowledge that the city sanctions the presence of a large number of armed citizens.

    And yes, Z, I was in Palm Springs this weekend (that’s interior, hot desert) and it was the SAME TEMP as in Santa Monica-by-the-sea, not the usual 20+ degree spread. And that wasn’t cool, either.


  15. Imp says:

    The most common mistake is our need to convince ourselves that we’re all the same. That we all have the same standards of and for living decent, productive lives…and that all “cultures” are equal and demand equal respect. It’s all a fallacy and wishful thinking that we use to con ourselves lest we be called “racisss”. That seems to be our greatest fear. IMO, it’s hardly racist to realize that some cultures are inherently and traditionally violent and will never adapt to societies norm…unless that is the new norm? I’m a realist when it comes to these wishful, suicidal fantasies that we’re all the same. We…the majority of us know the differences in values, family, educational, academic and a work ethos. I’d say about 10% do not and never will.


  16. Mustang says:

    The questions are all wrong, IMO. Leftists are asking, “Why are there so many guns” They should be asking why there is so little regard for human life in the black community. And as the statistics tend to show, little regard for black human life in the black community.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider…I read it in a very different way “Jackson said “why don’t you pick it up?” That shows an attitude of waiting for someone to do for you what you could do for yourself.”
    Dare I give him enough credit to suggest he knew it was best that the people themselves did the work rather than relying on their government?

    Imp and Mustang….None is encouraged. In the Black COmmunity, we saw excellent Black Americans who knew exactly why Ferguson and Baltimore had happened, and were speaking out against the lack of education, the lack of family involvement, etc etc.
    THEY need to be celebrated and supported, as Mustang’s blog posts suggests…..sadly, our media doesn’t talk about the good things, do they.

    Mustang, Sadly, in the black community, it seems that little regard for human life IS manifested in the use of too many guns…….nobody forced them to get those guns, the leftists supposedly even ‘try’ to prevent that amount of guns as if they actually think less guns are the answer….when the stats show otherwise.
    Reality will never seep in………….until we bring along those in the Black community, Conservatives we hear about, and get their voices heard.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider…I think I could be right on Jackson, but………naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🙂


  19. Imp says:

    Pre CNN demrat debate…the panelists, much to my surprise are going hard on Killary.


  20. Imp says:

    @Z…”THEY need to be celebrated and supported..” As soon as the camera’s, microphones and media disappear, so do they. And everything stays the same.


  21. Kid says:

    IMP, You can actually watch that stuff?


  22. I think Obama should use all his executive power to protect the lives of so many young black children.
    Whatever it takes.
    Shut down Planned Parenthood.


  23. Baysider says:

    We’re saying the same thing for Jesse. And, yes, that was definitely his tone – take responsibility.


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