Germany….freedom of WHAT? freedom FROM what?

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I hate to deluge my mostly American readers (I had about 10 times more European/Asian readers with Blogger, by the way, and the diminution of non American readers is sad to me) with more news from Germany, but DO want you to know the truth, first hand, directly there, regarding refugee/immigrants, or “invaders” as they’re now called there.   These are two emails from my adult stepson in Munich in response to questions from me:

“yes, the problem (Z: that refugees are very suddenly going underground) is known but hardly covered by the press. The article is absolutely right. Nobody knows where they are. All security and police chiefs complain about the situation but Merkel doesn’t listen at all. Crime and rape rate already goes up drastically. So far no change in sight.”

“I’m absolutely sure that information that could upset the German people (Z: crime rates rising from the refugees, etc, etc) is being kept away by order of authorities and by the press which is a slave to the liberal politicians…..

No, there aren’t any young journalists who want to write the truth. If they get a job or an an order to write something they have to comply with extreme left opinion, otherwise they won’t get far. But the regular people slowly get that they are being lied to by the press, that’s why the printing press is in a major crisis. They see a major drop in sales, but instead of realizing that the people don’t want read the crap anymore they blame them and literally insult their former readers. Some even demand a mandatory press tax to keep the lying press going.

Anybody daring to have his own opinion that doesn’t go along the left mainstream is being called racist, nazi and scumbag (said by several politicians). It’s unbelievable. And you are right, the left always wins because they have so many helpers.”

Z: Yes, any German desirous of only grateful, deserving people moving into his country, people willing to assimilate for the graciousness of the generosity, must be called NAZI if he says he’d rather not have those coming in who abuse, threaten, hurt, denigrate or otherwise destroy the German peace.   This should get interesting.


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21 Responses to Germany….freedom of WHAT? freedom FROM what?

  1. What in the world has happened to Merkel? She used to be cautious and quite conservative.


  2. jerrydablade says:

    How much push back from the public is there Z? Is there a growing German nationalism movement? Time for the body’s immune system to kick in and overwhelm this infection, if u ask me.


  3. Silverfiddle says:

    I’ve blogged about this from a philosophical viewpoint. I lived in Europe and I do not criticize their liberalism. It works for them. However, liberalism by its very nature cannot protect itself, and it contains the seeds of its own destruction.

    If you’re going to have a soft, luscious center, you better have a hard, prickly outer shell, or you will be devoured. It’s a lesson from biology.


  4. Kid says:

    This is every country in Europe that are taking in these savages. At least a bunch of them can arm themselves and are doing so.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    AOW…I just don’t know what happened to her…maybe her E German roots are suddenly showing?

    Jerry, they can’t push back much without being accused of being Nazis, etc etc…sort of the PC that our left does to us only even more awful.
    Isn’t it ironic that the little helpless countries like Lithuania and Hungary and Estonia have said NO REFUGEES and got away with it? Of course, as my German stepdaughter reminds me, they can’t get many goodies in those countries so the refugees haven’t WANTED to stay there, anyway.

    SF, you are SO RIGHT…Liberalism DOES work for them in Europe and I really don’t criticize it, but they’ve been honest liberals; now, not so much, not with a media that’s turned on its people. Ours is, too, in smaller increments…The LA Times used to have an OPINION page that had two sides, etc etc…not anymore (of course, the readership has gone down SO much they hand out free papers Sunday mornings at the grocery stores!)
    What you said is so true….thanks for that…

    Kid, let’s hope….


  6. Baysider says:

    SF – well said!!

    I see the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goal in your link. Sustainable?? Wow! They’re using it like food makers use “natural” on their products. It’s only there to generate to a pre-set response to a word. It obviously means control but then THEY might be called Nazis if they just came out and said so.

    That’s the direction the world is moving, and the United States has long been the stumbling block. I heard an man call a radio show with his moral dilemma: the Christians on his team were starting to talk about the ramifications of a ‘product’ they were developing under government contract. It was ostensibly for one [agreeable] use, but as it was being fleshed out they were getting the creeps. It could easily slide right into the stuff we read in Revelation, and control all economic activity (buying and selling). So … it IS coming.


  7. Silverfiddle says:


    UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goal should give us all the creeps.

    I love how they pitch the Universal ID as a boon for each individual, when in reality is it a biometric ear tag for tracking every sheeple on the planet.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Man, THAT’s all troubling, isn’t it. To say the least


  9. Mal says:

    The question that comes to my mind: Is this the result of extreme liberalism, or complacency on the part of the populace? Is it like 1930’s Germany, as has been mentioned before?


  10. geeez2014 says:

    SF: Yes, “they’d done nothing wrong” EXCEPT that many young women at Oktoberfest this year went home early and didn’t come back any other days because of the LEEEERS they got from refugees…it was AWFUL, from what I hear.
    I’m so tired of “They did nothing wrong”…sure, they didn’t tear down the place, didn’t hit anybody (at that place) but the feeling is there……they’re ungrateful, they’re threatening, it’s terrible.
    Thanks for posting this.

    Mal, yes, many times it’s been mentioned…it’s painful to consider, isn’t it?



  11. Imp says:

    @Z…I heard that Merkel is going to make Arabic lessons mandatory.


  12. Kid says:

    IMP, Now that’s funny.


  13. Silverfiddle says:

    It’s not funny. We’re talking about Germany. It could happen.


  14. Kid says:

    SF, I hope it does happpen actually. I’m interested in what it’s gonna take before someone rips merkels head off with their bare hands. But in the meantime, it’s a funny.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, we can only HOPE that happens…but wait till you hear my VIDEO TOMORROW..someone ALMOST rips Merkel’s head off….great stuff.
    Silverfiddle will love it, too.

    If this were true, we’d have to laugh or cry; wouldn’t you THINK the German gov’t ought to demand THEY LEARN GERMAN instead? After all, the germans are paying GAZILLIONS to have these people there ruining their culture.


  16. alec says:

    No one seems to have responded to your stepson’s comment about dissenters being called Nazis and scumbags. This is a crucial tool which is being used in many ways across countries. There’s no easy way to resist it, because it goes to the basis of “fair play” and requires a belief in “knowable truth” along with a minimal knowledge of history and current events. People don’t have these things.

    In Germany there really are Nazis today. But that doesn’t mean that everyone who resists the destruction of Germany is a white supremacist or fascist.

    Being against something doesn’t mean that you are automatically for something else. Because you are a Christian doesn’t mean that you want to stone gay people. But almost everyone you meet accepts what the social media and entertainment culture presents as true without thinking. Those cultures are completely manipulated by social engineers. Are the social engineers politically motivated? Who knows? But they exist.

    And so opening your mouth in Germany against their controlled press and controlled government means that your voice can be silenced such that almost no younger people will even hear anything that you say. All they have to do is call you a programmed name and people shut you out. You have become invisible. If you persist, you will be hated as an enemy of “unity”


  17. Kid says:

    Alec The racist concept. It’s not a defensive accusation, it’s offensive and fits the moslem invasion tactics perfectly.

    From the following article describing German clubs not letting moslems in…

    “This is a clear example of racism,“ Hamado Dipama of the Munich Refugee Council told The Local. “It is totally unacceptable to punish a whole group because of the actions of a few people – that is the definition of racism.”

    Munich Refugee Council….. Why do you need a council? Same thing I’ve always said about CAIR in the US. Do we have any other group of foreign people represented by a Council. No, they integrate, get Jobs and go on with life. These are bully tactics all designed to try to make America treat you better than everyone else.


  18. alec says:

    Kid, yes agree completely.
    If you’ve watched the video With open arms: The forced collective suicide of European nations (at the bottom of the post Hegira matters, two of the shortest but scariest segments to me show little children repeating language programming. One starts at 15min 45secs. Another is at 6mins 11secs.

    How can we resist when they work so relentlessly and diabolically to train the children against even self-preservation? They hate them, and us too.


  19. Kid says:

    Alec, I haven’t seen it but I understand completely. (I can only take so much self torture..)


  20. alec says:

    Understood. I feel the same way. I only watched this one because a buddy sent it to me.


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