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This is less about faith than it is about affection and goodness but I got to thinking recently about Left Coast Chuck and wanted to share this with you.  I also believe goodness has a lot to do with FAITH.  I published this in February, 2008 and wanted you to read this, too:

“A Tribute:   Front Page Magazine is where I started getting interested in politics while living in Paris, France. The internet was a great way to stay in touch with America and internet politics captured my attention. It hadn’t before, I’d always figured we had a great country and would always have a great country. Today, I know we have a great country…….to save.

9/11 happened while I lived in Paris. Over night, I went from pleasantly coasting through Politics 101 to a crash (you should pardon the expression) course in Advanced Politics with a double major in Islamofascism. 9/11 drew me with more interest to FPM and to where I met a lot of great people. This is how I got to know a fellow with the screen name of Left Coast Chuck.

Chuck was a mild mannered gentleman who told me how much he liked my comments and often responded to them, as I did to his. He was a staunch conservative, free market, America-loving, wonderfully sweet man of faith; nothing worn on his sleeve, but you felt it just the same. He had values which echoed those of our forefathers; he was a flag waving, gun totin’ patriot. He and I had a nice kind of ‘threesome’ with another great conservative poster, Lorena Meadows,  though we also commented to many others.

Then, one day, Lorena wrote me asking if I’d seen any comments from Chuck and I told her I hadn’t. I reminded her that, months before, he’d said he was very ill but then had returned. She reminded me then that he’d come back recently, after a week off, saying he’d been taken ill again. So, we worried. But, there was a country to save and there are probably 15 commenters I enjoyed and bantered with on a regular basis. Life went on at FPM, but I would occasionally scan the screen names for Left Coast Chuck and wouldn’t see him.  And I missed him.

One day, I got this post from the screen name “Left Coast kid”.

“To ZinLA and Lorena Meadows, Left Coast Chuck was my dad, and as you know he has been ill recently. My dad had asked me to tell you if anything were to happen to him, and unfortunately I have to tell you that he has passed away, on Nov. 4. unexpectedly. We were told that he would have up to 2 years left so we were not prepared for this. Forgive me for waiting to notify you, but things have been very difficult with dealing with this through his birthday NOV. 19 and the holidays. He considered you his friends and admired you, and I would like to thank you for all your kindness, and prayers, and friendship you showed him. It meant more than you know! He was a great man, my hero, and I miss him more than words can say. Thank you again, Jamie”

I have an FPM file I’ve kept over the years of kind, crazy, or otherwise meaningful comments I’ve had written to me. There are only about twenty, but they’re important to me. This one certainly is.

We’d never met, never spoken on the telephone, but Chuck couldn’t leave without Lorena and me knowing that he’d not be coming back. A man who was a stranger for all intents and purposes wanted to thank us for our friendship. This man with such great values and such kindness imposed it on his child to tell his closest pals at FPM he was gone and wouldn’t be coming back. He didn’t want us to worry.

I was very fond of Left Coast Chuck. I’ll never forget him. It’s fine to write about politics, get upset about what’s going on, hate the Left, call Islam for what it is, complain, whine and rant and rave; this is fun and keeps the heart pumping. But, it didn’t work for Chuck. And no comment I ever get will top his kid Jamie’s. Not because he told us his dad had died, but that his dad had wanted him to tell us goodbye and thanks. He wanted us to know why we wouldn’t hear from him again.

I still post a lot at FPM, and I still think of Left Coast Chuck, and I remind myself that it’s men like him who made this country great and it’s men like him for whom we have to save it. Get busy. For my friend, Mr. Left Coast Chuck.”

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”  Proverbs 27:17

UPDATE:   When FPM changed to another format shortly after that, I didn’t go back, but I am grateful for having met Imp (right, Imp?), AOW, and Priscilla (who doesn’t comment here anymore but was a great buddy), and others (remind me if you were there).. And I’m certainly grateful for Left Coast Chuck!   Thanks, Chuck, and all my GeeeZ buddies, for sharpening me.

The very idea that someone would feel this connected that they he wanted to have commenters know he’d passed away is huge;  we form attachments here, even not having actually met……….our friendships are based on our faith and/or politics; a good place to start strong friendships.



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19 Responses to Sunday Faith Blog

  1. jerrydablade says:

    “our friendships are based on our faith and/or politics; a good place to start strong friendships.”

    Agreed, Z. Great post (another keeper for your book). Sounds like Left Coast Chuck was a cool dude, and any digital friend of Zs is a digital friend of mine 🙂


  2. I don’t remember him from FPM, but he sounds like a wonderful friend and father. We need more like him.


  3. Good tribute.
    Too bad (and this is not a slam to anyone, the concept goes back further than Mark Twain and Tom Sawyer) that we don’t get to be around to hear something said like this upon our passing.
    One of the benefits of blogging under my dad’s name is that fellow bloggers have been able to find me on Facebook and we get to know more about each other, even having dinner together (Jerry, you’re next!).


  4. Silverfiddle says:

    Wonderful story, Z. That is the upside of blogging.

    America has gone tribal, complete with totems, holy writs and identity masks and badges.

    We need to read positive stories like the one you told today. Thank you.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    thanks, everyone. It touched me this much because it showed how much our blog friendships influence/affect our personal lives. This man didn’t want to disappear from commenting without us knowing he’d actually passed away, and that he appreciated me and Lorena. He was dying and thought of blog friends!

    Which just reminded me that my INBOX still has about 20 emails from Mr. Z that I could delete or file but haven’t. BUT, I also have 3 still in my inbox from a guy named Mike, who Mr. Z and I’d Skyped with and become kind of buddies with….He was suddenly diagnosed with leukemia and we worried…then Mr. Z got sick and died shortly before Mike did; such an irony. Mike’s wife and I emailed for a while……

    To me, getting this close and caring for others we actually don’t know shows that peoples’ VALUES MATTER. THAT is how people become friends.. The only blogger I’ve ever set eyes on is Ray Cole, who’s become a really dear friend and even drove from AZ to Mr. Z’s funeral with his family, and he visits about twice a year and we go out for a meal, and we talk on the phone often. But, in general, we can’t SEE our blog friends, we expect nothing from them and they expect nothing from us……..we just know them from THEIR VALUES…

    Shared values matter, don’t they. And it’s a good reassurance that we’re not alone in our values.


  6. Sparky says:

    Having lost so many loved ones, this breaks my heart, and gladdens me too, that our loss is Heaven’s gain. We’ll see him again one day, of that be assured. Thank you for sharing your friend with all us. Prayers for you and his family this day.
    Hope your day is blessed Z. Luv & Hugs


  7. Mal says:

    That’s a very touching story, Z, and one I can certainly relate to. You may remember recently I mentioned two people with whom I had been in daily contact that suddenly dropped off the radar screen. Its too bad someone isn’t always there to put closure as was done by his son.


  8. Baysider says:

    What a wonderful tribute to your friend. And to how we challenge and sharpen each other.


  9. Linda says:

    I’m sorry you lost your friend. Blog friends are good to have.


  10. Bob says:

    Great post, Z. I understand how people can become friends over the internet via mutual commenting on blogs. Blogs are great things, and I love our freedom to have them. This is what many people meant by saying that the internet would develop into communities of people with like ideas.

    Social media has accelerated this move. The neat thing is that we DON’T have to join a community just to comment, and we don’t have to agree totally with each other to enjoy the comments.

    I comment on GEEEEZ because I stumbled on it one day, liked that I read, and engaged in the debate whatever it was. It’s great thing, Z, to be able to say that I am citizen of your blog. Thanks.


  11. Bob says:

    By the way, one of the fastest ways to get out of blogging is to cut a finger in a kitchen accident. Yep, I cut my left index finger while sharpening a knife. Dumb. Always stroke the sharpener with the edge AWAY from you . Lesson learned, and finger is healing.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Bob “It’s great thing, Z, to be able to say that I am citizen of your blog. Thanks.” I can’t thank you enough and feel the same way about you and your blog. Thank YOU. That was very, very touching.
    And I’m so glad your finger’s better!

    Bay and Linda..thanks…

    Mal, that’s exactly right! Who’d have known where Left Coast Chuck went? It was so kind of him to give us that message and so brave of his son to write there…amazing.

    Sparky, yup….maybe I’ll meet Left Coast Chuck some day…good thought.
    And I hope you have a very blessed evening. xx


  13. Kid says:

    So many wonderful commments here that I share my feeling with. Yes, you can make very good friends like this that add so much to your life and that you hope you add to theirs. You certainly add much which should be obvious given the quality of your regular community. Not me, the other folks.,..


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, your friendship is a good example of how blogging brings folks together…. Quality in every way 🙂

    Everybody: One of the biggest kicks for me is something like a debate or election night when you guys come to GeeeZ to chime in on something; I LOVE that you think of sharing your thoughts here…as Kid said, it’s a community and, though many of you have blogs, you come and comment here, too, at something that just happened in the news; I can’t thank everyone enough for wanting to share here. Great stuff


  15. Lisa says:

    That was a wonderful tribute Z. Such a great group of people in the blogosphere.
    I remember Priscilla. I loved her comments
    I don’t remember how I stumbled on your blog but it was when Mr Z was still posting .I used to read it though I didn’t start commenting until you took over and I am glad I did


  16. Imp says:

    Z…I remember Chuck and Mike well and thought of them as friends too. I hated to hear that Mike had passed…but if I remember correctly, didn’t a family member post like Jamie did? I can’t remember for sure…but I do miss everyday people like that. I did have the chance to email Mike a few times too. Thanks for reminding us of old friends and for keeping our new friends here today, together. It’s a community I feel a part of and enjoy immensely. I truly like everyone here…and I really do miss Prisc.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Lisa, Actually, I always was the blogger but I was lucky enough that Mr Z wrote occasionally…I wish he had more! We DO have a great group in the blogosphere, don’t we.
    I worry about Priscilla….she’s never been the same since her husband of about 60 years died.
    I’m glad we blog together, Lisa!

    Imp….Wasn’t Mike a great guy? Mike’s wife might have posted, now that you mention it. I’m so glad you remember Chuck, too..and Lorena Meadows? There were some really fantastic people who commented at FPM in the day. And, of course, we ran into Ducky there, so……….
    I miss Priscilla, too. What a patriot. Do you remember Franp and Granketha? Both were great Black Conservatives…I met them both…used to have dinner with Franp from time to time.
    Always On Watch was there, too, right?
    I’m sure glad you’re here, Imp! We’ve known each other now about 14 years?


  18. Imp says:

    Z…man…has it been that long? Seems like only yesterday. I remember Net Observer and UpTown Steve though. I got to like Net and finally got to have an understanding with him…but Uppity? No way. Ducky? I thank God he’s somewhere else. But Prisc….I feel so terribly bad for her and miss our conversations. I hope her family looks out for her and keeps her close…and her mind on them.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, I worry a lot about Pris, too.. I’m sure her family’s looking after her, but I do worry.
    UpTown…Oh yes….what a JERK 🙂 Net had possibilities but ANGRY. Remember he’d say he was conservative until conservative values came up, then he backed off.
    Good memories….even the bad guys 🙂
    I’ve been back in the States since Dec 2002~ I can’t believe it.. And I THINK I started commenting while still in Paris. Do you remember me saying I lived there? I’ve often tried to remember when I started on FPM.


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