Bevin won Kentucky

matt bevin 2

How big a story do you think THIS might be?

Considering the fact that Matt Bevin’s opponent ran on pretty much on everything Obama stands (or sits?) for, I believe this is a huge win and could be a harbinger of 2016.

Mark Levin was saying on the radio last night that of Bevin’s 9 children 4 are from Ethiopia so “Bevin has more Black kids than Obama!”  CRACKED ME UP!

Anybody know much about Bevin?   I think we should all feel very good about his win.


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10 Responses to Bevin won Kentucky

  1. bocopro says:

    Even MORE re-mark-a-ble is this:

    Left-wing loudmouths were nonplussed by the staggering news. “Shocked! SHOCKED, I tell you,” said one typically vapid loon. “I mean, really! She’s GOT to be an oreo, right?”


  2. jerrydablade says:

    I heard him interviewed on the Beck radio program Monday prior to election, and he was urging folks to break old party loyalties and actually vote their values. Sounds like they listened, and hopefully a microcosm for 2016? In any case, welcome back, Kentucky! And what bocopro said!


  3. WaPo yesterday…

    The Daily 202: From coast to coast, conservatives score huge victories in off-year elections

    Check out this paragraph, of which I took note:

    Democrats failed to pick up Virginia’s state Senate. It’s a huge blow to Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who went all-in to make it happen. Democrats could have won by capturing just one seat because of the tie-breaking authority of Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam (D). But Republicans held every single seat.


  4. Kid says:

    Matt Bevin has a good looking Wikipedia page.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro..that’s great news, too! What a terrific election.

    Jerry, I think that’s exactly what happened; Kentuckians really voted against McConnell…not that he was literally running, but I think this is a slap to the GOP types.

    AOW….WOW! Anybody here think the news made as much of a big deal out of Conservative wins than it would have if Dems had done so well across the country? This is HUGE.

    Kid….and he has the best birthday EVER 🙂


  6. Silverfiddle says:

    There is hope. While the GOOPers trip, stumble all over themselves and shoot themselves in the face with a cannon at the national level, the GOP at the state level is making gains
    From the Nonpartisan Politifact:

    “Our analysis shows Democrats have lost 910 seats since Obama took office. (You can see the changes in every state here.)”

    “The bottom line: Republicans now control about 56 percent of the country’s 7,383 state legislative seats, up 12 percentage points since 2009.”

    Wapo has a handwringer featuring a tweet by Rory Cooper:

    “Under President Obama, Democrats have lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats. That’s some legacy.”


  7. Mal says:

    I keep saying, come election time it isn’t even going to be close. What just happened in Kentucky is typical of what is yet to come. The biased media keeps the minority loud mouths in the forefront while ignoring the real problems and the masses are finally getting it. Example: We all know more than 85% of Americans believe in God, yet we keep seeing Him being banned from our schools and society in general. Why? Our biased media. The public has been slow to learn, but at last they are finally seeing the light. Lets pray the trend continues.


  8. Kid says:

    Mal, let’s hope there are millions of young high school senior girls forced to shower and change in front of dudes in skirts and that they understand it was the liberal democrats what did it to them and they are of voting age by November. And they have some serious talks with their friends.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Silverfiddle, great information! Thanks.

    Mal, you HAVE been saying that and I’ve been naysaying; I AM SO GLAD I MIGHT BE WRONG!!!!

    Kid! I’m laughing my head off 🙂 Leave it to you. GREAT LOGIC…let’s hope they’re just FED UP with the liberal crap and SOON!!


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