Red Cups…..big DEAL?

THIS STUFF BUGS ME SO MUCH……..does it you?   So Starbucks has plain red cups this year for the Christmas (okay…some might prefer I say HOLIDAY) Season.   I’ll never say Happy Holidays…EVER.   Yes, Christians are complaining because the cups don’t have snowflakes on them.  How Christian are snowflakes, anyway??  And who cares?

starbucks cup

It’s not like Starbucks had the baby Jesus on their cups and this year they’re just red.  At least the red seems Christmassy with the green /white Starbucks logo, right?  Green and Red, right?

That some Christians are upset is beyond me…….I like one pastor’s idea of telling the barista “Merry Christmas” when you’re asked for your name, for them to write it on the cup…..then the barista has to say “Merry Christmas!” when your drink’s ready, right? 🙂

Yes, this article’s in the Huff Post, which absolutely seems to LOVE publishing any article they can find that makes Christians look bad (believe me, it’s almost every single day), but this kind of story was asking for it…….

Are you upset about this!?  WHY?

By the way, I think Starbucks coffee is the worst ever, but I thought this was worth talking about…..are we in for yet another Christmas season when we’re constantly having to defend the faith, wish people would say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays, call a Christmas tree other than Holiday tree, etc?   If we are, maybe red cups aren’t important enough to gripe about;  some things ARE.

What bugs you the most of the types of things that people are suddenly not doing at CHRISTMAS the last few years?  And, really, SHOULD we complain?


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27 Responses to Red Cups…..big DEAL?

  1. I keep hearing that people drink at Starbucks.
    How horrible that they don’t have access to a Tim Horton’s, a Bearclaw, a Bixby, where you order a “large” coffee and get a large coffee.


  2. bocopro says:

    I’ve never even SEEN a Starbucks, much less had a cuppa from there. Like many people, I can remember when coffee was a nickel a cup and you got at least one free warmup if you were havin a meal. It may not have been great coffee, but the price was right.

    As for Christmas, what I dislike most is the crass commercialization. No way a celebration of that particular holiday should begin before Thanksgiving, and definitely nowhere near Hallowe’en. Should Jesus bar Joseph reappear today, he’d most likely look at the TV adverts and the overdone houselights and PC hoohah and say, “What is WRONG with you people!”

    But the lights and festivities and extravagant gift buying can be chalked up to individual taste, for which there is no accounting . . . or reasoning, for that matter. In a season where most people actually feel and act and treat each other better for a few precious days, I just don’t get why a tiny minority of atheists and Muslims would want to spoil it all for people who wish them no harm whatever.

    Just doesn’t make sense to me to have “In God We Trust” on our filthy lucre but banish prayer and Christian iconography from schools and public buildings . . . ESPECIALLY when Muslims get special consideration for their brutal, archaic, bloodthirsty, warlike moon god and selfish, vicious, paranoid customs every time they complain.

    My mother was a hard-nosed Scots-Irish-English woman who never attended church in her entire adult life. She had only a vague, ambiguous concept of a Creator and very little knowledge of the Bible or the life of Jesus. I doubt she even knew who Ann was or the legal name of her famous grandson.

    But she often said that most of the troubles in this country started when the troublemakers kicked God out of the classroom. My beliefs in many ways echo hers, an amorphous and undefined concept of who or what started it all and for what reason . . . and especially that last one about prayer in schools and all.

    I’m gonna go with Ben Stein on this, whether he actually said all the things about Christmas attributed to him or not:


  3. alec says:

    Hi Z,
    Have you met even one Christian who truly believed that snowflakes on a Dixie cup had anything to do with Jesus or Christianity? If so, they need a little talking to, because their theology is really messed up.

    An effective method of behavioral psychology is repetition. If you want to encourage a given behavior in a person, you keep repeating it in different ways. The same method is used to shape thinking. If a controlled press “liberal journal” like Huffington Post is repeatedly painting Christians as unthinking idiots, then we can hypothesize that the readers of that journal, “liberal Americans” are being conditioned to unthinkingly believe that Christians are dopes.

    Applied psychology really works this way.

    If this analysis is correct, then a next question becomes, In what ways are we as Conservatives being conditioned by the controlled media “conservative press”?

    The antidote is simple, but not easy. Keep going back to Christ and the golden rule. “The wrath of man works not the righteousness of God” (James 1.20)

    PS Starbucks calls their new red cups, “We love this tradition”. Yes, a tradition that has absolutely nothing to do with any content whatsoever except maybe the color red. Maybe one day all the holidays will be replaced with colors. Who would object except the pesky Christians?


  4. Silverfiddle says:

    I believe the analysis you cite is indeed correct, and this question you ask hits the bullseye:

    “In what ways are we as Conservatives being conditioned by the controlled media “conservative press”?

    Social conditioning isn’t just for leftwing progressives.


  5. Silverfiddle says:

    I believe the analysis you cite it spot on, and you ask a great question:

    “In what ways are we as Conservatives being conditioned by the controlled media “conservative press”?

    We must continually ask this question, test the messages blasted at us, and critically examine why we think and believe what we do.


  6. alec says:

    Thanks SF, I always respect your opinion.


  7. Silverfiddle says:

    This doesn’t bother me in the least.

    Christmas: Christ’s birth

    Holiday Season: All the secular stuff: Christmas trees, Santa Claus, etc

    My family enjoys celebrating both, each in its own way.

    I would rather government, the media and business keep their grubby mitts off of our Christian Christmas. They would just sully and blaspheme it.


  8. Silverfiddle says:

    Alex, Thoughtful comment as always. I apologize for the repeat comment. The first one didn’t appear so I thought the system ate it…


  9. Kid says:

    Well, I don’t care what other people and businesses do. I certainly don’t want moslems getting upset because I don’t say happy ramaden. The day IS Christmas though. It’s the birth date of Jesus Christ. So, if someone is going to make mention of it in public at all, they should say Christmas. Again though, it doesn’t bother me if they don’t. I don’t need them for me to reflect and enjoy the day.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    I pretty much agree with you all.
    As I said in my post, how CHRISTMAS are SNOWFLAKES, anyway? There are Christians supposedly complaining that SNOWFLAKES are off the cups? Why?!

    Ed, Starbucks does have large coffees, gigantic coffees…it’s that the flavor’s so bad, who’d want that much of it!?

    STARBUCKS is, honestly, kind of a PR success…like the “controlled media” Alec and SF talked about……people think it’s good so they go. Coffee Bean’s, Pete’s…SO much better. And, of course, the Starbucks cold drinks are mostly terrific. AND the flavored coffees…
    Their peppermint is delicious! I almost never go to Starbucks myself.

    And, drinking a paper cup of coffee with Jesus in the manger on it isn’t something I’d personally want to see, either, by the way!

    Bopopro, “But she often said that most of the troubles in this country started when the troublemakers kicked God out of the classroom” I agree. We could never EVER put Him back, either. I think faith is better left to parents and church to teach, but when God started getting kicked out of the public square, it’s real clear what happened.
    AND, it makes me laugh when leftwing secularists mock this situation and laugh at Christians who are offended by it and react …then the secularists mock them, as if it was the Christians who started this. It’s in REACTION to so many things that Christians have started speaking out…it has been a kind of set-up and worked well for secularists…”Look at those crazy Christians!”

    Alec, you’re right; this ‘drip drip drip’ at the Huff Post is astonishing….I see headlines of these articles a lot and sometimes read them and it breaks my heart, they’re so nasty in their hatred and degrading of anything Christian.
    As I said above and in my post…I simply don’t see now snowflakes make the cup more Christmas!!
    And yes, we are definitely conditioned (as those who read the Huff Post articles) by the conservative media. I have to admit I’ve been watching less FOX lately….much of it’s very good (Baier, Hume, Cavuto, etc.) but the kind of leading questions Hannity asks, for example, the cheap, 60 second ‘debates’ on REALLY important subjects which only get 30 seconds of a Con and 30 seconds of a Dem, are demeaning and ridiculous.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, That Muslim thing is a big worry…as soon as Christians INSIST, it gives leeway for the Muslims to demand. I’ve thought this since 9/11, when Muslims suddenly and so ignominiously came out of the wood work (where had they BEEN before 9/11? they lived here, just never made demands!)…….It’s worried me when people have insisted on Christianity being represented anywhere because Jews have NEVER insisted on their ‘fair share’ but Muslims certainly WILL.

    I’m with SF and Kid…my family and I celebrate the birth of Jesus and also enjoy very much the fun secular Christmas stuff!


  12. Mal says:

    This is all part of our PC culture today so I don’t dignify it by giving it any thought. As for Starbucks, well……..we like a cup every now and then and enjoy it. Over-priced, sure. But so are a lot of things, like $200 dinners, $10,000 evening gowns, etc. that’s why Starbucks is called “an affordable luxury.” C’mon, folks. We have a whole lot more important matters affecting our lives today.


  13. Juleslandia says:

    I think it’s a conspiracy by the left to make Christians look CRAZY … using fake twitter accounts and the like. Yeah, I’m going to be that girl. I mean really, who looks to Starbucks for spiritual guidance — especially from a wasteful cup that is thrown away?

    Coffee Bean gets you far closer to nirvana anyway.


  14. Baysider says:

    Not an issue here. The fact that some Christians are ‘suddenly’ complaining suggests to me that some sense the last of the rug being pulled out from under them. That would be the rug of our Christian tradition. The substitute of ‘holidays’ for Christmas followed prayer to the earth instead of God. That’s the biggest issue to me – the removal of God/creator from the essence of our culture to what many try to cast as the fringe sidelines.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Mal…my post is a little more than just the cup….I think it’s an important matter because of the way Christians are being viewed. Do I hate about that? You bet.

    Jules is right.(Hi, Jules!)….no spiritual guidance from Starbucks (thank goodness)….and Coffee Bean is SO much better, as I’d mentioned!!! (So’s Pete’s, Jules), but this IS a conspiracy, in my opinion…
    It’s to set us UP…and we take the bait…sadly. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are fake twitters…

    Baysider…They’re been complaining for the last maybe ten years, actually…all over the blogs and on FOX… Even O’Reilly, who can be pretty even handed, frequently comments at the constant drip of getting Christmas out of the winter holidays…At stores telling their clerks NOT to say MERRY CHRISTMAS (By the way, how suspect is that, when we know that probably 80% of America celebrates Christmas and BUYS and could be offended by HAPPY HOLIDAY?…think there’s no agenda there when they suddenly call that tall green thing that is only used by CHRISTIANS a HOLIDAY TREE!? They’re willing to offend BUYERS?)…
    Obviously, none of us are going to let the true meaning of Christmas pass us by…not in our hearts and minds and souls but I think it’s very sad for America…even dangerous, frankly.
    Last year, I thought I saw an uptick in the amount of Christmas lights in our neighborhoods….I like to think so. I think it was a reaction to the insults.


  16. Z,
    Like you, I can’t get all wound up over a Starbucks cup.

    What bugs you the most of the types of things that people are suddenly not doing at CHRISTMAS the last few years?

    Calling Christmas trees “winter trees” drives me up a wall. Should we call a Menorah “a candelabra”? I think not.

    I am a bit irked about the glacier thing. See North Carolina mall replaces Santa’s Christmas tree with giant ice glacier. Poor Santa!

    And, really, SHOULD we complain?

    I certainly don’t. I just shake my head.

    Our family doc has made a stand about Christmas. A devout Catholic, he displays a Nativity Scene on the lawn outside his office (private property — he owns the building and the land). Or he has done so in the past, anyway. I wonder if he will this Christmas: he has now merged his office with a conglomerate called INOVA, which may disallow such a display. We shall see.

    I do miss something about Christmases past here. The bells! They used to sound every Christmas Eve and Christmas morn, and almost all the churches had some sort of system to observe the Ringing of the Christmas Bells. I’m not quite sure when that stopped, but I really miss the ringing of the Christmas Bells because it was such a tradition here in Northern Virginia.


  17. alec says:

    In regard to church bells, it seems they are in violation of zoning laws in some places. No bells at all where I live. Yet, every Islamic holiday Muslims with LOUD loudspeakers take over a nearby park and blast chanting starting at the wee hours of the morning. Here’s a related case from 2011:

    Phoenix pastor convicted and sentenced

    In the U.S., a battle over a church’s “noise” also developed in Phoenix, Arizona, where three worship centers now have brought legal action against the city after the Rev. Rick Painter of Christ the King Church was convicted and sentenced to three years probation and a 10-day suspended jail sentence for ringing his church’s electronic chimes.

    A lawsuit was filed by the Alliance Defense Fund on behalf of Painter and his congregation – and was joined by St. Mark’s Roman Catholic Parish and the First Christian Church . Their complaint notes that city officials wrote into the noise ordinance an exemption allowing ice cream trucks to play loud music but refused to include a similar exemption for church bells.

    Nevertheless, Painter was convicted on the strength of one Muslim neighbor’s complaint.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Alec…AH, so the Muslim call to pray is just FINE, but Church bells needn’t apply…very interesting…ONE MUSLIM NEIGHBOR’s all it takes.
    We actually DO have a church hymn played at noon on some kind of ‘bell like’ loudspeaker every day here in Santa MOnica, where I used to attend….it is a lovely thing, I must say. Let’s see how long that lasts.

    AOW, that is SO SAD!!
    And a glacier? Wait, I thought glaciers had all melted with warming 🙂


  19. geeez2014 says:

    AOW…I liked your candelabra line…good point. And, by the way, no Jews would ever complain if that did happen. A dear friend who’s a rabbi was asked to speak at a synagogue 2 weeks ago….there, the head woman Rabbi almost never mentions God IN THE SERVICE, thinks Israelis are Zionists and cruel to outsiders, and called a Ukrainian Jewish girl who worked in Israel with soldiers a LIAR when she said how proud Israelis are to serve in their armed forces! (which is a FACT)
    A synagogue where GOD is not considered DIVINE?
    I’m hearing also of churches where pastors are saying they’re atheists…what the……..?


  20. Sparky says:

    I hope this doesn’t offend. This is my take on any of the holiday’s. I have mixed emotions over all this holiday brouhaha. I enjoy the holidays because they’re fun but they are not a part of my faith or worship. As a historian, I know that Christmas has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity or what Christ has done for us. It’s an old holder on of an ancient pagan Catholic (formerly Babylon) observances. But I do recognize that many who are consider themselves Christian are taking personal offense and for good reason since it is on purpose in “in your face” from non-believers. This could also be that many want to destroy what makes America special and separate by removing our traditions. However, the Bible clearly states that we’re not suppose to be keeping any days ‘holy’ or observing any holidays (from the word: holydays). Apparently, though, many of us who Believe have decided that this is a hill they want to die on. Thus we’re so busy straining on a gnat but swallowing a camel in our Christian faith that many of the lost are confused about what we or Who we believe in! Just my opinion: let it go. Stop falling on a sword that doesn’t exist and thus skewering our witness. I think there are far more important things to be concerned about like making sure everyone hears the Word of God and gets saved.


  21. Kid says:

    Sparky, well said as is most of your stuff. Yes, we a country founded on free to worship any religion and free to not believe in any religion. Some twerp like this guy comes along and it just perpetuates what the media is always selling which is “Evangelical Conservarites” – “Christian COnservatives” – Religious Right…. You don’t have to be religious to be a conservative, you only need a brain.


  22. Mal says:

    For what its worth, Jules and Z, when we moved here there was a Coffee Bean before Starbucks came and we liked it much better than Starbucks, but they closed when Starbucks came across the street and we were really disappointed. Their Mocha was much better than Starbucks.


  23. Baysider says:

    The church where I go to bible study has a lovely carillon they play at noon. I love staying til then to hear it. An old friend (not a Christian then) told me she moved close to the Catholic church in her neighborhood because the carillons were so beautiful. Of course, they’re played at noon or son – not like the ridiculous situation in Hamtramck which has now elected a Muslim-majority city council. So that won’t change any time soon.

    The Phoenix story is likely the way all that will go. Of course, you can cruise down the street at midnight making all kinds of thumping pagan racket….


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Sparky, Christmas is all about celebrating Jesus’ birth, whether it’s actually on that day or not….anyway, that’s the joy I get from it…I loove the secular part of it and I love the religious part of it…I can’t separate them. I do think the birth of Jesus is holy and love that side of Dec 25…
    But I get what you’re saying.
    I could care less what color Starbucks’ cups are but I do care about people so obviously trying to get Christmas OUT of the seeason…like ‘Holiday tree’, or not saying Merry Christmas if you’re a store clerk……that, I care about only because it was lovely and happy and now it’s being lessened.



  25. Kid says:

    Trying to force Starbucks into makling a business decision in favor or Christiantiy is about as ANTI-AMERICAN as you can get. No wonder people hate the “Perceived” “Religious Right”.
    The guy is either a moron or a plant. Personally, given it’s close to the ellection (Gosh! Only a year away!!) I suspect a plant.

    Folks tell as many people as you can that to be a conservative all you need is a brain. You don’t need religion.


  26. Baysider says:

    The snowflakes brouhaha is the last ditch stand of a confused culture that knows ‘something’ is wrong but can’t think clearly to the core of the issue and go after it. It’s like swatting blow flies that get in your face one at a time, but you never go look for the dead animal that’s bringing the infestation. Almost 1984-ish.


  27. Mal says:

    Z, you’re right. For some reason, I DID miss the point about the cup and Christmas. Just now on Fox News they showed Trump saying we should boycott Starbucks for doing that, and that’s when I understood your posting. I guess I just scanned it yesterday before leaving for the funeral. In fact, in recent years at Christmas time whenever anyone says Happy Holidays, I respond with Merry Christmas and a smile and a wink, which most of the time gets a nod of approval from the clerk or whoever. They’re only following orders, I guess.


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