The Democrat Debate……lessons learned

I thought we all needed a reminder of………….

What we learned from watching the first Democratic Debate on October 13th:

  1. Black Lives Matter, All Lives Don’t Matter.
    2. College is worthless because it will soon be free.
    3. Medical treatment is worthless because it will soon be free.
    4. To become an American Citizen is worthless as it will soon be free.
    5. The economy sucks and after 7 years in office, it’s not Obama’s fault.
    6. The Middle Class is shrinking and after 7 years in office, it’s not Obama’s fault.
    7. The Average Family income is dropping and after 7 years in office, it’s not Obama’s fault.
    8. Black youths have over a 50% unemployment rate and after 7 years in office it’s not Obama’s fault.
    9. Hispanic youth unemployment is over 35% and after 7 years in office, it’s not Obama’s fault.
    10. 50% of the Population is paying 100% of all the taxes and they are still not paying their fair share.
    11. Everyone who votes Democrat will work less, make more, get more time off, spend more time with family pay less taxes and get more government subsidies.
    12. Everyone else does it, so should we, regardless of the results other places.
    13. Government wants more money to squander on promises already broken.
    14. The word “Progressive” is the less cringe worthy than saying you’re a Liberal.
    15. When America grows up, we want to be Norway, Sweden or the Netherlands.
    16. There’s a quagmire in Iraq, Syria and the Middle East and Obama’s retreating from the area has nothing to do with the situation.
    17. Republicans want dirty air, dirty water, oil spills, trash on the streets, polluted oceans, old people without medical treatment and dead, young people without educations being paid the lowest wages possible, starving children, don’t believe in equal rights, were responsible for Jim Crow Laws and not Affirmative action,
    18. Snowden and General Petraeus broke laws for releasing and not securing secret documents but Hillary Clinton shares no responsibility.
    19. Marijuana cures all diseases.
    20. Marijuana smokers are being imprisoned for smoking a joint.
    21. Everything is rainbows and Unicorns.
    22. Hillary Clinton does walk on water.
    23. Cheaters do prosper.
    24. People cheer stupidity.
    25. There are only 2 candidates given a voice in the Democratic Race.
    26. Hillary and Bill Clinton were born poor Black Children.
    27. All the qualifications needed to be President is to be a woman.
    28. Evil looks like anything white, rich, successful and productive.
    29. You will receive a participation trophy in life.
    30. Agreements of any kind should be signed and committed to even if the other agreeing party doesn’t live up to its obligations.
    31. Everything is still Bush’s fault.
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38 Responses to The Democrat Debate……lessons learned

  1. John M. Berger says:

    The main thing that I got out of that debate was [no one] who would vote for [any] of those contenders should be allowed to vote; for the good of the Nation including their own!


  2. fredd says:

    Woo hoo! Free stuff, and all I gotta do is vote Democrat? Awesome…


  3. alec says:

    Z, it looks like you were taking notes. You must have a strong stomach. I can’t watch any of these debates – from either side.


  4. 32. “We’re tired of hearing about the damned emails”


  5. Kid says:

    The sad thing is this is all true as far as the libtards go.


  6. woodsterman says:

    I sent some gun sales figures to your foodfan. Hope you’re still there.


  7. bocopro says:

    Last genelec cycle I wrote a parody of “America” from West Side Story. Too long to post here, tho. This’n’s shorter. To the tune of “Teddy Bears’ Picnic”:

    If you think Barry is on the hook
    For telling us empty lies.
    If you think Hillary’s just a crook
    You’re in for a big surprise.

    For every leftie there ever was
    Will back them up for certain because
    That’s just the way the Democrats spin their fubars.

    Now every liberal who is true
    To left-wing propaganda
    Will back up all of Obama’s crew
    According to memoranda.

    Outside the rules, where nobody sees
    They’ll stall and hide as long as they please
    ‘Cause that’s the way the Democrats spin a snafu.

    Campaign time for Democrats
    The cheating liberals are looking for increased revenue
    Scheming, lying, dirty rats
    It’s all a Carter/Clinton déjà vu

    See them gaily tax and spend
    They love to tax the rich and bring in the nanny state
    The deficit will never end
    With spending at this rate
    Because they’re thick-headed socialists.

    If you think taxes are much too high
    You’re in for a big surprise
    If you think debt cannot reach the sky
    You need to adjust your eyes.

    For half the country is on the take
    And Hope and Change is just a big fake
    And that’s the way the Democrats spin Obama
    And that’s the way the Liberals spin a foul-up.


  8. John M. Berger says:

    Every time I see/hear the word “free” I see a big red flag. Nothing of value is “FREE” !


  9. Lisa says:

    that is a great list. Thank you for # #31, because all this time I thought everything was Reagan’s fault


  10. cube says:

    Well, if you were out to make this day a bummer, you’ve succeeded, Z! Oy, we’re in such a mess. Where do we start to fix it?


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Just wanted to mention that I didn’t write this list….but I stand behind it! Came to me in an email..

    Odie, I had forgotten that email, and can’t find where it IS, how to get to it ….sorry. Thanks for going to the trouble.

    It’s ALL about FREE STUFF, isn’t. I heard a Democrat the other day say “How hare IS it to just promise a bunch of stuff we can’t afford?”
    That’s a pretty darned easy platform, isn’t it?

    “We can afford this, but YOU deserve free college, and YOU deserve free health care, and YOU deserve….” Brother, what a piece of cake.

    Then there are the Republicans not sounding quite as popular with their:
    “Somehow, we need to save our country for our grandchildren…….work with us to help America stay alive and thrive.”

    Not such an easy sell. They want their freebies and they want them NOW!


  12. John M. Berger says:

    33. Unless we get on board with a Climate Tax the earth will become uninhabitable.


  13. Mal says:

    Now the good news: Biden isn’t running! (Big surprise!)


  14. Imp says: could he run? You’d expect him to say he’s going to fix what Ovomit did wrong? I would have liked to see him run rather than anointing Killary, as they have now.


  15. Silverfiddle says:

    Wait till the general election. Will Hillary defend Obama’s dismal record, or will she throw him under the bus?

    Clinton’s are highly-skilled at talking out both ends, so it should be an entertaining show…


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Ya, saw Biden’s “no go” speech, with Obama standing next to him, which I found kind of interesting..
    but Ol’ Joe reminded the country “I’m not going to stop TALKING!” Oh, ya…we need more and MORE people promising goodies for nothing….who’s PAYING for the goodies is yet to be announced. Think it’ll be done in the Rose Garden? 🙂


  17. Kid says:

    Well, here’s my prediction.

    Hank Johnson delivers damning evidence on Clinton on not only Benghazi but the clinton body count, Whitewater, etc.
    Clinton drops out of the race and goes to live near clock boy in Qatar and wears a burka everyday.

    Sanders drops out and moves to Denmark and is killed on the road by a moslem gang.

    O’Malley has a stroke and drops out

    Hank Johnson is the only Democrat left to run for the party. He selects debbie blabbermouth-putz as his running mate.

    For the Repubs, it’s Trump and Carson.

    Hank and putz win the election.


  18. Bob says:

    I didn’t waste any time watching the debate. So, I was actually smarter after the event than before. Those who watched the debacle didn’t learn a darned thing.


  19. bunkerville says:

    It is still hard for me to believe that Obama wants to support Hillary. He supported Sanders when he was running for Senate as an Independent and through the Dem candidate under the bus.


  20. skudrunner says:

    Hillary is one female that would benefit by wearing a burka, and so would everyone around her. Do they make one in pastel with pant suit to match?

    Joe was waiting for a groundswell to form and chant for him to become the next Messiah. That didn’t happen so he stepped to the side but still there in case H goes to jail.
    Obama doesn’t care who wins as long as it is a democrat because they can’t spend the first six years on him..


  21. Mal says:

    Imp, I agree Biden would be better than Hillary, however I feel he would have a better chance at winning than Hillary, and being that we don’t want either one, let Hillary run and be defeated. Its what I have been saying right along. Our best chance is if she gets the nod because she can’t win with all her excess baggage. And, don’t give up on the FBI embarrassing her even further, which would certainly do her in. She should do jail time, but even if she doesn’t, her public career would be over.


  22. John M. Berger says:

    “Hillary is one female that would benefit by wearing a burka……………………………..
    Yeah, a bright orange one!

    I’m with you buddy!


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I think we have a better chance over ol’ Uncle Joe, too….Americans like FRIENDLY, they don’t notice that every time Joe is REALLY nasty, his smile wiiiiidens……..a little demonic, in my opinion. Still, I know he’s quite well liked on both sides of the aisle.
    He had a very good chance of winning. Glad he’s OUT.

    Kid, your story has the wrong ending!!!
    Saw a bumper sticker today that I hadn’t seen before…it has the word WORST with the ‘O’ being the Obama logo…and under WORST, it says “president ever”…HURRAH!!

    JMB; yes, but I think skud meant that the burka would cover her hips. You know 🙂

    Bob, nobody goes there to ‘learn anything’ but there’s a LOT of interacting and personality stuff I DO want to see; I want to see an inherent kindness, or smugness, or rudeness.
    I sat with a friend at a banquet Saturday night….with the poor waiters working their bottoms off getting dinner served, my friend felt she needed to ask for sliced lemon for her water. OK….the guy politely comes back with a small plate of sliced lemons for her…put them on the table next to her and she didn’t even make eye contact or say THANK YOU……..NADA. It happened again when he brought her something, too. She’d DIE if she knew that about herself, I promise…

    That’s the kind of thing I want to know…I want to see candidate personalities and sometimes things like that come up.. That type of thing, AND other things….I never find it a waste of time, I have to admit.
    ALTHOUGH I was glad Carson and Trump got that 3 hour CNN debate coming up lowered to two hours..that’s enough for ANYONE.

    Bunkerville; I have a feeling that the rumors are true that Obama despises the Clintons…at least Hillary. On that, he has pretty good taste, come to think of it! 🙂


  24. John M. Berger says:

    “JMB; yes, but I think skud meant that the burka would cover her hips. You know :-)”
    Yes, in lieu of a ‘jump suit, of course.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    In lieu of a tent 🙂


  26. Sparky says:

    I’ve kinda spaced out this go ’round, not watching any of the debates or politics, and very little of the news. Hope it’s not depression because I have the sneaky feeling that our country is completely gone. Perhaps forever. Or, I just need another B-12 shot. 🙂


  27. Kid says:

    Sparky, This was the subject at our lunch today, which consists of 3 ahrd workign tax paying Staunch conservatives, 2 of which are retired and who did very well for themselves. (I’m not in that group) Anyway, we notice that we have college kids who don’t know who fought the civil war, who have been brought up to believe Conservatives are racists who want dirty soil, air and water and all other life forms extinct. I regularly read websites (and the comments specifically) and I can tell you the kids today think that ‘Things have never been better”. You get the idea.
    I personally think there are more smart people who know the scores than not but I guess the jury is out. This 22 trillion ton freighter has to make a hard right very soon or yes, we are most definitely flushed.

    The next election will provide the answer. Many think the last one did.


  28. Imp says:

    And # 33 should be each and everyone of these lawless, crime approving demrats who voted for sanctuary cities. It’s no longer about a country of laws…it’s all about the party. And both suck canal water.
    These criminals have just gone rouge and defiled their oaths. And these same knuckleheads want to disarm us.

    And these are the treasonous 45 Senators who voted against this bill.
    NAYs —45
    Baldwin (D-WI)
    Bennet (D-CO)
    Blumenthal (D-CT)
    Booker (D-NJ)
    Boxer (D-CA)
    Brown (D-OH)
    Cantwell (D-WA)
    Cardin (D-MD)
    Carper (D-DE)
    Casey (D-PA)
    Coons (D-DE)
    Durbin (D-IL)
    Feinstein (D-CA)
    Franken (D-MN)
    Gillibrand (D-NY)
    Heinrich (D-NM)
    Heitkamp (D-ND)
    Hirono (D-HI)
    Kaine (D-VA)
    King (I-ME)
    Kirk (R-IL)
    Klobuchar (D-MN)
    Leahy (D-VT)
    Markey (D-MA)
    McCaskill (D-MO)
    Menendez (D-NJ)
    Merkley (D-OR)
    Mikulski (D-MD)
    Murphy (D-CT)
    Murray (D-WA)
    Nelson (D-FL)
    Peters (D-MI)
    Reed (D-RI)
    Reid (D-NV)
    Sanders (I-VT)
    Schatz (D-HI)
    Schumer (D-NY)
    Shaheen (D-NH)
    Stabenow (D-MI)
    Tester (D-MT)
    Udall (D-NM)
    Warner (D-VA)
    Warren (D-MA)
    Whitehouse (D-RI)
    Wyden (D-OR)


  29. Bob says:

    Z: I know you expect better comments and debate from your audience, but I honestly did not watch the debate because I knew the information content would be nil. I guess the big surprise was that idiot Bernie Sanders giving the entire nomination over to Hillary. Zero plus zero is always equal zero. That is the sum total of the Democrat debate.

    My concern is the Republican Party which has the best chance ever to defeat a Clinton, but may blow it with the apparent stupidity of the leaders of the Party. I said years ago that the Tea Party can’t do any worse than the GOP because of the out to lunch leadership.


  30. Imp says:

    In one South Park episode, the kids had to vote between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich as their new mascot. Stan refused to choose between a giant douche and a turd sandwich because they were both lame. But later on, he realized that, most of the time, elections will be a choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich, and you’ll just gonna have to choose the less bad.

    If more conservatives (on immigration) voted Rep. (the Giant Douches) in 2014 instead of abstaining, this bill would’ve probably passed and could’ve paved the way for more immigration restrictive bills.


  31. Kid says:

    I agree with Bob. I understand it’s conversation and a chance for people to lay down some thoughts in the meantime – which has value, but does anyone think that what a politician says in a campaign has any more value than a sandstone in the middle of Death Valley when you’re thirsty?

    Trump and Carson MAYBE have something to say, but you know they are also constrained by demographics to some extent. (Seduction of the idiots) – Carson more than Trump, because Trump is such a non-PC talker, and this is also why he is leading the pack. Regardless, I do not want to bet more than 10 cents on what he says equating to what he does once and if he gets to the white house. Bottom line here though is I’d give Trump a shot to surprise me more than anyone else right now.

    Given the chance, I’d send obama off with clock boy to Qatar, Biden off to a mental health institution and throw Trump into the Oval office tomorrow. Then I’d send him a letter and tell him to back it up and make AMerica great again. Or else. 😉 or else what? Dang if I kinow.


  32. Kid says:

    I agree with IMP too.


  33. Imp says:

    @Kid…so I don’t need therapy then?


  34. Bob says:

    Imp imparted great wisdom to the debate with this earthly observation: “In one South Park episode, the kids had to vote between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich as their new mascot”.

    I would be LMAO but the scenario carries a certain ring of the truth. Right now, I am just rolling on the floor waiting for the rest of the humor.

    Yes, Imp needs therapy. Make his watch an entire season of South Park in one setting.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    Kid,yes, I do think it’s worth watching the debates…for all the reasons I mentioned on in my comment.

    Bob….I don’t expect ‘better’ comments…why did you suggest that? I just do feel that watching, for ME, is important.

    Just as some of my commenters mention not watching debates (or any TV, for that matter) as if it’s a badge of honor, I GET THAT, I DO watch because I personally think it’s important. I don’t think anybody who doesn’t want to watch is wrong. Sorry if I gave that impression.


    Sparks: I think we’re ALL a little depressed.

    I was just thinking it’d be a great thing if we all had bumper stickers on our cars tomorrow that said “PLEASE! NOT HILLARY~” Could have an affect!~!


  36. Kid says:

    IMP. NO Therapy.

    Z, You know what happens when you tell kids not to do something right? 😉

    PS – I was supporting you bringing this up if there was any question. Even though I do think listening to them talk is anything more than a waste of time. What else do we have though if they haven’t been in oiffice? If they have we can look at their voting record. Libtards say – Voting Record? Huh? Whad Dat? How look at dat? What dat matter anyway?


  37. Kid says:

    Imp gets a yuk? Yes, unpleasant but I thinik douche and turd sandwich is a compliment for most of them. HOnesty is the best policy you know. Wouldn’t be prudent to sugar coat politicans at this juncture. 😉


  38. Imp says:

    @Kid…sugarcoat? The flies would even land on these maggots for that treat. Or a starving buzzard. Now the libs on the other hand…so long as the licks are free…they’ll eat anything up and demand more. Yes…the Gimmemorefreeshit Party has an appeal.


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