Moral Case for Fossil Fuel

The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, by Alex Epstein,  is something we should all read.  Well, let me correct that…all nutcase leftwingers unwilling to believe we can save this planet AND not destroy businesses should read it.  I think most of us are on Epstein’s side so it’s good to get facts/ammunition for the brain dead Western culture which so badly wants to stop all progress in attempts to make changes they don’t understand, probably won’t work, and will set the American economy back a hundred years or so.

You can check him out a bit more HERE.  It’s worth doing.   He has done a ton of research and makes a very good case for fossil fuels being more effective and more financially viable than windmills, etc.

It seems that he understands that people who don’t buy into the “let’s destroy this country in our attempts to fix the global climate situation” aren’t for dirty air, filthy water, or any other kind of pollution; kind of refreshing.

See what you think!  

ALSO:  I’m away this weekend, please keep me and my family in your prayers as we travel to a very joyous wedding up in the Bay Area….for the long drive for some of us (me!), for the flights of others, for all to go so well for the beautiful bride, my Goddaughter…thanks!


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11 Responses to Moral Case for Fossil Fuel

  1. Enjoy your trip.
    Burn many hydrocarbons going there.
    The crops need the CO2. 🙂


  2. fredd says:

    Whoever labeled oil, natural gas and coal ‘fossil fuel’ certainly set us all up for never ending squabbles about the stuff. That same somebody who came up with ‘fossil fuel’ probably also lobbied to call ‘green’ sources of energy “Gaia’s Bounty,” or some other putrid, sappy label, but fell short in their efforts.


  3. Silverfiddle says:

    Life is full of tradeoffs. Those who damn “fossil fuels” couldn’t last a day without electricity and petroleum, but they sure love spouting pieties.

    Alternate energy sources are getting there, and we will use them as they become more economically viable.


  4. Kid says:

    Actually the jury is out on whether coal and oil came from organic material. The coal may have come here like everything else did during the planet building phase and oil may be a naturally occurring substance.

    Anyway, I have no problem getting rid of the pollution. We should be building Thorium/Molten Salt reactors and replacing the coal plants with them. They are 100% impossible to meltdown and much easier to operate. There’s plenty of youtubes on them. China is starting to build them.

    Then I don’t have any problem with an inexpensive electric car for commuting. The Teslas can go around 300 miles, more than I need in a week. Mechanically, an electric car has incredibly fewer things to go wrong. You need much less oil, no antifreeze, no gas, a lot less steel and aluminum, a lot less heat generated, many advantages. But yes, it all has to come economically.


  5. Imp says:

    @Kid…a Tesla? The rich’s play toy? Well over 100K aren’t they? Plus I heard that they’re one of the worst cars built too. Only surpassed by the Fiat 500.


  6. Kid says:

    IMP. Yep Tesla is too expensive.


  7. Silverfiddle says:

    If I could get a cheap solar charging station at my house that could do a complete recharge overnight, I’d be hip to having a little battery-powered roller skate to get around town.

    It’s all about practicality and economic viability. That is the aspect of this the hardcore greenies fail to grasp.


  8. Imp says:

    OT…but I just read this on a blog somewhere…:

    “I called to donate some money to Jeb but hung up when asked to press 1 for English.”


  9. Mal says:

    Ive been following Tesla for about 11 years now and feel its the way of the future. Batteries are the key to extend their distances. Look at cell phones, as an example. In the 90’s, you had a handset with a wire, connected to a big, heavy, cumbersome box with a strap handle to lug around, and it only held a charge for about 2 hours, max. Then look at the slim, ultra light, fits in a shirt pocket, and battery lasts for days. Battery technology is the key. As they improve, so will the practicality of E.V’s. I read recently where Chevy will be introducing an E.V, that will go 200 miles on a charge. Not like Tesla, but at a much more affordable price. Its coming, folks. For homes, too.


  10. Kid says:

    Mal, I think the Tesla home battery is a grewat idea. Especially where the sun shines most of the time.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    At Harris Ranch, a big ranch area half way between L.A. and San Francisco, there were probably 20 Tesla stations for electric cars. We were pretty surprised to see that.


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