I just saw the last five minutes of Bret Baier’s show on FOX and am laughing so hard!   Did you happen to see it?  They laughingly covered “how California news handles their terrible weather!”…

I thought  “What terrible weather?…the drought?”  And, sure enough, it wasn’t the drought but RAIN!  “People are using their wind shield wipers!”   That’s NEWS?  “Rose gardens are getting wet!”   That’s NEWS?  It’s RAINING!

We have only this last week FINALLY started experiencing weather that isn’t 90 degrees and 80% humidity..it’s FINALLY rained a bit and is in the upper SIXTIES (BLISS! absolutely gorgeous weather, sparkling blue ocean in the distance, palm trees, blue skies with puffy white clouds, it’s spectacular) but watching the weather report during rain really is hilarious.   

They talk it up like it’s CALAMITOUS RAIN, and it mostly isn’t!  Sure, we get mud slides sometimes but that hasn’t happened……….


typical of the weather reporters and typical of other news reporters….make it SOUND WORSE THAN IT IS.  You just have to laugh!



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15 Responses to RAIN!! WIND!!!

  1. Kid says:

    Yes. Always click bait news. Gotta keep those ad revenues coming in. btw – did anyone’s Jaw Drop or were Stunned by the rain ?


  2. bocopro says:

    In my 7.5 decades I’ve experienced some interesting weather, including twisters in Indiana, typhoons in SE Asia, hailstorms flattening wheat fields in Illinois, floods in Missouri, hurrycanes here on the Gulf Coast . . . .

    and then last year, we got 22 inches of rain in 24 hours here in P’cola.

    Wiped us out. Hadda pull up all the flooring, rip out sheetrock, discard furniture & shoes & tools & a perfectly fine Toyota Sienna XLE & all kindsa stuff.

    So I’m not really interested in someone’s having to endure the tragedy of wet streets and damp shrubberies. And don’t bring up the ‘quakes, ’cause we were stationed in Long Beach for 4 years and lived through several of ’em.



  3. Mal says:

    We, too, have finally cooled down here in Vegas. After being in the 80’s & 90’s last week we were down to 43 this a.m. and high of 63 today. We also are about an inch OVER normal this year after being UNDER normal just about every year since moving here in 2003.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro, if you lived here with the constant threat of earthquakes and can still call us Californians sissies, you didn’t feel what we have felt! And no, WE don’t feel rain and wind are the awful things our newscasters do, it’s THEM 🙂

    Mal, glad to hear that! It’s quite a relief, isn’t it!

    Kid, no, nobody’s chin dropped but the newscasters who , as you say, have to have CLICK BAIT (did you come up with that term? it’s a good one)


  5. John M. Berger says:

    Sometimes the National News would lead people, in other parts of the Nation, to believe that because there is, say, 4′ of snow in the mountains of Colorado it’s like that in the entire state. I love it when that happens. Don’t move here, it’s horrible! LOL


  6. Kid says:

    Z, Click bait. No. My last potential claim at a copyright is libtard.


  7. bocopro says:

    Counting my time at Treasure Island in SFran and SDiego, I spent 7 years in California. Recall several quakes — one in 71 which was well over 6 (around 6.7, I think) and some that weren’t quite that strong.

    I think what bothered me more in Long Beach was the smoke and other irritants from fires when the Santa Annas were blowing.

    Went through a quake in SFran sometime in ’65 or ’66, but we’d been drinking all day and thought it was a blast. Always worried about bein on the Oakland Bay Bridge if a quake happened. Never did. Woulda hated to lose that car (64 Impala SS, black with red interior . . . real chick magnet).

    Took it with me to the Philippines and sold it for a GRUNCH of cash. Bought a ’69 Chevelle 396 with the money and took THAT to the P.I. when I went back in ’72. Sold it for a lotta money, too.

    Incidentally, when you’re asleep in your bunk on a cruiser tied up to a pier in Long Beach, you really don’t notice earthquakes much. Waterspouts, tho, and typhoons . . . those you worry about.


  8. Kid says:

    Z, And I don’t know why I’ve just been noticing lately, but it is incredible the number of enterprises who’s sole or main source of revenue is advertising.
    As an aside, when you’re source of revenue is advertizing you’re not going to go against the grain which is why it seems so many entities are on board with all the current scams and therefore supporting them. $$


  9. Baysider says:

    I will admit I got so excited when I just heard the leading winds that brought the rain. I was in a client’s office and heard it skittering across the roof. I kept running out every 10 minutes to see if we had RAIN! In that sense, it’s news. But not the way the news covered it. 3/100ths of an inch.


  10. Sparky says:

    That was a funny report but it’s not just California “reporters”, is it!? I’ve seen the same sloppy reporting on the Weather Channel and other places. So many of these “reporters” are only a pretty face trying to justify their jobs by being melodramatic.


  11. Have you seen LA Story with Steve Martin as the whacky whacky weatherman?


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Sparky, yes, I think it’s most weather reporting…I suppose it’s pretty dull to say “nice day today”, so they SO blow up any story!

    JMB; You are SO right. The San Francisco earthquake maybe 20 years ago (?) was bad, but the one corner they kept showing was an apartment building in flames..THAT was rare, so they showed it and showed it and showed it…as if every building was on fire.
    Here in L.A., too, they’ll show ONE pot hole full of water and cars getting splashed with it, or one mudslide………and it’s said like “MUDSLIDES IN LOS ANGELES TONIGHT” as if it’s happening to every hill….

    Baysider; absolutely! WE LOVE RAIN and WIND around here; I can’t wait till this weather starts, but they cover it IS hilarious….as if now that it’s raining, nobody knows how to drive in it

    Ed, I do!! I’d forgotten that…not sure I saw it.

    Kid, EVERYTHING is greedy money grubbing baloney. The other day, I drove to a corner I hadn’t been at lately and looked to the right before I turned left and I SWEAR I was STUNNED to see the whole street to the right LINED with new apartments or condos…as far as my eye could see. They went up FAST and I thought “Man, the traffic here is going to be INSANE”
    But the developers don’t care, the City Council couldn’t care less (and probably get paid on the side), nobody cares but us drivers……$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    bocopro…ya, irritants, smoke, that has to be bad. Thankfully, I have not experienced much of that.


  13. Baysider says:

    Oh, Z, LA Story is one of the best ‘spoof’-ish movies of all time. Subtle – not a stupid spoof. It opens with a man carrying his Christmas tree out to the trash. Robert was newish in town when we saw this, and he was laughing and pointing. I hadn’t seen anything unusual yet. …. The man was wearing shorts and flip flops – our natural attire. But not to a northwesterner at New Years! It’s a lot of fun. We should watch it together. The local library carries it.


  14. woodsterman says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, some of us in whoosie California have “Real” weather. Sometimes in a 6 foot snow storm I’ll trade places with any of those “Flatlanders”.


  15. Mal says:

    Bocopro, I, too, have been in a whole lot of Calif. quakes, beginning in 1933 (Newport-Long Beach) and the 1971 (Sylmar) when I lived nearby in Northridge, and all the others in between. You never really get use to them.


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