Charles Koch

charles koch

I hope some of you saw Charles Koch interviewed by Megyn Kelly last night.   I would so very much like to meet him.   I have to say I do know a few men like him, which is a total blessing.  I don’t think there are many like him.  My dad was one….

I have rarely been so impressed with anyone.  Talk about good character, a man who cares about others so much that he hires people only after he’s seen they’re kind to those who interview him, those who are serving lunch in the company cafeteria, etc etc….

I had to laugh when I thought of the libs here in our blogosphere and the ridiculous and very nasty aspersions they cast on him.  To think our president has so little character or dignity that he slams this man, too?
Here’s the deal;  They’ve made him the same bogey man that they made FOX.   It’s lies, it’s mischaracterizations, it’s liberal hackneyed fear of people who actually ARE good.  I’m convinced that if we actually asked why a leftwinger hated the Kochs so much, they wouldn’t have a clue on what to say, or they’d lie.

What are your thoughts on the ‘dreaded’ Koch Brothers?

(Happy Birthday, CJBK)



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24 Responses to Charles Koch

  1. They’ve made him the same bogey man that they made FOX.

    One of the Alinsky rules in application.

    I missed the interview. **sigh**


  2. AOW:
    I’m looking forward to his radio interview with Bennett next week.
    His new book is Good Profit, but he’s a Good Prophet when he says: “spending by Republicans, Democrats ‘heading us for a financial cliff'”.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, thanks! I didn’t have time last night when I wrote the post to find the video; I appreciate your posting it here.
    He talks about the book in the interview; sounds good. This guy, at 79, got emotional reading something his father had said about giving his sons money but hoping they didn’t become (I paraphrase) “country club bums”…..I wish we had more fathers today who’d elicit that kind of respect and love in children years after they’re gone.


  4. jerrydablade says:

    I missed it but my wife watched it and was very impressed with him. We discussed on the way in to work this morning. I’ll be interested to read the comments regarding this here. If you can judge a person by the quality of their enemies, sign me up to be on the bandwagon!


  5. Bob says:

    Ed: Thanks for the link. I like the guy.This is the first time that I have seen any kid of interview with one of the Koch brothers.

    In one of my previous lives I did business with Koch Industries and found that their people are super sharp and good to work with. They are also good negotiators, and that speaks well about their corporate culture.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Jerry, great point about judging people by their enemies…. I’m with you on this one.

    Bob….good to know.

    When I THINK of the AWFUL things we hear; all one has to hear now is KOCH BROTHERS and everyone on the planet thinks “Oooh, EVIL!” THIS is why so many uninformed idiots vote leftwing…they have a far, far better way of insulting and name calling and the rest of it.

    I was thinking yesterday how evil so many of their comments are at the conserv. blogs which still allow them………….I don’t see level of nasty name calling, withering comments about the Right from Conservatives…

    Tony Snow died; Huff Post crashed from the celebrations..literally, the website crashed.

    Ted Kennedy died and I checked a lot of Cons. Blogs and they said they didn’t agree with him on much but wished his family well, etc.

    I think the Koch Brothers are the perfect example of how good can be turned to evil just because the left says so.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Can any of you think of the TERRIBLE things the Koch are supposed to be doing? (other than supporting non liberal candidates!?) Remind me. Thanks!


  8. bocopro says:

    Now . . . first, I don’t trust the uber-rich. Didn’t trust the Kennedys, didn’t trust the Bushes, don’t trust Trump, don’t trust Kerry . . . . Surplus of money and power changes people into critters far different from what they were before they acquired those assets.

    Most long-term congressmen, and senators, are completely out of touch with “real” people and make decisions based on maintaining or increasing power. Long-term opulence similarly distances just about anyone from those on lower rungs of the affluence ladder.

    Same with SCotUS judges, BTW. Try to tell me that Ginsburg is anything like she was as a law clerk in 1960, or that Thomas looks at things the same way he did when he was at Stanford, or that Sotomayor sees the world the same way she did as an ADA back in the early 80s.

    Yeah, yeah . . . I know, I know — I see a lotta things differently from how I looked at ’em back when I was a young college smartalec in the late 50s.

    But you just can’t be swimming in cash and living in luxury and have the same attitudes as 9-to-5ers or burger flippers or roofers or long-haul truck drivers.

    O.K. That said, nobody’s poifekt. From what I’ve read, both Koch brothers have done more good than harm, even tho they’re charter members of the 1% and don’t mind throwing a few mil around the beltway to curry favor for their enterprises.

    Seems to me their greatest sin is having supported AND funded the TEA Party. Next would prob’ly be their efforts to reduce the influence and power of corrupt unions. And then it’s most likely their stance on immigration.

    In all those arenas, and several others, liberals unite in calling them evil and anti-common folk. And in all those arenas I give them cheers and attaboys.

    Are they using their clout to steer gubmint policies and legislation? Sure they are. It’s the American way, dammit. And for those left-wingers who object to their use of economic power to affect government, maybe they should read a little deeper into the machinations of Ol’ Joe Kennedy, or Slick Willy Clinton, or that fraud squatting at 1600 Penn’s Woods Lane.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    “But you just can’t be swimming in cash and living in luxury and have the same attitudes as 9-to-5ers or burger flippers or roofers or long-haul truck drivers.”

    But Bocopro…you want everyone to have the attitude that the world owes you a living, free insurance, big union help, etc?

    You sound dangerously liberal to suggest the rich are spoiled and soft..;.and that people who’ve made it through hard work can’t be trusted to make decisions for all people…is that what you meant?
    The Kochs were born into BIG money…Charles is 79 and could retire but he works very hard every day, apparently. I’m hoping you can find the time to listen to the video in its entirety…not really that long. LIke his father said in the note he left behind, he didn’t want his boys being country club hangers on……and brother, they haven’t been.
    They employ a LOT of people.
    They also prefer hiring from local colleges than Yale and Harvard.

    Good stuff…..I disagree with a lot of what you said above….but I certainly agree that some wealthy are not good for this country. The ones who are good need to be celebrated. I don’t want a country where most people who are rich are slammed.. That’s a disaster…and we’re close to that.


  10. Mal says:

    For the past several years I had heard of the Koch Bros., all from the Left, and thought they were some sort of evil ogres in the GOP. Last night, I came in while my wife was watching him being interviewed and heard only a bit of the last part. My wife was so impressed by what he said, including the legacy his father left him and his brother. I guess they got tired of preferring to be in the shadows by avoiding interviews and publicity and being trashed by the left, so they agreed to a Fox interview. We have been learning how nice Trumps son’s are, too. I’m very happy and proud of the character of the Right. What a difference when compared to Hillary, Bernie, et al.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I couldn’t agree with you more. I happened to catch a bit of Trump’s son on Greta’s show and those children worked hard since they were little…earning money, not being spoiled, hoping to please their dad, respecting him, etc.
    It said a LOT about Trump that I, frankly, don’t seem much in his speeches!
    I think our fruits, in the way of children, are oftentimes the best judge of our own character. Not always; I know perfectly ghastly kids from parents I think a lot of. And likewise, by the way!


  12. bocopro says:

    No. Not saying that wealth equals decadence or self-indulgence. Merely that comfort and security affect decision-making differently than do hardship and uncertainty.

    Taking Jack Kennedy, for example . . . he was born into wealth and an in-place power structure. That milieu gave him the insights and nuances required for dealing with potentates and/or wannabes. He was also a bit of a weakling in terms of general health and bodily structure.

    Fortunately for him, his father (who was at heart thug and a Nazi sympathizer as well as an IRA supporter) insisted that his boys learn physical skills outdoors as well as indoor sports such as distinguishing between a salad and a dessert fork. Those skills stood him well when his PT boat was eaten up by a Japanese destroyer, even tho his threat assessment and situational awareness probably caused the collision in the first place.

    JFK was comfortable in the fishbowl, primarily because he understood that sooner or later he had to ante up and call the bets if he wanted to win the pot. Soetoro will never understand that.

    The essence of leadership is recognized by whether a person feels burdened by awesome power or revels in it; whether the responsibility feels like a trap or stimulates new solutions and resourcefulness; whether pressure from other people moves the leader or causes him to move them. Soetoro revels in the power like a cold hog in warm mud. On the flip side, he HATES the responsibility and goes to great lengths to transfer blame to his processor or his political opponents. And he is far more interested in his legacy, his place in the history books as “first,” than doing what’s right for the country and its people.

    Trump understands that, as I’m sure the Koch brothers do. Trump wants to lead from the front while the Kochs would rather be the power behind the throne. But they cannot, ANY of ’em, see the world the same way my grandsons do, or the way my wife does, or the way Juan Carlos Canseco Ramirez does.

    A better example might be this: I can intellectually understand the 9 months of discomfort and several hours of anguish a woman undergoes in producing her replacement on earth. But I cannot for the life of me comprehend why, after having endured that stress and pain once, she’d ever willingly do it again. And very few women can ever quite appreciate that special unbearable agony a guy helplessly experiences when he rides his bike off a curb and comes down with his groin astraddle the crossbar.

    As I said, the Kochs have done much more good than harm. They’ve involved themselves in politics at the highest levels. Most of us here would rather bathe in the local gravel pit with its bullfrogs and water snakes than in that polluted, noxious sewer.


  13. Kid says:

    I didn’t see the interview, nor do I know anything about him so I’ll take your word for it. The left must demonize anything that is Rich, Conservative, Republican, Intelligent, non-libtard, Christian, or American.

    It’s all they got.


  14. Imp says:

    I had the honor and the pleasure of having Mr. Charles Koch as my passenger on a a few trips to Lake Charles, La. Koch, to the idiots is a four letter word…IMO any man that donates 100 million to build an extension to a needy hospital in NYC, can’t be that to me. And…the loons were out there protesting and vilifying the man when it was announced. Did any of us see the same towards Zuckerberg when he donated the same amount to Newarks public schools…that still can’t graduate more then 40% of their students? And the majority of that money went to pay raises and administrative “fees” too. Whereas this hospital had a fully funded and built care center to serve all of New York.


  15. Lisa says:

    I saw it and was also impressed. I always knew they weren’t evil because the left demonizes them. I guess if they had a D after their name they would be idolized


  16. Mal says:

    Z, thank you, and likewise in your case, too. Your parents were the best!


  17. I am reminded of a friend of mine from college.
    And I mean friend, generous, funny decent and hard working.
    Charles J. Rothschild III.
    His family was/is wealthy.
    When I was forced to drop out for lack of funds, Charly mentioned it to his dad and his dad offered to put me through school.
    Heck, Charley was working his way through school. I wasn’t about to take money from his dad.
    But the were wealthy and decent.
    I’ve met many wealthy, decent men in my life, the most recent being Scott Noble.
    He’s funding Your Voice Your Ad.
    He gets nothing out of it.
    It’s his way of giving back.


  18. bunkerville says:

    No free stuff? How will that sell with our “new refugees.”


  19. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro, kennedy is a good example of a very rich man who had a heart for the poor. I still think you don’t have to be mired in poverty to know they need help.

    Kid, the link’s on Ed’s comment; I highly suggest you watch; this man has dignity and class.

    Imp; did you watch the video? I’d LOVE to know if Mr. Koch was kind and respectful to the crew?

    Lisa…well’re right

    Mal, thanks…I did have fabulous folks. Your kids are great kids, too! Our Armenian community was close knit, very churchy, and my parents had SUCH good friends in the couples their age….lifelong friendships of solid, fun, bright, wonderful people. I know you didn’t know Dad and MOm as well as your sister and John, but MAN, were they great friends! SO many fun parties at our house with them and other couples!

    Ed, I love those stories. I just had lunch with a very wealthy guy who’s helped SO many people! It’s my uncle. For example, over the years, he’s actually had high school friends he hasn’t seen in 30 years write him asking for money for orthodontia for their KIDS, imagine? People try!
    We all know sad sack stories where the sons hadn’t the class of their dads, but there are SO many good men, still, from wonderful families and it looks to me like the Kochs are one of those families.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    I’m still hoping to get some input on WHY THE LEFT HATES THE KOCHS SO MUCH.
    I know they’re supposedly behind some Tea Party groups (big differences in the Tea Party groups negates any intelligent commenting from the left as if it’s one monolithic bunch of totally like minded people..)….but I’d love to know the other points they’re against….other than JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE TRADITIONAL, AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE VALUES.

    I don’t mean ideologically hate, but specifically? Keystone pipeline? Tea Party? What PROJECT or what subject does the LEFT HATE sooo much they’d smear the Kochs as badly as they do?


  21. Sparky says:

    I didn’t watch the interview because I know longer care for Megan Kelly. There is an article about the Koch brothers this month in Forbes, though, that I did peruse. I respect the Koch brothers greatly. Thank God someone with money is fighting this evil administration and their henchmen. And who cares what the anti-Christ wannabe Obama thinks or says? Not I. His days are numbered anyway.


  22. They hate the Kochs because they are told to.


  23. Kid says:

    Ed’s got it. If you want proof, just ask a leftie citizen why they hate the Koch’s. They won’t have have an intelligible answer.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Kid and Ed, that’s exactly right. They will NOT HAVE AN ANSWER….they just know to HATE THE KOCH’S. That’s so small minded…
    As I said in my post “They’ve made him (Koch) the same bogey man that they made FOX”.
    Makes no sense, they just HATE THEM.

    I saw a comment on an article today….some woman said she never watches FOX and thinks Megyn Kelly is stupid. I rarely comment on big articles like that, on regular media, but commented “Typical. You never watch her but you think she’s stupid”
    They think she’s stupid because they’re told she’s stupid.


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