A Video worth seeing……

This is an astonishing speech by Madame Le Pen of France…..to Angela Merkel and Hollande.  (Check out Merkel’s face even before Marine Le Pen starts to talk).   Obviously, Le Pen speaks in French, but there is English translation written across the bottom.

I would absolutely love your reaction to her words…please take a few minutes and watch it……I’m very interested in discussing it with you all.



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53 Responses to A Video worth seeing……

  1. Administrator of “the province of ‘France’ “, not President.
    The importance of Sovereignty.
    I was surprised watching “Spectre” yesterday that a major plot point was the evil of the loss of sovereignty vis a vis National Security.

    And I see the plot line echoed in this video.


  2. bocopro says:

    The French have long had voices like hers. Years ago we saw the defenders of the purity of a guttural language which often resembles gargling frogs get their knickers all in a wad about incursions by such Murkanized English as “le hot dog” and “le coca-cola” and “le hamburger.”

    It’s their favorite indoor sport, hortatory and accusatory speechifying. And they love the buzzword, the shocker, the verbal bomb, the barbed epithet, the rapier-like insulte du jour.

    But it’s fun to watch, and much of what she says needed to be said. France simply insists upon cashing in on past glory, but more often than not she capitulates when the going gets tough. I think Le Pen is serious, and she believes that, like Orwell said, in times of widespread pusillanimity, throwing the bullshit flag is seen as a revolutionary act . . . and several of the attendees proved that point with their reactions.

    Much of what she hurled at them is applicable with only minor editing to the Murkan gubmint. In a forum blindly intent upon rigid maintenance of the status quo regardless of cost in terms of progress and individual liberties, speaking the truth sounds like a gatling gun, and trying to get legislation past Harry Reid is like attacking Normandy with B-B-guns and cap pistols.

    Now I’ve upset myself. Time for some multi-grain Cheerios with ripe banana and skim milk.


  3. At one point, Le Pen mentioned that the new immigration policy is “immolating” the nations who are allowing borders open so that the invading hordes can come in — and exacerbate already-existent unemployment problems. These invading hordes will destroy European culture.

    Merkel’s facial expressions and body language convey a great deal. Her damn arrogance and disdain! What is wrong with the woman?


  4. Question: What did Le Pen mean by “subservience to the USA”? She used that exact wording.


  5. Kid says:

    Loved it. I agree with her 100%. Bravo for pulling the cover off of this issue. To keep pretending that the invaders are anything but is very disturbing. I also don’t believe they’re all coming from ‘Syria’. I’d bet they’re pouring in from all over the middle east. This is a planned invasion. They will keep packing them in until the EU explodes or collapses.


  6. Silverfiddle says:

    AOW: The European right has always been wary of the US. There is no love there. Not in Britain, France or Germany. We are a global economic and cultural hegemon, and people like Le Pen are about keeping France French, and I applaud her for it.


  7. Silverfiddle says:

    Hoooooo Weee!!! That was one hell of a speech. If we had more nationalists like her leading western nations, we would still be riding high.

    The underlying issue is the future of the EU. People like Le Pen want to shatter it and throw it on the junkheap of history where it belongs. Ordinary people all over Europe enjoy their own cultures, languages and national identities, and the EU has ironically pushed people in the opposite direction of brotherly solidarity, driving them instead to even reject their nations, so you have whole regions like Catalonia insisting on breaking away from the recently-invented nation of Spain.

    This is a turmoil that needs to happen. Europe is due for a grand upheaval. We refer to Europe as ‘liberal,’ but they are also very fundamentally conservative in many respects, moreso than in the US (France’s abortion laws, along with many other European nations) are more restrictive than ours, divorce rates are lower, people save more. Even their Speech Codes can be seen as reactionary.

    I hope and pray that people take to the streets en masse and that more leaders like Le Pen stand up and throw this crap back in the faces of the EU overlords.

    Europe can do this. Ironically, their ‘liberal’ labor laws with union protections, would protect millions of people from being fired who go on strike to march in the streets against this madness.

    Will it happen? Who knows…


  8. alec says:

    Assuming Merkel really said, “The ideology of sovereignty is declinism,”, then her actions to forcibly reconstitute Germany, and her previous actions to destroy Greece make complete sense.

    She wants one world. And she’ll have it, by Juncker, she will.

    God save France, and us. Oh yeah. It’s already too late. We’ve met the enemy, and it is us (Pogo).

    AOW, quote from the speech:
    “…unfair competition, mass surveillance of citizens, social dumping, migration flooding”


  9. Silverfiddle says:

    Alec: Yes. The EU goal is to erase sovereign borders. That is not a conspiracy, it is a stated goal. That’s what the EU Parliament and all super-structure EU bureaucracy is all about. They allow the people to cling for awhile to the last vestiges of sovereignty, flags, local governing bodies and other symbols of the past, but the EU Monster marches on.

    The EU masters are doing in Europe what the global elites want to do to the world. American IT workers get too uppity and demand too much money? They’ll just import poor people who’ll work for half price. That’s after they pulled the rug out from under lower-tech workers with outsourcing. It’s evil.


  10. Mustang says:

    Outstanding address. Le Pen will help dismantle the EU, which is what needs to happen.


  11. Mal says:

    Yeah, AOW, I wondered about her “subservience to the USA” statement, also. Like, we are telling them to accept the hordes of Muslims? Or trying to influence them in some other ways? I hope she still remembers the graves of American soldiers at Normandy. But other than that statement, she is dead right, and the expressions on Merkle’s face is typical of the Left in ANY country!


  12. Imp says:

    I think we ought to give her citizenship and bring her right here. The EU and most of Europe with the exception of Russia is going to fall anyway. Let France repeat Bastille Day under this modern Joan of Arc.


  13. bunkerville says:

    SF This is a turmoil that needs to happen. Europe is due for a grand upheaval.” Another war ought to do it.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    I’ll tell you now: I LOVED THIS SPEECH and (I hate to admit this) got a little teary at the end, I swear! I thought “What the………??” But I DID.
    Maybe it’s because I lived in France for four years…and loved EVERY SINGLE SECOND, even the bad ones (of which there were very few!)…

    I’m less optimistic than some of you that her words will be listened to and appreciated because, remember; SHE IS LE PEN’S DAUGHTER and HE IS DESPISED BY MOST PEOPLE.
    HE said this stuff only FAR FAR worse and was disdained by the media for xenophobia, hatred, …about every AWFUL thing you can think of.

    Marine is his daughter and I LOVE HER.

    I know hearing ‘Subservience to the US” is hard for some to hear but SF responded to AOW’s question beautifully. MANY European countries do feel pushed around a bit by us and don’t like our exceptionalism because it hits them where it hurts so they balk at much of what we do (unless we’re bailing them out of natural disasters, etc.)

    She had to add that…and it was perfectly right to.

    Merkel, I fear, has LOST HER MIND….she honestly doesn’t look good and the pressure must be showing; her E German roots were something she fought after getting to W Germany, but it appears that the apple hasn’t fallen all that far from the tree, sadly.

    OH, I am very rarely (VERY) ‘glad’ my husband is no longer here, but when I think what he’d have thought about what Germany’s doing to herself today, I shudder…REALLY SHUDDER.
    And what is happening to AMERICA would also drive him crazy..he was such a patriot; more than leftwingers I know.



  15. cube says:

    I liked the speech. Le Pen is saying what needs to be said. As for the ‘subservience to the US’ remark, I feel she has every right to say it. I don’t like the direction of our country right now either.

    Z, i do believe you’re right about Merkel,


  16. bocopro says:

    Re Merkel:


    This is a pretty radical site, but if this is indeed a quote (and I’ve seen it posted in other places), then she’s clearly been drinking the Soetoro Kool-Aid. Sounds remarkably like some of the speeches he gave during his infamous world apology tour.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro; maybe you will catch it but I never heard Merkel say that “germans don’t deserve Germany!” as the title says. And that guy who’s talking about this is a dogmatic jerk: She does say “Go to Church” but she says it because she feels Germans don’t know enough about their own faith backgrounds to be calling Muslims bad for not reading the Koran and understanding the evils in it…She’s saying “So, have you read the Bible?” SHe has a point there. But that’s the ONLY GOOD POINT SHE MADE!!!!!

    I honestly believe Germany is being threatened with HUGE terrorist acts because NO LEADER would think like Merkel does during this refugee nightmare..(I think the world has been threatened more than our leaders are letting on for the last couple of years because there can be no reason for sane European Christian leaders to be so soft on terror…NO WAY)…
    How DARE she say “Europeans have no ground to stand on” because Christians have caused terror and wars,too. IS SHE KIDDING? So it’s okay for terrorists to come in ….Germnany deserves it??!!

    SHe is DESPICABLE, this is the worst I have EVER HEARD her talk….I knew she’d kind of gone soft but this is NUTS> I know enough German to know that the English text is correct….and I am STUNNED. It’s way worst than I’d heard these last months….thanks for this video link. WOW>
    \CUBE: I totally agree with you.


  18. Farmer John says:

    The jabs at the USA are jabs at a global corporatism that invades local markets, captures them, and then ships the money non-taxed off to bank vaults in other countries. The locals can’t compete. The governments can’t tax. The people lose.

    And what is the response of the global elites? New trade deals that like lock in economic disadvantages and like a vampire, suck the life blood out of local economies and enrich the .0000001% who control global monetary policy.


  19. Farmer John says:

    Bretton-Woods is a disaster. Like both Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have said, it’s time to move BACK to the Gold Standard.


  20. Farmer John says:

    Trade BARRIERS ar the only thing standing between a One-World Order, and a world filled with SOVEREIGN nations. Free trade has gottern so large that it has now become the enemy of national sovereignty.


  21. Imp says:

    “The Students Association at the University of Minnesota has rejected a resolution to hold an annual day of remembrance for 9/11. According to Campus Reform, the student government said the day of remembrance would create an ‘unsafe’ environment on campus, and others argued that the emphasis on an act of terror committed by non-whites could increase racist attitudes on campus. Amazing.”



  22. Imp says:

    From Glenn Reynolds the University of Tennessee law professor better known to the internet as Instapundit, who says that following student tantrums at Yale and Missouri, the voting age should be raised to 25:

    In 1971, the United States ratified the 26th Amendment, lowering the voting age from 21 to 18. In retrospect, that may have been a mistake … [The] evidence suggests that, whatever one might say about the 18-year-olds of 1971, the 18-year-olds of today aren’t up to that task. And even the 21-year-olds aren’t looking so good.


  23. Silverlady says:

    The populace is getting fed up with the Muslim invasion, their attacks, crimes, filth (see Marseille), & intended takeover of the country. No, not the country, but the entire continent. No, not the continent, but the entire world. Ignore these aims at your own peril. This cult has nothing to do with peace, but with pieces, as in beheaded, dismembered, drowned, & burned victims.

    Marine’s popularity is growing, while Merkel’s is shrinking. The next election could get interesting.


  24. Kid says:

    IMP, Yea, imagine a college level community willing to completely forgive the brutal murder of 300 Americans – In America – for the purpose or political correctness. These kids are more evil than the ISIS people invading our borders.


  25. Kid says:

    3000 Americans………………

    WordPress ! Edit Button !


  26. Kid says:

    FJ, The gold standard has merit. A fiat currency is Nothing more than paper. Nothing.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    FJ and Kid, you both know the gold standard also has its critics…who and why?

    Imp, ya, that was really troubling to hear on FOX tonight; Imagine someone saying that ? it’s truly “amazing”

    I also believe the voting age MUST be raised…18 year old PUNKS don’t have any horse, any horse AT ALL , in the race…


  28. Kid says:

    Z, I don’t think about gold standard critics. I just know I hate a fiat currency which can go up in smoke tomorow.

    Voting – Should be restricted to those who can prove they’ve paid a net positive amount in income plus property taxes since the last voting cycle. This would also restrict voting to to one vote per SS #.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    I asked my cousin after Mr. Z died if I should invest in some gold and he said ‘absolutely not…it’s too uncertain.” I didn’t feel good about that but I didn’t invest and I have always been sorry I didn’t.


  30. Kid says:

    Z, FWIW, In today’s environment, I’m not interested in holding physical gold. Though within a year or so, it might be a very wise move. I’ll send you some stuff I’ve been reading for a coupoe years now, that has been ringing true if it continues to ring true. We may be on the cusp of a long bull market in Gold. Jury’s out.


  31. IMP, One of the major driving reasons for lowing the voting age to 18 back in 1971 was because of the draft where young men of that age were being sent to Vietnam. We don’t have a draft anymore.


  32. Mustang says:

    The argument back then, as Ed indicated, was that if a soldier is old enough to die for his country, he ought to be old enough to vote. The argument is simplistic at its core. Carrying a rifle into combat is one thing, being intelligent enough, or experienced enough to understand all issues of policy facing a nation as large as ours is quite different. More than this, a human being isn’t neurologically mature until around 24 or 25 years of age. In seeking to lower the voting age, the left attempted to assure their own success as a political party: the communist left excels in convincing the ignorant to vote based on their emotions.


  33. Wow! That woman is gutsy! I don’t understand the comments about being subservient to the USA. As others have already commented, they are getting their clocks cleaned by us because WE WORK HARD AND LONG HOURS


  34. Their taxes are atrocious, driving out their own wealthy to other nations.

    Having said that, allowing hordes of millions of Muslim men is a disastrous policy. The Africans are especially savage and dangerous. What does Europe stand to gain by inviting these invaders into their midsts? You’d think they’d be deporting the Muslims already there back out.

    Europe has gone absolutely bonkers!


  35. bocopro says:

    Voting? Check out what this moron has to say about it:


  36. -FJ says:

    Critics of the gold standard are, IMO, over invested in the politics of “domination”. It has long been the strategy of those in power to periodically leverage their power by debasing the (paper) currency and thereby illicitly adding to their own “share” of power. The gold standard makes it very difficult to debase the currency, as it is physical and can be readily tested for it’s purity by matching it’s weight and volume characteristics. It also has the advantage of being “limitted” in quantity, so people can’t just print up more at every instance. It is a very fair and reliable medium of exchange.


  37. -FJ says:

    Here is the rationale which took America OFF the gold standard in 1933.


  38. Imp says:

    @ED…”We don’t have a draft anymore.”

    Yes, I know that and understand the reasons. In today’s environment, perhaps we should grant the vote only to men, as they’re the only ones required to register for SS at 18 anyway? Or allow only those men in uniform to vote and drink at 18 then? I think any 18 yo who winds up in combat, carries a deadly weapon, is way more mature than these poop poodles suffering from “micro aggression” freak outs, that have infested our society and those college dorms … any day.

    The snowflakes smell blood and they like it. Some will go screaming home to mom and dad, but many will take on a more violent nature and revel in it like the fascist brown shirts that they are underneath all the pleas for civility, inclusiveness, diversity and multi culti BS they have been spreading. Bill Ayers is sitting in his den in his million dollar house in Chicago with a big, sh*t eating grin on his face thinking. “At last. my dream of revolution is realized.” I hope they come for him and Bernadine first.

    For that alone…we need to rethink the privileges we’ve bestowed and granted to these immature, violent, future fascists who are completely unworthy of inclusion and incapable of serious thought. Children who graduate from a high school in June…do not magically morph into adults 3 months later when they enter a college class or campus. We’re witnessing undeniable proof of that today.

    Young men who complete basic training at Paris Island are far more mature and capable of handling responsibility then these delicate snowflakes and cupcakes today.


  39. Kid says:

    IMP, My plan to restrict voting to those who have paid a net positive amount in income + property taxes. That would take care of most of this problem. We’ll include anyone with military ID.


  40. Kid says:

    PS – paid taxes in the current voting cycle.


  41. Imp says:

    Another Video worth seeing….


  42. Kid says:

    I see half of Russians are worried about a terrorist attack.

    As an aside, further proof that 13 of any population are imbeciles… (The US example would be the 30% who were for obamacare when the dems rammed it down our throat.)

    “One-third (34 percent) of respondents did not believe in the possibility of a terrorist attack.”



  43. Imp says:

    @Kid….Putin…Putin…Putin. Right now he’s deliberating with his best Generals and commanders and preparing a monster Armageddon to rain down on those POS who murdered 245 of his citizens…you can count on it. It’s almost their 911. And he doesn’t give a rats ass what Ovomit or the rest of the wold thinks.


  44. Kid says:

    IMP, I wich him luck in this endevour.

    I read recently where he and jimmy carter email, generally about fly fishing, but read that jimmy sent Putin an email containing the where-abouts of all the ISIS people. Don’t know how jimmy got it, maybe he talks to some friends in intelligence. But yea, hit them all at once like a fire ant attack.


  45. Imp says:

    @Kid…I imagine Carter, as a former and living President, is allowed to see and share some TS data?

    Other than that…I’m sure he stays in touch with those who know.


  46. Imp says:

    Here…I rest my case about our finest and bravest….

    “Marine veteran James Erickson put the students in the #MillionStudentMarch in their place with one simple tweet.

    It reads:

    I wanted money for school, so I marched too… #millionstudentmarch This one was about 25 miles.


  47. Imp says:

    Remember….Elephant babies weigh 250 pounds, Making them the second biggest babies on earth right after the American college student..


  48. geeez2014 says:

    Kid and Imp “But yea, hit them all at once like a fire ant attack.”

    If ONLY! And, by the way, if it was Bush I’d be a little more inclined to think he’d share the info on ISIS, with Carter, he could be saying “Gee, they’re just nice muslims….don’t attack!” G RRRRR


  49. geeez2014 says:

    IMP! I don’t often call people MORON but some grown man thinks 13 yr olds should vote? he’s probably a pedophile and, if they can do THAT, they should be able to vote, right? Or vice versa!!!” (i’m SHOCKED at you, Z!” 🙂


  50. geeez2014 says:

    Sorry I didn’t post my Friday post till NOW…..
    I hope you all weigh in.xx


  51. Kid says:

    Z, That’s an interesting comment because I have no idea what GWB thinks about all this. To my knowledge, he’s not said word one about it. Which is kind of interesting in itself.


  52. Kid says:

    Z, There are also people who think our borders should be Wide Open and let everyone in. Then there are people who want Deer xing signs taken down from Freeways because it is too dangerous for the deer to cross a freeway. Then there are the WalMart people, then there are the … well you haven’t eaten yet I guess.


  53. geeez2014 says:

    Gee, Marine…if they only listened to you before Friday night.


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