A Republican will be President

“A computer just predicted this party will win the White House in 2016”

<> on September 16, 2015 in Simi Valley, California.

<> on September 16, 2015 in Simi Valley, California.

COULD THIS COMPUTER BE RIGHT?  Do you put much store in this type of prediction?



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24 Responses to A Republican will be President

  1. jerrydablade says:

    “Reuters built a computer model…” I’m sure there motivations are pure and they aren’t trying to lull the bitter clingers to sleep. As for these computer models, they are so accurate predicting the weather. NOT. “Garbage in, garbage out.” And by “garbage”, I mean the millions and millions of illegals and democrat voter fraud.


  2. First one whom I’d remove from that stage: Jeb Bush.


  3. bocopro says:

    All I know is that when I first joined the Navy, on any large base you could go to the Disbursing Office (pay office) and find dozens of little old ladies in tennis shoes filing, figuring, changing, copying, correcting, and storing military and civilian pay records, travel vouchers, per diem authorizations, fines, promotions, allotments, and on and on and on..

    Then sometime around the late 60s, gobs and gobs of money were spent on computers and systems and operators and technicians to do what the little old ladies had always done. Allegedly it would streamline, improve, and simplify pay accounting procedures while saving all the salaries of those little old ladies in tennis shoes.

    Today you go to a modern military pay center and you find desktop computer terminals with dozens of little old ladies in tennis shoes sitting there filing, figuring, changing, copying, correcting, and storing military and civilian pay records, and they STILL screw it up sometimes, and you can’t get NOTHIN done when the system crashes.

    And just FYI, I have it on good authority that the DNC has announced that Hillary has won the second Dem debate as well as the first one.

    Somehow my wife and I managed to produce and raise 4 children, buy a house, pay it off, go through a dozen or more automobiles and at least 10 dogs and half a dozen cats . . . all without a computer, a cell fone, a blackberry, and much of the time without more than two or three channels on our TV.

    Heck, we even lived in several houses where there was no air conditioning, and in one place the electricity went off each night around 2200. And we had a helluva lotta fun and would dearly love to go back and do it all again, same way, same places, same deprivations.

    So there!


  4. lisa says:

    I am hoping for republicans to own it all. Not sure who I would take off, I just want to leave who could win an I always believed that was Carson and/or I do believe Trump. I like Cruz but I think he is too….something
    I always like Huckabee but he gets too much bad press as do some of the others. The left likes Rand Paul so that is why I wouldn’t want him as the candidate
    whoever the left despises is the one, since they are their biggest threat. That’s what it comes down to unfortunately


  5. Kid says:

    The reasoning for the prediction is sound, but the make up of the country has gotten a lot more dependent and people vote either their wallets or fears. 40% of working age people are out of a job (but hey the reported UE % is 5.1)
    That and the voter fraud in swing states will keep me concerned.


  6. Silverfiddle says:

    Computers will produce the result you program them to.

    I wouldn’t take any of them off the stage. Quality people, all. I would even hold my nose and vote for Bush if he got the nod. The next president will most likely nominate at least one Supreme Court Justice.


  7. SF: If Webb went independent?


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Lisa made me laugh “Cruz is too….something” Exactly, and it’s hard to put one’s finger on that ‘something’, but it’s “too”.
    I have to laugh at Pataki, Santorum, Huckabee…etc..NO CHANCE of winning and people are still financing them? Posturing at this point for Cabinet positions? ??? With lobbyists waiting for their return of investment?

    Ed..Webb? The new Ross Perot? I’m not sure even he believes he has enough followers to run independent, but when someone says they’re FOR this country and then does this……not good.

    Kid…Dependence and Fraud..you are SO RIGHT. The COmputer doesn’t computer that.

    Jerry added illegals….he’s right. ANybody think the Lefties won’t find a way for them to vote? Remember the story I’ve told many times about the young Blacks in inner city LA who vote for the little old lady who has a hard time getting to the polls….yup…they recommend what she should vote for, she signs and they take it in for her. Isn’t that NICE? These lefties get hundreds of votes EACH.

    bocopro; Oh, for those grand old days, I know. I do love Googling ANY information I want, but am seeing it’s not always QUITE TRUE, influenced by bias and agenda on Wiki, etc etc…..
    I won’t even go through the automated check-out machines at the grocery store; I still always go to a clerk!

    AOW…except for COmmon Cause, I do not mind Jeb as much as you do.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    WEBB IS OUT. Smartly, he’s going to wait and see how much support he gets before he decides what next to do. Good speech. I always cringe when I hear both sides need to compromise; I don’t consider destroying our health care in AMerica as compromise, and Webb did vote for that…seems like compromise is always the Right giving in to nonsense, but I recognize my being a proud conservative lends itself to my thinking that.

    What about you?


  10. Mal says:

    I believe the voting will be a landslide GOP win. Why? There are a whole lot of folks on the Left who are disenfranchised with the O Administration, but because of embarrassment, don’t want to admit it, and will vote GOP in the polling booth where no one can see who they choose. As to who will win? I have been a Trump supporter up to now for a whole lot of reasons, but I am getting tired of his constant trashing of the other candidates, including PAST ones (McCain) and now saying 9/11 was Bush’s fault. So……….I am now favoring Carson, but will vote for whoever gets the nod.
    One thing about having Carson: We can accuse the Left of not voting for him because its all about his being Black! Sound familiar? And Carson is a REAL Black, not a “Hybrid”, like O.


  11. fredd says:

    I want Michelle Bachman to run again. Or Steve Forbes. Or Phil Gramm. Oh, that’s right, he’s passed, but I bet even in death Phil would be a better president than Barry.


  12. Imp says:

    I want this party’s version of LaPen or Nigel Farage to win. Carson is not electable. Cruz might make a good running mate. I’m happy that one candidate has the guts to call the other weaklings out.


  13. Baysider says:

    I don’t put a lot of stock in this. The term ‘historical averages’ reminds me of what investment brochures say: “performance in the past is no indicator of future returns.” To the extent these ‘averages’ reflect predictable human behavior, there’s some logic there. Gallup – the granddaddy of election polling – has announced they are pulling out.

    Does this computer model take into account the massive election rigging that’s going on? Or do they close their eyes to it. I think the Democratic ground game now is registering as many illegal votes as possible. And look where computer models got us on ‘global warming.’

    I’d like to see the executive experience of Scott Walker (RIP candidate) with the balls of Trump. I like Fiorina and Cruz. I think either of them has the potential to qualify by the latter criteria.


  14. woodsterman says:

    I’m a Cruz man, and don’t forget, computers are predicting global warming. Fight for every inch!


  15. skudrunner says:

    Anyone is better than what we have now and the democrat nominee, it is predetermined that H will be it Sanders is just trying to pull her more left then he will bail.
    Bush too much baggage. Even “libertarians” can’t stomach Paul. Trump is just to into Trump and Cruz/Huckabee are just to much into controlling everyone’s lives and morals to mimic theirs, maybe they should run for Pope..Carson puts me to sleep and Fiorina is a target for a lot of arrows.

    Rubio is the way to go.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider; actually, a LOT of past voting trends/statistics have reflected on the present…in many situations; lots of things we’ve all heard about how nobody wins without Ohio,..that’s a simple one I remember, but there are others that are pretty compelling. “No president’s won who didn’t…” Whatever the case is. I think there isn’t much to the computer thing because, as all said above, there’s fraud and Americans aren’t the strong independent types who put our country first anymore, thanks to the pitiful leftwing hate drive.

    Skudrunner…If Rubio was a foot taller (there’s another stat that exists that proves taller men win, by the way, everybody) and 10 years older. .;… but I pick him today. I really do. I like his mind…bright, fact-filled,…he’s so articulate and compelling…Excellent guy.
    He’s actually a tad more against illegals than Paul Ryan, from what I’ve been reading, too, by the way.

    Woodster…there’s something about Cruz that’s not electable……I just feel it in my bones.:-(

    fredd..imagine the Left and what they’d do to Steve Forbes? Makes me laugh thinking about it. But he’s a very smart guy…and Bachman was annihilated; sadly, the leftwing media monster is pretty irrevocable; once they’ve pounced and people HEAR IT, there’s not much bringing it back to sanity through facts. LIke the ridiculous stuff they said Palin said, did…..mostly not true, but people remember it. Not that I’m a Palin fan.

    Mal! YOU are the consummate OPTIMIST and I am sure that’s why you’re in your mid eighties; we should all keep that in mind! But thanks, I needed a good dose today!


  17. Silverfiddle says:

    @ Ed: SF: If Webb went independent?

    Wasted vote. I know you are very worried about the statement I made the other day, but it will simply never happen. He’s not getting the nomination.

    Also, Webb will be a non-entity if he runs 3rd Party. I don’t see him siphoning a significant number of votes from either party.


  18. Kid says:

    The thing about Cruz is he is a very smart guy, is always well prepared, and loves America. Very odd indeed for a politician. 😉


  19. Lisa says:

    Ok Rubio is a yes also. He is very well spoken. I like Cruz but like I stated there is just something there that doesn’t do it for me although at first I liked him a lot and he is quite smart . He is a true conservative which may be one reason he would not be able to sway anyone but true conservatives.
    Also when he speaks it seems that he is watching himself speak,if you know what I mean


  20. geeez2014 says:

    SF; I will say that Webb impressed me by NOT jumping into an Independent race, at least not this morning….he said he’d wait and see how the cards fell after he announced he’s not in the Dem race anymore (Who’ll financially support me?..which is trickier, of course, when one’s not in a particular party); that alone impressed me to pay more attention to him. Though it’s hard to get over his liberal votes!!

    Kid, can’t disagree with what you said about Cruz. He is supposedly to have said that it’s hard being the smartest guy in the room, that he has to kind of pull that in a little.

    Lisa! YES YES! He absolutely watches himself speak…he looks around for approval. Newt Gingrich can’t speak without searching everyone’s face for approval, ever notice that? I think you mean that?


  21. lisa says:

    Yes him too Z,and here I thought Obama was the only one 🙂


  22. Silverlady says:

    Can this wizard machine take into account all the Welfare Gimmees, wacko Pinot Grigio-swilling East & Left Coast Liberals, wet behind the ears students studying Climate Change & other useless feel-good majors, dead Chi-town voters, illegal immigrants with fake voter i’d’s, brain-dead pot smoking losers, etc,etc, ad nauseam? Somehow I doubt it. And the country will have gone so far down the rabbit hole, past the tipping point, that it may make no difference. We may be Rome just before the Vandals came.


  23. Kid says:

    Silverlady. It is Rome and the populus maximus is about to vote for Nero and then Calligula.


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